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🧳 | Keio Bus, Shinjuku / Shibuya-Mishima / Numazu Line special fare 1,000 yen to commemorate the resumption of service


To commemorate the resumption of special fare of 1,000 yen on the Keio Bus, Shinjuku / Shibuya-Mishima / Numazu line

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Purchases are limited to highwaybus.com, Fujikyu City Bus head office, and Mishima Station South Exit.

The Keio Bus will commemorate the resumption of service on the Shinjuku / Shibuya-Mishima / Numazu line from December 12th. → Continue reading


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Highwaybus.comIt is,Keio Electric Railway BusOperated byExpress Bus(scheduled bus)seatReservationシステム.


In 2000Keio Electric RailwayWas opened, and with the separation of the company's bus business, it has been taken over by Keio Dentetsu Bus.Initially, the departure and arrival of Shinjuku, which is operated jointly with the companyChuo Express BusWe mainly dealt with each line, but in 2004Meitetsu busWas run by "Meitetsu High Speed ​​Bus.comMoved to this site, and in 2013West Japan Railway"Kyushu Express Bus Reservation System Steering Committee, which is composed of Kyushu Express Bus operators including (Nishitetsu)"Easy busSince we have moved to this site, we now handle not only Keio Dentetsu Bus but also Meitetsu Bus and high-speed buses departing from and arriving in Kyushu.

Of the routes on Kyushu Island, in the section where the transfer discount fare is set, you can issue a transfer ticket for multiple routes in the same way as the former "Raku Bus".

You can purchase tickets for the routes you handle without registering as a member, but you can register as a member for free, and there are services only for members.

For ticketing after reservation, please contact the reservation counter of each company or convenience store.Multimedia terminalIn addition to ticketing atCredit card-debit cardAnd some mobile carrier payments (as of October 2021)d payment,au PAYIt also supports online payment by (corresponding to etc.).  


  • 2000 May 11 Opened "Highwaybus.com" for internet reservation of highwaybus [1].
  • 2000 April NTT docomo makes an internet reservation for highwaybus "Highwaybus.com"i-modeReservation starts at.
  • 2004 May 11 Meitetsu High Speed ​​Bus.comInternet reservation system integrated into "Highwaybus.com"[2].
  • 2009 May 2
    • Chuo Kosoku Bus Alliance (CHANCE) formed [3].
    • It is possible to request a seat (window side / aisle side).
  • 2009 May 3
    • To the Chuo Express BusWomen-only seatsWith the introduction of, we support reservations for female-only seats.
    • Introduced WEB coupon ticket[4].
  • 2011 May 9 Introduced "seat selection service" on 13 Chuo Express Bus routes.Seat selection is possible only when making online payments[5].
  • 2012 May 5 New website for smartphones[6].
  • 2013 May 6
    • Started handling the old "Raku Bus" routes that depart on or after July 7st of the same year.The number of operators and routes handled has increased from 1 routes of 22 companies to 53 routes of 35 companies.[7].
    • Supports wide fare and 2-route fare.
  • 2013 May 7 The old "Raku Bus" is integrated.The Kyushu Express Bus Reservation System Steering Committee has established the Kyushu Express Bus Portal Site "@Bus (Atto Bus)" that includes a link to the reservation page for routes to and from Kyushu on Highwaybus.com.
  • 2013 May 7 New shared high-speed bus legislation enacted.
  • 2013 May 8 Old city tour busKaifu tourismTokyo --Started handling between Tokushima and Anan.

Unique features


There are the following discount systems.However, the availability and conditions of discounts differ depending on the route.

  • Net Discounts-On the WebCredit cardWhen payment is made, it will be applied regardless of the boarding section on the target route.Even if you make a reservation on Highwaybus.com, it does not apply if you purchased it at a counter or a convenience store.
  • Round-trip discount-Applies on routes with round-trip discounts.It does not apply when paying on the bus.
  • Early payment discount-Applicable for early reservations / purchases up to a certain period before boarding.

In addition, coupon discounts andStudent discount, Also supports discounts for people with disabilities.

Functions related to online payment

The following functions are available only when you make a credit card payment on the web.


For reservations made online, the ticket can be displayed on the web screen and printed by a printer, and the ticket can be displayed on the screen of a mobile phone or smartphone and presented without issuing a paper ticket. You can get on the train.

The ticket printed by the user with a printerWEB ticketIt is called. The WEB ticket is collected at the time of boarding or disembarking, just like a regular ticket.

What is presented by displaying the boarding slip on the screen of a mobile phone or smartphoneMobile ticketIt is called.A "mobile ticket notification email" is sent to the registered address, and when you select the URL in the body of the mobile ticket notification email, the mobile ticket is displayed.

