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🧳 | [Exclusive broadcast! ] Interview special program "Kiyoshi Hikawa's Journey Song Special" will be channeled on Sunday, December 12th ...


[Exclusive broadcast! ] Interview special program "Kiyoshi Hikawa's Journey Song Special" will be channeled on Sunday, December 12th ...

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It is a "work that makes you feel the journey with a song" presented by Kiyoshi Hikawa in a world where you cannot travel as you wish due to the corona.

On the CS Channel Ginga, a special interview special program "Kiyoshi Hikawa's Travel Song Special" will be held on Sunday, December 12th ... → Continue reading


It is a music information site focusing on enka/kayo songs that provides the latest information about singers and songs to all the people who love the song, as well as the back story and tunes that cannot be found elsewhere. ..

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Kiyoshi Hikawa

Kiyoshi Hikawa (Kiyoshi Hikawa,1977 Showa52 years>May 9 -) isJapan OfEnka singer.2000 debut.

My real name isKiyoshi Yamada[1]..Some may use the name "kiina"[4][5]. Height 178 cm. Weight is 62 kg.Blood TypeIs type A.The record companyNippon Columbia, The entertainment agencyNagara ProductionBelong to.


FukuokaFukuoka CitySouth wardI'm fromFukuoka City Ogusu Elementary School-Fukuoka City Takamiya Junior High School,Fukuoka Daiichi Commercial High Schoolgraduate.

2000 May 2,Hakone hachiri no Hanjiro"soEnka singerAsdebut..At the end of the same year, he attracted a great deal of attention as an enka singer with a look like a visual-kei male idol, and combined with the singing ability of his talented group and the topicality of Beat Takeshi naming.Japan Record AwardSwept the music award and the best newcomer award including.

2001 IsOricon Week The Ichiban』(Currently: the last issue) on the cover of the magazine.Enka singer has been on the cover of the magazine since the "Oricon Weekly" era.Kazuko Matsumura,Sanae JonouchiIt was the third person following the group, and the first male enka singer. The "Enka Masterpiece Collection" series, which has been released since 3, is released every time it is released.OriconThe album chart first appeared in the top ten.Also, as for the single, the second single released in 2001, "Ooi okkake OtojirouSince entering the top ten of the general chart in 』, all the singles under the name of" Kiyoshi Hikawa "have been in the top ten of the single chart.Only Hikawa holds this record as an enka singer.

2003 From aroundOnline karaokeシステムMADHikawa's representative songs ("Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro" ""Kiyoshi no zundokobushi”, Etc.), many images in which Hikawa himself appears are used as the background image. July 2003st-7th, 1, a special performance of the cool summerChunichi TheaterWhen it wasChunichi SportsThe state of the performance from the first day to Chiakiraku was posted on[Annotation 2].

2006 ,IkkenWon the Japan Record Awards, and became the fourth record award in history.2007 ,Kiyoshi no soranbushi"soJapan Cable AwardsThis is the first time in history to win the 4th Grand Prize.2008 OfNHK Red and White Singing BattleThen I acted as a big bird of the white group[6].

In 2017, won the 50th Grand Prize at the "4th Japan Cable Awards" for the first time in 9 years and the highest number in history.[7].

2020 On February 2nd, the 2th anniversary of their debut, the first concert was held.Nakano SangurazaPerformance at.Celebrated the anniversary with the fans[8].

June 2020, 6, the firstPopsalbum"Papillon -Bohemian Rhapsody-] Is released.Along with that, a concert to commemorate the release of the album was planned, but it was canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, which has been rampant since the previous year.[9]..As an alternative, the original live "Kiyoshi Hikawa LIVE ~ Papillon ~ Presented by WOWOW" was planned on August 8nd of the same year.Mynavi BLITZ AkasakaRecorded with no audience.October 10, the same year,WOWOW primeBroadcast on[10].2021 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,LINE CUBE SHIBUYAHeld the first pop concert "Kiyoshi Hikawa -You are you- Release Tour 2021" with the audience at[11]..This pattern will be broadcast on WOWOW Plus in November of the same year and WOWOW in the spring of 11.[12].

In addition to singer activitiestalentHe is developing activities and appearances in song plays.



Of yesteryearEnka,Showa Kayo,Mood songAnd the "Enka Masterpiece Collection" series that includes original songscoveralbumIn addition to announcingKiyoshi to kono yoruIn the past, many pop songs have been shown on TV programs such asKIYOSHIIn the nameSingleCDAlso announced.Currently, the names are not used properly, and all songs are unified under the name of Kiyoshi Hikawa.Fuji Television Network, Inc"Music fair''FNS Song Summer Festival''FNS Song Festival] Etc.J-POPWas sung, and the voice of the audience was loud.Especially at the "Uta no Natsu Matsuri"YuzuIn collaboration with "Glory bridge"The singing ability was praised by the viewers,Rei KikukawaAlso cites the collaboration of Hikawa and Yuzu as a scene that left an impression on the "Uta no Natsu Matsuri".

