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🧳 | Going to see a tree 1 Hibiya Park ・ "Risk Ginkgo" standing on the terrace of Matsumotoro <Tokyo>


1st to meet a tree "Risk Ginkgo" standing on the terrace of Matsumotoro in Hibiya Park <Tokyo>

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It seems that it was here from the beginning now, but under the guidance of Dr. Honda, the contractor laid a rail from the Hibiya intersection to here, and during that time it moved 450 m over 25 days, and the replanting was successful. ..

Hibiya Park, an oasis in central Tokyo.The garden of the long-established restaurant Matsumotoro got a strange name, "Risk Ginkgo" ... → Continue reading


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Hibiya(Hibiya) isTokyoChiyodaIt is the name of the area in.YurakuchoからUchisaiwaichoHungHibiya StreetRefers to the surrounding area. "Hibiya Station""Hibiya Park""Hibiya MoatThe name can be seen in ".However, there is no administrative place name "Hibiya".


Tokugawa Shogunate Edo CastleSince then, the wetlands have been reclaimed in the vicinity, and the idyllic fishing village has become orderly.Daimyo mansionIt transformed into a townscape lined with.Meiji RestorationAfter that, it was the first in JapanWesternCeremony hotelImperial Hotel,Rokumeikan, Tokyo prefectural office and social clubTokyo ClubIt became a city that symbolized the modernization of Japan.In the Meiji era, it developed as a social space for the upper class, but after that it was a theater.Hotel・ The head offices of large companies are lined up to represent Japan.Business districtIt has become.The Imperial Hotel still occupies an important position as one of the three families in the hotel world.2018 On a large scaleCommercial complex OfTokyo Midtown HibiyaWas born.City centerIs a large parkHibiya ParkInsideCity hallandHibiya Public Hall, Large and small, which is a sacred place for outdoor music venuesAmphitheater(Noon),Hibiya Library & MuseumVarious cultural facilities such as (formerly Hibiya Library & Museum, Tokyo) are located, and many events are held.

CurrentHankyu Hanshin Toho Group(Old:Hankyu Toho Group) A movie / theater company that is a core companyTohoWas the founding place ofToho Hibiya BuildingIs the location of the head office.OtherTokyo Takarazuka Theater(Tokyo Takarazuka Building)TOHO CinemasHeadquarters, the flagship store of TOHO CinemasTOHO Cinemas Hibiya(Tokyo Midtown Hibiya), in the vicinityImperial Theater(Imperial Theater) etc. are located.In this way, many important facilities and theaters of Toho are concentrated in the Hibiya area, and it is a city of movies and theater.Other than TohoNissay TheaterIs also here, onceJapanese theater(Japanese drama)Hibiya movie theater,YurakuzaEtc. also existed.


Formerly in the southeastern part of Chiyoda WardKojimachi WardLocated on the flat ground of the area.The form of land use is mainly business land, but 16 ha OverHibiya ParkBecause it has a large green area,Imperial PalaceClose to.

Since it is located in the center of the city, it also passes through many highways and railway lines.1930 ToHibiya StreetとHarumi StreetJapan's first electric type to the Hibiya intersection wheretraffic lightsWas installed.Also on the main road onceTodenHowever, due to the increase in road traffic and the construction of the subway,1971 Disappeared in.

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