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🧳 | People who "received a 5000 yen bill at Fukushima Airport" continued.The topical campaign is more popular than expected, and it's only a short time to finish

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People who "received a 5000 yen bill at Fukushima Airport" continued.The topical campaign is more popular than expected, and it's only a short time to finish

If you write the contents roughly
The campaign was planned to stimulate demand at the airport and restore usage.

Since November 2021, this has been muttered on Twitter and has become a hot topic.Do you know the reader? "Fortune ... → Continue reading

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Demand creation

Demand creation (British: Demand generation), orStimulate demand,Demand generationIt is,ProductsIt is a targeted marketing measure to raise awareness and interest in[1]. For companies Demand generation measures commonly used in business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales cycles use multiple marketing techniques to combine sales processes and marketing measures.[2].

There are several stages in the demand creation process, involving multiple factors that vary depending on sales size and complexity.Includes awareness acquisition, positioning, solution validation assistance, and customer rating reduction.Regarding the methodology of demand creation, it is said that he was the author of the sales and advertising practice book in the United States.AIDMA (Idoma; attention, interest, desire, memory, behavior).

Gain recognition

Demand creation is a comprehensive approach that marketing and sales within a company should work together.[3]..Through a variety of lead development campaigns and marketing initiatives, demand-creating efforts build long-term relationships between brands and potential customers while measuring and developing prospects' willingness to buy products / services for that brand. Is aimed at[4][5]..Raising brand or product / service awareness is an important part of the demand creation process and often requires continuous effort.MarketingMultiple methods are involved.

Advanced demand creation programs are usually some form of aggressiveness supported by more traditional market programs and processes.Lead generationIt depends on the activity.This is because demand-creating programs tend to assume that prospects are aware of their needs and problems and are trying to solve them when looking for a solution.Demand creation may not be effective if the prospect is unaware (consciously, or at least unknowingly) that they are having a problem.Therefore, ancillary lead generation activities are needed.

Make it easier to find

The second key area focused by marketers looking to create demand is to ensure that prospects find themselves when looking for vendors in a particular solution area.This is also achieved using a variety of techniques and tools.Often overlaps with the tools used to raise awareness, but with different points of focus.

  • Search engine advertising– Purchase ads on search engines that appear when keywords in a particular category or known competitors in the solution space are searched[6].
  • Search engine optimization– When a variety of techniques are used to search for keywords in a particular category or known competitors in the solution spaceSearch engineRaise the ranking of your website in the results of[7] [8].
  • WebinarorSeminar– Help prospects understand vendor solutions, how to use them, and case studies in online web-based seminars or in-room seminars.[9].
  • Demonstrations and free trials– Easy-to-access, often online tools to demonstrate solutions or access trial versions with limited time or limited functionality to help future buyers adapt to the solution and its needs. To be able to understand.

Proceed with solution verification

Demand creation and lead generation are often confused.Connecting demand to sales is a completely different task.However, many companies refer to the lead generation organization as the demand creation department.[10].

This later phase of the purchasing process verifies that the vendors you choose meet your customer's requirements and discusses costs, terms and conditions, support, and services.vendorAnd complete the purchase process.

This is often the caseSales representativeIncludes coordinating the involvement of other organizations and resources outside the organization, such as success stories customers.

  • Marketing Tools – Trials, Demonstrations, Designed for More Detailed Evaluation and Verification of SolutionsWhite paper,andSeminar
  • Case Customer Management – ​​Fostering, managing, and selecting case customers who are willing to provide potential customers with a current (or past point in time) customer perspective.
  • Sales involvement – ​​contractNegotiationAdjusting appropriate sales resources to interact with prospects to advance the final stages of the purchasing process, such as terms of use, approvals, etc.

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