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🛏 | Roll cake, tiger pattern on sale at Hotel Nikko Kanazawa 28th

Photo Tiger pattern roll cake (provided by Hotel Nikko Kanazawa)

Roll cake, tiger pattern on sale at Hotel Nikko Kanazawa on the 28th

If you write the contents roughly
Strawberries, bananas, kiwis and peaches were mixed with fresh cream.

Hotel Nikko Kanazawa (Kanazawa City) will release a tiger-patterned roll cake on the 28th, in connection with next year's zodiac sign "Tora" ... → Continue reading

 Northern country, Toyama newspaper

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Cream (food)

cream(English: cream) IsfatとproteinIs a thick white or light yellow liquid that is concentrated. In principlemilkIt is a product derived from the ingredients.Milk ministerial ordinanceIs "Raw milk,milkorSpecial milkからMilk fatRemoves all but 18.0% milk fat%That's what I said above."


Heat unrefined milkSterilizationAfter that, let stand and cool to separate the cream into upper layers.IndustrialTypicallycentrifugeIs manufactured using. Not so much from milk, but richer in milk fat than milkbuffaloMuch can be taken from milk. Buffalo milk cream is thick enough to cut with a knife,TurkishでCaimak(slide) Called.Middle East TheDessertBuffalo milk cream is preferred as the cream to be added to.


Classification in the United Kingdom

United KingdomThen, depending on the fat content, it is divided into 18% single cream (or cream), 48% double cream, 55% clotted cream *, etc.The milk fat content of butter is about 80% and that of fresh cream is about 40%, while that of clotted cream is about 60%.

Classification in Japan

Fresh cream

Raw milkmilkThe cream under the ministerial ordinance labeled "By type: Cream", which is made from "milk fat only" taken out separately, is generally treated as "fresh cream".Some products are described as "Junsei" in the product name.

Generally, "fresh cream" is made from only animal fat (milk fat) = raw milk.18-30 depending on the fat content for the purpose of use%"Light cream" is "for coffee", 30-48% of "heavy cream" is "for coffee"whipIt is classified as "for".It cannot be called fresh cream if it contains other things.It is made by centrifuging and concentrating only milk fat from raw milk.The cream (above) whipped specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Milk, etc. is called fresh cream.

Whipped cream

Whipped cream is made by adding vegetable fat to animal fat, or only vegetable fat.Whipped cream is not classified as cream in other countries.

In Japan, whisk creamWhipped creamCalled,Whisk and hand mixerMake using Also known as chantilly cream and crème chantilly. Milk fatバ タ ーSolid at low temperatures as seen in℃Melting begins before and after, and when the temperature rises above the melting point, the fluidity increases and the formed bubbles tend to collapse, so foam while cooling.If it is stirred too much, it will separate into butter and whey.IndustriallyNitrous oxide,carbon dioxideManufacture by adding[1].

As an alternative to whipped cream, those that are clearly not whipped cream are also called whipped cream.[2], "For whip", "Fresh", etc. are sold.JapanIn the US, alternatives using vegetable oils and fats are widely used.(English edition)"Craft foodsThe whipped state lasts for a long time without the need for whipping and is widely used. The milk fat content of the product has a rich flavor, and the vegetable fats and oils make it easy to melt in the mouth.

Milk or foods made from dairy products

To milk fatAdditive,Vegetable oilThose with the addition of "Name: Milk orDairy productsIs a food whose main ingredient is.

Pure milk fat type
Milk fat with “additives” such as emulsifiers and stabilizers added, and sold under the designation pure milk fat.
Compound type
Part of milk fat replaced with "vegetable fat" such as vegetable oil. It is also called "compound cream".
Vegetable fat type
It does not contain milk fat and uses only vegetable fat for fat.

Use, processing, etc.

As cream

  • As flavor and richnessstew,SoupIt is added to dishes such as.

In any case, since a fat may be separated when a cream having a high milk fat content is added as it is, it is preferable to use a cream having a low milk fat content.

Processed goods 

  • Butter cream —— Stir the butter and cream vigorously, add a little vanilla extract, and separate the fat.
  • ice cream -Made only with cream or mixed with milk.
  • sour cream -Fresh creamLactic acid fermentationWhat was made.
  • Ghee --A type of clarified butter mixed with milk, also known as refined butter cream.From butterWhey protein(Water and milk protein) removed. A mixture of butter heated and stirred at low temperature to evaporate water, precipitate milk protein, and then collect the supernatant.

Nutritional value

Main of cream (fluid, heavy whipping) (in 100g)fatty acidType of[5]
ItemQuantity (g)
saturated fatty acid23.032
6:0 (Caproic acid)0.71
8:0 (Caprylic acid)0.413
10:0 (Capric acid)0.928
12:0 (Lauric acid)1.039
14:0 (Myristic acid)3.721
16:0 (Palmitic acid)9.732
18:0 (stearic acid)4.484
Monounsaturated fatty acid10.686
16:1 (Palmitoleic acid)0.829
18:1 (oleic acid)9.308
Polyunsaturated fatty acid1.374
18:2 (Linoleic acid)0.836
18:3 (α-linolenic acid)0.538


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