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🛏 | Hotel Dream Gate Maihama reopens for the first time in 4 years from April 1st!With the completion of home extension work

Photo "Hotel Dream Gate Maihama" directly connected to Maihama Station, which will resume for the first time in two years

Hotel Dream Gate Maihama reopens for the first time in 4 years from April 1st!With the completion of home extension work

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"Hotel Dream Gate Maihama" is directly connected to the station just outside the ticket gate.

"Hotel Dream Gate Maihama" under the elevated Maihama Station, which has been closed since April 2020, will be on April 4, 2022 (Friday) ... → Continue reading

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Hotel Dream Gate Maihama

Hotel Dream Gate Maihama(Hotel Dream Gate Maihama) isChibaUrayasu cityMaihamaIt is inEast Japan Railway(JR East) GroupHotelchain(JR East Hotels) Belongs toHotelone of.Operational workJapan HotelIs going.Tokyo Disney ResortAdjacent toOfficial hotelWe do not have any tie-ups such as.


Maihama StationNext to the concourse,Keiyo Line OfviaductA hotel built directly underneath2004/(16) It opened on February 2th.The name was selected from about 29 cases that were solicited from the general public.[2].

From opening2009/Until March 21, 3, JR East subsidiaryKeiyo Planning and DevelopmentIt was operated byChiba branchDue to the dissolution of the company due to the reorganization of a subsidiary in the jurisdiction, the hotel and "Familio Tateyama" will be operated from April 4st, the following day.Kanto regionWas transferred to Nippon Hotel, which oversees the operation of JR-East Hotels.

Near Tokyo at Maihama Station2017/(29) "Hotel Dream Gate Maihama Annex" was added on December 12th.[3].2020/(Reiwa2 years) From April 4st, at the viaduct directly above the hotel, at Maihama StationHome testAlthough it was temporarily closed due to extension work[4][5], Following the completion of construction2022/Business resumed from April 4 of (Reiwa 4th year)[6].

Construction method

For construction, with JR EastTakenaka CorporationBy the "suspended seismic isolation method" developed by[2]Under the overpass while maintaining the seismic resistance of the viaductnoise-vibrationA hotel without a hotel was maintained.The suspension seismic isolation method is used only in the guest room.


  • Saizeriya
    Cafe restaurant on the 1st floor of the main building.There are two entrances, one inside the hotel and one on the road side of the 1st floor of Maihama Station.It is available from breakfast to dinner.Breakfast is only available to guests.
  • chawan
    Annex 2nd floor.
    Skylark group"Japanese rice and cafe".It is available from breakfast to dinner.Breakfast is only available to guests.


Directly connected to Maihama Station on the Keiyo Line.Tokyo DisneylandAbout 5 minutes walk from the bus terminal.

Disney Resort Line OfResort gateway stationIt takes about 1 minute on foot from.


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