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🛏 | “Ritz” tree decoration 13 people from Nikko / Chugushi

Children decorating the Christmas tree

"Ritz" tree decoration 13 people in Nikko / Chugushi Naka

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Thirteen children and students participated and worked with the hotel staff to decorate the 13-meter-high Christmas tree in the lobby lounge and decorate the cake.

[Nikko] Children at the local Chugushi elementary and junior high school on the night of November 11 at the luxury hotel "The Ritz-Carlton Nikko" in Chugushi. → Continue reading

 Shimono Shimbun

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Christmas tree

Christmas tree(British: Christmas tree) IsChristmasDecorated forThuIs. "Tree of wisdomIs a symbol of.AliasHoly treeAlso called (seiju).


Tree body

For Christmas tree lumber,Evergreen OfConiferYoung trees are mainly used.In the United States, tens of millions of raw trees are distributed annually, and the number of trees produced is the highest.Oregon700 million pieces alone[1]Exceed.theseCommercialMost of the trees produced for the purpose are large森林notFarmlandProduced in (American tree production statistics, agricultureCensusIs aggregated in).In this regardEnvironmental destructionAlthough it is rarely pointed out, the tree that occurs in large numbers at once after ChristmasgarbageIsEnvironment issuesMay be seen[2].. For this reasonNew York StateIn urban areas and residential areas such as2000 eraOr later,Reuse(Potted plantReturn to farm after use) and materialsRecycling[3]You can see the efforts to do.

Christmas carolof"Fir treeAs you can see fromEuropeSo traditionallyAbies albaHas been used.modernSince it is easily available, it has become widely used.Norway spruceAnd(English edition),(English edition)Etc. are also used.

North AmericaThen,(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),Scots pine,(English edition),Colorado spruce,American TogasawaraEtc. are often used.

JapanThen,FirIs mainly used, and othersTodomatsuAnd the same as Norway spruceGenus OfSpruceEtc. are also used (Abies sachalinensis and spruce are especially producing areasHokkaidoUsed in).

evergreenIs usedWinter:Strong to keep green duringVitalityThis is because it was regarded as a symbol of.Also, according to "The Origin of Christmas" (written by O. Kulman)中 世 OfChristmas eve OfNativity festivalWas done at the beginning ofア ダ ムとEvaOf the fall ofStage playUsed in "Tree of wisdom(Tree of knowledge of good and evil) ", the leaves fall in winterAppleAn evergreen fir tree instead of a treeForbidden fruitIt is also said that it was used to decorate.

PlasticThere are also Christmas trees made of wood, and green ones (green trees) that resemble evergreen trees are common.Also,White ChristmasThere is also one made of white plastic (white tree) that is reminiscent of.Ornaments are often sold together with the tree to save you the trouble of choosing.


Tree top (星,angel)
At the tip of the treeNativity of ChristInformedStar of BethlehemBy the way, many are decorated with stars,United KingdomAn angel called Christmas Angel is displayed at such places.
Adam and EveEatTree of wisdomIt symbolizes the fruit of.Ornament called in modern times (Metallic lusterHaveplatingBall orガ ラ スGlass balls made ofMirror ball).
Candy cane
ろ う そ く-Electric spectaculars
Instead of candles in modern timesLED lightingIlluminations are decorated with.Was used beforeMiniature bulbWiring used to beseriesMany of them are wired to, and if one is cut off, all of them will be extinguished, so it took a lot of time to find them, but in recent yearsParallelThe ones that are wired to have become common.2010 eraFrom the power saving and long lifeLight emitting diodeTaking advantage of the characteristics ofLED lightingIs used.Also, flashing things, and evenMusicSome flash according to.IlluminationscolorIn the past, the mainstream was a very colorful type with multiple colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green, but the generation who enjoys Christmas is in their 20s.CoupleAs it spread to the market (in addition, as the parts used shift from light bulbs to LEDs), monochromatic illumination types such as blue are occupying the majority of the market.In recent years, the multi-colored illumination type (however, this also uses LEDs) has regained its power.1990 eraFrom the middle termOptical fiberType used for illumination parts (light sourceTomotorBy combining the rotating colored filter rotating disk that operates, the color changes all at once with the passage of time), which has also become established.
(English edition)
Originally made of silver tufts
the mall,Garland,ribbon,bell
Decorate the tree with metallic luster decorations such as malls and garland directly.Also, ribbons, bells, etc.yarnHanging and decorating.
Boxedpopcorn,ク ッ キ ー,Biscuit,donutSuch.The real thing (such as those sold for Christmas trees) or the one that imitates the real thing is hung with thread and decorated.
snowCotton (snow blanket) or snowcrystalPlastic decoration that imitates the shape ofSnowflake)Such.


