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🧳 | What is the “second hometown creation” promoted by the Japan Tourism Agency?


What is the "second hometown creation" promoted by the Japan Tourism Agency? The future "new form of travel"

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In addition, "Camping Glamping" has become more popular for enjoying the outdoors than indoors.

The state of emergency was lifted in October 2021, and some are planning to go on a trip this winter for the first time in a while ... → Continue reading

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CampOrcamping[1](British: camping[Note 1]) Is temporary in the open airLifeTo do[2].Camp,Demise,CampAlso called.


Camping is temporary outdoorsLifePointing to.Latin"Campus Camps",Frenchof"champ "Shan" means "field", and English camp and camping are similar words.When referring to the act of living outdoors, "camping" is the correct name, and it is called "camping".JapanglishIs.The English camp basically refers only to the places and facilities where it is done.

Nowadays, camping is often referred to as staying in a tent or an instant hut-like structure, but in reality there is no particular limitation.CaveLiving with natural terrain such asZeltTemporary inbivouacDuring the snowy seasonSnow caveIn a broad sense, such as digging and spending time there, you can temporarily use it outdoors (outdoors or outdoors)LifeRefers to all that you do[2].

Camps are considered to have a great effect because they work in nature. It is an artificial and artificial space, in the nature away from the city that has become a kind of protective deviceLifeNeed to be creative to defeat the daily activities in the city, and in contact with nature, you can know its beauty and severity.[2].. In addition, in the series of activities of the campClimbing,fishing,水 泳You can also train your body while doing activities such as[2].


History of humanity's outdoor life

AnthropologyAnd so on, human beings originally spent most of their historyHunting and gathering lifeIt is said that he spent his time traveling and moving. Roman EmpireSoldiers and soldiers headed for distant battlefields and spent several months to years staying there for various military operations. It is known from the relics that they seemed to have used a tent with a wooden stick and put cloth (or leather) on it. Native Americans (イ ン デ ィ ア ン) Among them, those who live on the plainsTippyI lived in it. Mongolian ThegelUsed to live a nomadic life. While mobile, the gel is quite large and provides a very comfortable living environment with a full-scale dwelling. In this way, I was able to move freely and live in nature.

As modernization progressed in the West, the proportion of the population living in artificial environments in urban areas increased.

Birth of modern and modern camping

In the late 19th century, living outdoorsEducationAccepted the meaning of the meaning, and began to live in a group under a certain program[2].. The modern camp was born as a re-experience in the modern industrial society of the outdoor life that most humanity once experienced.[2].1861 In usaConnecticutInFrederick William Gunn Is said to have started a modern-style camp by collecting children and conducting a school camp[2].. Brooklyn, New York in 1881YMCAHowever, camping began to take place, and this was succeeded by F. Dudley and became very popular. In 1896 Europe came from Berlin, GermanyWonder Vogel Movement(Migration bird movement) spread camp activities[2].


History in Japan

Travelers were big in the Edo periodOil paperIf you bring a mosquito and come to the sunset in the mountains, wrap it around under a tree.Surpassed the rain dewIt is also said.

During the Meiji era, many Western sports were imported as part of incorporating the systems of Western countries. The camp was introduced as one of them and it was promoted as an educational activity.[2].1894 Published inShiga Shigeruby"Japanese landscape theory,” the number of people practicing and practicing the method of “climbing mountain breeze” should be explained, “methods and cautions for staying in the mountains, dressing in the mountains, clothing when staying”.1907 Noriyuki Nogi, who became the director of Gakushuin, incorporated the camp into the swimming exercises that were held in the summer, and spent three weeks with 3 students.1922 In, YMCA held an organized camp for secondary students on the shores of Lake Chuzenji in Nikko.[2].. School camps flourished after the end of World War II. Camps are actively promoted by private organizations and administrative organizations,1965 ToJapan Camp AssociationWas established and started to carry out educational activities related to camps.[2].

