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🛏 | "All-you-can-eat sirloin steak lunch" at a hotel in Kobe! Held for 2 months

Photo 90 minutes time system for steak, salad, soup, bread or rice "free to understand"

"All-you-can-eat sirloin steak lunch" at a hotel in Kobe! Held for 2 months

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There is also a drink bar where you can enjoy all-you-can-drink soft drinks such as coffee, tea and ginger ale.

Kobe Sannomiya Tokyu REI Hotel will be holding "Sir ..." at the restaurant "Toriko" (12F) from December 1st to January 2022st, 1. → Continue reading

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drink bar

drink bar (drink bar) isRestaurant industry OfRestaurantsIn the storeセ ル フ サ ー ビ スIt is a free drink corner of the method.若者には、ドリバとFor young people, with Driva略 語May be called by.

Because the name is well established, the service itself is often called a drink bar.

Features and usage of the drink bar

After ordering, go to the drink bar corner, select your favorite drink and if necessarysugar,cream-æ°·Add something like that and go back to your seat to enjoy it.Basically, each person uses one cup and glass, and group drinking is prohibited.If you pay the specified fee, you can use it without any restrictions on replacement.

However, some drinks are hot (hot) and cold (cold), so it is better to change the cup or glass in the middle, but the correspondence differs depending on the store and the cup or glass can be changed. And may not be possible.There are also restaurants that describe how to mix and drink multiple beverages, and some users enjoy it according to their own tastes.

Breakfast menu(In some chainsLunch menu,DessertIn the case of (even in the set), the drink bar is often included in the set.

またCartoon cafeThere are stores with a free drink system, but in this case, the room charge often includes the charge of the drink bar.

始 ま り

,SkylarkSubsidiary Green Table is "GustoKodairaof shopprototypeAfter the bubble, it became a big hit when a store was opened, a menu for low-priced routes and a drink bar were set up and opened.消费Environmental depressionSkylark was sluggishfollowing yearMade a major conversion to Gusto.At first, Gusto provided only hot drinking water as a "hot drink bar" and gave only one cup to customers who ordered the hot drink bar, so at that time only one cup was enough for various drinking waters. Had to drink.Also, in Gusto today, the drink bar has been renamed to Premium Cafe.

At the timeMass mediaThe drink bar was widely recognized by the public, and it had a great influence on competitors.

One theory is not the original concept, but too busyPart-time jobEmployees have coffeeDecanter,ポ ッ トIt is said that it started from putting the food in the audience and letting it drink freely.[1].Japanese cuisine tavern,Karaoke boxIt is thought that the pitcher (jug) used when serving beverages to group customers was also a hint.


The drink bar has gained popularity on low-priced routes, but now it is dedicated to extracting one cup at a time, not just expanding the types.espresso-coffeeMachine orfruit juice100%juiceContinues to evolve, such as the introduction of.

Beverage types and trends

The following drinks are the mainstream, although it depends on the size and space of the store and the beverage and brewers with which the restaurant chain has a contract.


iced coffeeThere are two types, one is provided with a coffee stock solution extracted by a beverage maker in advance, and the other is hot coffee extracted with a coffee machine and cooled with ice in a glass.


Using the hot water supply function of the coffee machine, the tea leavesTea bagOften provided at.冷茶の場合は後述するIn the case of cold tea, it will be described later.Soft drink OfserverAnd juice cooler.Royal holdingsseries(Royal host-SizzlerEtc.) Paradise Tropical Tea (Ice Tea),BamiyanAsian tea (oolong tea, jasmine tea, jasmine tea, etc.) and other companies' commitments are easily reflected.

Soft drink

The lineup often depends on the beverage manufacturer with which you are contracting.Proclaiming health consciousness,Vegetable juice,Green juiceThere are also stores that handle.

Other beverages

In addition to coffee and tea, the following items will be provided.

Called frozen by some restaurant chainssherbetSoft drinksSoft cream such asDessertIs also offered at the drink bar.

Part ofGrilled meatIn the store chainbeer,Sakeな どAlcoholMay also join the drink bar.For example, the Skylark-affiliated Bildi, which has now been converted to Gusto, offers all-you-can-drink drinking water, including alcoholic beverages such as wine, as a "fruity bar."

Soup bar

What was widespread ahead of the drink bar is usually served before the main dish arrivesSoupWas an all-you-can-drink soup bar.主にmainlysteakIt spread in restaurants, but even in ordinary family restaurants, it may be held for a limited time such as lunch time and holidays.

Example of a family restaurant with a soup bar

Restaurants that do not have a drink bar

Currently, the rate of introduction of drink bars is high at large and medium-sized restaurant chains, but some restaurant chains have not introduced it as a "full-service restaurant" for the sake of differentiation.

In addition, there is a negative effect that the turnover rate of the audience seats deteriorates (the unit price and profit margin of the store decreases) because customers stay in the store for a long time only at the drink bar, so the time limit such as 90 minutes or 2 hours is set. Or set upStation square,Downtown,(I.e.In some cases, the drink bar is not held only at stores with specific conditions.In addition, Royal Host, which has been introduced at some stores, has adopted a policy of reducing the number of drink bars.

Non-introduction example

な ど

Drink bar other than restaurant



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Soft drink

Soft drink(Soft drink) IsalcoholIt is a beverage that does not contain alcohol or contains a trace amount (less than 1%) of alcohol.

AmericaSo soft drinks are generallysoda drinkRefers tojuice,Mineral waterEtc.Food drinkIt is classified into.AlsoUnited KingdomIt ’s almost the same as America,teaBeverage,coffeeBeverages, andVegetable juiceIs excluded from soft drinks.GermanyThen,fruit juiceContains beverages and mineral water, and alsoネ ク タ ー(Fruit drink) is classified as juice[1].

Beverages that do not have alcohol but have an alcoholic taste are "Non-alcoholic beveragesIs called and distinguished.

Examples of soft drinks

Classification by the Japan Soft Drink Industry Association and the Japan Carbonated Beverage Inspection Association[1]


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