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🧳 | [YouTuber file 2 approaching the mystery of the world] Ano prophecy of the topic when it hits !? "Drinking milk tea ...


[YouTuber file 2 approaching the mystery of the world] Ano prophecy of the topic when it hits !? "Drinking milk tea ...

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All of the videos of Mr. I want to drink milk tea are deeply thought out, and you will be able to see the world from a completely different angle.

Mi is a popular video that takes up and considers a wide range of topics such as the mysteries of the world, urban legends, secrets of the universe, and ancient documents. → Continue reading


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Milk tea

Milk tea(British: milk tea) IsmilkSuch asmilkPutBlack teaThat.

Incidentally,Coffee freshIs sometimes called milk tea, but it is not the original way of drinking black tea.[Source required]


Mongolian,TibetansInlandEurasia Of遊牧民BetweentransactionByChugokuObtained fromteaTocow,SheepMilk, orバ タ ーI had a long eating habit[Source required].. On the other handEuropeThis custom began in the relatively new, 17th century[1].

Not tea, but crushedTeaWas boiled in water and boiled separately.cowIn Mongolia, there is Suteichiai (in Chinese, "tea") made by adding milk, which is also sometimes called milk tea.[2].

Type/How to make

teaIs suitable for those with a strong taste that is as good as that of milk. The representative oneAssamSeed and known as black tea suitable for milk tea[Source required].またEarl GreyIt is said that bergamot incense goes well with milk.[Source required].fermentationLow degree, delicate taste and aromaDarjeeling TeaIs not suitable for milk tea[Source required].

It is said that pasteurized milk at room temperature is good for milk.[Source required].Japanese milk has less milk fat content than England, so when you drink it using the English method, it has a light taste and tends to be watery.[Source required].If you are looking for a British brewed taste, increase the milk fat content.Ingredient milkIs recommended to use[Source required].

Milk first or tea first

There are two schools depending on whether milk or tea is put in the cup first.[3].George OrwellIn 1946(English edition)In the essay published, "in every family in Britain there are probably two schools of thought on the subject", tea Insisted that it was more correct to put[3].Royal Chemical SocietyReleased a light press release on how to make black tea in 2003, stating that milk should be placed in a cup first without warming.[3][4].

Adding milk first is also called "milk in first"[5][6].

Milk tea

  • ice
Add tea to milk with ice. As you likegum syrupAdd.A coffee shop,CaféBy adding gum syrup to milk beforehandPoose CafeThere is also a two-tiered menu.
  • hot
Preheat the tea cup in boiling water. Put room temperature milk in a warm cup and pour black tea. By doing so, it is possible to suppress the temperature decrease due to milk at room temperature and minimize the temperature change of milk. As you likesugarAdd. The milk usedPasteurized milkIs good[7]It is said that

Tea latte

It is sold at coffee shops and cafes, and steam milk is added to high-pressure extracted strong black tea (tea presso).


Chai TheIndiaThe typical way to drinkCommon peopleDrinks. Typicallypot,KettleBoil black tea with a small amount of water, add a large amount of milk and boil further, and season with a large amount of sugar beforehand[8]. In JapancinnamonThose using spices such as are often called chai.

Royal milk tea

Royal milk tea is a popular type of tea in Japan[9], To the tea that was extracted stronglymilkOr tea extracted with milk instead of hot water[10][11].

"Royal milk tea" is Japanese English[10]. JapaneseTea roomIs said to be the pioneer of[12]"LiptonIt is thought that it was the first time that "Royal Milk Tea" was offered as one of the royal series in 1965 by "Far East Branch of Coffee Department under the direct control of the head office" (currently).[13][14]After that, it became popular in Japan[13][15]..Compared to the type of black tea with milk that is common in the UK, it is characterized by a large amount of milk.[16].

Toshiki HorieIs Japanese royal milk tea or Indian style (also boiled in a pot and using milk)ChaiCan be collectively expressed as "stewed tea" (English stewed tea)[11][18].

Normal milk tea mixes milk with black tea boiled in water or boiling water, but Royal milk tea is characterized in that tea leaves are boiled directly with milk. However, when milk is boiled, it is contained in milkprotein(casein) Covers the tea leaves and cannot be extracted sufficiently, so the following method is recommended.

  • Royal milk tea (for one person)
  1. Double the amount of black tea on a small plate[Note 1]Take a small amount of boiling water and let the tea leaves open in advance.
  2. Split milk at room temperature with water[Note 2], Heat in a milk pan until just before boiling and turn off the heat.
  3. Add 1 tea leaf to 2, cover and steam for a few minutes.
  4. Strain with a strainer of tea and pour into a tea cup. As you likeGranulated sugarAdd.

Generally, increasing the proportion of water makes the aftertaste clearer, and the richer the proportion of milk, the richer the taste.[Source required].. At coffee shops and cafes, in order to bring out the richnessevaporated milkMay be used. From the beverage manufacturer, in addition to milk,Fresh creamThere are also products that add richness to the product for sale.

Milk tea with tapioca

TaiwanThen,tapiocaI put the ball made inPearl milk teaIce milk tea called (Jenju Nature) is sold on the street and is very popular. In recent years,Hong Kong,ChugokuBut it's common and is spreading in Japan[Note 3].

Also, in Taiwan, eggsPuddingMilk tea containing is also sold.

Hong Kong milk tea

Hong Kong,SingaporeThen, to enjoy the rich tasteRaw milknotevaporated milkIs often added. Also, depending on the shop, in addition to blending black tea,Puer teaSometimes the flavor is adjusted by adding a small amount of[Note 4].


Tea production areaSri LankaA common milk tea to be drunk in. KiriSinhalaIn the sense of milk, it means milk tea. Neighboring IndiaChaiUnlike, no spices are used.BOPFLike fine tea leaves and a lot of sugar, andPowdered milkorCondensed milkTo use. When adding kirite, bubbling the surface by pouring the liquid vigorously several times between multiple containers[19].


Milk teacan,Paper carton,PET bottlesIncluded products from many manufacturersvending machineIt is sold at such as, and the type is alsoCanned coffeeIt has become as abundant as it is now in most vending machines.

Many other products are on sale from other companies.


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