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🧳 | JR Tokai Bus sells "Hida Takayama" ticket and hotel lunch & bathing set ticket 7,800 yen


JR Tokai Bus releases "Hida Takayama" ticket and hotel lunch & bathing set ticket 7,800 yen

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Sold at Meitetsu Bus Center and JR Tokai Bus Nagoya Travel Center.

JR Tokai Bus is a round-trip ticket for the high-speed bus "Hida Takayama" that connects Nagoya and Takayama, and a hotel in Takayama city. → Continue reading


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Meitetsu Bus Center

Meitetsu Bus Center(Meitetsu Bus Center)AichiNagoya cityNakamura WardFamous station1-chome,Meitetsu Nagoya StationLocated upstairsBus terminal.

The design isYoshiro TaniguchiIt is sometimes regarded as one of the representative buildings of Nagoya.[1]..In addition, it is the first full-scale bus terminal in Japan, and it is said that there was no bus terminal of the same size in the world when it was completed in 1967.[1].


Meitetsu busAs a terminal on the Nagoya side of high-speed buses, it is a major base that forms the center of the bus route network, and at the same time, it is one of the central bus terminals of Nagoya City.

The stop name is the same as the facility name for both highways and general routes.Meitetsu Bus Center, "Nagoya," "Nagoya Station," "Meitetsu Nagoya Station," etc. are not included, and are unique with only the company name.[2].

It is an indoor / multi-layered bus terminal located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Meitetsu Bus Terminal Building, which is the upper floor of Meitetsu Nagoya Station.Meitetsu Department StoreMen's Building, 7th to 10th floorsNagoya RailwayIncluding the head office and Meitetsu BusMeitetsu GroupThe offices of each company, from the 11th floor to the 18th floorMeitetsu Grand HotelIs moving in.

This bus terminal is managed by Meitetsu BusShared bus(General routes / high-speed shared) and chartered buses are on board.Meitetsu Group bus companies and joint operating companies,Mie trafficAlso used.Meitetsu has revealed that it has a plan to redevelop the Meitetsu Bus Terminal Building etc. in 2011.[3].

2017 May 3, Nagoya Railroad announced a redevelopment plan around Meitetsu Nagoya Station, Meitetsu Department Store, Meitetsu Grand Hotel,Nagoya Kintetsu Building・ Otemachi Building Nagoya Ekimae Building (inside the building)Yamada DenkiLABI Nagoya store moves in) ・Nippon LifeThe Sasashima Building will also be demolished once and then integrated and rebuilt, including our bus center. Construction is scheduled to start in 2022, and the Linear Chuo Shinkansen is scheduled to open in 2027.[4][5][6].

Background of opening

In 1949, the Meitetsu Bus started to run from Joshin, Yamaguchicho, Osone, Higashidacho, Higashiyama, and Nakamura to the suburbs to the front of Nagoya Station, but at that time, a platform was set up on the north side of Nagoya Station. ..However, the number of departures and arrivals increased due to the entry of the JNR bus in 1955, the entry of the line starting from Jingu-mae in 1958, and the opening of new routes such as the Nagoya Airport Line, Nagaki Line, and Kuwana Line, and the platform became too small. In 1960, the number of platforms was increased, but no fundamental solution was reached. Motoo Tsuchikawa, the president of Meitetsu at the time, conceived a building that consolidates bus platforms, and designed it for Yoshiro Taniguchi, a classmate and close friend of Kanazawa Fourth High School. To ask. On August 1964, 8, a groundbreaking ceremony for the Meitetsu Bus Center will be held.The number of routes increased while the construction of the bus center was in progress, and in October, the Sasashima Expressway Center was tentatively set up as a highway bus stop with the opening of the Meishin Highway Bus in Sasashima.Then, on June 12, 10, the Meitetsu Bus Center opened after a construction period of about three years, and the platforms that had been dispersed in front of Nagoya Station were consolidated.The platform on the north side of Nagoya Station was still used by the JNR bus, but in 1967Nagoya Terminal BuildingWas constructed, and in 1975, it began to be used as a platform for national railway buses and Nagoya Municipal Buses. (Currently,Nagoya Station Bus TerminalMoved to)

Floor composition

Meitetsu Grand Hotel (11th floor-18th floor)
Office (7-10th floor)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (6th floor)Meitetsu Sky Parking (6th floor)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (5th floor)RWBA Bus.svgMeitetsu Bus Center (4th floor)Meitetsu Department Store Main Building (4th floor)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (4th floor)
RWBA Bus.svgMeitetsu Bus Center (3th floor)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (3th floor)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (2th floor)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (2th floor)(aisle)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (1th floor)
Meitetsu Department Store Men's Building (B1 floor)Station-logo.pngMeitetsu Nagoya Station Shin-Minami Ticket Gate

Bus terminal structure

3 floorGeneral routeとHigh-speed busDeparts and arrives. On the 4th floor, relatively short-distance (intercity) high-speed shared buses and temporary buses arrive and depart.There are 3 stops (8-1) on the 16rd floor and 4 stops (4-21) on the 28th floor.

At the platform (boarding place)Home doorIs provided.

The 4th floor platform (getting off place) isMeitetsu Tourism ServiceChartered buses sponsored by travel agencies (BusTour) Is also a meeting place.

Credit card payments have been available since October 3 at the counter on the 2011rd floor. At the time of renovation in December 10, an automatic ticket vending machine for high-speed shared bus tickets was installed.

A shop operated by Meitetsu Yakuhin in the waiting room on the 3rd floorFamilyMart・ Estacio Meitetsu Bus Center store opened in December 2012, on the 12th floorDoutor Coffee ShopAnd there is a waiting room.

