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🛏 | Support school students collaborate with a hotel Cheese tart with figs developed in Uji, Kyoto

Photo Cheese tart made by students of Uji Support School in cooperation with a hotel in Kyoto City.The package features characters with a rabbit motif, which is the symbol of the cafe (Hirono-cho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture).

Support school students collaborate with a hotel Cheese tart with figs developed in Uji, Kyoto

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It will be sold for 300 yen together with drinks such as coffee and apple juice.

Third-year high school students from Uji Support School (Hirono-cho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture) cooperate with a hotel in Kyoto City to specialize in Joyo City. → Continue reading

 Kyoto Shimbun

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Apple juice

Apple juiceIsAppleManufactured by immersing and squeezingjuice.Apple juiceAlso called.The juice obtained by squeezing is even moreSuspensionExists as fine particles inStarchとPectinTo remove enzyme and centrifuge and pack in glass or metal containers or aseptic packsPasteurizationIt is processed or further concentrated.Untouched apple juice is also on sale.

Apple juice is usually produced commercially because complex and expensive equipment is required to obtain clear juice from large quantities of apples.

In the United States, unfiltered raw apple juice is not clarified in areas of high apple production.Apple ciderManufactured on a small scale.On the other hand, in Japan, clear juice obtained by decomposing pectin is also available.Transparent typeOrClear typeOn the other hand, there are also turbid juices from which pectin has not been removed, or products in which turbid juices and clear juices are mixed.Turbid typeWidely marketed as[1][3]..In terms of nutritional value, it is said that there is no big difference between clear juice and cloudy juice.[4].

Apple juice is one of the most common juices in the world, but the world's production isChugokuLeads to itPoland,Germany,The United States of AmericaIt is continuing[Translation source 1].


Apple juice is a common drink for both children and adults, but in North America, it is often informally sold to children, who are considered to be the main consumer.Apple juice is cheaper and more accessible than other juices, so it's a wide varietyCocktails(Big appleEtc.) and used to increase the amount of fruit juice beverages.In addition, carbon dioxide gas may be added to make sparkling juice, or it may be used in baked goods as a substitute for sugar.

Health benefits

Vitamin CIs variable and most is lost during the process and may be added to enhance it.[Translation source 2]..Apple juice promotes bone health, although levels of other vitamins are lowBoronHas a variety of natural minerals, including[Translation source 3]..It will also prevent aging-related illnesses due to its antioxidant effect.PolyphenolContains a considerable concentration.According to a study by Apple Juice in the brainacetylcholineIt has been suggested that it increases memory and improves memory.[Translation source 4]..Also, mice given apple juice are compared to mice not given.Alzheimer's dementiaHard to become[Translation source 5]..According to Harvard Medical School, apple juice is rich in flavonoids, so it works like vegetables and fruits to prevent forgetfulness.[5].

Apple juice in Japan

Dainippon Juice Co., Ltd. (currently) was the first to sell apple juice (100% fruit juice) in Japan.Nikka WhiskeyCo., Ltd.).Founder'sTaketsuru MasatakaRaised capital to make whiskey and started a business in Yoichi, Hokkaido.However, since it takes several years from the start of production to shipping of whiskey, apple juice (trade name: Nika apple juice, later Nika apple juice) is manufactured and sold from apple, which was a special product around Yoichi. I decided to surpass the glue mouth.However, at the time when cheap fruit juice-containing beverages were widespread, expensive 100% fruit juice apple juice did not sell well.

However, at that time, because the nutritional value of apple juice was advertised,coldApple juice has become widespread, although it is a limited form of treatment for.Even when commercially available apple juice is not available, folk remedies that squeeze apples at home to make juice and drink it are widespread.

Concentrated apple juice that exceeds 100% fruit juice is Kotobukiya (currently) before Dainippon Fruit Juice.Suntory) Was sold.

In any case, drinking apple juice as a folk remedy for the common cold is a thing of the past, as it is now a daily drink rather than the expensive one it used to be.


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