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🧳 | [Taiwan] Boiled soybean milk is also recommended for dinner!Soymilk shop "Sihai Soy Milk Daio" which is open from XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm


[Taiwan] Boiled soybean milk is also recommended for dinner!Soymilk shop "Sihai Soy Milk Daio" which is open from XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm

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The cut fried bread is soft and has a relaxing taste like a fu.

Soy milk gourmet, soybean milk gourmet, which has a gentle taste like rag tofu, is a popular menu as a local breakfast in Taiwan ... → Continue reading


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Fried bread

Fried breadWhat is (fried bread)?oilFried inBreadWith a sweet flavorSweet bread.


JapanThen usuallyHot dog bunTo fried foodsugarRefers to sweet bread seasoned with[1]..Besides sugar for seasoningcinnamon,Kinako,cocoa powderThere are variations such as.

As for the cooking method of frying bread, the one of frying baked bread and the one of frying breadStrong flour OfClothThere are two types: squeezed directly into oil from something like a tube and fried in a stick shape.The type of frying baked bread is JapaneseCurry bread,ロシア OfPiroshkiHowever, in the type where the dough is fried directlyスペイン,Latin America OfChurroAnd so on.


In 1952,Ota Ward Minemachi Elementary SchoolTsunekichi Shinohara, a cook who worked at the restaurant, wants to nourish children who have taken a rest due to a cold. It is said that it started with the idea of ​​sprinkling fried sugar with oil so that it could be eaten.[1][2][3].

January 2020LINEWent to 15 men and women between the ages of 59 and 5252 on the Internet, "I liked it when I was in elementary and junior high school.LunchIn the "Menu" survey, fried bread was ranked first.[4].

Overseas fried bread

in JapanBread doughFried bread, which is directly fried and cooked, is also considered to be a type of bread, but it was made by the same method.English-speaking countriesFried dough,Spanish speakingChurro (Churro) Etc. are not bread (bread, pan) in these areasdonutIt is treated as a confectionery companion close to.However, of the donuts, bread dough is usedEast donutsCan be said to be a type of fried bread.

Chugoku OfShandongSuch,North ChinaThen, under the name of Huo Xiao, flat friedManjuIs often eaten for breakfast.Dream Pork OfMinced meatOr somethingLeekSome of them contain vegetables such asUyghur foodThen, as Hoshan, it has changed to a more steamed dish.Chinese-speaking OfFritters(Yotiao) is quite different from Japanese fried bread because it does not have a sweet taste, but when it is introduced in Japan, names such as "Chinese fried bread" are used.Neither fire-grilled nor youtiao are called bread (face-wrapping) in Chinese, and are considered to be foods in a different category from fried bread locally.

Southeast Asia,Arabian PeninsulaEat atMurtavaMay be considered a type of fried bread.



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