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🛏 | Moominvalley Park limited mineral water gifts, official hotels and direct buses

Limited mineral water to give as a photo

Mineral water gifts limited to Moominvalley Park, official hotels and direct buses

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The target official hotels are Hotel Maroud Chain (Hanno, Kumagai, Omiya, Hachioji), Rembrandt Group Hotel (Atsugi, Ebina, Tokyo Machida, Tokyo Nishikasai), Oku-Musashi Kyukamura (Agano, Hanno City), Natural Farm City Farm Hotel. (Chichibu City), Onsen Dojo (BIO-RESORT HOTEL & SPA O Park OGOSE, Tokitama Himitsukichi COMORIVER, Bath cafe utatane).

The Moomin story is about using a direct bus to the Moomin theme park "Moomin Valley Park" in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. → Continue reading

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