The location of the Meitetsu Bus Center is "Meitetsu Department StoreIt is the 3rd and 4th floors (of the building) of the main store Men's Building and Meitetsu Grand Hotel. "

Next to the window on the 3rd floorYamada DenkiLABI (formerly Meitetsu Department Store Young Building) 3rd floor sales floor.

Kintetsu Nagoya Station,Tokai passenger railway(JR Central) ・Nagoya seaside high-speed trainBlue line-Nagoya Municipal SubwayHigashiyama LineSuch asNagoya StationA few minutes walk from.

On the bus terminal side (east side of the bus center),Nana chan dollDirectly from the front to the 3rd floor of the bus terminalescalatorThere is.

Escalators, elevators, and JR on the Oriba side (west side of the bus center)Nagoya StationHirokojiguchi (Seijo IshiiThere is a staircase near (Nagoya Station Hirokojiguchi store).

General shared bus

[] Is the operating company.

3rd floor 2nd

3rd floor 3nd

  • Nagoya / Tsushima Line: Via Yasumatsu [44]Tsushima Station・ [41]Daping Line [Meitetsu Bus]
  • Iwatsuka Line: Via Iwatsuka [54] Tsushima Station, [51] bound for Otsubo [Meitetsu Bus]

3rd floor 4nd

High-speed bus

Short-distance daytime route

3rd floor 1nd

  • Nagoya Mt. Ooyama Tadanchi Line: Tsutsuo XNUMX-chome, Hidamari no Oka (Postal Training Institute), Kibogaoka Line [Mie Kotsu]
  • Nagoya Neopolis Line: Nishi Kuwana Neopolis Line [Mie Kotsu]
  • Nagoya Akoodai High Speed ​​Line: bound for Akoodai / Masawadai [Mie Kotsu]

3rd floor 2nd

3rd floor 5nd

4rd floor 22nd

4rd floor 23nd

4rd floor 24nd

Medium / long-distance daytime routes

3rd floor 1nd

3rd floor 5nd

3rd floor 6nd

3rd floor 7nd

3rd floor 8nd

Night train

3rd floor 5nd

3rd floor 6nd

3rd floor 7nd

3rd floor 8nd

  • Nagoya Kamikochi Line: Kamikochi Bus Terminal Line [Meitetsu Bus] * Uphill daytime
  • Resort Express (seasonal operation): For Fujikyu Highland / Kawaguchiko Station / Fujisan Station [Meitetsu Bus / Fujikyu Bus] * Uphill daytime

Major long-haul routes that have been operated in the past

Abolished before 1985

Abolished after 1986

Temporary route

It was operated according to the exposition.

Other routes

Status at the beginning of business

As of June 1967, 6


At that time, in order to consolidate the bus stops scattered around 10 or more locations around Nagoya Station on the Japanese National Railways.MeitetsuWas the presidentMotoo TsuchikawaOpened as Japan's first three-dimensional bus terminal based on the idea of.

It also has the characteristics of a civil engineering structure, such as using a special structural material called "high hardness centrifugal cast steel pipe".[1].

1967 (ShowaPart of the Meitetsu Bus Terminal Building completed in 42)Bus terminalIt is in service as.Bill isFamous stationDistrict's firstSkyscraperAt the time of completion, it was the largest in the Orient.at firstKintetsuIn collaboration with the currentKintetsu Nagoya StationIt was planned to develop the building including the area of ​​the building, but since Kintetsu built the Nagoya Station building independently, it became a business of Meitetsu alone.

At the beginning of the opening, MELSA, which was funded by Nagoya Railroad and Meitetsu Department Store, is located in the commercial area from the 1st basement floor to the 6th floor. Everything in a certain building was a specialty store.

Nagoya Municipal SubwayExtension of the lineMeitetsuToyota LineDue to the opening of the bus, the number of direct bus routes from the suburbs has decreased.Tokoname Boat RacetrackLarge buses departing and arriving on the 3rd floor, excluding free buses related to public competitions such as going, are concentrated on the 4rd floor, and most of the XNUMXth floor is general.Parking LotI had been diverted to.Currently, it has returned to its original form due to the enhancement of long-distance and short-distance high-speed bus routes.


In the bus terminalasbestosFor removal2005 May 12Closed the platform on the 3rd floorMeishin Highway BusThe bus stop was moved to the street between Kintetsu Nagoya Station Building on the 1st floor, and other bus stops were consolidated on the 4th floor. Resumed use of the 2006rd floor, which was removed on September 9, 2, and closed the 3th floor.2007 May 1It was all completed.

Together with the removal workエ レ ベ ー タ ーExpansion, installation of slopes, voice / LED character guidance broadcasting equipment, platform door installation, etc. (Barrier-freeCorrespondence).

From October 2012, 10, construction work was carried out to integrate the high-speed bus ticket office on the 21rd floor and the general route bus ticket office, and it was reopened on November 3.The waiting room was renewed at the site of the ticket office, which was temporarily open during the construction period, and was reopened on December 11th.

At the same time, the waiting room was renovated, andconvenience store OfFamilyMartHas a store.

With the announcement of Nagoya Railroad on March 2017, 3, it is scheduled to be dismantled once in 29 due to the integration of Meitetsu and Kintetsu related buildings from the redevelopment plan including Meitetsu Nagoya Station.The plan for the bus terminal has not been announced because the building plan itself is being coordinated with affiliated corporations.[5][6].

Design and construction

Around the bus terminal

In the terminal building, there is a specialty storeMeitetsu Department StoreMen's buildingMeitetsu Grand Hotel-Nagoya RailwayThe head office is also occupying.

注 釈

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