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🛏 | 2021 10/19 Visit Report 4 (K36 The Bar & Rooftop The Hotel Seiryu…


2021 10/19 Visit Report 4 (K36 The Bar & Rooftop The Hotel Seiryu…

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From the south to the west, you can easily see the Kyoto Tower and the area around Goeido at Higashi Honganji Temple.

Exit Higashiyama Sodo and head south on Shimokawara-dori, one west. Lu Un Akagane Resort Kyoto Higashiyama Yasaka Koshindo Yasaka… → Continue reading

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Higashi application

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower(Kyoto Tower)KyotoKyoto CityShimogyo WardIt is in.Keihan Group OfKeihan Hotels & ResortsOperated by a corporation[2].


Kyoto StationIt stands in front of the central exit of Karasuma.The height including Kyoto, which is the pedestal, is 131MetersIt is the tallest building in Kyoto city.

1953 (Showa28), it was built on the land on the north side of Kyoto StationKyoto Central Post OfficeIs decided to move[*1], Utilization of the site after the relocation was being considered.In addition, this land is directly in front of Kyoto Station, the main entrance of Kyoto, an international cultural and tourist city, and there was a need for land utilization that is suitable and rich in publicity.[3].Kyoto Chamber of CommerceAt a round-table conference hosted by Bussan Tourism Center Co., Ltd. (later Kyoto Co., Ltd.)industryThe establishment of the tourist center) was decided, and it was founded on April 1959, 4.[4].

Initially on the roofObservatoryAlthough the extent to which it was made was considered, it was not expected to build a huge tower.[5]..However, as a result of examination, it was found that the tower can be built without affecting the inside of the building so much.Mamoru Yamada(Architect) design management andKyoto UniversityFaculty of Engineering Architecture ClassTanahashi RyoProfessor'sStructural designWill be built by[6]..At this time, the elegant design of the white cylinder was adopted because the rugged tower made of mere steel frame is not suitable for the front entrance of Kyoto.[7].kitschIt is also said to be a good design[8]..For the first time in Japan for architectureCarbon dioxide semi-automatic welding machineWas used extensively[9].

1963 (Showa 38) After the groundbreaking ceremony on February 2, the building was erected on August 7, the same year, and the following day.1964 (Showa 39) Opened on August 8[*2][10]..The tower was erected on February 1964, 2 and opened on December 3.[11].

Its structure isSteel frame12 thickness without usingMmFrom 22mmSpecial steel sheetCylinders are joined by welding to make a cylindrical tower body (Monocoque structure[12][13]It is a temporary tower outside the towercraneWas set up and pulled up[14]..The construction period was about 1 year and 10 months, and the total construction cost was 38 million yen.[15].

The appearance of the tower is in the cityMachiya OfRoof TileIlluminate the city of Kyoto without the sea, using the roof as a waveLighthouseIs the image of[12].

From the observatory at the top of the tower, in and around Kyoto, as well as on sunny daysOsakaYou can also see the city[16].

Hotels and famous stores are located in the pedestal building.In addition, goods related to the tower are also sold at the observatory and famous stores.

Created on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of openingMascot characterBut,2004 (Heisei16 years) OctoberTawawa-chanWas officially born as.

2014 Towards the 26th anniversary of the opening of (50)エ レ ベ ー タ ーDue to renovation work and repainting of the outer wall, restaurants in the observation room and pedestal building2012 (24) From March 12st2013 It will be closed until March (25) and will be reopened from April 3st.Taking this renewal as an opportunity, the restaurant changed its business form to a lounge that also offers coffee shops and light meals.[17]..The hotel and souvenir shop were still open during the construction period.

Tower exterior and interior

An oval observatory (charged) is installed in the upper part of the tower, and the inside has a two-layer structure.binocularsIs also available and can be used for free[18].

As for the exterior, the tower part is based on milky white color, and the observatory and a part of the upper part are red.In addition, the tower building department is a group company.Keihan Electric RailwayBy (Keihan), JR from Kyoto StationTofukuji StationThere are advertisements that encourage the use of Gion and Shimizu via.

There are legal restrictions on the exterior paint color, which is white and red.This is ground clearance 60MetersThis is because it corresponds to a building that exceeds the above, and if a high-intensity aviation obstruction light is not installed, it is necessary to use a red-and-white striped pattern (same as a steel tower or chimney).

