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🧳 | Nankai extends Visa's touch payment demonstration experiment


Nankai extends Visa's touch payment demonstration experiment

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You can settle the fare by holding a credit card, debit card, or prepaid card with Visa's touch payment function over the ticket gate at the time of entry and exit. We offer two types of services, "advance purchase", in which you purchase a special ticket in advance and hold the QR code displayed on your smartphone over the ticket gate.

Nankai Electric Railway and Nankai Rinkan Bus will be implemented jointly with Sumitomo Mitsui Card, Visa Worldwide Japan, etc ... → Continue reading


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prepaid card

prepaid card(British: prepaid card 略 語: Prika) has a certain amount of value in the form of depositing and accumulating in advance (prepayment), and has the right to have merchandise and services provided.cardType ofSecurities(Cash voucher).プリペイドカードはPrepaid cardsTraveler's checkIt is a kind of prepaid payment like[1]. However,Credit card,depositImmediately deducted from your accountdebit cardIs different from.


A prepaid card has the following featuresMagnetic cardCards such as[2].

  1. Consumers purchase a card that electromagnetically records a certain utility value prior to purchasing a product (service) (prepaid method)[2]
  2. The purchase price is deducted from the electromagnetic record when a consumer purchases a product (service).[2]
  3. An bearer security that does not specify the relationship between the card and the user and has liquidity.[2]

It is purchased by paying the price in advance,Gift certificatesUnlike, it can be used repeatedly until the balance becomes zero.The issuer has the advantages of being able to manage funds until the use is completed, saving the trouble of preparing change for small payments and collecting coins inserted into vending machines.Also, on the user sidecoinNo need to carry around, light and easy to carry, depending on the cardPremiumThere are advantages such as (bonus) and point redemption, which is more advantageous than cash settlement.

BasicallyMagneticSince the card is recorded with, the amount of data to be recorded is not so large, and it is easy to forge with a commercially available card reader / writer.Therefore, the distribution of counterfeit cards has become a major social problem, and the sale and suspension of use of high-priced cards (Phone card,Orange cardEtc.) and the prepaid card system itself is abolished (Highway card, Orange card,Fumi cardEtc.).

Developed for anti-counterfeitingPrepaid CardSome of the prepaid cards of international brands and some of them can be used by repeatedly adding the price.Electronic moneySimilar to.

In addition,Mobiles checkSome cards, such as the one, are printed with a unique number by scratch card printing instead of magnetic printing.これらのカードは、購入後、一意の番号をThese cards will have a unique number after purchaseMobile phoneIt is used in the form of registering the usage right for the purchase amount.Also,convenience storeAs a measure against theft of gold tickets, etc., the registration number was printed on the sheet such as ticket paper or thermal receipt, but recently the barcode on the back of the prepaid card has been issued.POS cash registerA system in which the balance of the prepaid card is activated by the purchase processing being performed throughPOSA〈Panointed Of Schosen Activation, POSActivation> Method) was introduced, and card-type sales have come to be carried out again.

Cards with a wide variety of designs are issued, and those that cannot be charged will have no use after the balance is used up.Used prepaid cards are collected, recycled and used as raw materials for other plastic products, and may be purchased by collectors for collection purposes.これを利用して、援助団体がUsing this, aid organizationsDeveloping countryUsed prepaid cards may be collected as a source of funds for activities such as aid activities to[3]..In addition, some prepaid card adopters have implemented a system that collects a specific number of used cards and exchanges them for one unused card of a specific amount.

Lost, unauthorized use, etc.

Credit cardUnlike the case of, basically fraudulent use of the charged balance (ForgeryAlso included) and related to lost / stolen / damaged prepaid cardsNo compensation[Note 1]..When using a card, basically no credit inquiry or credit inquiry is performed, only balance check is performed.However, depending on the brand, there are services that compensate for loss or unauthorized use by registering personal information on a card that can be used without registering personal information, or by subscribing to a specific paid membership service in advance. ..

Basically, bearer prepaid cards cannot be reissued.Even if it is a registered ceremony (with a name)Prepaid cards do not support reissue of balancesThere are many brands.

Like credit cards, branded card-type prepaid cards have a signature line on the back, but just signing here does not provide compensation for unauthorized use.

If you are using the auto-charge function with your prepaid card, you need to take immediate suspension measures if unauthorized use, theft or loss is discovered.この点は、プリペイド(前払い)式のThis point is a prepaid typeElectronic moneyAnd the mechanism is almost the same.Detail is"Electronic money# Risk of loss of electronic money"reference.

For brand card type,Prepaid CardAs a result, anti-counterfeiting measures for the card itself are progressing.There are many other house-type cards that are still magnetic cards.

