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🧳 | Narita International Airport, large-scale renovation of taxiway B started on December 12


Narita International Airport, large-scale renovation of taxiway B started on December 12

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It has been 30 years since the installation, and it is aging, so the concrete pavement and aviation lights will be removed and new pavement and aviation lights will be installed.

Narita International Airport will begin large-scale renovation work on the B taxiway parallel to the B runway from December 12 from installation ... → Continue reading


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New pavement

Aviation security facility

Aviation security facility(Kokuuho Anshisetsu)aircraftIt is a general term for wireless facilities, lights, signs, etc. to assist the navigation of[1]..From the name "Airport security and maintenance facilitiesIt is sometimes misunderstood, but it is not.Air Security FacilityAlso called[2].

JapaneseAviation lawIn Article 2, Paragraph 5, it is defined as "a facility for assisting the navigation of aircraft by radio waves, lights, colors or figures, which is specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism."According to Article 1 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Aviation Law, which applies to this Ministerial Ordinance, facilities for assisting the navigation of aircraft by radio waves are provided.Aviation Security Radio FacilityAnd a facility to assist the navigation of the aircraft with lightsAviation lightsAnd, a facility to make aircraft navigating in the daytime aware of the existence of properties that hinder navigation by color or figure.Daytime obstacle signIs prescribed.

Types of Air Navigation Facility

Aviation Security Radio Facility

Currently there are the above 6 types, but in the past range (en: Low-frequency radio range), Z marker[1],Loran A / CWas also used.

Aviation lights

Daytime obstacle sign[1]

  • Daytime obstacle sign by paint color
  • Flag daytime obstacle sign
  • Aircraft warning paint with signs


The following are not aviation security facilities under the Aviation Law Enforcement Regulations, but related facilities


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