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🧳 | "Honu" charter to spend with official Santa, first-come-first-served basis for 1 hour only Departs December 12


"Honu" charter to spend with official Santa, first-come-first-served basis for 1 hour only Departs December 12

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Paradise Yamamoto, a Santa Claus officially recognized by the Greenland International Santa Claus Association, will be on board, and in-flight meals and drinks will be prepared with an arrangement of the Honolulu line menu.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Airbus A380 "FLYING HONU" spending time with official Santa Claus → Continue reading


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In-flight meal

In-flight mealWhat is (Kinaku)?aircraftAt the innerAirlinesProvided byMealThat is.


In a narrow sense, it refers to meals provided to passengers on board for free (as part of the airfare) as an airline service.pilot,Flight attendantIs working on board (Dead headThe meals taken (including) are also in-flight meals.on the other hand,"Empty valveMeals brought in by passengers regardless of the company that operates the aircraft are not called in-flight meals.Japan Air Self-Defense Force,JMSDF(Anti-submarine patrol aircraft), In-flight meals are prepared and frozen during long-term flights.microwaveThe method of warming with is taken.

Usually manufactured at a factory near the airport, loaded on board, and on board after takeoffGalley(kitchenAfter heating with), it is served to each seat.On international flights, it is necessary to provide in-flight meals on request for flights over a certain period of time.International Air Transport AssociationIt is decided by the agreement of (IATA).Overall, the longer the flight time and the more advanced the seat, the better the meal tends to be.

Cheap airlineIt may be simplified, charged, or not a short flight.


World's first in-flight meal

January 1919Handley Page Transport(CurrentBritish Airways) Served in-flight meals on flights from London to Paris for the first time in the world[1][2]..The world's first in-flight mealsandwichとfruitWas only[1].


It is classified into breakfast, lunch, dinner, light meal (snack), and snacks.

It is also categorized by seat class, such as economy class, business class, first class and executive class.

In the next section#Contents of in-flight mealI will explain in detail in.

Contents and features of in-flight meals

Contents of in-flight meal

General structure of economy class

Place one serving on a tray and serve.

Sake is free for advanced seats,Economy classThen, depending on the type of sake, there may be a charge.Air FranceIs in economy classChampagneIs provided free of charge.

You can choose from two main dishes, such as meat and fish, chicken and beef, but on a first-come, first-served basis, only one may remain.For this reason, if you order the "surplus menu"Flight attendantMay be pleased with[3].

In recent years, in-flight meal menus can often be selected in order to acquire customers.For example, at Japanese airlines such as Japan Airlines,JapaneseIn addition to being part of the menuKorean AirThen.Bibimbap,Thai AirwaysThen.Thai curry,British AirwaysThen.English breakfastHometown dishes are also offered and can be selected.AlsoAir FranceOn long-haul routesChampagne,BreadUnlimited offer is made.

General composition of first class and business class

It is a course menu, and you can choose from 3 to 4 types.Unlike economy class, many airlines accept reservations for menus (main dishes) in advance.There are also airlines that offer regional cuisine (special meals, advance reservations required).Serving is done for each dish and served on tableware at each seat.Box meal on short-haul routesBox lunch) May be.On long-haul routessandwich,pizza,ice cream,RamenSuch asSnackIs often prepared.ア ラ カ ル トYou can also ask at your own convenience.


Unlike lunch and dinner, many are light and light.On international flights, it is mainly served on the second meal before arrival.In addition, light meals during the hours that do not correspond to "morning" are sometimes called "refreshment".

Special meal

Most airlines are medicalReligiousReason (so-calledFood taboo) For passengers who cannot eat regular mealsSpecial meal(Special meal:English: Special meal) Is prepared.

Specific examples of special meals are as follows.

  • Religious food
    • Muslim·meal(HalalAuthenticated)- IslamFor believers and customers with pork allergies.Pork and its by-productsliqueurKind (alcohol) Is not used.
    • Hindu Meal- HinduFor.Do not use beef.
    • Kosher・ Mir- JewishFor.BeforehandCachetPrayered according to.It is provided in a pre-packed and sealed condition.PassoverDuring the period, special dishes will be served according to customs.
    • Vegetarian Meal- vegetarian,JainFor.
      • For Asian Vegetarians-No meat, seafood or eggs.
      • Completely vegetarian-In addition to the above, no root vegetables, mushrooms or dairy products are used.

