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🧳 | [Seijo Ishii recommended side dish] Hong Kong rice flour crepe "Shrimp Chung Hwan" actual food report


[Seijo Ishii recommended side dish] Hong Kong rice flour crepe "Shrimp Chung Hwan" actual food report

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Under the name "Binh cuon", the skin is also made by steaming rice flour.

If you go to a store to enjoy dim sum in Hong Kong, you will notice that there is a food called "intestinal powder" on the menu.Character ... → Continue reading


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Binh on

Binh on(Vietnamese: bánh cuốn, Southern pronunciation:Bank on) IsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNorthern cuisine.


Fermented[1]Wide and thick made by steaming rice flour juiceRice paper(Making on the spot instead of using ordinary dried products is the heart of this dish), minced meat, chopped wood ear,shallotWith a dish wrapped inNuk ChamIt can be pickled in and eaten.Rare and expensive because it is rarely flavored in Nuk ChamSea turtleExtract may be added[2].


Put a fine cloth on a pot of boiling water like a drum skin, and fermented rice flour juice there.LadlePour it with a ladle and spread it thinly using the bottom of the ladle.Cover the pot with a large lid and steam for a while, then scoop up the rice paper with long chopsticks and wrap the ingredients by hand.Often Vietnamese style ham (Chả Lụa), Serve on a plate with bean sprouts, sliced ​​cucumbers, etc., decorate with fried shrimp and shrimp, and serve with a small bowl containing Nuk Cham.


タ イ 料理Then, "Khao Fan (タイ 語: Vegetable wrapped rice, Meaning of rolled rice) ”.Chinese cuisineIsRice noodlesThere is a similar one called.



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