U.S. prepaid card

The United States of AmericaIs a country that has become a developed country for prepaid cards1976 It started when it was used on the subway[2].

Regulations on prepaid cards vary from state to state in the United States.プリペイドカード発行のための法的な資格要件が定められておらず所持人に対する特別の保護もないところもあるが、州の法律によって発行条件が厳格に規制され発行主体の倒産時の所持人保護について規定している州もあるThere are no legal eligibility requirements for issuing prepaid cards and there is no special protection for holders, but state law strictly regulates issuance conditions and protects holders in the event of bankruptcy of the issuer. Some states regulate[4].

Fraud cannot be used in the United StatesPhone cardHas been distributed and has become a social problem[1].

As brand prepaid cards, there are also American Express prepaid cards that are not issued or sold in Japan.

Japanese prepaid card

in Japan1982 ToFormer Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation Phone cardIs said to be the first to be issued[2].

Many prepaid cardsFund settlement lawIt is a type of prepaid payment method regulated by.日本では1989年(平成元年)のIn Japan in XNUMX (Heisei XNUMX)Law Concerning Regulation of Prepaid CertificatesThe law was regulated by the law and was called the prepaid card law.[5]..The law on fund settlement came into effect in 2010 (Heisei 22) in place of the law on the regulation of prepaid vouchers.

Due to the fund settlement law, the issuer is usuallyPrime Minister(Finance Bureau) Is required, and if the unused balance of the card issued as of the end of March / September every year exceeds 3 million yen, it is obliged to deposit at least half of the balance.However,Transportation OfTicket BookEtc. are preserved by another system, such as highway cardsSpecial corporationIssuance is exempt from the application of this law.

In Japan, in addition to these laws and regulations, prepaid card transaction standard contracts and merchant agreements are also stipulated.[5].

General-purpose reload type

There are the following, but in addition,Shinsei BankPrepaid cards are also issued for foreign currency deposit users such as, etc. to charge from the account and withdraw overseas.