Special meals are not always available on all aircraft and usually require reservations in advance (mostly 24 hours before departure and 48-72 hours for prayer-intensive Kosher meals).However, passenger demand varies depending on the airline and destination, so one of the two regular meals is vegetarian meal or only Muslim meal (eg, Muslim meal only).Emirates Airlines[7]) May be.

Special meals can be applied for regardless of beliefs or religions.For example, it is possible for a person with a pork allergy to apply for an Islamic diet.[8].

For details on the individual special meals offered (for example, vegetarian meals vary from religion to religion), please refer to each.AirlinesPlease refer to the information on the official website of.

Light meal

For crew

By any chanceFood poisoningSome flight attendants eat different meals than passengers so that all crew members do not get sick and cause confusion in the cabin when this happens.Also, especially for the pilot crew, the worst situation of being unable to steer for the same reason (Comedy movie"Flying high』In order to prevent (what will happen as a result of this failure to be observed)Captain(Or PIC)Copilot(Or SIC) eats foods with completely different ingredients and seasonings, not only for in-flight meals but also for meals on the ground.[9]..In the case of the flight crew, the co-pilot may not be able to select the menu he likes because the captain's intention is often prioritized.

On many airlines, in-flight meals for crew arebusiness classIt is simply packed with the same ingredients and menus as in economy class tableware.Also,LufthansaSome airlines, such as, do not have meals for flight attendants.In that case, the flight attendants' meals may be allocated as meals from the in-flight meals procured for business class and first class passengers.Also, at many large airports, it is possible to purchase in-flight meals for crew members in advance.

Jeju AirlinesIn some airlines, such as, as a "pilot in-flight meal," a menu for crew members is offered to passengers.

For freighters

FreighterAlthough it is small, it has in-flight meal facilities, and meals equivalent to economy class are prepared mainly for long-distance flights, but there are no flight attendants, so the crew members who are free (mainly)Aviation engineerOr the co-pilot) prepares.If a person other than the crew is on board the freighter due to cargo, the person will be arranged, but alcoholic beverages are not included in the drink to prevent the crew from drinking alcohol.

For government aircraft

Government machineIn-flight meals are basically ordered and loaded in advance at your home country or destination.Japanese Government MachineIn the case ofJALWas an affiliated company ofThiev KIs in charge of in-flight meals, and the company also orders and delivers in-flight meals for exclusive aircraft in other countries.

As an exceptionPresident of the United StatesDedicated Air Force One (VC-25) Is on boardKitchenIs equipped with two locations, and the aircraft is the baseMarylandAndrews Air Force BasePurchase ingredients for the entire schedule at once (poisonLocal procurement is prohibited to prevent contamination.In addition, the ingredients are purchased at a nearby food store by a member hiding their identity) and prepared in the kitchen on the base.vacuum packIt is stored and loaded at, finished on board and provided.For this reason,US Air ForceThe waiter will also board as a "chef".

Features and characteristics of in-flight meals as seen from the provider


Since in-flight meals require a huge amount of ingredients, fresh foods cooked at factories on the ground are frozen and stored in a quick freezer.[10].

Due to safety regulations, open flames cannot be used on commercial aircraft, so flight attendants provide in-flight meals cooked on the ground in a galley.[11].

The main dish is a semi-processed product.It is mounted refrigerated and heated just before serving.For example, in the case of beef steak meat, it is put into a half-lived state at the factory shipment stage and reheated in the cabin.The heating method isovenMethod of heating several pieces at a time (mainlyBoeing 747-400There is a method of heating only the main dish at the same time by equipping each tray with a heating plate (mainly Boeing 747-400 and later models).However, in the former case, the oven used isMicrowaveHeat withmicrowaveThen, it interferes with the operation of the aircraft (the leaked radio waves make it impossible to use the navigation radio).water vaporSteam to useMicrowave ovenWill only be.

At an altitude of 1 meters(I.e.In a low cabinPressurizationDue to the decrease in humiditytasteBecomes dull[11]..Therefore, it is necessary to season it more strongly than a normal meal.Emirates Flight Catering (EFC) in-flight meal manager Jost Heimeier said that the impact of pressurization on new aircraft such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 is 2,500 meters above sea level due to the introduction of new technology. In the Swiss AlpsVerbierIt is pointed out that it is almost the same state as the above, and it may not be possible to taste the delicate taste as delicate as on the ground in the sky, but it can be reduced by bold seasoning.[11].


