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🧳 | [November XNUMX] What day is it today?"Day of assembled furniture", the birth of the inventor of the color box


[November XNUMX] What day is it today?"Day of assembled furniture", the birth of the inventor of the color box

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The "color box" devised and named by Mr. Masao Fukaya of the company in 1967 was a big hit.

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Ready-to-assemble furniture

Ready-to-assemble furniture(Kumi Tatekagu, English: Ready-to-assemble furniture or knock-down furniture) requires assembly by the purchaser.Furniture.

It is sold with furniture parts disassembled into cardboard and instructions stored in it, and even consumers without special skills can assemble it with only general tools such as a screwdriver.And since the delivery cost can be reduced compared to the finished furniture, it is bought and sold at a low price.In addition, even consumers who cannot assemble for some reason can use the assembled furniture by requesting a service for assembling work.


What made ready-to-assemble furniture world-famousScandinavianCountries (≒Nordic)ofIngvar KampradWas founded byIKEAIs. AlsoIKEAOne of the features of "Flat pack (disassembled products are packed as thin and small as possible and can be easily loaded in the trunk of a car and taken home)" has been actively used overseas since 1963. With the background of the advancement, "Assembled furnitureIKEAWas invented. "

However, the history of ready-to-assemble furniture is long.The United States of AmericaThen.(English edition)(Encyclopedia) described ready-to-assemble furniture as an "American invention" in 1859[1]Emphasized that it is easy to transport.A patent was filed on July 1877, 7.[2].

In Japan, Crocio Co., Ltd. sold color boxes in 1970, and sales increased.[3].

ス ラ ー ボ ッ ク ス

Color box is the name of storage furniture that can be used only in Japan.It was a ready-to-assemble furniture developed and sold by Crocio Co., Ltd., and was a product name. In 2020,Nitori[4],Konan[5],DCM Holdings[6]Furniture retailers such as group companiesHome center,Iris Oyama[7]It also sells furniture and other manufacturing industries.

Although there is no clear definition, it often refers to "two to four-tiered storage furniture with a height of 90 cm, a width of 40 cm, and a depth of 30 cm, which must be assembled with inexpensive plywood."Of course, storage furniture of other sizes is sold as a color box, but those with a size that deviates too much are described as racks and shelves.

The origin of the color box is that the chairman of Crocio Co., Ltd. at that time thought that colorful colors such as orange and green seen in plastic products could be reproduced in furniture.[3]..The opportunity was to create a three-tiered shelf with colorful plywood pasted with colored paper with the cooperation of a large letter maker.[3].


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