  • (Japan Airlines,)- MasterCardIt can be used as a prepaid cardJAL Mileage BankMembership card.personal numberRequires registration.
  • ANA Mileage Club ANA JCB Prepaid Card (All Nippon Airways,JCB) --Can be used as JCB prepaidANA Mileage ClubMembership card.
  • ANA Mileage Club ANA VISA Prepaid Card (All Nippon Airways,Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card) --A membership card for ANA Mileage Club that can be used as a VISA prepaid card.
  • LINE Pay card[6] ――For the LINE Pay service that was originally developed by LINEJCBIt is possible to use it in a physical store by using the prepaid card mechanism of.At the beginning of the service, points for 2% of the usage amount were returned for the purpose of popularization, but from June 2018, 6, the service will be so that the point return rate will be up to 1% according to the usage record. Has changed. On December 2, 2020, new issuance will end due to the transition to VISA brand cards, which will be described later.The issued card will be used until the expiration date and will not be renewed.[7]
  • Visa LINE Pay prepaid card (LINE,Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card) --A LINE Pay prepaid card that was newly launched in December 2020 instead of the above card.Unlike the above JCB brand card, it is a virtual card that does not issue a real card, but since it supports iD, you can register it with Apple Pay or Google Pay on your smartphone and use it at iD member stores in the city. Can be done.
  • Money T Global (JTB→Aplus) --VISA, card for overseas use only. For cardholders without an IC, if they did not apply for switching, the expiration date was rounded up and the card could not be used, and the procedure for abolition was taken.2018 In August, the issuer changed from JTB to Aplus.
  • NEO MONEY (Credit Saison) --Visa / UnionPay, card for overseas use only. There are two types of Visa, one for Japan and the other for overseas (existing members who have issued the overseas type can switch to the type for Japan if they wish).UnionPay is for overseas use only.チャージはCharge isSeven BankATM (VISA only, in-house ATM is also possible), but it is also possible to transfer to one of several designated bank / credit union accounts.
  • NETeller Prepaid MasterCard (Optimal Payments) --It was issued at NETeller's base in the UK region, and applications were also available at addresses in Japan, but once withdrawn, it entered the Japanese market again from the end of October 2018, Withdrew from Japan again on April 10, 2020.Only withdrawals by bank transfer of the remaining balance at that time are supported, and services such as prepaid cards are no longer available in Japan.Previously, ATMs that allow you to withdraw MasterCard issued overseas (Convenience store ATMEtc.), it was possible to withdraw in Japanese yen, and it was one of the few cards that can be applied from within Japan by issuing and shipping overseas.[8]
  • Visa Travel prepaid card Global Money (Travel bank) --July 2009,JTBReleased by Group Travel Bank.It can be used at Visa affiliated stores and ATMs affiliated with Visa outside Japan, and is a product that replaces traveler's checks and has an electronic money character.Acceptance of new applications will end in March 2012.
  • WebMoney Card (au payment) --WebMoney points can be used as MasterCard brand prepaid cards.The au PAY prepaid card, which will be described later, uses the infrastructure of this card.Charge tooau shopYou can do it with.
  • au PAY prepaid card(KDDI,Okinawa Cellular Phone, Au Payment) --May 2014,auMasterCard brand prepaid card that began to be offered from.Web moneyCan be used in combination with.Initially, it was simply called au WALLET, but since the au WALLET credit card (credit issued under the VISA brand and Mastercard brand), which will be issued later, has started to be issued, it has become an au WALLET prepaid card for distinction. (In addition to au shop counters, some stores can use automatic charging machines, and some financial institutions can also charge from Internet banking).After that, au WALLET was rebranded to au PAY, so this card was renamed again and changed to the current name.
  • d card pre-paid(NTT DoCoMo,Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card)- d pointWith MasterCard prepaid on the cardiDThose equipped with a prepaid function. One sheet can be issued for one line.
  • mijica (Japan Post Bank,Credit Saison)- 2017 May 1Than,Sendai cityとKumamoto-shiJapan Post Bank directly managed stores and some stores located inpost officeA Visa prepaid card that has been issued in a limited area at the savings counter.afterwards,SapporoとChibaIs added.If you are a customer over 12 years old who has a general account passbook of Japan Post Bank that has completed the cash card issuance procedure, it will be issued immediately.仙台市のカードはSendai City cardRice ballHowever, on the Kumamoto City cardKumamonThe design is given.After that, it became nationwide by applying on the official website, but due to the serious damage caused by illegal remittance, the handling of the remittance function was stopped in mid-September 2020, and compensation for the victims by September 9 of the same year. Was completed, and the subsequent investigation revealed that unauthorized access to the official website had occurred, so the official website was suspended and new applications were suspended on October 9, the same year.In the case, the first arrest was made in June 28.ChugokuSuspected of involving affiliated organizations[9]..The issued card can be used until around the summer of 2022 with only limited functions such as charging and payment, but it is scheduled to move to a new brand debit card around the spring of 2022.[10]
  • Rakuten Bank Prepaid Card (JCB) (Rakuten Bank) --A JCB prepaid card that can be issued by Rakuten members who use Rakuten Bank accounts.Charge from the account balance of Rakuten Bank.Once charged, the balance cannot be returned to Rakuten Bank's account.
  • Aqua card (Comely Capital) --Can be used as JCB prepaid,KomeriFor store or Komeri.net usersPoint CardMember's card with function.An admission fee of 100 yen (tax included) will be charged at the time of issuance.
  • Cash passport(Mastercard Prepaid Management Services Japan) --Card for overseas use,master Cardbrand
  • Cocokara Club Card (Credit Saison)- Cocokara Fine Health CareA point card with a VISA prepaid function issued at stores of each brand operated.
  • Softbankcard(SB payment service) --With VISA prepaid cardT pointAlso serves as a card[11]..In addition, "SoftBank card" which is a homonym isCredit SaisonIt is a credit card issued by, and is different from this card.Later, a virtual card will be issued with the same membership number.Along with this, the renewal card after the expiration date has been issued for a fee of 550 yen (tax included) (it can be used as a T point card even if it has expired).