Flight attendantsCartMovable for each seat from the aisleテ ー ルServe to.It turns in order from the front and back of the aircraft and from the vicinity of the main wing (the position where the galley is located) on wide-body aircraft.If the type can be selected,MileageIn many cases, senior members take orders first and leave options.


In economy classPlasticMade or madeAluminumMany containers are made of.Business class and aboveChinaMade of tableware is used.

Knives, forks, etc. are made of disposable plastic with the aim of reducing costs.Basically, in business class and above, metal cutlery is used, and depending on the airline, even in economy,Environmental protectionSome airlines use metal from this point of view.In recent years, the development of lightweight tableware has been active from the viewpoint of saving aviation fuel.

In-flight meal factory and food loader

Most of the in-flight meal factories are two-story, with the first floor collecting empty carts and washing dishes, and the second floor serving as a cooking / serving and loading port for trucks.A truck that transports carts with in-flight meals to aircraft from an in-flight meal factory near the airport is called "Food Loader ("Food Loader) ”, And the loading platform is lifted to the height of the aircraft when loading at the factory and loading and unloading to the aircraft.When loading in-flight meals on an aircraft, do so from the front of the loader.

Emirates' subsidiary Emirates Flight Catering (EFC)'s Dubai plant cleans 300 million used dishes and utensils daily.[10].

Other offers

In-flight meals can only be eaten when boarding an airplane, but there are cases where "in-flight meals" are listed as a restaurant item at restaurants inside airports run by airline affiliates and catering companies.[12]However, the seasoning is different from the meals served by airplane, and it is seasoned to be eaten on the ground.Generally, it is not clear which airline the menu / ingredients are the same as those offered, but with a specific airline.Tie-upOn rare occasions such as fairs, the ones with almost the same specifications as the ones that are put out on board may be offered.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in 2020, international flights will be significantly suspended and a large amount of in-flight meals will be left over, so we will sell it on our own EC site.[13], Opening an in-flight meal restaurant using an airplane parked at the airport, etc., offerings other than in-flight are increasing[14].

American airline in-flight meal

Domestic flights, etc.

Intense price competitionThe United States of AmericaOn domestic flightsEconomy classDue to the cost cut,FreeIt's been a long time since my in-flight meal disappeared.Against these movementsDelta AirlinesIn 2016, in order to differentiate itself from its competitors by services, it started offering free in-flight meals to economy class passengers on a trial basis on the route connecting New York (Kennedy International Airport) with Los Angeles and San Francisco. From March 2017, 3, it expanded to 1 routes across the North American continent.[15]..Against this movementAmerican airlinesAlso,North AmericaThere is a movement to provide free in-flight meals on crossing routes, etc.[16].

International flights

EU airline in-flight meals

In-flight meals of Japanese airlines

Domestic flights


JapanIn Japan,Second World WarWas in service on a domestic flight beforeJapan AirlinesHowever, it is said that it started by providing light meals to domestic passengers.

After World War II,Japan Airlines(JAL)America OfNorthwest AirlinesLeased with the crewMartin 2-0-2With the model "Mokuboshi"1951 (Showa26 years) April 10Haneda airport - Itami Airport - Board with airportStarted regular passenger service between[Annotation 1]..On the outbound route of this first flightTokyo Station HotelBut on the return trip, Royal Co., Ltd. (currentlyRoyal Holdings Co., Ltd.) But of eggs and hamsandwich,thermosPut inBlack teaWas the beginning of postwar in-flight meals.

After that, following the company, other companies also used boxed bread on morning flights and long-haul routes from evening to night.SoupSuch asLight mealIs offered and at other timesConfectionery(Tea confectionery) will be offered.Unlike international flights, cold ingredients that do not require heating in a galley in a small amount from the viewpoint of load capacity and cost due to short flight time and large number of people provided (rice ball,sandwich) Was used.Also, Japan Airlines,All Nippon Airways(ANA),Japan Air SystemThree major companies of (JAS)Super seatAfter the introduction of, all three companies began to serve heated in-flight meals at lunch and dinner.

1998 (10) Entry of new airlines[Annotation 2]As a result, the three major companies have entered into price competition to reduce airfares by enhancing pre-purchased fares.1999 As of March 11, the light meal service for ordinary seats will be completely abolished, and only sweets will be served at all times.and2000 From around (12), we stopped offering sweets and only drinks.

