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🧳 | [Japan's No. XNUMX serialization] Which production area has the highest hop production?Beer to revitalize the town!


[Japan's No. XNUMX serialization] Which production area has the highest hop production?Beer to revitalize the town!

If you write the contents roughly
If you love beer, why don't you go out to Iwate / Akita, where Tono City and Yokote City are located, for the purpose of traveling to beer?

A series of TABIZINE that introduces various best in Japan.This time, the raw material for beer that many people eat even when traveling ... → Continue reading


TABIZINE is an off-time WEB magazine with the theme of travel and freedom.
Through travel information and small stories from all over the world, we propose a lifestyle that makes you feel like traveling.

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Yokote City

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Atago Shrine, Tamura ShrineImage providedplease.(March 2021)

Yokote City(Yokote) isAkitaLocated in the southeastCity.

It is the central city in the southern part of Akita prefecture.Class B gourmet OfYokote YakisobaAnd traditional events in FebruaryKamakuraIs famous all over the country.


Ou MountainsとDewa mountain areaBe sandwiched betweenYokote BasinLocated in, it is prospering as a central city in the south of the prefecture.In the prefectureAkita CityIt has the second largest population, but the difference is large, with Akita City.Primate CityIt has become.

2005/(17)May 10, Former Yokote City and all towns and villages that belonged to Hiraka District (Masuda Town,Hiraka Town,Omonokawa Town,Omorimachi,Jumonji Town,Yamauchi Village,Taiyu Village) Merged to form a new system, Yokote City.This will result inPrefectural office locationWith the exception of Akita City, which is the only city in the prefecture with a population of over 10, it has become the second largest city in the prefecture.Heisei Municipal MergerThere are other examples of a city with 10 people, but in the case of Yokote City, the living areas of the former Yokote City and Hiraka District were almost the same, so the merger of the cities was promoted.The name of the new city after the merger was solicited and selected from 2324 applications."Akinan City", "Hiraka City" and "Yokote City" remain in the final selection, and it was finally decided to be Yokote City.[1].

Yokote City can be divided into eight areas, which are the cities, towns and villages before the merger, of which the Yokote area, which corresponds to the former Yokote City, is the center of the city.[2]..Yokote areaOmonogawaIs a tributary ofYokote RiverDeveloped alongSengoku periodToDewakuniBoasted power inMr. Onodera OfResidenceIsYokote CastleIs placed,Edo Period TheMr. SatakeIt prospered as a castle town of the clan Tomura.Yokote CastleBoshin WarDisappeared at, but laterYokote ParkYou can overlook the Yokote basin from the simulated castle tower of Yokote Castle.[3]..Located in the northern part of Yokote areaKanazawaIn the districtGosannen WarThere is an old battlefield,Historical park,MuseumHas been maintained.

The production of fruit trees and vegetables, including rice cultivation, is active, and in the hills in the eastern part of the city.Apple-Grape, Jumonji areaCherryProduction is thriving[3]..In the Omonogawa areawatermelonIs also cultivated.Besides the agricultural industrySake brewingAlso flourishing.

The main government building and the Jori south government building / Jori north government building are located in the Yokote area, and the branch government buildings are located in the other seven areas.The branch office is the regional bureau and is the contact point for the region. From the beginning of the merger in 7 to March 2005, the current Jori South Government Building and Jori North Government Building will be the Main Government South Government Building (Yokote Hiraka Wide Area Exchange Center) and the North Government Building (Administrative Center), respectively. Was placed in the North Government Building[Annotation 1].. Since March 2014, 3, the former Yokote City Hall has been used as the main government building.

The place name of "Yokote" isEdo PeriodVisited this placeMasumi SugaeHowever, he wrote that it may have originated from the "Yokodote" that was built on the side of the village to prevent the flooding of the river.


IwateNishiwaga TownContact withPrefectural borderCity.In Akita prefectureSenboku-gunMisato Town,Daisen City,Yurihonjo City,Yuzawa,Ogatsu-gunUgo TownとHigashi Naruse VillageAdjacent to.

Yokote BasinLocated in the central part of the eastOu MountainsThe Yokote River flows through the city.From north to southNational Route 13as well as the Yuzawa Yokote Road, East and westNational Route 107as well as the Akita ExpresswayIt is a key point of transportation through which.However,Akita ShinkansenDoes not pass through the city and borders northDaisen CityThere is a station in.The prefectural capital of Akita PrefectureAkita CityIt is about 70km away from.

Area is 692.80km2So, among all 25 municipalitiesKazunoNext to 9th place.It occupies about 6% of the whole Akita prefecture.It has about 45km east-west and about 35km north-south.[4].