  • Tay Two Card (Card Flex Japan,Aplus)- TatooAvailable at second-hand bookstores and recycle shops operated byPoint CardFunction-integrated VISA prepaid card.Due to business continuity issues of Tay Two's wholly owned subsidiary Cardflex Japan, issuance was suspended, and those that did not reach the expiration date were gradually switched to point cards only, and Cardflex Japan was liquidated in 2017.
  • Docomo account Visa prepaid card (NTT DoCoMo) --This is a service for doCoMo account users. Originally, it was only a virtual card as a one-time card for online payment, but it will be issued to applicants for a fee with the start of issuance of a real card. card.
  • ParcoPrika (Credit Saison)[12] --VISA prepaid card issued by Chofu PARCO / Fukuoka PARCO.チャージは発行店に設置されているチャージ機か全国のCharge is a charging machine installed at the issuing store or nationwideJapan Post BankOnly cash charge from ATM or credit charge by Saison card / UC card.Regardless of the store you use, 0.5% of the usage amount will be cashed back to your prepaid balance on the 10th of the following month. The service ended on January 2020, 1, and even those within the expiration date can no longer be used.
  • Picoca (Credit Saison)- Delicia and You PaletteA point card with VISA prepaid function for users.デリシア・ユーパレット店頭およびDelicia You Palette store andHachijuniSupports cash and credit charges at ATMs.
  • Manepa card (Money Partners) --MasterCard brand prepaid card issued by Money Partners.同社でAt the companyFXIf there is a transaction, thatSpreadCan be applied at the time of withdrawal.Initially it was for overseas use only,2016 From June, payments can be used in Japan without switching.
  • Lawson OsaifuTip[13] (Credit Saison) --A JCB prepaid card licensed as a JCB prepaid card with the JCB logo with a hollow magnet stripe to prevent skimming. The service will end on August 2020, 8.After that, the balance that was not used up by the end date was refunded by the application system for a limited time, and it was refunded by bank transfer.
  • Travel Prika (JCB) --JCB prepaid. Can be issued by JTB Travel Point members.Available only in Japan, charge (group stores excluding affiliated stores (including PTS Travel Navi))Pay-easy,JCBCredit,LawsonDo it from the cash register. Service ended on January 2021, 1.The refund period will be from January 4th to March 1st of the same year.[14]
  • Kyash(Kyash)-VISA brand.There are both virtual cards and real cards on the app.In addition, there are two types of real cards, Kyash Card Lite, which can be issued without identity verification and can be used at domestic VISA member stores and overseas VISA member online sites, and Kyash Card, which can also be used at overseas real stores.It is also possible to transfer the balance between individuals.The Lite is a magnetic card with the card number printed on the front, while the Kyash Card is a type with an IC chip and the card number printed on the back.[15]
  • (Kanmu) --VISA brand.There are both virtual cards and real cards on the app.No points are given.
  • FamilyMitsui Sumitomo Bank Card)-VISA brand.A service that assumes the use of family members and minor children, such as allowing families to charge their children's cards.It can be issued by the main member from the age of 6.[16]
  • SMTOWN VISAPREPAID (SMBC Finance) -VISA brand.The service is in Japanese, and although it is a card for Japanese, it is a card for Korean fans that you can choose the design of a Korean male idol and receive benefits at a shopping mall called SMTOWN in Seoul, South Korea.[17]
  • V point app (Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card)-VISA brand.An app that can issue virtual cards. Since Apple pay can be used as iD and Google pay can be used as VISA touch payment, there are many affiliated stores in real stores.[18]
  • BANKIT (Aplus)-VISA brand.A prepaid card app provided by APLUS that handles virtual and real cards.[19]
  • ultra pay card (ULTRA)-VISA brand.We handle three types of cards: "Dejina Card" for online payment only, "Sotona Card" that can be used at domestic real stores and overseas online sites, and "Sotona Card +" that can be used at real stores around the world. A prepaid card app by ULTRA Co., Ltd.[20]
  • Suketa Sword Card (Credit Saison)-Although it is a VISA brand card, it is an app that acts as an intermediary between customers and contractors who perform construction work called Suketa Sword, and free craftsmen. Therefore, it is a card for traders and craftsmen who are registered with Saison, not for general consumers.[21]
  • Biz Preca (TOMOWEL Payment Service) -Master Card brand prepaid card for corporations.As an example, the management department such as the accounting department charges the card held by employees such as the sales department, and when the card is used for purchasing expenses and necessary equipment, the registered e-mail address of the management department is notified. We are building a mechanism to receive.[22]
  • B / 43 (Smart Bank, Ltd.)-VISA brand.The selling point is that if you use a card, you can automatically create a household account book on the official app.The card is embossless and has a simple design with only the B / 43 logo and VISA logo on the front, and all 16-digit card numbers are printed on the back.[23]
  • 6gram (Mixi, Inc.) -VISA, JCB brand virtual cards, VISA brand real cards can be issued, and it is also possible to make groups from friends and family on the app and share money.Since the application is by invitation only, it is necessary to receive an introduction from a person who is already a member.Charge from VISA, Master brand credit cards, some bank accounts, Apple pay.As the card is named Suketon, it is a very unusual design with the upper design and the transparent part below the magnetic stripe.The real card supports magnetism, IC, and NFC (touch payment) at the store, but the number is not disclosed and the virtual card will be used for online payment.You can also register as QUICPay + with Apple Pay or Google Pay with only a virtual card and make payments at physical stores.[24].
  • IDARE (Orico, Fivot Co., Ltd.)-VISA brand.Basically, it is a prepaid card, but it can also be used like a credit card, where you can have a credit line attached after examination, and even if you do not have a prepaid balance, you can settle within the credit line and repay it later.[25][26]
  • Pollet (Pollet) -VISA brand.Virtual cards and real cards (Pollet Million) can be issued, multiplePoint siteIt was possible to charge by purchasing goods. Card function will end on the end of January 2020[27].
  • POINT WALLET VISA PREPAID (Ceres)-VISA brand.Point site "MoppyYou can charge the points of "", and when you use the card, the points of Moppy will be reduced by 0.5%. Service will end at the end of May 2022[28].