Even after the abolition of the regular seats, the super seats of the three major companies have been offered on flights departing early in the morning and in the evening.Japan Airlines abolished Super Seat in 3 when the business of Japan Air System was integrated.Class JOnly tea confectionery was offered in an attempt to switch to2007 (19) in AugustDomestic first classWas started, and full-scale in-flight meals were resumed.Since then, All Nippon Airways has also provided "Super Seat Premium" to improve services in the upper class.

Due to deregulation policies in the aviation industry1990 eraThe services of new airlines established sequentially from the latter half vary depending on the company.Sky mark"Cygnus class" that was once setIbex airlinesIn the early morning flight, light meals were once provided free of charge, but now they are no longer available.Currently, we are offering free mealsFuji Dream AirlinesとAIRDOOnly some of the flights are limited to bread and tea confectionery.2012 Opened sequentially from (24)Cheap airline(LCC) offers in-flight meals, but everything including drinksIn-flight salesIt is provided for a fee in the form of.Commuter routes are often not available due to distance and equipment scale,Amakusa airlineOnly drinks and tea confectionery are offered throughout the year.

2 major companies

Japan Airlines Group
  • Domestic first class
  • Class J
    • Previously, only tea and drinks were served on routes with relatively long flight times, and only drinks on other routes.2011 May 4From now on, only drinks are available.HoweverNahaBeer, non-alcoholic beer, and Blue Seal ice cream are provided for a fee on departures and arrivals.The types of drinks you can choose are different from regular seats, and hot Japanese tea is not served on some short-haul routes.
  • Ordinary seats (excluding flights with a flight time of about 30 minutes)
    • Soft drinks such as cola and orange juice, and drinks such as coffee and tea, green tea and consomme soup are provided to all passengers.In addition, candy will be provided depending on the route, and beer, non-alcoholic beer, and blue seal ice cream will be provided for a fee on flights to and from Naha as in Class J, but warm green tea will not be provided on some short-distance routes.
All Nippon Airways Group
  • Premium class
    • Before June 2012, heavy box lunches were served during the morning, lunch, and dinner hours.At other times, box meals were served with light meals, namagashi, and fruits packed in boxes. From June 6, morning / lunch / dinner time zone "Premium GOZEN", other time zone as "Premium SABO"Shokado BentoOffers windy meals.As with Japan Airlines First Class, you can choose alcohol as your drink.
  • Ordinary seats (excluding flights with a flight time of about 30 minutes)
    • From April 2010 to May 4, all beverages except water and tea were offered for a fee.Water and tea were also basically provided only to the passengers who ordered. From June 2012Cheap airlineFrom the perspective of differentiating from, the free service has been resumed. From April 2013, the free beef consomme soup service was resumed.Candy is prepared like Japan Airlines, but it is a declaration system.
    • Confectionery and alcoholic beverages are offered for a fee on all routes, as well asSapporo (New Chitose)-Osaka (Itami)-Osaka (Kansai)-FukuokaLine, Sapporo (New Chitose)Sendai-Tokyo (Haneda)-Nagoya (Chubu)・ Osaka (Itami) ・ Osaka (Kansai))-Naha Line, Tokyo (Haneda) ・ Nagoya (Chubu) ・ Osaka (Kansai)-MiyakoLine, Tokyo (Haneda), Nagoya (Chubu), Osaka (Kansai), Fukuoka-IshigakiOn the line, Haagen-Dazs ice cream and light meals limited to the line are also provided for a fee.Until October 2017, 10, if you make a reservation in advance, the same meal as the premium class will be provided for a fee (however, it was limited to some flights for which the premium class is set), and the original soup will be charged for a fee. There was also an offer.