The costume for singing iskimononotOutfitThere are many.Also, of the musicChoreographyMost of them do not incorporate complicated movements and have relatively simple hand movements.This is because it is easy for young fans to elderly fans to remember, and it is considered that the movement is possible even while sitting.

Naming and support of stage names by Beat Takeshi

The stage name "Hikawa" was produced by Nagara Production in the agency.TokyoMinato-kuLocated in Akasaka 6-chomeHikawa Shrine, "Kiyoshi" is derived from "Kiyoshi Yamada", the real name of Hikawa (Takeshi's companion)Beat KiyoshiThere are many misunderstandings that it is derived from).The godfatherBeat takeshi(Takeshi Kitano), but in reality, the chairman of the officeJun NagaraWhen Nagara introduced Hikawa to Takeshi, his debut under the stage name "Kiyoshi Hikawa" had already been decided.Nagara said he wanted to use Takeshi as the godfather to create a topic in order to promote the new singer Hikawa.This story is revealed by Takeshi himself[13].

First appearance in the year Hikawa debutedNHK Red and White Singing BattleThen TakeshiKen ShimuraAt the same time, he participated for the first time as a cheering undercard for Hikawa.Also this yearJapan Record AwardEven after receiving the rookie award, Takeshi is on the stage as a supporter of Hikawa.


  • After becoming a popular singer, he has been called the Prince of the Enka world.[3].
  • 2013 Broadcasted in AprilYou can laugh!"of"Telephone shockingIn the corner, he confessed that he was anxious and easy to think about, and even though the tour was full, he felt depressed and sometimes wondered, "Is it a downfall?"He also said that he would be worried when he revisits prefectures that he hasn't visited for about five years on a tour.2012 This tendency has become noticeable since Jun Nagara, the chairman of the agency, died in an accident in Hawaii in May.2013 May 9Sake made inWhite crane Maru "newCMAt the press conference, he said that he had a habit of screaming at his accommodation because he was frightened by anxiety and that he had a habit of drinking alcohol until he got drunk on holidays.[14].
  • ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルAlso known as a favoriteMasako Nozawa OfGuinness World RecordsI also rushed to the certification ceremony.In addition, Nozawa has professed to be a fan who has been supporting Hikawa since his debut.[15], Broadcast on December 2019, 12The 70th NHK Red and White Singing BattleHikawa rushed as a cheering guest when performing "Breakthrough x Survivor"[16].