Japanese Meteorological AgencyTo announceEarthquake early warning(EarthquakeIn the area used in) with all neighboring municipalitiesSemboku CityTogetherSouthern inland area of ​​Akita prefectureIs classified as[5]..As a regional division within the prefecture, it is classified in the southern part of the prefecture.


The average annual temperature for the past 29 years (1991 to 2020) is 11.2 ° C, the average daily maximum temperature is 15.9 ° C, the average daily minimum temperature is 7.1 ° C, and the annual precipitation is 1737.3 mm.[6].

It is one of the most heavy snowfall areas in Japan and has a lot of snow in winter.Special heavy snowfall areaIs specified in.Showa 48 heavy snowThen, the total amount of snowfall reached 11.6m and the deepest snowfall reached a maximum of 2.5m.[3].Sea of ​​Japan side climateIn addition to being classified as, the daily range of temperature is large because it is an inland basin.The Pacific OceanBlow from the side(I.e.Blows down the Ou Mountains,Fern phenomenonMay occur.

Yokote City Meteorological Observation Extremes[7]
Extreme valueObserved valueObservation date
(I.e.38.6 ℃2018/(Heisei30 years)May 8
(I.e.-16.4 ℃2018May 2
Daily precipitation262.0 mm2017/(29)May 7
Hourly precipitation68.5 mm2017 (Heisei 20)/7/22
Climate of Yokote City (1991-2020)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)11.0
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)1.4
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)−1.3
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−4.3
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−15.5
Precipitation amount mm (inch)184.1
Snowfall cm (inch)276
Average monthlyDaylight hours32.052.6100.7157.0185.8172.0146.0177.7144.1130.883.538.31,416.4
Source 1:Japanese Meteorological Agency[6]
Source 2:Japanese Meteorological Agency[7]



* The data on the right is for the former Yokote City before the merger.


Former Yokote City

Current Yokote City


This section includes some computers andBrowsing softwareContains characters that cannot be displayed with (○ Anshinichi's first character is a variant of "high")(Details).
  • Chair: Tsutomu Shioda, Vice Chair: Yutaka Okuyama
2009/(21)11 - 2011/(23)6 Yoneo Ishiyama (former Mayor Masuda)[Annotation 4]), Vice Chairman Tsutomu Shioda
2007/(19)11 - 2009/(21)10 Chairman Toshio Tanaka, Vice-chairman Shinichi Takayasu
2005/(17)11 - 2007/(19)11 Chairman Toshio Tanaka (former Yokote City Council), Vice Chairman Kiichi Sasaki (former Masuda Town Council)
Because the special incumbent due to the merger was not applied2005/(17)May 10Held at the same time as the mayoral election.The election was a big battle in which 34 people ran for a fixed number of 73 people.
The current constant is 30 people (2011/(23)6Currently 1 vacancy).

City hall

  • Main Government Building (Yokote Government Building, former Yokote City Hall)
  • Juri Kita Government Building
  • Jori South Government Building
  • Waterworks Government Building
  • Masuda Government Building (Masuda Regional Bureau, former Masuda Town Hall)
  • Hiraka Government Building (Hiraka Regional Bureau)
  • Omonogawa Government Building (Omonogawa Regional Bureau)
  • Omori Government Building (Omori Regional Bureau, former Omori Town Hall)
  • Jumonjimachi Government Building (Jumonjimachi Regional Bureau)
  • Yamauchi Government Building (Yamauchi Regional Bureau)
  • Taiyu Government Building (Taiyu Regional Bureau, former Taiyu Village Office)
In addition to these, in Yokote City2010/(22)12ToAkitaImprovement of resident services by sharing and integrating the office work projects carried out by both parties with the Akita Prefecture Hiraka Regional Promotion Bureau, which has jurisdiction over the city area, and the effective and efficient implementation of office work projects. It has been agreed to combine the functions for the purpose of reducing administrative costs, etc., and it has started sequentially from FY2011 (FY23).As a result, city officials are also assigned to the Hiraka Regional Promotion Bureau.[12].
In addition, since the merger, the main government building in the north and south and the government office building of the old municipality have been diverted and a branch office system has been adopted.2011/(23)5Moving work was carried out to consolidate into 6 government buildings in the former Yokote city area including the Hiraka Regional Promotion Bureau, and the work started.[13].
2013/Inaugurated in (25)Dai TakahashiAccording to the mayor's policy2014/(26) In March, the main functions of the city hall, including the mayor's office, were moved to the Yokote Government Building, the Yokote Government Building was renamed the Main Government Building, and the North Government Building and the South Government Building were the Jori North Government Building and Jori Minami, respectively. The name was changed to the government building, and the city hall was reorganized and relocated.[14].

