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🛏 | Imperial Hotel expands to 349 guest rooms in the Tower Building of the "Serviced Apartment" that lives in the hotel


Imperial Hotel expands to 349 guest rooms in the "Serviced Apartment" Tower Building

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This time, all guest rooms in the tower building of the hotel will be expanded as serviced apartments and will be sold until the end of March 2023.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo has launched a serviced apartment as a new business in February 2021 for all customers in the Tower Building ... → Continue reading

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Serviced apartments

Serviced apartmentsAndHotelとApartmentIt is a residence that has an intermediate function between the two, and is completely different from these two facilities.

Deposit-key moneyThere is no.Services range from utilities, linen change, cleaning, housekeeping, breakfast service and more. Fitness gym,SPASome facilities can also be used as ancillary facilities such as facilities.

In Japan, ultra-luxury serviced apartments are open for foreigners and some wealthy people. Southeast Asiaな どDeveloping countrySince it is possible to stay at a reasonable price, it is mainly used by expatriates of Japanese companies.


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