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🧳 | Going to see a tree [1] "Miyanagi" of Ofuna, Kanagawa Prefecture, which was also planted in Afghanistan


Going to see a tree [1] "Miyanagi" of Ofuna, Kanagawa Prefecture, which was also planted in Afghanistan

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It is said to be a method of stacking stones using ancient Japanese civil engineering technology and taking water without going against the rapids.

Do you know a tree called "Tamarisk" that resembles a weeping willow?Also known as Beniyanagi, the place of origin is ... → Continue reading


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civil engineering

civil engineering(Doboku Kogaku,English: civil engineering) IsNatural disastersDevelop a social infrastructure for the purpose of solving social issues such asengineeringIs[1]..As the main targetTrain,道路,Bridge,tunnel,Port,空港,coastal,River,dam,wasteprocessing,Water(Water supply, industrial water supply, sewerage),Sabo,Civil engineering landscapeand so on.Also, in the civil engineering partPower generation facility,Communication facility,EnvironmentMaintenance,Cause,Transportation,National land planThe target is wide-ranging.Artifacts surrounding these are collectively called "civil engineering structures".Civil engineering structures are generally constructed as public works and support social and economic activities for a long period of time.

Research target and field

The research fields are further subdivided into various issues as shown below.Therefore, it is divided into engineers who specialize in the field and take charge of the business.Even within each field,plan,Research,Surveying,analysis,design,construction,Maintenance,Total,Disaster preventionIt is divided into those who are engaged in each theme such as.

Ground system

Structure / material system


Surveying system

Planning system

Transportation system

This is a study on how to design and plan structures related to the movement of people and things such as roads, railroads, and airports.

Hygiene system

Relationship with other fields

Other fields that have been combined

From the viewpoint of civil engineering, the academic fields that have been combined are as follows.While respecting its interdisciplinary nature, it is also a fact that it is not a complete explanation of various theories.

It has a wide range of engineering fields related to disaster prevention, but civil engineering is academically combined.
This field also has a wide range of engineering fields, but civil engineering is also partially incorporated.

Derived other fields

The academic fields derived from civil engineering are as follows.

  • Mechanical engineering
From the beginning of the Imperial College of Engineering, we have been teaching in a course system as the same department.

Other fields in close proximity

Adjacent fields

Other similar fields

Civil engineering education

Secondary education

Civil engineeringSecondary educationThen.Technical high school OfCivil engineeringIs in charge.In the basic course of civil engineering, surveying, hydraulics, soil mechanics, and structural mechanicsXNUMX Mechanics"andCivil engineering work(Earthwork-Concrete worker・ Learn foundation work / pavement work), city planning, etc.

Higher education

UniversityThen.Faculty of Engineering,Faculty of Science and EngineeringSo, most of them have changed their names from the traditional civil engineering department, and the department has a name that combines katakana terms and two-character idioms.Higher educationIs responsible for Technical collegeThen,Department of Environmental and Urban EngineeringThe department named is in charge.Junior college,Vocational schoolAt (vocational school)Department of Civil Engineering,Department of Construction,Department of Social and Environmental EngineeringThe department named is in charge.AlsoGraduate SchoolsThen.Graduate School of EngineeringThe Department of Civil Engineering (often with different names, similar to the department) has been established in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

In addition to the above-mentioned basic course of civil engineering, there are many cases where more specialized subjects are learned according to each specialized area.


Due to the wide range of fields, there are many related qualifications.for that reason,technicianAlso in the civil engineering field in the testEngineer (construction department)There are many elective courses.again,Engineer (sanitary engineering department)とEngineer (water and sewage department)There is also a department independent of the construction department.

Etymology of civil engineering


The origin of the name is the classic "Chinese Han Dynasty"HuainanziIt is said that it comes from the word "building structure" that appears in "(Enanji)", but in reality it is not clear.


The architectural engineering departments and environmental departments handled in Japan may also be treated as civil engineering in foreign countries, and the boundaries of the target fields are slightly different from those in Japanese civil engineering / architecture.In foreign countries, architecture may also be responsible for the design of civil engineering structures such as bridges.On the other hand, in Japan, civil engineering / architecture is divided according to the type and purpose of the structure, so architects also perform structural calculations, while civil engineers also design.

In today's English-speaking world, the phrase civil engineering is almost equivalent to civil engineering in the Japanese-speaking world, but in terms of origin (history), it does not simply correspond to that. "engineer The word is used neutral today regardless of the distinction between military and civilian, but in the olden days it was "EngineerAs a derivative of it, a phrase that refers to civil engineering that is not related to the military but is similar to that of civil engineering, in 1771, was a British mechanical engineer.John SmeatonMeans a non-military sector civil Is said to be the origin.In modern times, there is almost no consciousness based on such origin, and it is used in the same way as phrases such as "mechanical engineering" and "electrical engineering". There is no meaning.Civil engineering technology is applied to public facilities constructed by the military, so it is classified as military or non-military, that is, strictly speaking, civil engineering technology. Not called Civil engineering.As pointed out in "Furuichi Koi and its era" (edited by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Civil Engineering Library Committee, Japan Society of Civil Engineers Civil Engineering History Research Committee), these divisions are based on the case of France.Grande école"Ecole de Polytechnique, And the best civil engineering school, "Pon Ze ChosseyThe engineer who issued "" served in the past government offices and military engineer units, and "Ecole de CentralIt was mentioned that the graduates came mainly from the flow of becoming a private company, and it was called various arts in the Meiji era.


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