Debit card for overseas remittance / multi-currency account service

The following two services started overseas, and now you can register for an account and apply for a card from Japan.It is a card (account link) that is paid from the balance of a multi-currency account that can easily handle multiple currencies, so it is treated as a "debit card", but financial institutions such as conventional Japanese banks and credit unions It does not mean that it is directly linked to the account, but the card is used after charging the funds in the account of the service or the account in the application with a VISA / Master credit card or a bank transfer from a general financial institution. In Japan, it is more like a brand prepaid card than a brand debit card.

While there are some cards such as the cash passport in the prepaid card list above that are exclusively for overseas use and cannot be used at any domestic store, the Revolut and Transfer Wise cards can be used at stores in Japan as well as services originating overseas.

  • Revolut --Read as Revolut. The service started in the United Kingdom in 2015, and started in Japan in 2020.Since the service has already expanded to the United States, Australia, and Singapore, it is easy to exchange money into another currency and remit overseas, and it also handles VISA brand real cards.Initially, the card number was embossed on the front side like a general credit card, but now it is a type with the card number printed on the back side.Also, in Japan, when the service started, it could only be charged from VISA and Master brand credit cards, but now it also supports bank transfers.[29][30][31]
  • Wise debit card-formerly known as TransferWise.This is also a card issued by a company that can easily transfer money overseas and exchange money into other currencies, and is under the Mastercard brand.Although it is named a debit card, it is used after charging funds to the account, so both Revolut mentioned above are close to the image of a brand prepaid card in Japan.The card is a card with an IC chip, but it has a design with a dent like a Japanese telephone card in the lower right.[32]

Virtual card

A virtual card is a card that can be used only for payment on the Internet.In addition to the followingMitsubishi UFJ Nikos,Orient Corporation,JacksHowever, a prepaid virtual card has already been set up for the company's credit members, which allows them to charge from the credit shopping slot and make online payments with a number different from the original credit membership number.

  • V-Preca (Life card) --Visa virtual card.At a convenience storePOSAIt is also possible to purchase a real card by.

Single-use type

A card with an international brand but no additional charge function.The single-use type such as a telephone card is a house card, so refer to the column below.

  • Vanilla Visa Gift Card (Incom Japan) --A card-type Visa gift certificate issued by Incom Japan in Japan.At the cash register of the store, you can purchase the desired amount of 3000 yen or more (initial charge) by the amount declaration system, and the balance can be used at VISA member stores, but no additional charge is possible.Instead, there is no credit card-like examination, no minimum identity verification such as submitting or sending a driver's license like other prepaid cards, and taking it from the store shelf and registering. You can get it just by buying it at, so it's a perfect gift.To use the internet, you need to authenticate on the official website only for the first time, and the authentication password will be sent to the SMS using the mobile phone number.[33]

House card

A house card is a card that can be used for payment only for products and services of a specific company.