Release datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
1st2000 0October02 daysHakone hachiri no HanjiroCODA-1812Lyrics:Yurio Matsui/ Composition:Hideo Mizumori/ Arrangement:Norio Ito
2nd2001 0May 2Ooi okkake OtojirouCODA-1940Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
2001/11/21Kiyoshi kono yoruCOCA-15416Songwriting:ЯK/ Arrangement:Shigeo Miyata
KIYOSHIName.Ryuichi KawamuraProduce
3rd2002 0October06 daysKiyoshi no zundokobushiCODA-2020Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
4th2002 0May 8Hoshizora no AkikoCODA-2065Lyrics:Toshiya Niitani/ Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
5th2003 0May 2Haku un no shiroCOCA-15459
Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
2003/1001 daysLovelyCOCA-15545Lyrics:Yoko Aki/ Composition:Ryudo Uzaki/ Arrangement:Mitsuo Hagita
Tamao NakamuraDuet with. TAMAO & KIYOSHIReleased as
6th2004 0May 1Kiyoshi no dodonpa COCA-15626Lyrics:Kazu Tsubasa/ Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
2004 0October09 daysevergreen (singing voice of life)KHCM-3401
"CROSS CLOVER(FANATIC ◇ CRISIS-Billiken・ KIYOSHI) ”was announced as a member.
Japanese Red Cross SocietyImage Song
7th2004 0October07 daysBamba no ChutarouCOCA-15678Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
8th2005 0October09 daysHatsukoi resshaCOCA-15725Lyrics:Ryuichi Satomura/ Composition:Akira Kitano/ Arrangement: Norio Ido
OriconFirst place on the weekly single chart
9th2005 0October06 daysOmokage no miyakoCOCA-15781Lyrics: Toshiya Niitani / Composition: Taro Tosou / Arrangement: Norio Ido
10th2006 0May 3IkkenCOCA-15843Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement:Ryo Saeki
11th2007 0October09 daysAbayoCOCA-15979Lyrics: Toshiya Niitani / Composition: Taro Tosou / Arrangement: Norio Ido
12thKiyoshi no soranbushiCOCA-15980Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
13th2008 0May 2Genkai funautaCOCA-16061Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
14th2008/1001 daysAishu no mizuumiCOCA-16174Lyrics: Toshiya Niitani / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
15th2009 0October04 daysRokyoku ichidaiCOCA-16224Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
No. 1 on the Oricon weekly single chart
16th2009 0May 8Tokimeki no RumbaCOCA-16302
Lyrics:Mizuki Reiji/ Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
No. 1 on the Oricon weekly single chart
17th2010 0May 3Shamisen tabi garasuCOCA-16371
Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
18th2010 0May 8Nijiiro no BaiyonCOCA-16413
Lyrics: Reiji Mizuki / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
19th2011 0October02 daysAno ko to nogiku to watashibuneCOCA-16452
Lyrics: Reiji Mizuki / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
20th2011 0May 9Jyounetsu no Mariachi COCA-16510
Lyrics: Reiji Mizuki / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
21st2012 0October08 daysSakuraCOCA-16554
Lyrics:Thank you/ Composition:Hirao Masaaki/ Arrangement:Megumi Wakakusa
22nd2012 0May 9COCA-16662
Lyrics: Reiji Mizuki / Composition:Masato Sanjo/ Arrangement:Tatsuya Nango
23rd2013 0May 2COCA-16704
Lyrics:Shinichi Ishihara/ Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
24th2013 0May 8Full of skyHitomi(HoshinoCOCA-16758
Lyrics:Yuka Murayama/ Composition:Akihiro Otani/ Arrangement: Norio Ido
25th2014 0May 1COCA-16849
Lyrics: Yurio Matsui / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
26th2014 0May 9COCA-16941
Lyrics: Toshiya Niitani / Composition: Kenji Miyashita /

Arrangement: Masahito Maruyama

27th2015 0October04 daysCOCA-17008
Lyrics: Toshiya Niitani / Composition: Kenji Miyashita /

Arrangement: Masahito Maruyama

28th2015 0May 9COCA-17081
[Itoshi no Te Quiero] Lyrics: Ryoko Hashizume / Composition: YORI / Arrangement: Satoshi Nakagawa
[Otoko Hana (single version)] Lyrics and composition: Akira Umehara / Arrangement: Nonaka "Masa" Yuichi
29th2016 0October02 days
(A / B / C type)
2016 0May 9
(D / E / F type)
Heart MillenCOCA-17119
Lyrics:Daisuke Shiga/ Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
30th2017 0October07 days
(A / B / C type)
2017 0October05 days
(D / E / F type)
Man of ZesshoCOCA-17279
Lyrics: Fumihiko Hara / Composition: Kenji Miyashita / Arrangement: Masahito Maruyama
Delivery limited songs2017 0October02 days(AoToothGReeeENCollaboration song with
Lyrics:GReeeEN/ Composition:GReeeEN
31st2017/10/25Breakthrough limit × SurvivorCOZC-1387Dragon ball superTheme song
Lyrics: Yukinojo Mori / Composition: Takafumi Iwasaki / Arrangement: Hiroaki Kagoshima
32nd2018 0May 1
(A / B / C type)
2018 0May 8
(D / E / F type)
2018 0May 11
(G / H / I type)
Lyrics: Sho Asakura / Composition:Akito Yomo/ Arrangement: Shigenobu Ishikura
Delivery limited songs2018 0May 7Gegege no KitaroGegege no Kitaro (6th work)Theme song
Lyrics:Mizuki Shigeru/ Composition:Izumi Taiku/ Arrangement:Tanaka Fair
33rd2018/10/23COCC-17539[GeGeGe no Kitaro] Lyrics: Shigeru Mizuki / Composition: Taku Izumi / Arrangement: Kohei Tanaka
[I can't see it, but I'm here] Lyrics:Etsuko Mizuki/ Composition: Kohei Tanaka / Arrangement: Kohei TanakaKenta Tooji
34th2019 0May 3
(A / B / C type)
2019 0May 8
(D / E / F type)
(G / H / I type)
[OK] Lyrics: Tomo Morisaka / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Shigenobu Ishikura
[Best boatman] Lyrics: Koichi Matsuoka / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Norio Ido
35th2020 0October04 days
(A / B / C type)
2020 0May 7
(D / E / F type)
Lyrics: Rei Nakanishi / Composition: Masato Sugimoto / Arrangement: Kei Wakakusa
36th2021 0May 3
(A / B / C type)[17]
2021 0October06 days
(D / E / F type)[18]
South windCOCA-17824
Composition: Tsubasa Kazu / Composition: Hideo Mizumori / Arrangement: Shigenobu Ishikura
37th2021 0May 9
(A / B / C type)
2021 0October07 days
(D / E / F type)
Happy! / Through the forestCOCA-17916
[Happy!] Lyrics: Kunihiko Sugii / Composition / Arrangement: Yuichi Nonaka "Masa"
movies"I don't have the money for old age!] Theme song
[Through the Forest] Poetry: Mariko Hayashi / Composition / Arrangement / Daisuke Mori
* The first double-sided A-side pop song[19]
c / w
<A type> [WALK] Poetry: kii / Composition:Naoto Kine/ Arrangement: Yuichi Nonaka "Masa"
<B type> [One page of me and me] Poetry: Yui Nakachi / Composition / Arrangement: Yuichi Nonaka "Masa"
<C type> [Koi wa BUN BUN] Poetry: Tsubasa Kazu / Composition: Takafumi Iwasaki / Arrangement: Atsushi Umebori
38th2022 0May 2
(A / B / C type)
Written by Fumihiko Hara / Composed by:Chiaki Oka/ Arrangement: Masahito Maruyama