From March 2009, 3, online tickets that can be used multiple times in the same sectionWEB coupon ticketIs on sale.It is set on some routes, and there are 2, 4, and 10 times, and it is sold at a discounted price.Print it as a WEB ticket or display it as a mobile ticket when using it. WEB coupon tickets can only be used by members.

Online seat selection by passengers

From February 2009, 2, it will be possible to select "window side / aisle side" and "front / rear (front or rear of the center of the vehicle)" when making a reservation on some routes, and from September 1, from among the vacant seats. A seat selection service that allows you to specify your favorite seat has been introduced.The seat selection service is available only when you pay by credit card on the web or when you use a coupon ticket on the web.

There are differences depending on the route and the operator.

Bus mile points

On some routes, points called bus mile points will be awarded when making online payments. One point will be added for every 100 yen, and one point can be used as one yen on the target route.Expiration date is one year.

Handling of tickets at convenience stores

On most routes, reservations are made in advance by phone or the Internet and installed at convenience stores.Multimedia stationIt is possible to purchase at.Tickets purchased this wayConvenience store ticketIt is called.In addition, some routes can be booked directly at the multimedia station and tickets can be purchased on the spot.

To purchase a ticket for a reserved flightLawsonof"loppi"FamilyMartof"Fami portOnly deal with.In addition to the above, purchase by direct reservationSeven-Eleven"Multi-copy machine",MINI STOPAlso available in "MINISTOP Loppi".

Handling routes

Chuo Express BusIn addition to each route, we handle routes operated by Keio Bus Group companies, Meitetsu Bus, Kyushu Express Bus Reservation System Steering Committee, or routes for which they provide operation support services (reservation ticketing services, etc.).Some routes are handled by highwaybus.com and other systems (departure O-Rinet, etc.).In addition to the routes below, routes that do not handle reservations on Highwaybus.com, such as routes that handle reservations only by telephone or other websites, and routes that do not require reservations, may be posted on the site. ..

Kanto-Tokai / Koshinetsu


  • Tokyo Station / Shinjuku-Aomori "Tsugo"(Konan Bus)
  • Tokyo Station / Shinjuku-Hachinohe / Shichinohe Towada / Nobechi / Aomori "Enburi-go" (Konan Bus)
  • Shinjuku / Omiya-Hachinohe / Misawa / Noheji / Shimokita "Shimokita"(Kokusai Kogyo Bus)
  • Shinjuku / Shibuya-Sendai / Ishinomaki "Hirose Liner(Keio Bus East / Miyagi Transportation)
  • Mito, Hitachinaka, Tokai, Hitachi-Nihonmatsu, Sendai (Ibaraki Transportation)
  • 郡山 - 日立・勝田・水戸線() *期間限定実証実験

Tokyo-Hokuriku, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu

Within the metropolitan area (including routes to / from Haneda / Narita Airport)

  • Tokyo --Shimodate / Iwase "Sakuragawa / Chikusei Liner" (Ibaraki Kotsu)
  • Shinjuku-Tokyo Summerland (Nishi Tokyo Bus)
  • Akihabara-Kasama and Masuko "Kanto Kimono Liner(Ibaraki Kotsu)
  • Shibuya-Karuizawa / Kusatsu (Keio Bus East / Tokyu Transses /Seibu sightseeing bus-Ueda Bus)

Below, airport departure and arrival routes are handled only to the airport.

  • Haneda Airport-Chofu, Fuchu, Kokubunji, Koganei (Keio Bus Central-Tokyo airport traffic)
  • Haneda Airport-Tama Center (Keio Bus Minami / Tokyo Airport Transport Service)
  • Haneda Airport-Hachioji (Keio Bus South / West Tokyo Bus / Airport Transport Service)
  • Haneda Airport-Fussa / Hamura / Ome (Nishi Tokyo Bus)
  • Narita Airport-Chofu (Keio Bus East / Airport Transport Service)
  • Narita Airport-Tama Center (Keio Bus Minami / Tokyo Airport Transport Service)
  • Narita Airport-Hachioji (Nishi Tokyo Bus / Airport Transport Service)
  • Narita Airport-Itako, Hokota, Mito, Katsuta, Tokai, Hitachi (Chiba Kotsu・ Ibaraki Kotsu)


Between Chubu regions (Nagoya, Chubu International Airport, Koshinetsu, Hokuriku, Gifu prefecture)

Chubu region-Kinki area, Shikoku, Kyushu


  • Itami Airport / Osaka-Tokushima / Anan (Kaifu Kanko)

Kinki / Chugoku / Shikoku-Kyushu

Departure and arrival in Kyushu Island

B & S MiyazakiAnd all reservation-based routes except the old tour bus (so-called new high-speed shared bus)


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