  • Amazon Shopping Card/Amazon Gift Certificate - AmazonCards that can be used with / Javari.
  • Ameba Prepaid Card- cyber-agentOperated byAmoebaIt is used for payment in.
  • apollostation Cash Preca (former: Idemitsu Cash Preca,Idemitsu Credit)- Idemitsu KosanA card that can be used at gas stations. The apollostation cash prepaid card can be used regardless of brand except for some stores, but the old card Idemitsu cash prepaid card can only be used at Idemitsu brand stores and apollostation stores converted from the Idemitsu brand.[34].
  • Brastel Brastel smartphone card --Rechargeable international telephone card.
  • CDMA prepaid card - au(KDDI/Okinawa Cellular Phone).For mobile phones.
  • CoGCa - CGC GroupAvailable only at stores of some member companies.Point CardAs a complete house card only for issuing chain stores (the logo of the member store is on the surface of the card).The prepaid card function can be used interchangeably between the issuing chain stores.
  • Comica card- Softbank..Mainly for international calls.
  • CosmoGold CosmoGold Card-Rechargeable international telephone card.
  • ENEOSPrika-A card that can be used interchangeably with Quo Cards.
  • GREE Prepaid Card-GREE Coin Prepaid Card.GREEIt is used for payment at.
  • HMV gift card - HMVCards that can be used at.There are rechargeable type and single-use type.
  • iTunes Card / AppStore Card- Apple iTunes OfiTunes StoreIt is used for payment when purchasing paid apps sold at.
  • JA-SS Preca-A card that can be used interchangeably with Quo Card.
  • JCB PREMO (JCB) --You can purchase real cards by POSA at convenience stores and some JCB franchisee card companies of regional banks and second regional banks.
  • KDDI --OK card. PIN sales method International telephone card.
  • KDDI Super World Card --KDDI.Mainly for international calls.
  • Mobage Mobage Coin Card (DeNA) - Mobage,Yahoo! MobageIt is used for payment at.
  • Plaza style gift card - PLAZACards that can be used at.
  • Playstation network card(Sony) — PlayStation StoreIt is used for payment when purchasing paid software sold at.
  • SB Calling Card-Mainly for international calls.
  • SkyWorld --Sky World.Rechargeable international telephone card.
  • UP card (Idemitsu credit)- Usami mineral oilA card that can be used at gas stations.
  • Vivaplus Vivaplus-Rechargeable international telephone card.
  • Windows store gift card(Microsoft)-The design is different from the above Xbox gift card, but the effect is the same.
  • AEON Gift Card (AEON retail)
  • Odds card(JRA system service)- Central horse racing (JRA) ofRacecourse,WINSA prepaid card exclusively for the odds box (a terminal that prints and issues paper with odds written on it).
  • QUO card --A single-use prepaid card issued and sold by QUO CARD Co., Ltd.It is a thin magnetic card such as a telephone card, and can be used at affiliated stores such as major convenience stores and gas stations. There is also a type called ENEOS Preca sold at ENEOS and JA-SS Prepaid Card N sold at JA-SS, and while normal Quo Cards can be used at both gas stations, they are sold from each gas station. The type that is available is not available at rival companies.At convenience stores and other quo card member stores other than gas stations, it can be used in the same way as a normal quo card (when using it, it is declared as a quo card instead of ENEOS Preca etc.) Also, there is now a digital type called QUO card Pay that can be used with smartphone apps. However, since the payment is made by reading the bar code on the screen, the number of member stores is different from the conventional QUO card.[35][36][37][38]
  • Softbank prepaid card (Softbank) --For mobile phones.
  • Phone card(NTT East-West Japan) --For public phones.
  • T-shirt(Don Quixote)
  • Nintendo prepaid card(Nintendo)- Wiiof"Wii Shopping Channel"as well asNintendo DSiof"Nintendo DSi Shop"as well asNintendo 3DSof"Nintendo e-shopIt is used for payment when purchasing paid software sold in.旧OldNintendo points prepaid card.
  • Packy card (Nippon Leisure Card System) ・ Panny card (Japanese game card)- CR machineと 呼 ば れ るpachinkoA ball rental prepaid card required when playing on a machine.1990 Was introduced in.
  • Circle K ThanksPre-cards-Cards that can be used at Circle K Sunkus[Note 2].
  • Pretty card, pretty card (Tuker (KDDI)) --Abolished on March 2008, 3 due to the end of the two-car service.
  • Xbox gift card(Microsoft) --Old "Microsoft Point Card".Renamed to Xbox Gift Card due to local currency transfer.Xbox LiveandWindows storeIt is used for payment when purchasing paid software sold at.ただし、Windowsストアで対応しているのはHowever, the Windows Store supports it.Windows 8.1,andWindows RT 8.1Equipped with subsequent Windows (Install) For PCs and tablets. Xbox LiveではOn Xbox LiveXbox 360Limited to.
  • World Prepaid Card- NTT Communications..Mainly for international calls.
  • Library card ――The one with magnetic card has changed to the one with QR code.
  • Mac card - Japan McDonald'sCards that can be used at all stores[Note 3].
  • Toho International-Rechargeable international telephone card.
  • Rakuten Point Gift Card - RakutenRakuten Super Point card that can be used at.
  • Knowledge card --It has been abolished.
  • Saitomo Shopping Card- Seiyu
  • Feel Sakura Card-Exclusively for Flash Foods Feel, a supermarket in Aichi Prefecture.[40]
  • Precious Card-Only for UCC Group stores such as Ueshima Coffee.[41]
  • Tully's Card-For Tully's Coffee only.[42]
  • Mister Donut Card-For Mister Donuts only.[43]
  • SushiCa-Available at all Genki Sushi Group stores.[44]
  • Azalea Card (Credit Saison) -The card itself is a card exclusively for Azalea issued by Credit Saison.[45]
