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🛏 | Airsoft Shooting Battle Sortie with your favorite character in the "painless survival game" using infrared rays!


Airsoft Shootout Battle Sortie with your favorite character in a "painless survival game" that uses infrared rays!

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It also works with a dedicated smartphone app, so you can change your physical fitness settings (hit points).

Yokohama's shooting bar "GET @ City" operated by City Communications Co., Ltd. is closed. → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Physical fitness setting

Hit points

Hit points(Hit points, abbreviation: HP) IsGame内 のPlayer character,Non player characterIt is the data that quantifies the damage that is given as an attack.

The same criteria can also be used to represent the damage a character can withstand.In this sense, a health point (health point) AndlifeIs a synonym for stamina.In some games, HP may be an abbreviation for "Heart Point".[Annotation 1]However, it still has the same meaning.

最初 のRole playing gamesIsDungeons & DragonsThe basic concept has already been seen in 』, and since then it has been adopted in most of the games of this line.in JapanComputer RPGof"Dragon quest』Appeared and became a big hit, this concept has become widely known.For generations familiar with the game, jokes that express the actual health condition and physical strength with hit points are also valid.

Basic system

For example, if you have 100 HP, you can withstand a hit of 99 units, but if you hit 100 units or more, you have the durability to collapse. The amount of hit per unit varies from game to game.

Depending on the game, hit points are usually reduced when the opponent is attacked and injured.Most games provide a way to regain, or "recover," the reduced hit points.ItemTypical examples are (usually a lot of chemicals), magic, and inns.

In many cases, when the hit point reaches 0, the character becomes "dead" and cannot take any action during battle or movement. It is necessary to distinguish between "irreversible death of the character as the development of the story" and "temporary incapacity on the premise of recovery / revival as a game".ZEROIn games where there are circumstances such as rating by and consideration for regulation of violent expressions, expressions such as "uncombatable", "unconsciousness", and "stunning" are used to mean "even if the hit point is 0, it does not mean that you are dead". There are many things.However, in the sense that you can not do anything, it is virtually the same as the game with the concept of "death" mentioned above.[Annotation 2].

If the extremely low hit points correspond to the "dying" state in reality, it is unlikely that you will be able to exert 100% of your physical and perceptual abilities in a situation of full-blown wounds, but in most games. Has adopted a game system that can demonstrate 1% of physical and magical fighting ability even if it is HP100.A game system in which other factors such as attack power decrease as the hit points decrease is not widely adopted.



The unit (what kind of wound or physical strength HP1 corresponds to) is not defined, and the upper limit of the value is generally set arbitrarily.There is no common definition of what unit 1 of hit points means.

The general interpretation is that "HP1 corresponds to a certain degree of injury or weakness", but there are other ideas as below.

In some cases, it is more rational to see it as a relative point.That is, 100 unit of hit when the maximum HP is 1 is 1% damage, but 10 unit of hit when the maximum HP is 1 is 10%.The higher the level and the higher the maximum HP, the smaller the hit per unit.In other words, it can be considered that growing up will cause less damage (Later).

Alternatively, there is an interpretation that the hit point is "the number of times that a fatal injury can be avoided".Until the last unit is lost, it will be unharmed or slightly injured by avoidance and defense, but when it reaches 1, it will be fatal and injured.In this case, it can be said that there is no contradiction with the game system that the same fighting ability can be exhibited regardless of whether the remaining HP is 0 or 100.

Maximum hit points

The maximum value (upper limit) of the hit points that the character (enemy) has at that timeMaximum hit pointsGood,MHPSometimes abbreviated as (MaxHP).Basically, the number does not rise above the maximum hit point.In other words, if you inflict damage on an enemy that exceeds the maximum hit point value, you can instantly kill the enemy (similarly, if a ally character receives damage that exceeds the maximum hit point value, you will instantly die).

In many games, character growth (LevelThe maximum hit points of the character will also increase accordingly.As a result, the character will be able to withstand stronger attacks.Depending on the workPower upIt can also be raised by using items.

As an interpretation,

  • Your character's body will be strengthened and will be able to withstand more damage.
  • By equipping your character with more advanced defenses, you can reduce the amount of damage per unit and, as a result, withstand larger units of attack.

and so on.

Special HP processing

HP reduction other than battle

In addition to attacks from enemies, HP is also consumed by various abnormal conditions (status abnormalities) of the player character.

Example of abnormal condition
  • Being eaten by poison and illness
  • Fatigue is accumulating
  • Fasting
  • Hanging on an unknown curse

In some games, when these abnormal conditions occur, the HP gradually decreases just by walking.Also, in some games with the concept of time, the HP decreases with time even if you do not walk, which expresses how the player character gradually weakens due to various factors.

In addition, HP may be lost by being trapped, walking on poison or thorns, or talking to a hostile person.At that time, apart from the decrease in HP, it may be affected by the above-mentioned status abnormality.

HP at the time of death

A state where the hit point becomes 0 is considered to be "death" or a similar state, but most games can be revived (Later).Many games have facilities for resuscitation, and magic and items often provide the effect of resuscitation.

Table talk RPGAmong the games with high reality, there are some that say that if you receive too much damage, your HP will not recover to the maximum value (the upper limit will also suffer permanent damage). Be done.This is a representation of how the body was severely damaged, making it impossible to completely resuscitate it.Alternatively, there may be a rule that if you receive a large amount of damage with a single blow, you may die instantly even if you still have HP due to the shock.

Depending on the amount of damage received at the time of death, the decrease in HP does not stop at 0, and in some games it drops to a negative value.Such a rule indicates the degree of damage to the corpse, and in the extreme negative case, the corpse is destroyed to the extent that it leaves no shape, making it virtually impossible to revive.Also, in "Dungeons & Dragons", the rule is that hit points are 0 for fainting and -10 for death.Either way, you can make it negative to the desired value by putting a stop after HP0.

In addition, some games employ a system in which resuscitation is possible but certainty is not guaranteed, and failure to resuscitate makes resuscitation more difficult or even impossible.Also"Romancing SaGaThere is also a game like the series where if you die with 0 hit points, the character will leave the party and will never be revived.

The state in which all player characters have died (may include incapacitated states such as petrification) is commonly known as "WannihilationIs calledGame overOr, a penalty will be imposed on the amount of money you have and you will be restarted.

MMORPGSo, although there is a function to automatically revive after death, there may be a rule that causes a decrease in experience points and levels at the time of death, and also drops the items you possessed and the currency in the game. , There are many games that cannot be killed.


注 釈

  1. ^ Mario storyetc.
  2. ^ For example,PokemonThe hit point of "" refers to "physical strength to fight", and "HP0" refers to "dying state", that is, "state of no physical strength to fight anymore", and the direct expression "death" is avoided. ..Also, when RPG was not common in JapanLogin Hit points have been translated as "attack power" in magazines.

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