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🧳 | [Hoshino Resorts] Go To, a Christmas can that you can't wait to deliver to you who want to travel right now ...


[Hoshino Resorts] Go To, a Christmas can that you can't wait to deliver to you who want to travel right now ...

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Aizu's local toy, Akabeko, is decorated with a lot of red beko, which is not a photogenic "bekogenic" open space, and playset with the motif of red beko is placed, and you can enjoy playing in the snow that can only be experienced here.

"Hoshino Resorts", which operates 52 facilities in Japan and overseas and makes traveling fun, is a renewal of the "Go To Travel Campaign" ... → Continue reading


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Local toys

Local toys(Toys) have been made in various parts of Japan since ancient times.toy..regionalTraditional craftsBut also.There are many things that use local products and are modeled on things that are tied to faith and local animals.


Is a toy that is awarded and sold at events and festivals, and is defined as a local toy that can withstand ornamental purposes and has a size that does not miss the scale.Tokubei YamadaDefined a toy with local characteristics that was devised and produced in a local area as a local toy.There are traditional toys that have been made for a long time and newly made toys, and the latter is sometimes called a creative toy.However, he points out that what is basically called a local toy is often conditioned on having an old tradition.[Source required]

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