totalRelease datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
1st mini2000 0May 6COCP-30920
2nd mini2000/10/21COCP-31123
3rd mini2001/11/21Ooi okkake OtojirouCOCP-31740
3rd2002/11/20Galaxy-Akiko in the starry skyCOCP-31987
8th2005/11/23Kiyoshi Hikawa, the XNUMXth game! ~ Omokoge no Miyako ~COCP-33417
23rd2014 0May 5Hikawa Kiyoshi no Showa no Enka Meikyokushu COZP-925: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-38564: Regular Edition
35th2020 0October09 daysPapillon(Papillon -Bohemian Rhapsody-COZP-1669 / 70: A type (first complete limited special edition)
COCP-41181: B type (normal edition)
36th2020/10/13Metempsychosis(SeiseitenCOZP-1681 / 2: A type (first complete limited special edition)
COCP-41251: B type (normal edition) CD
COTA-5532: B type (normal edition) MT
37th2021 0October08 daysIf the south wind blowsCOZP-1775-6: A type (first complete limited special edition)
COCP-41492: B type (normal number)
38th2021 0May 8You are youCOZP-1800-1: A type (first complete limited special edition)
COCP-41522: B type (normal number)

Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection Series

totalRelease datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
1st2001 0May 6Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection Oi Chasing Otojiro ~ Youth Edition ~COTA-4972
First full album
2nd2002 0May 5Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 2 ~ Kiyoshi's Zundoko Bushi ~COTA-5082
4th2003 0May 5Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 3 ~ Hakuun no Shiro ~COCP-32206
6th2004 0October01 daysKiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 4 ~ Chutaro Bamba ~COTA-5232
7th2005 0May 5Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 5 ~ Hatsukoi Train ~COCP-33180
9th2006 0May 6Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Meikyoku Collection 6 ~ Ichiken ~COZA-216: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-33858: Regular Edition
The first version includes a promotional video of "Ichiken" with new images.
10th2007 0May 9Kiyoshi Hikawa / Kiyoshi Enka Masterpiece Collection 7 ~ Abayo / Kiyoshi's Soran Bushi ~COTA-5338
11th2008 0May 5Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 8 ~ Genkai Ship Song ~COTA-5361
12th2008/12/10Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 9 ~ Sorrowful Lake ~COCP-35275
13th2009 0May 5Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 10 ~ Nankyoku Ichidai ~COTA-5385
COZP-371: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-35617: Regular Edition
14th2009/11/11Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 11 ~ Tokimeki no Rumba ~COTA-5405
COZP-417: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-35943: Regular Edition
15th2010 0May 6Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 12 ~ Samisen Tabigarasu ~COTA-5407
COZP-445: Limited Edition
COCP-36249: Regular Edition
16th2010/11/10Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 13 ~ Rainbow-colored Bayon ~COZP-485: Limited Edition
COCP-36540: Regular Edition
17th2011 0October01 daysCOZP-513: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-36759: Regular Edition
18th2011/11/23Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 15 ~ Passionate Mariachi ~COZP-603: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-37081: Regular Edition
19th2012 0May 6Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 16 ~ Sakura ~COZP-671: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-37316: Regular Edition
20th2012/11/21COZP-745: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-37737: Regular Edition
21st2013 0May 5Kiyoshi Hikawa / Enka Masterpiece Collection 18 ~ Shigure no Minato ~COZP-776: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-38051: Regular Edition
22nd2013/11/20COZP-819: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-38336: Regular Edition
24th2014/11/19COZP-988: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-38894: Regular Edition
25th2015 0October08 daysCOZP-1065: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-39220: Regular Edition
26th2015/1201 daysNew Enka Masterpiece Collection 2-My Beloved Tequilo / Otokohana-COZP-1130: First Press Limited Edition
COCP-39408: Regular Edition
27th2016 0May 6Shin-Enka Meikyoku Collection 3 -Mirenshin-COZP-1184: First Press Limited Edition CD
COCP-39623: Regular Edition CD
COTA-5517: Normal edition MT
28th2016/12/14Shin Enka Meikyoku Collection 4-Kiyoshi's All Japan Song Migratory Bird-COZP-1281: First Press Limited Edition A Type CD
COZP-1283: First Press Limited Edition B Type CD
COCP-39849: Regular Edition CD
COTA-5518: Normal edition MT
29th2017 0May 5Shin, Enka Meikyoku Collection 5 -Otoko no Zessho-COZP-1357-8: First-time limited A type CD + DVD
COCP-40022: B type CD
COTA-5520: B type MT
30th2017/11/21Shin, Enka Meikyoku Collection 6 -Aoi-COZP-1394: First-time limited A type
COCP-40236: B type CD
COTA-5521: B type MT
31st2018 0May 5New Enka Masterpiece Collection 7 -The Flower Road of the Game-COZP-1458: First-time limited A type
COCP-40401: B type CD
COTA-5526: B type MT
32nd2018/1002 daysNew Enka Masterpiece Collection 8-Winter Pegasus-Battle Flower Road-OrchestraCOZP-1487-8: First-time limited A type CD + DVD
COCP-40547: B type CD
COTA-5527: B type MT
33rd2019 0October04 daysNew Enka Masterpiece Collection 9 -Okay / Best Boatman-COZP-1560-1: First-time limited A type CD + DVD
COCP-40900: B type CD
COTA-5529: B type MT
34th2019/10/22New Enka Masterpiece Collection 10. -Ryusho Fengmai-COZP-15695-6: First-time limited A type CD + DVD
COCP-40998: B type CD
COTA-5530: B type MT