  • Moss Card-For Mos Burger only.[46]
  • Starbucks Card-For Starbucks Coffee only.[47]
  • Trial prepaid card-A card exclusively for trials of discount chains, which can also be used as a point card.Previously, only point cards without a prepaid card function were issued, but after the renewal, the prepaid function was added, and the old point card was abolished after the point transfer period from the old card.[48]
  • EZOCA-A point card service developed in Hokkaido that has an electronic money function called EZO Money and can be used at EZO Money member stores in Hokkaido.[49]
  • Pecoma --A card that can be used at the convenience store "Seiko Mart", which operates mainly in Hokkaido, and also serves as a Secoma membership card.[50]
  • ARCS RARA Prika (Idemitsu Credit) --The card itself is issued by Idemitsu Credit.A prepaid card that can be used at ARCS Group stores, which are affiliated with supermarkets of multiple brands and operating companies in each region, mainly in Hokkaido.It inherits the name of the point card "RARA card" that has been used since the time of the former Ralse group.[51]
  • A little card-Hokkaido Co-op Sapporo membership card with electronic money.The operator of the store and the card is positioned as a "membership card" for the co-op, but it is positioned the same as a membership card or point card in general stores. It also has an auto-charge function that automatically charges every 500 points.When issuing for the first time, it also means applying for a membership card (becoming a member of Co-op Sapporo), so it is necessary to pay the investment.[52]
  • Freka Plus-Daichi (Hokkaido) point card with electronic money function.
  • Steam Prepaid Card-A card exclusively for the game site Steam.[53]
  • Potato Card-A point card with a prepaid function issued by the Shari Potato Cooperative in Hokkaido.Available at member stores in the Shiretoko / Shari region.There is a history of inheriting the Okhotsk card that once existed, and measures were taken to exchange the old Okhotsk card for a potato card.[54]
  • Matsumoto Prika-Exclusively for Super Matsumoto in Kyoto.[55]
  • National Prika-Only for Super National in Osaka.[56]
  • LaCuCa-Exclusively for the supermarket "Life".[57]
  • goca --Read as gouka.Available at each Watahan Group store.[58]
  • Makiya Prika Point Card-Can be used at business supermarkets operated by FC by a company called Makiya in Shizuoka Prefecture.[59]
  • Rakutoku Mapuri-Exclusively for Matsuya Supermarket in Kyoto.[60]
  • Kansai Super Osaifu Card-Although it is a Kansai Super original card, it is rare for a local supermarket card to have Rakuten Edy, so it can be paid at general Rakuten Edy member stores.[61]
  • Manso Card-Can be used at supermarkets in the Manso Group in Hiroshima Prefecture.[62]
  • Sanko Happiness Prika Card-Available at each Sanko store in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.[63]
  • maruca --For Marukyu Group only.[64]
  • Lu Vit Card-A prepaid card from the Barrow Group at home improvement stores, but also with JCB PREMO.
  • Ai Plus Card-Sato Group reward card.With Rakuten Edy.[65]
  • Alps reward card-Super Alps card.With Rakuten Edy.[66]
  • Mo-chan Card-Available at each "Heart" supermarket operated by Nakayama Ranch.[67]
  • Shintetsu Shokusaikan Card-Can be used at each Shintetsu Shokusaikan store.[68]
  • Happy Card with Electronic Money Function-Available at each Eco's Group store.[69]
  • Linker-For fresh market value link only.[70]
  • HALOCA-Exclusively for the supermarket "Hallows".[71]
  • masaca !! --For Sunlive Group only.[72]
  • My Kai Club Electronic Money Service-For Discount Super Rogers only.[73]
  • Marugo Osaifu Prika-For Marugo only.[74]
  • rabbica- AraraA prepaid card for all-day meal chains that uses the system of a corporation.However, since even all-day food chain member companies have to join this card separately, there are still few stores that can use it, and it may not be possible to use it at stores where the all-day food chain logo is posted, but gradually from the start of the service. The number of affiliated stores is increasing.[75]
  • Aoca-Only for Aoki of medicine.[76]
  • Himawari Card Plus-For Pupule Himawari in Hiroshima Prefecture.[77]
  • Triton Value Card-Can be used at each Kitaichi Foods Group store that operates the famous conveyor belt sushi Triton in Hokkaido.[78]
  • Idex Preca-Only for gas stations operated by the Idex Group.[79]
  • Okamoto Prika-Only for gas stations operated by the Okamoto Group.[80]
  • Tamedoku Card-For exclusive use of Moda Oil in Hokkaido.A thin magnetic card like a telephone card, not a plastic card.[81]
  • Rerapuri-For exclusive use at gas stations of Hokkaido Energy (commonly known as Hokkaido Energy).[82]
  • NC P Plus Card (NC Obihiro) -A card exclusively for credit card members of NC Obihiro, a card company in Obihiro City, Hokkaido.The system is such that the points given when using the company's credit card are charged, which has the advantage of eliminating the need to exchange for paper gift certificates when the points reach a certain level. It can be used at NC P Plus card member stores, and payment can be made by selecting credit card payment on the terminal and magnetically swiping to make a lump sum payment, as with general credit cards and brand prepaid cards.In addition to being unavailable at Nisshoren affiliated stores in other cities, there are some chain stores such as Co-op Sapporo, Satsudora, Ito-Yokado, and Aeon Hokkaido that cannot be used at NC cards and NC Obihiro affiliated stores in Hokkaido due to the system.[83]
  • MEEMO --Available at home improvement DCM Group stores.Electronic money given to Mybo, a common point card.[84]