For more information on the Showa army's stalls, see "School Training Must-Have. Surgery Department Part 297" pp311-XNUMX.[3]

Camping manners and laws

Camps tend to feel more open, away from the cramped city life. Kumio Tokuhisa pointed out that basic personal manners such as the following should be emphasized before that, although it is good for personal enjoyment and self-polishing in the camp.[2].

By living in the great outdoors, we gradually become aware of the huge mechanism that truly supports human life, and eventually humans become humbled. Tokuhisa pointed out that it should be the basis of the etiquette of[2].

  • River lawArticle 24.Permit to occupy riverbeds.Report to local governments such as government offices
  • Real estate invasion crime..Illegal occupancy without permission from the landowner.
  • campfire,Bonfire ――Depending on the local government, it is necessary to notify the fire department etc. by the fire prevention ordinance.[4].

Camp type

Organization Camp / Individual Camp / Family Camp

The World Encyclopedia states that camps include organized camps and personal and family camps.[2].

Organization camp

A group of people intentionally organized under a certain goal and living together outdoors under a certain program.[2].Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularCamps (school camps) conducted as part of educational activities byBoy scoutCamps (group camps) conducted byYMCA,YWCAThere are also camps (religious camps) organized by such organizations as religious events, camps conducted by a group of scholars for research (research camps), and camps organized by sports groups (also known as "sports camps"). ). Some are performed by a few people on a small scale and hundreds to thousands on a large scale.[2].. There are various age groups. If youth is targeted, it is regarded as an activity to help each person's human growth by overcoming difficulties.

Individual Camp/Family Camp

A small number of individuals or families, relatives, friends, and acquaintances gather together to camp outdoors.[2].

Personal camping life associated with mountain climbing is considered to be one of the origins of individual camping[2].. In the latter half of the 20th century, the part of living outdoors became independent by itself.RecreationWas recognized, and rapidly in the Westcamp siteThe construction of the house has progressed and it has become popular for families to enjoy camping.[2].

In recent years, solo camping is especially popular Solo campIs called.

Camping during mountaineering

ClimbingAnd outdoor life while touring. Emphasis is placed on quick installation and removal, and the total weight and points of tools are considerably limited. Tents that are smaller and lighterHob(Stove) Often used.

It was held among mountaineers and touring performers who found it attractive to experience how to spend time in nature, away from their daily lives surrounded by the artificial environment of the city. Although unfamiliar to the general public, its charm gradually became known and became widely practiced.

Camp for recreation

With the above-mentioned circumstances,RecreationThe number of camps has increased. Live a leisurely life in nature and provide mental rejuvenation. There is no particular format.

Many modern people do not have full knowledge of outdoor life, and have prepared various facilities in advance (leveled tent yard, artificial water supply, concrete sink and kitchen, artificial toilet, etc.). Therecamp siteI often do it in. Commercial power supplyThere are also things such as renting cooking utensils and tents, so even beginners and women who do not have knowledge about necessary tools can use it for the time being[Note 2].. The rise in the number of artificial campgrounds has contributed to the camp's popularity.

For the time being, some camp beginners in recent years have simplified tent setup and cooking.GlampingSome people try camping at.

Various categories

There are many ways to enjoy camping, and each person has its own variety.

Day camp
Camping only during the day. For example, outdoors in the daytimeCooked rice-調理At KawarabarbecueAnd so on.
Touring camp
Also called camping touring.オ ー ト バ イ,Bicycle,CanoeTouringCamping is done every time.Or touring with the purpose of enjoying camping.Compact and lightweight due to limited load capacityKochel, Small tentsTarpAre used.
Auto camp
In a narrow sense, a car drives into the campground and a tent or tarp is set up next to the car. The auto campground has a parking space for each tent site and is divided into one section. Or sleep in the car, so-calledCamper van-Camping trailerCamping in. in Japan1990 eraA big boom[5]And family camping together (so-called family camping) became popular.
In a broad sense, it also refers to a camp that only uses cars as a means of transportation.
"Glamping glamping" is a compound word of glamorous and camping, and refers to facilities that can receive the services of a luxury hotel while enjoying the great outdoors (also known as luxury camping). Originally, when British people enjoyed hunting in Africa, they didn't have a place to stay, so they brought home the furniture. It has also landed in Japan since around 2015. Unlike regular camps, participants can enjoy staying in tents without setting up tents or cooking, so it is popular with those who do not have camping equipment or who want to enjoy camping easily, but joint work is a camp. It may be questioned by those who consider it to be their original pleasure. In many cases, tents have already been set up at specific campsites. Some will be installed and held in a short period of time while changing the venue[Note 3].. Bed, washroom, heater, etc. inside the tent[Note 4].