New airline

Sky mark
  • 2016 (28)May 10Than,Nestle JapanAs a "air travel project that makes you want to ride again" under a partner contract withKitKat・ Mini is on some routesNescafe・ Gold blend is provided free of charge.Other soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks will be provided for a fee.[17][18][19]..With the "Football Seat", which adds service to the front row seats, you can select one of the paid items for free.[20].
  • The Cygnus class, which was once set up, initially provided light meals and drinks free of charge, but due to the reduction in the Cygnus class price, it was canceled only in February 2006.After that, it survived as the only domestic flight in Japan that does not provide any in-flight meals, tea confectionery, or drinks, but as of the end of August 2, the Cygnus class itself was abolished.
  • At the beginning of the route opening, we only provided drinking water to those who wished to reduce costs, but from around 2000beerAfter starting code-sharing with ANA, starting with the start of paid services of the kindcoffee,Green Tea, We are trying to provide original onion soup free of charge and expand the types of alcohol.Furthermore, from November 2015, there will be a charge.Soup CurryIs now available. From November 2016misoバ タ ーPorridgeIn addition to replacing it with, the Haneda-New Chitose line limited to early morning on weekdays will now provide bread free of charge.[21]..These products are made in Hokkaido.
Fuji Dream Airlines

An example of tea confectionery

Solaseed Air

We do not provide meals, but we do provide tea, coffee, soup, etc. free of charge for drinks, and the soup is Agoyuzu soup in Kyushu.We also sell alcohol for a fee, which is also local to Kyushu and Okinawa.

Star flyer

Drinks such as tea and coffee are provided free of charge, and coffeeMorinaga ConfectioneryMade ofチ ョ コ レ ー トComes with.Also, on routes onlyminestroneAnd onion soup is also offered.Meals are limited to routesPorridge-risottoEtc. (menu changes depending on the season) are offered for a fee.Alcohol is beer on night flights at the beginning of service (Kirin Ichiban Squeezed) Was provided free of charge,Drunk drivingIt was once canceled due to prevention, and is now offered for a fee.[23].

Ibex airlines
  • Previously, meals were served only on early morning flights and alcohol was served only on night flights, but now only coffee, juice and tea are available.

Cheap airline

Peach Aviation,Jetstar Japan,Vanilla air,Spring Airlines Japan,AirAsia Japan
  • As with low-cost carriers in other countries, lunch boxes and beverages are all provided for a fee.Ordering food and beverages at the same time is a bit cheaper, and food may be sold at a discount on night-to-midnight flights.

Commuter route

  • Amakusa airlineOffers free pack juice and tea confectionery.
  • Oriental air bridgeIn principle, it does not provide food or drinks, but it may offer free tea confectionery for a limited time.

International flights

Very short-distance routes (Fukuoka - BusanExcept for), one or two meals will be served.Serving time is often irrelevant to the time of departure or arrival.

For short-distance flights, it is generally within 1 hour after takeoff, for long-distance flights, the first time is approximately within 1 hours after takeoff, and the second time is approximately 2 hours before the estimated time of arrival.If you eat a lot of meals just before departure without considering the circumstances around here at all, you will not be able to eat enough in-flight meals, or eating enough in-flight meals will break the rhythm of meals at the destination and affect your physical condition. In some cases.On most international flights,Religious-thought-creed-MedicalFor the above reasonsSpecial mealSpecial meals will be provided if you apply in advance.

In addition to meals served as in-flight meals, anytimeBiscuitLight meal service andNight flightFor example, bread and sandwiches as a midnight snack, and flights to and from Japanrice ball,Cup Noodle(JAL's "UdonAnd ANA's "Very special udonSome companies offer light meals such as "(end of service)" and others.

Basically, we contract with a contractor in the partner country to arrange for the return flight, but from Japan South Korea,Taiwan-Chugoku-GuamOn short-distance routes such as lines, the return route may also be listed together.


Most of the companies that cook in-flight meals are affiliated companies in which airlines invest, but on the other handEating outIn some cases, companies are involved in the in-flight meal business, and in recent years, when upgrading food, famous restaurants andHotel, Restaurants may supervise the menu.


In general, the airline's home country food is often served (when procuring locally, such as on the return trip mentioned above, the color of the local food may appear).In addition, the content of meals varies depending on the seat grade.

Taiwanese airline in-flight meal

In-flight meals of Korean airlines

Middle Eastern airline in-flight meals

United Arab Emirates OfDubaiIt is inEmirates AirlinesEmirates Flight Catering (EFC), a subsidiary of Emirates, is the world's largest in-flight meal factory.[1]..Emirates requires up to 142 daily in-flight meals for more than 400 routes to 18 locations around the world, about 65% of which is manufactured at its Dubai factory.[1].

In-flight meals of airlines in the People's Republic of China

Russian airline in-flight meal

Major companies / industry groups



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  • Legend of ConcordeThe restaurant in the observation hall of Kansai International Airport was famous for adding in-flight meals to the menu. Closed December 2019, 12.
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