Video work

 Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2000 0May 7Hakone hachiri no HanjiroCOVA-6418: VHS
2nd2001 0May 3Ooi okkake OtojirouCOVA-6509: VHS
3rd2001/10/20Kiyoshi Hikawa Challenge Stage in Nakano SunplazaCOVA-6574: VHS
COBA-4115: DVD
4th2001/12/12Kiyoshi kono yoruCOVA-6604: VHS
5th2002 0May 3Kiyoshi no zundokobushiCOVA-6637: VHS
6thKiyoshi Hikawa First Concert in Tokyo International ForumCOVA-6638: VHS
COBA-4157: DVD
7th2002 0May 5Kiyoshi Hikawa Original BestCOBA-4180: DVD
8th2002 0May 9Akiko in the starry sky (song and karaoke)COVA-6674: VHS
9th2002/12/12Yume GingaCOVA-6693: VHS
10th2003 0May 2Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2002 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.2COVA-6697: VHS
COBA-4211: DVD
11th2003 0May 3White Cloud Castle (song and karaoke)COVA-6701: VHS
12th2003 0October01 daysKiyoshi Hikawa Original Best 2003COVA-6734: VHS
COBA-4224: DVD
2003/1105 daysLovely (TAMAO & KIYOSHI)COVA-6737: VHS
COBA-4260: DVD
13th2004 0May 2Kiyoshi no dodonpa COVA-6773: VHS
COBA-4282: DVD
14th2004 0May 3Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2003 Kiyoshi This Night VOL.3COVA-6785: VHS
COBA-4292: DVD
15th2004 0May 8Bamba no ChutarouCOVA-6789: VHS
COBA-4310: DVD
16th2005 0May 3Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert "Kiyoshi Kono Yoru Vol.4"COVA-6822: VHS
COBA-4384: DVD
17thHatsukoi resshaCOVA-6821: VHS
COBA-4383: DVD
18th2005 0October03 daysOmokage no miyakoCOVA-6834: VHS
COBA-4442: DVD
19th2006 0May 4Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2005 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.5 ~ Enka XNUMXth Bango! ~COVA-6850: VHS
COBA-4531: DVD
20thIkkenCOVA-6849: VHS
COBA-4530: DVD
21st2006 0October06 daysfuture - KIYOSHINameKHBM-5012: DVD
22nd2007/03/28Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2006 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.6COVA-6862: VHS
COBA-4623: DVD
23rd2007/07/25AbayoCOVA-6868: VHS
COBA-4664: DVD
24th2007/07/25Kiyoshi no soranbushiCOVA-6869: VHS
COBA-4665: DVD
25th2008/03/26Genkai funautaCOVA-6872: VHS
COBA-4721: DVD
26th2008/03/26Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2007 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.7COVA-6873: VHS
COBA-4722: DVD
27th2008/11/05Aishu no mizuumiCOVA-6875: VHS
COBA-4776: DVD
28th2009/03/25Rokyoku ichidaiCOVA-6879: VHS
COBA-4810: DVD
29th2009/03/25Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2008 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.8COVA-6880: VHS
COBA-4811: DVD
30th2009/09/30Tokimeki no Rumba Single Video ClipCOVA-6884: VHS
COBA-4826: DVD
31st2010/04/14Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2009 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.9COVA-6886: VHS
COBA-4901: DVD
32nd2010/04/28Samisen Journey Single Video ClipCOVA-6887: VHS
COBA-4902: DVD
33rd2010/09/29Rainbow-colored Bayon single video clipCOBA-4973: DVD
34th2011/04/20That girl, Nogiku, and Watarifune single video clipCOBA-5995: DVD
35th2011/04/20Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2010 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.10COBA-5996: DVD
36th2012/03/21SakuraCOBA-6268: DVD
37th2012/03/21Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2011 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.11COBA-6269: DVD
38th2012/10/24Because the woman who decided to be the lastCOBA-6373: DVD
39th2013/03/27Shigure no minatoCOBA-6435: DVD
40th2013/03/27Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2012 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.12COBA-6436: DVD
41st2013/09/25Manten no HoshiCOBA-6498: DVD
42nd2014/02/26Otone nagare zukiCOBA-6550: DVD
43rd2014/03/26Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2013 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.13COBA-6551: DVD
44th2014/10/22A little migratory birdCOBA-6708: DVD
45th2015/02/02Hikawa Kiyoshi tokusen PV shuCOBA-6740: DVD
46th2015/04/15A wandering affectionCOBA-6749: DVD
47th2015/04/15Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2014 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.14COBA-6750: DVD
48th2015/10/28Tekiro of loveCOBA-6870: DVD
49th2015/10/28Men's flower (single version)COBA-6871: DVD
50th2016/03/23Heart MillenCOBA-6891: DVD
51st2016/03/23Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Concert 2015 Kiyoshi This Night Vol.15COBA-6892: DVD