Campground type

originallycamp siteAlthough there was no classification in "," after the introduction of "Auto Campground", it came to be classified with that in mind.

General campsite
Generally, it is not possible to drive a car to the side of the tent in places that are not currently called "auto campgrounds". A parking lot is usually installed outside the place where the tent is set up. Regarding bikes, the detailed rules differ depending on the campground. In the case of a bicycle, you may be able to drive up to the side of the tent. There is a merit that you can move away from the artificial car that emits noise and exhaust gas.
Auto campsite
You can drive a car to the tent site (right next to the tent). You can almost save the trouble of carrying your luggage to the place where you can set up a tent.
Adult campsite
The one labeled "Adult" in the United States, etc. (that is, a campground that does not allow anyone who behaves like a child). It is a thing that puts out in front that you can spend quietly without entering a camper that violates manners.

Main camping equipment

Camping equipment varies depending on the type of camp.

For comparison, I will give you a set of tools for mountaineering camps and auto camps.

Camping equipment for mountaineering that carries luggage by itself
  • (Compact and extremely lightweight)tent
  • (Compact and can be used in cold places羽毛Such as cotton)sleeping bag(Shraf), small camping mattress (urethane and air injection type)
  • Small懐 中 电灯(Or headlamp)
  • Small and lightweightKochel(Koffel), small and lightweight (foldable)cutlery,(extremely smallPortable stove(= (ultra) small stove), water bottle (smallPoly tank

Each of the mountain camping equipment is made quite light and compact, and those who have experienced mountain climbing will reduce the total number of equipment as much as possible. When participating in lowland camps, the mountain tools are often used as they are. Mountain camping equipment is sold at mountaineering equipment stores (specialty stores).

Camping equipment at flat (auto) campsites

Tools for flat campsites are generally large and heavy, just like tools for everyday homes. It is difficult to carry for a long time on a backpack, and it is basically impossible to divert lowland equipment to mountaineering camps. Camping equipment for lowlandsHome centerEtc. are sold at various stores. In addition, it is common to bring a bonfire at a campsite where direct fire is not possible.

Common tools
  • Change of clothes
  • Raincoat, Winter clothes, (rescue sheet)
  • Hat
  • Work gloves (gloves for preventing scratches and cooking)
  • knife,rope
  • Writer,MatchIgnition tools such asEsbitSmall stoves such as
  • radio


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注 釈

  1. ^ Living outdoorsactionIs camping in EnglishGerundExpress with. Noun camp[1]Basically, it refers to a place (= place) where a temporary tent or hut for sleeping in the field is installed (Source: Lexico's first definition sentence.placeIt is clearly stated.It's not a thing.place. ),In particularSoldier,Refugees,travellerInstalled what is used byPlacePointing to.
    On the other hand, in "camp", the army is temporary.シ ェ ル タ ーIn other words, it refers to a non-permanent facility (only temporary).base,FortressLess than). Originally famousRoman EmpireA division of several thousand people called the Legion ofRoman LegionIt is a facility that the "Roman Division," etc.) was constructed to station in a place away from home. Similar to the Roman army, temporary camps for medieval, modern and modern armies are also called "camps". North America(米 国In), programs of various activities for children (during summer vacation, such as accommodations in nature) have also come to be called camps.In addition, facilities (and their programs) where professional baseball teams leave their home base and are temporarily stationed for training, etc., have also come to be called "camps" ("camping").Camp (Japan Professional Baseball)See also).
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