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🧳 | Enjoy a seafood bowl in Ibaraki / Nakaminato!The world's first railroad car goes around the "Kaiun Railroad Shrine" of the Shintai


Enjoy a seafood bowl in Ibaraki / Nakaminato!The world's first railroad car goes around the "Kaiun Railroad Shrine" of the Shintai

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At the window of Nakaminato Station, amulets and gods of "Hitachinaka Kaiun Railway Shrine" are on sale.

A word to travelers Go on a trip to "Hitachinaka Kaihin Railway" where you can visit the railway shrine and enjoy the seafood bowl at the Nakaminatoo fish market! … → Continue reading

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Nakaminato Station

Nakaminato Station(Nakaminato Eki)IbarakiHitachinaka CityLocated in ShakamachiHitachinaka Seaside RailwayMinato Line Ofstation.


OldNakaminato CityThe representative station of Nakaminato, the central city area of ​​Nakaminato district,Nakaminato Reverberatory Furnace(Ibaraki Prefecture designated historic site,Modernization industrial heritage), The nearest station to Nakaminatoosakana Market[1].


Station structure

Single type / island type 2 side 3 lineplatformhaveManned stationAnd all the trainsexchangeI do.However, one of the island type lines is basically not used and is used exclusively for rolling stock detention.

Minato LineDepotIsMinato Motive Power DepotHave, in principleOvernight stayDo only here.

Access to the platform is limited to about 5 minutes before the train arrives and after the train departs to prevent danger.However, admission with an admission ticket orRental BicycleUse (bicycles are placed inside the ticket gate) is not limited to this.

There was a restaurant (a lunch box shop after a fast food shop) next to the station building, but after the shop closedwaiting roomAfter that, now with the remodeling work as an opportunityIbaraki Kotsu Nakaminato Sales OfficeIt has become.

Transportation features

This station isHitachinaka Seaside RailwayMinato LineIt is the base station for the operation of the railway, and the railway head office and the engine district are attached as mentioned above, and all trains on the upper and lower lines (except for the stop at this station) exchange trains at this station.

  • Uphill (KatsutaDirection)
    • During the day, 1-1 trains stop in about an hour, and some trains on weekdays morning and evening are set to the first train at this station.[2].
  • Downhill (AjigauraDirection)
    • During the daytime, as with the uphill trains, 1-1 trains stop in about an hour.[2].

Usage situation

  • The table below shows the changes in the usage status of Nakaminato Station.[3]Shown in.
    • The unit of transportation record (passenger number) is person, and shows the total value for the year. This data is suitable for comparison between years.
    • In the table, the highest value is shown in red, the lowest value after the year in which the highest value was recorded is shown in blue, and the lowest value before the year in which the highest value was recorded is shown in green.
    • This station is the most frequently used station on the Minato Line (Katsuta Station is excluded from the comparison because it has only numerical values ​​including JR users).
DegreeTransportation results for this station (passengers): people / yearNotices
Commuter passCommuting to schoolOut of termtotal
2008   195,715 
2009   202,940 
2010   209,875 
2011   180,072 
2012   212,402 
2013   226,300 
2014   242,494 
2015   243,280 
2016   236,547 
2017   246,660 
2018   248,241 
2019 (first year of Reiwa)   259,880 

Around the station

oldNakaminato CityIt is the center of (Minato city).Hitachinaka City Hall Nakaminato BranchTonoyama StationIs the nearest station.

Also, it's about a 15-minute walkKaimon BridgeIf you crossOarai TownYou can also access to the "Meisho Guide" inside the station.Oarai Sumae ShrineAnd Joyo Meiji Memorial Hall (currently:Museum of the end of the Edo period and the Meiji era) Etc. are described.

Bus route

Landing系統Main transit pointdestinationOperating companyRemarks
  JusanbugyoAjigaura StationIbaraki TransportationOnly one in the morning.Closed days Closed.
28Tonoyama / HiraisominamichoUnder Hiraiso Junior High School
50Aqua World Oarai・ Oarai Beach ・Oarai Stationentrance·Mito StationIbadaimaee Sales OfficePassing Aqua World Oarai in the morning and night
Aqua World Oarai / Oarai Coast / (Oarai Ferry Terminal) ・ Oarai Station Entrance ・ Mito StationIbadaimaee Sales Office
Oarai Coast ・ (Oarai Ferry Terminal) ・ Oarai Station EntranceMito Station1 bottle per day (1 bottles on weekdays)
 Oarai Coast / Oarai StationOarai High SchoolOnly one in the morning.Closed days Closed.
28ShimoonoHamada Sales Office・ Mito StationIbadaimaee Sales Office
5Yanagisawa, Santanda,Kanagami Station前Katsuta StationEast exit
 Nakaminato CourseFish market, TonoyamaNakaminato StationSmile Aozora Bus
Tonoyama / Fish MarketNakaminato Station
Hiraisominamicho / Ajigaura Station /Beach parkWest exitNakaminato Station
Prefectural Nishijusanbugyo housing complex, Ajigaura station, Kaihin Koen west exitNakaminato Station

* Oarai Ferry Terminal only goes through 1 flights a day


  • This stationmovies"Hula Girl''Our journey],CM"Thiovita Drink"ofLocation ShootingWas also used[4].
  • This is the only station on the Minato Line that is manned all year round.In response to the deficit operation and the crisis of abandoned railways during the Ibaraki Kotsu era, the station building is the activity base of the local railway survival support group "Oraga Minato Railway Support Group".
  • 2009 (21) From July, male stray cats frequently visited the station, and while the station staff were feeding, they settled down and sang "Kuroneko no Tango" because they were black cats.Osamu MinagawaNamed after "Osamu"[4]..After that, a private bed with a "reserved seat" sabot was given, which was popular with passengers.In addition, a black cat object has been donated to the station by Minagawa.[4]..After that, a female cat of Kijitora called "Mini Sam" for her younger sister was also kept at the station.[4]..Osamuha2019 (First year of Reiwa) Eternal sleep on June 6.A farewell party was held on July 23th of the same year.
  • As mentioned earlier, on June 2012, 6, we formed a partnership with Ashinomaki Onsen Station on the Aizu Railway and a sister station.The reason is that the old station building with a long history is still in use. ・ There is a cafeteria in front of the station (closed later). ・ Female stationmasters and station staff are active (at that time). ・ There are cats at the station. There is a group etc.[5].

Next station

Hitachinaka Seaside Railway
■Minato Line
Takadano-Tekkyo Station - Nakaminato Station - Tonoyama Station               


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  • Supervised by Atsushi Onodera, "Many Dramas Created by Transportation and Geography" "Mystery of Ibaraki" Geography, Place Names, Maps ""Jitsugyo no Nihonsha<Jippi Compact Shinsho>, 2014, First Edition, page 41.ISBN 978-4-408-45517-4.

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