  • Asakusa humanity
  • That girl has gone
  • Tsukitaro Kasa
  • Omi Koitaro
  • Flower migratory bird
  • Northern wilderness
  • Junko's port town
  • As it is, with that girl
  • Wharf of fog whistle
  • Genkai Ryugoden
  • Sending love
  • Snail
  • Whistle port
  • Hometown is in my heart
  • Future / believe ~ Don't give up ~-"Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers"Theme song, insert song.KIYOSHIName
  • SAY YES - CHAGE and ASKAMusic.As one of the best pop songs, NHK educationTop runnerSang at the time of appearance
  • Kiyoshi's Chiki Chiki OHA Song-"Good morningTheme song (November 2016, 11-September 7, 2017).Kiyoshi Hikawa with Kokekko GumiName


Song field

2000 : Singing song "Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro"
2001 : Singing song "Oi Chasing Otojiro"
  • 43th Japan Record Award·gold medal
  • 34th Japan Cable Awards / Wired Music Excellence Award
  • All Japan Request Awards (formerly All Japan Wired Broadcasting Awards) / Golden Artist Award
2002 : Singing songs "Kiyoshi's Zundoko Bushi" and "Starry Sky Akiko"
  • All Japan Request Award Grand Prix (Enka / Kayokyoku section)
  • 44th Japan Record Award·gold medal
  • 35th Japan Cable Awards / Wired Music Excellence Award
2003 : Song "White Cloud Castle"
  • 36th Japan Cable Award
  • Best Hit Kayo Festival(Former All Japan Wired Broadcasting Award) ・ Grand Prix consecutive championship (Enka / Kayokyoku category)
  • 45th Japan Record Award・ Best Singing Award
  • Golden Arrow Award / Music Award / Grand Prize
  • Achieved exclusive V1 at the East-West Cable Awards
2004 : Singing songs "Kiyoshi no Dodonpa" and "Bamba no Chutaro"
  • 37th Japan Cable Awards consecutive championship
  • Best Hits Kayosai / Grand Prix 3 consecutive victories (Enka / Kayokyoku category)
  • 46th Japan Record Award·gold medal
  • Achieved exclusive V2 at the East-West Cable Awards
2005 : Singing songs "Hatsukoi Train" and "Omokoge no Miyako"
  • Best Hits Kayosai / Grand Prix 4th consecutive victory-(Enka / Kayokyoku category, 4th consecutive victory)Ayumi HamasakiSecond in history)
  • 38th Japan Cable Awards 3rd consecutive victory-(With this awardTeresa TengThe second person to win the East-West Cable Awards for the first time as a male singer)
  • 47th Japan Record Award·gold medal
2006 : Song "Ichiken"
2007 : Singing songs "Abayo" and "Kiyoshi's Soran Bushi"
2008 : Singing songs "Genkaisenka" and "Lake of Sorrow"
2009 : Singing song "Tokimeki no Rumba"
2010 : Song "Rainbow Color Bayon"
2011 : Singing song "Mariacchi of Passion"
2012 : Singing song "Sakura"
2013 : Singing song "Manten no Hitomi"
2014 : Singing song "Slightly whimsical migratory bird"
  • 47th Japan Cable Awards / Wired Music Excellence Award
  • 56th Japan Record Award・ Excellent Work Award / Arrangement Award
2015 : Singing songs "Otoko Hana" and "Itoshi no Te Quiero"
2016 : Singing song "Miren Gokoro"
2017 : Singing song "Otoko no Zesshou"
2018 : Singing song "Shobu no Hanamichi"
2019 : Singing songs "OK" "Best boatman"
2019: Song song "Breakthrough x Survivor"
  • The 61st Japan Record Award for Best Composer (actually Takafumi Iwasaki, who composed the song)



