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🧳 | The Peninsula Tokyo BOOK, a book with slippers for the Peninsula's sweets room, will be released on December 12th.


The Peninsula Tokyo BOOK, a book with slippers exclusively for the Peninsula's sweets room, will be released on December 12th.

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From October 10, online bookstores such as Amazon have started accepting reservations.

Takarajimasha will release The Peninsula Tokyo official book "The Peninsula Tokyo BOOK" on December 12th. ... → Continue reading


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Online bookstoreWhat is (online)?インターネットIt's abovebookstore.Internet bookstore,Online bookstoreAlso called.


online shoppingOut ofOurCan be purchasedMail orderRefers to a service.To buy a book, title, author,ISBNAfter searching by etc., select the one you want to buy, and confirm the book to buyAddress-Phone Number-Email AddressAnd finallysettlementI often do.You may be notified by email of the shipping / arrival date and time.When you visit a bookstore, you may see recommendations.Membership registration is often required to use it.

The merit is that even if you buy a lot of books from the user's point of viewEntranceYou don't have to carry heavy books home because they will carry you toCredit cardIf you can use the book, you can settle the book in a short time, and even if the bookstore in your neighborhood is closed, you can specify the delivery time so that you can purchase the book you want without fail.

From the perspective of a bookstore (business operator), there is no need to have an actual store, so there is no need to serve customers face-to-face. (There are some difficulties in some places) ・ There is no need to worry about theft, and even if you do not have a large amount of inventory, you can order it from a publisher or wholesaler.

While actually having a storeOnlineWe may also accept orders at.In this case, it is an advantage that you can take in Internet users (which may be a niche need because you use the search function) and buy books that are in stock.

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