City symbol

City emblem

2005/(Heisei17 years)May 10It was established at the time of the merger of cities, towns and villages."Yo" and "Y" in Yokote City, oldHiraka-gunIt is designed with the motif of "Hi".The city emblem is composed of three colors, and the symbol colors are "Yokote Minoriiro", "Yokote Moegiiro", and "Yokote Hana Asagiiro". ) ”Is used respectively[15].

City trees, flowers, birds, songs

2010/(22) On October 10, the city's trees, flowers, birds, and songs were enacted to commemorate the 1th year of municipal administration.The city tree is "Apple, The city flower is "Cherry Blossoms, The city bird is "swanIs enacted respectively[16].

The city song is "Yokote Civic SongIs enacted as[17][18].LyricsIs Koichi Abe,Composition TheKanji Izumiya, The Yokote Citizen's Song Enactment Review Committee performed the supplementary lyrics.Since the former Yokote City before the merger of cities, towns and villages also had a civic song, the current civic song is the second generation (or the first if the former Yokote City before the merger of cities, towns and villages is not included).


Coronavirus infected person information, unauthorized browsing

In September 2021, the city will have seven staff members (9 regional bureaus, 2020 men, 7 women) during 4.New coronavirus infectionPatient's personal informationJuki NetBrowsing illegally above.Discovered by pointing out that there is a suspicion of providing information to the outside. 7 peopleAdmonition,Thatboss4 peopleStrict cautionDisposed[19][20][21][22].

National agency


List the major facilities in Yokote City.


Yokote Police Station is located throughout Yokote CityHigashi Naruse VillageHas jurisdiction over the entire area.

Police box / residential police box


Fire department
  • Yokote City Fire Station (Yokote City Hall Jori Kita Government Building,Juri1-chome 1-XNUMX)
    • Hiraka branch office (Hirakamachi Asamai138 after Kakumachi)
    • Yamauchi Branch Office (8-47, Nize)
    • Minami branch office (126 Ipponyanaginishi)
    • West branch office (196-1, double-headed character)


Emergency notification hospital

Cleaning business

In the cityCleaning businessWas held at each of the three facilities (East, South, and West Environmental Conservation Centers) that had been used since before the merger.2016/Was integrated into the Green Plaza Yokote.

Cultural facility

Exchange facility

Sports Facilities


City park

Sister cities/partner cities


As of February 2022, Yokote City has two friendship cities in Japan.

Friendship city



Population distribution by age in Yokote City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yokote City (2005)
■Purple-Yokote City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yokote City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Yokote City is the prefectural capital of Akita Prefecture.Akita Cityに次いで2番目に多い人口となっている。2005年10月1日の合併当初に発表された国勢調査結果では、約10万3000人の人口だったが、2020年10月1日の発表では約8万8000人となった。人口は1955年にピークを迎えるがそれ以降は減少を続けており、今後も減少が続くとの推計がなされている[26].

Day / night population ratio is about 101%[27].



Town revitalization

  • 2010/From (22), several volunteers from inside and outside Yokote cityTwitterTown revitalization activity using[28]Started.Called Yokotter, it was widely featured in newspapers, television and radio nationwide.


  • Yokote Station East Exit XNUMXst District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment Project[29]
    In front of Yokote stationHollowing outIn 2006, a redevelopment union was established and the city plan was decided.Former Hiraka General Hospital,Jusco Yokote storePublic facilities, commercial facilities, apartment buildings, etc. will be constructed on the site of the site, and all construction was completed in 2011.The first section with public and commercial facilities was named "Yokote East".In the second districtBus terminalThere are apartment houses, facilities for the elderly, etc.
With this redevelopment project, Yokote Station was also opened in September 2011.Hashigami station buildingWas rebuilt.The west exit was newly established, and the free passage (Kokoro-do) connecting the east exit and the west exit across the railroad track was put into service.
  • Yokote Station East Exit Second District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment Project[30][31]
    The redevelopment association was established in 8, eight years after the redevelopment of the first district was completed.The old station hotel, which can be seen from the east exit of Yokote StationJA Akita FurusatoPublic facilities, commercial facilities, hotels, etc. will be built on the site of (Yokote Shiny Palace), etc.2025/All construction is scheduled to be completed.In the public facility buildingYokote City Yokote LibraryWill move.

Area code

Yokote CityArea code The0182(YokoteMA) Is used.In addition, 0182 is also used in the adjacent Higashinaruse Village and Misato Town.


Financial institution

Designated financial institution

Hokuto Bank Designated financial institution,Akita BankとNorthern Japan Bank Designated proxy financial institution.

