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🧳 | [Visit to Atsushi Miyanaga's candy store XNUMX] Chitose, Hokkaido "But Yawakisaka" "Dream Note" and children in the store ...


[Visit to Atsushi Miyanaga's candy store XNUMX] Chitose City, Hokkaido "Butashiyawakisaka" "Dream Notebook" and children's in the store ...

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"I want children to have dreams, and if I keep thinking and forgetting, I'm sure it will come true," said the notebook, which was placed from the beginning of the store and written by local children.

Atsushi Miyanaga, the owner of "Dagashiya Inagaki" who traveled to about 400 candy stores nationwide, said, "The old-fashioned candy store remains in the future ... → Continue reading


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