  • Digital Media Association"Digital Content of the Year '19 / 25th AMD Award" Annual Content Award "Excellence Award" (for the song "Breakthrough x Survivor" in 2020)[22]


NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

The debut song "Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro" suddenly became a big hit,51 times(2000 ) To participate in the red and white song battle for the first time.Since then, at this point71 times(2020 ), Has been participating for 21 consecutive years.This is currently a red and white white group singer,Hiroshi Itsuki(50 years in a row, ongoing),Shinichi Mori(48 years in a row),Hosokawa Takashi(32 years in a row),Haru Sanba(29 years in a row),Kitajima Saburo(27 years in a row),Frank Nagai(26 years in a row),TOKYO(24 years in a row),Youichi SugawaraIt is the 22th highest record in history after (9 consecutive years) (15th in history including the red group singer).Among them59 times(2008 ), Hikawa himself is the only oneRed and white big birdI was a (white group bird).

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
2000 (12)/51 timesFirstHakone hachiri no Hanjiro17/28hitomi
2001 (13)/52 times2Ooi okkake Otojirou17/27Aya Shimazu
2002 (14)/53 times3Kiyoshi no zundokobushi14/27Hitomi Shimatani
2003 (15)/54 times4Haku un no shiro29/30Kawayuki MiyukiBefore the bird
2004 (16)/55 times5Bamba no Chutarou26/28Ishikawa Sayuri
2005 (17)/56 times6Omokage no miyako17/29Ayumi Hamasaki
2006 (18)/57 times7Ikken21/27Kaori Mizumori
2007 (19)/58 times8Kiyoshi no soranbushi YOSAKOI Soran Red and White Special19/27aiko
2008 (20)/59 times9Kiyoshi's Zundoko section (second time)26/26Akiko WadaLarge bird
2009 (21)/60 times10Tokimeki no Rumba23/25Sayuri Ishikawa (2)
2010 (22)/61 times11Nijiiro no Baiyon21/22Fuyumi SakamotoBefore the bird (2)
2011 (23)/62 times12Jyounetsu no Mariachi 21/25Seiko Matsuda-Sayaka Kanda
2012 (24)/63 times13Sakura19/25YUI
2013 (25)/64 times14Manten no Hoshi16/26Nishino Kana
2014 (26)/65 times15A little migratory bird15/23Kaori Mizumori (2)
2015 (27)/66 times16Man flower10/26miwa
2016 (28)/67 times17White Cloud Castle (2nd time)22/23Hikaru UtadaBefore the bird (3)
Kumamoto CastleAppeared on the broadcast from
2017 (29)/68 times18Kiyoshi's Zundoko section (second time)22/23Mariko TakahashiBefore the bird (4)
2018 (30)/69 times19Shobu no Hanamichi ~ Wadaiko SP that resonates with the world ~18/22Seiko Matsuda (2)
2019 (First year of Reiwa)/70 times20Red and white limit breakthrough special medley[Annotation 3]20/21Seiko Matsuda (3)Before the bird (5)
2020 (Reiwa 2 years) /71 times21Breakthrough limit × Survivor(2 times)19/20Seiko Matsuda (4)Before the bird (6)
2021 (Reiwa 3 years) /72 times22The song is my life20/22Sayuri Ishikawa (3)