In addition to the above, there are many transportation cards.

Cards that have been issued

International brand type prepaid card

Prepaid cards with international brands such as VISA and MasterCard that can be used in the same way as credit cardsBrand prepaid cardSometimes called (brand plica).

There are two types of these cards: a type that issues cards so that they can be used in physical stores, and a virtual type that only issues card numbers without issuing the cards themselves on the assumption that they will be used in online shops.

Some cards can be used by depositing money as soon as you sign the card in the store, and these cards have "CARD HOLDER" or "CARD MEMBER" on the front of the contractor's name. , The personal name may not be listed.If the name is displayed on the terminal device or the name is printed on the slip, such a name written on the card is displayed or printed.

Every time you use it so that you do not settle more than your balanceCredit inquiryBecause confirmation byCredit cardUnlikeCredit reference terminalIn many cases, it does not support payments other than the Internet andImprinterMost of the cards are not embossed, such as card numbers, so that payments cannot be made by handwriting (however, if it can be processed by handwriting, it may be possible to make payments).

If the amount you are trying to pay exceeds your card balance, you will not be able to use it because your credit inquiry will not pass, and due to the nature of card payment, you will not be able to pay in combination with other payment methods (cash the shortfall). There are very rare stores where you can settle with.)In addition, it cannot be used for processing where the payment amount is not fixed on the spot (payment of refueling charges at gas stations), except for au PAY prepaid cards (← au WALLET prepaid cards ← au WALLET) at Idemitsu Kosan gas stations. Of these, it can only be used at the Idemitsu brand or the apollo station converted from the Idemitsu brand.In-flight sales of airplanes and tollhouses on highways cannot be used at that time because they are handled offline.

As mentioned above, it is of course not possible to use it for flat-rate payments such as utility bills and member sites, but there are many cases where it cannot be used due to an error display even when making a one-time payment via online shopping.Due to the nature of the card, brand prepaid cards and brand debit cards carry the risk of double debits for credit inquiries when applying for purchases online and for final payments when shipping products. It seems that it is set to accept only cards.Brand cards are not accepted because the issuing company and card type are decided by the first 4 to 8 digits, or many brand prepaid cards can only be settled for 11 yen or more. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the site is implementing the so-called "10 yen authority" to determine whether the card can be used by obtaining approval of 1 yen or less when registering the card number or applying for purchase.In addition, even if double payment occurs due to use on a site that can actually be used, the period is from several days to 1 because the official billing data from the store is not sent for the usage approval other than this payment. It will take more than a month, but it is said that the balance will be restored.

Most of the balances once deposited do not support cash refunds, but there are some that can be withdrawn in cash by paying a fee.

2016 After that, in the case of a card that supports overseas payments and ATM withdrawals,personal numberIt may not be possible to issue it without notifying (or even if it can be issued, it may be limited to domestic use only).

Locally used prepaid card

  • A card that can only be used within a specific company such as an employee cafeteria or a shop
  • Car wash machine,Coin laundry,Arcade,hospital,HotelPaidtv set,University student co-opSuch asCopy machineDedicated card for paying the usage fee when using equipment in a specific place such as
    • Installed in the hospitaltv setUsually, one card for viewing is 1 yen, and you can watch TV for 1,000 hours, and the degree formula is the mainstream. There is also a "commuter pass type TV card" that can be used for 20 days for 1 yen per card.病室のテレビ以外にBesides the TV in the hospital roomRefrigerator ,Washing machineIn some cases, it can be used for such purposes.At the time of discharge, the number of places where payment can be made with a payment machine has increased.
  • specificgas stationPrepaid card for refueling and car wash that can only be used
    • Depending on the purchase (payment) amount of the card, the gasoline price is often discounted by several yen and refueling can be done, but in most cases, even gas stations of the same brand cannot be used at other stores.
  • U.S. ForcesMilitary cards used by soldiers,Military bondAs an alternative to1990 eraIntroduced from.


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