Christmas treeキ リ ス トIs almost irrelevant.The prototype isNordicLived in ancient timesGermanic peopleof"Yule"winter solsticeWas used at the festivalOakIt is a tree.The oak, which does not wither its leaves even in winter, was regarded as a symbol of life.thisGermanyPeopleキ リ ス ト 教Attempts were made to convert to oak, but since the belief in trees was deep-rooted, oak was used.Fir treeIt became Christian by changing to (fir).The fir tree is a triangle when viewed from the side.三位一体I taught that it represents.God the Father at the top, children and spirits at both ends of the bottom[4]そ し て,1419 In germanFreiburgThen, the baker decorated the tree.This record is said to be the first act of decorating a Christmas tree for Christmas.1600 eraHas been recorded in various parts of Germany.BerlinTo1800 Around that time, the tree was transmitted.

United KingdomTo1840 ,Queen victoriaWas transmitted through.husband'sAlbertWas from Germany, so I displayed it on a Christmas tree for him.1860 Instead, it has become widespread.

The United States of AmericaThe first tree in is by German immigrants1746 It was decorated in.When it was introduced in the United States, it was of British descent from the beginning of the United States.PuritanFrom an American, "The Christmas tree isPaganIt was a culture of "."

Currently,キ リ ス ト 教徒Less isJapanEven in countries like this, this custom has taken root.Russia OfYorkaIs JapaneseKadomatsuSame asnew YearIt is a celebration, but it has been decorated since Christmas time and is no different from a Christmas tree.[5].


in Japan1860 ,Kingdom of PrussiaEnvoy ofEulenburgWas displayed in the public hall for the first time.1874 ToTaneaki HaraTsukiji University (by Hara Taneaki)Meiji GakuinJapan's first at the Christmas party held at (predecessor)Santa ClausHas appeared with.1885 ToYokohamaOpened inMeijiyaBut,1900 TokyoGinzaAt the same time, Christmas decorations in Ginza became widespread.KobeProduction of Christmas goods began at.Christmas events in Japan1928 OfAsahi ShimbunOn paper, "Christmas is now JapanAnnual eventThen, Santa Claus was well established as a Japanese child's thing. "Pacific WarThe shadow is hidden inside,After the warResurrected soon,1948 On December 12th, an independent member of the House of Councilors and a monkKuruma Takudo Tokyo StationThe Christmas trees at each railway station (at that time)National railway(Because it was) I made a problem that it was a religious activity or it was unconstitutional, and submitted a questionnaire to the Cabinet.Ministry of TransportHowever, there was a rush to explain that it was "one of the seasonal decorations and not a religious activity." On December 12, the Ministry of Transport commanded the removal, and on December 15, the Cabinet interpreted it as a seasonal decoration.In modern Japan, it has become established as a seasonal decoration.

America'sRockefeller Center Christmas TreeExceeds 20m every yearSpruce spruceIs used, but large trees may not always be accepted in Japan. 2017 IsKobe City OfMeriken ParkThe height of raw wood is about 30 meters, which is the highest in the world.AsunaroThe Christmas tree was set up, but it attracted a wide range of discussions, including emotional opinions about how it should be set up and how it can be reused.[6][7].

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaThen,SeattleCityTacoma AirportHoliday tree (Political CorrectnessWas decorated with (not called a "Christmas tree")2006 May 12Has been removed in.This is localJudaism OfHasidism(Strict)Rabbi(Law(Master), but "Here (Tacoma Airport) ispublic facilityBecause it isMenorahShould also be displayed.Otherwise, he will not refuse the proceedings. "But this is in the United StatesRightMediaKnown asFOX NewsWhen it was reported in, it became a big uproar.From all over the United States to Bogomirskiprotest,harassment Of電子 メ ー ル"I haven't told you to remove the Christmas tree," Bogomirski explained.Then I asked the airport to restore the Christmas tree, and the turmoil ended when I restored it.[8].


Christmas isMay 1 OfEpiphany(Twelve nights), And before and after this, the tree is cleared and must be disposed of.[9].

またSouthern hemisphereThen.October TheSummer: It's the season, but at that time it's a plant that blooms Christmas Tree Some are named.oneAustraliaGrow toLoranthaceae Of[10](Tomo[11],Nuytsia floribunda) And the other isNew ZealandBeautiful red flowers bloom around DecemberMyrtaceae(English edition) OfPoftsukawa(Metrosideros excelsa)[12].

oilfield・ Gas fieldThe production equipment used inChristmas treeIs called.AlsoDrag racingThe signal tower used at the start of is also commonly known as the "Christmas tree" (see details)Drag racing #Christmas treeSee).


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