Inside the Kyoto Tower Building


  • Observatory 4th-5th floors-Kyoto Tower Observatory
  • Observatory 3rd floor-Sky Lounge "Sky" (KUU)
  • 10th floor rooftop-Beer garden & BBQ
  • 5th-9th floors-Kyoto Tower Hotel
  • 3rd floor-Restaurant "Tower Terrace", Kansai Information Tourist Center
  • North New Building 4th Floor-Daniel's Luce
  • Kitashinkan 1-3F-Creative Kitchen Saikatei
  • 1st and 2nd basement floors --KYOTO TOWER SANDO
  • B3F-Large communal bath ~ YUU ~

Kyoto Tower Sand

The Kyoto Tower Building is a commercial facility from April 1, 2, especially from the 2017st basement floor to the 4nd floor above ground."KYOTO TOWER SANDO"It was reopened under the name of.Sand's name is named after the approach[19].

Before it was renewed as Kyoto Tower Sand, there were many souvenir shops for school travelers.[20],Daikoku Drug·100 Yen shop(The Daiso) ・ Handicraft store ・ TAITO Game Center[21][22]Etc. were moving in variously.There used to be a NAMCO arcade on the third basement floor.[23]..In the past, a game center was attached to the tower bath with a steam bath, but withdrew from NAMCO in 2012.[24][25].. TAITO also withdrew by the renewal in 2017, and there is currently no game center in Kyoto Tower.

Big bath

On the 3rd basement floor, a large communal bath has been open since the opening of Kyoto Tower in 1964 (Showa 39).[26]..It can be used early in the morning and can be used for day trips, and is popular with night coach users. During its peak in 2017, a total of about 29 people used it.[26]..However, due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, the number of users decreased sharply, and the business hours were shortened from June 2020 (Reiwa 2), but the business will end on June 6, 2021 (Reiwa 3). Was announced to be[26].

Key point

Kyoto Tower Building

  • Structure: 9 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground (31 above ground)Meters
  • Site area: 2783Square meter
  • Total floor area: 2 square meters[10]
  • Location: Karasuma Nanajo Shimogyo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Tower part

  • Construction:Stress skin structure(Cylindrical)
  • Height: 100Meters(Tower only)
  • Ground clearance: 131Square meter(159 meters above sea level, observation room 100 meters above sea level[1]
  • Tower diameter: 5.5 meters above, 10 meters below[1]
  • Total floor area: 1021 square meters, of which the upper observatory is 237 square meters[1]
  • Total weight: Approximately 800 tons (tower only)
  • Enforcement Obayashi team[27]

* Unless otherwise specified, the above points are based on the official website.[28].

Controversy over construction

From the beginning of constructionAncient capitalThere are pros and cons as to whether such a building is necessary in Kyoto.

This was at the time of constructionTojiHistorical in Kyoto City, where it was unwritten that "do not build anything higher than the tower"LandscapeIt all started with the issue of harmony with.With the construction promotion group centered on the political and business world,scholar,Cultural personOpponents of the initiative bisected public opinion and exchanged discussions, which is said to be the first controversy over the aesthetics of the city in Japan.

After all, laws and regulations such as height are strictBuildingIt was built as a "workpiece" rather than, but this discussion was later discussed.1972 "Kyoto City Landscape" enforced in (47)OrdinanceIt will be utilized as one item of the setting of the huge work restricted area established in[29].

Use cases in works, etc.

Since it is a landmark and symbolic landscape of Kyoto City, this tower appears in the press and various copyrighted works.

As an example of a fiction work, the movie "Godzilla vs MechagodzillaIn the playGodzillaIn addition to the production that the Kyoto Tower is destroyed by the heat rays ofJapan sinking], The Kyoto Tower, which collapses due to an earthquake, is depicted.

In addition, as an example other than general works, the head office is headquartered in Kyoto City.NintendoGame console "WiiIn the instruction manual (preparation), the scenery of the city including Kyoto Tower is drawn in the scenery outside the window in the caution illustration.[30]


A mascot character created on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the opening of the business. December 2004Tawawa-chanIt was announced as, and a costume appeared in 2006.Gender is female and personality is unfussy[31].




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