TV drama


Information/variety programs

Music / live programs

  • The Vocalist "Kiyoshi Hikawa-Singing the Japan Cable Awards-" (December 2015, 12,TBS channel
    • The Vocalist "Kiyoshi Hikawa 2021" (October 2021, 10)
  • Best Hit Enka Kiyoshi Hikawa Special (Kayo Pops Channel)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Interview ~ 21st Year Door ~ (August 2020, 8 (first broadcast),Channel Ginga) * Repeat broadcast available 
  • Of my heartEiichi Otaki(December 2021, 4,NHK BS4K[27]
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa "You are you" Release Tour 2021 (November 2021, 11)WOWOW Plus[28]
  • The Covers"Kiyoshi Hikawa Night! ~ Singing Ballad Masterpieces ~" (December 2021, 12)NHK BS Premium

Radio program



Internet distribution

  • Kiyoshi Hikawa kii's welcome rice (July 2021, 7-,Spotify) ※TV drama"If you like it.(July 2021, 7-September 9, TV TOKYO)[30][31]..Hikawa also appears in the final episode of the drama[32]


  • Manga "Kiyoshi Hikawa Monogatari" (Magazine "Zappi" June 2004 issue, binding publication, drawing:Mizuki Osawa
  • Serialization "Document Kiyoshi Hikawa" (oricon style


Photo album

  • Kiyoshing 1st --Kiyoshi Hikawa Photobook (November 2001, 11, Shufu to Seikatsusha)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa Photobook HIKAWA KIYOSHI 7th Anniversary (January 2007, 1, KANSHA)
  • Kiyoseason --Kiyoshi Hikawa Photo Essay (May 2008, 5, Shufu to Seikatsusha) --Photo Essay Collection
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa OTAKARA Photo Studio (February 2009, 2, Shikatosha)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa Photobook KIYO Secret (December 2012, 12, Shufu to Seikatsusha)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa Photobook kii-natural (June 2020, 6, Shufu to Seikatsusha)

Related books

  • Kiyoshi Hikawa (separate volume top runner) (August 2002, 8, KTC Chuoh Publishing)
  • Hikawamoto More!Kiyoshi Hikawa (January 2003, 1, Oricon Entertainment)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa-Youth with a real face (March 2003, 3, Core House, Written by Ichiro Fukiage)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa-I will not give up (June 2003, 6, KTC Chuoh Publishing, editor: NHK "I will not give up"Production group)
  • Play at the scent of travel -Small little contact trip Kiyoshi Hikawa's Tokyo guide (September 2003, 9, TV Asahi Business Bureau Content Division)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa-Tokyo Oihii (November 2004, 11, TV Asahi)
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa Kiyoshi Hakata Junjou Monogatari (May 2004, 5, Earl's Publishing, Written by Shigeyoshi Homma)
  • Sho Hikawa Kiyoshi Monogatari (January 2005, 1, Central SOG, Author: Hakata Music Circle)


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外部 リンク


CoronaWhat is (Corona)2019 From the endEpidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Is a term that refers to disasters and crisis situations caused by[1]. "Coronavirus disease","New Corona","COVID-19There is also a notation such as.

Of the "corona bruise", "コ ロ ナ"Is"New coronavirus'[2]Means, "MisfortuneIs a word that means "disaster" or "disaster" or "unfortunate event"[3]Then, it is a compound word that is put after various nouns[4](Example: water damage, war damage, etc.).

As the epidemic of new coronavirus infection spreads,2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) It has been widely used in newspapers and the Internet since the middle of March.[5][Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

The word "corona bruise" is often misrepresented.A typical mistake is to mistake "worse" for "vortex" and "Corona vortex(Corona vortex, corona?) "[6].

New Word Award 2020 selected by Daijisen

Shogakukanby"New Word Award Selected by Daijisen In "2020", "Corona Sorrow" was selected as the runner-up,DaijisenA commentary by the editorial department was posted on the announcement site.

Served as a special selection committee member regarding the reasons for selectionMeiji UniversityMakirō Tanaka, a professor of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies, said, "Let's overcome this with words that describe the current situation in the world.New lifestyleIt is an important word to find out and share the wish to get through.With the support for that thought, I made it the runner-up. "In addition, TanakaJapanese languageFrom this point of view, it is worth noting whether "○○ 禍" will be derived as a coined word component in the future.[7].


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注 釈

  1. ^ In the case of transmission on the Internet by the government, etc.
  2. ^ In newspaper reports,National newspaperAppeared on all 5 papers. etc.Block paperThen, etc.Prefectural paperThen, in what is evaluated as being equivalent to block paper, Such. In general prefecture paper,etc.



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