Hokuto Bank's predecessor, Hago Bank, was Masuda Village (formerly Masuda Bank) when it was established as Masuda Bank.Masuda Town) With the head office.After that, due to the process of moving the head office to Yokotemachi (formerly Yokote City), almost the entire area of ​​the merged city was the ground of the bank, and municipalities other than the former Taiyu Village designated the Northern Capital Bank before the merger. It was.Due to the merger, the former Taiyu Village side was a designated financial institution until then.Akita Furusato Agricultural CooperativeWas requested to be a designated agency financial institution.Therefore, the Hokuto Bank set up an ATM on the premises of the Yokote City Hall Taiyu Government Building (formerly the Taiyu Village Office) as the "Yokote Branch Yokote City Taiyu Government Building Branch Office" at the same time as the establishment of the new city.Storage agency financial institutionWas settled by expanding to all financial institutions in the city.In addition, the two designated financial institutions inherited the designation of the old city.

post office

post office

  • Yokote Post Office(Collection and delivery station,Yu Yu window(Installation station)
  • Omori Post Office(Collection and delivery station)
  • Omonogawa Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Jumonjimachi Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Tateai Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Hiraka Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Yamauchi Post Office
  • Masuda Post Office
  • Hago Kanazawa Post Office
  • Yokote Heijo Post Office
  • Yokote Ekimae Post Office
  • Yokote Kajimachi Post Office
  • Yokote Asahikawa Post Office
  • Yokote Saiwaicho Post Office
  • Yokote Sakae Post Office
  • Asahi Post Office
  • Yokote Kurokawa Post Office
  • Tanemori Post Office
  • Aki Post Office
  • Kawanishi Post Office
  • Yasawagi Post Office
  • Omonogawa Osawa Post Office
  • Satomi Post Office
  • Japan Post Ueda Post Office
  • Hago Yoshida Post Office
  • Daigo Post Office
  • Japan Post

Simple post office

  • Nakasugisawa Post Office
  • Yasuda Simple Post Office
  • Yokote Akasaka Simple Post Office
  • Ohashi Simple Post Office
  • Fukuchi Simple Post Office
  • Sakai Town Post Office
  • Mie Post Office
  • Mutsumi Simple Post Office
  • Yoshino Post Office
  • Simple post office in Saruhan
  • Japan Post Simple Post Office

Special products / special products



East Japan Railway

The central city area is around Yokote Station.Akita ShinkansenDoes not pass through the city, but on the Ou LineOmagari StationI will change at.

Once in the cityUgo Traffic OfYokoso LineWas passing,1971/All lines have been abolished.



General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road
Road Station


Vocational schools

high school

Secondary school (integrated middle and high school) "side-by-side"

Junior high school

primary school

Special school


(All private)

  • Uemiya Daiichi Kindergarten
  • Uemiya Second Kindergarten
  • Tsuchiya kindergarten
  • Kohitsuji kindergarten



Sights and historic sites


  • Yokote Ekimae Onsen Yu Yu Plaza
  • Yokote Onsen Hotel Wellness Yokoteji (formerly Whole Sam Inn Yokote (Health Insurance Recreation Center))
  • Omonogawa Onsen Egaonooka (Omonogawa area)
    • Okawaso (Omonogawa area)
  • Mt. Kinpusan Onsen Yuppuru Exchange Center Yuppuru (Hiraka area)
  • Tonami mineral spring (Masuda area)
  • Uehata Onsen Sawarabi (Masuda area)
  • Uehata Onsen Yu-Raku (Masuda area)
  • Omori Health Hot Spring(Omori area)
  • Omori Onsen Sakuraso(Omori area)
  • Yutorion Taiyu (Tayu area)
  • Aino Onsen Tsurugaikeso (Yamauchi area)
  • Nango Onsen Kyorinso (Yamauchi area)


Festivals and events

1 month to 3 month
4 month to 8 month
  • Kashima-sama's replacement in Tashirozawa (Yamauchi area, April 4)[40]
  • Taraikogi competition (Mato Park, Late April)
  • Sakura Festival (Mato Park)Yokote Park-Kanazawa Park, Late April)
  • Ribon with swamp (Hiraka area, May 5st)[41]
  • Akita Sky Festa (Hiraka area, May 5-3)[42]
  • Omori Resort Mura Shibazakura Festa(Mid-late May)
  • Fujimaki's Yakujin Stand (Daio area, Sunday in early June)[43]
  • Jumonjimachi Cherry Festival (Jumonjimachi area,May 6 - May 7) --Cherry hunting and direct sales are held at each orchard in the Jumonji area, as well as a cherry seed flying competition (Jumonji Athletics Stadium).[44]And so on.
  • Yokote National Sparkler Festival (July)[45]
  • Dengaku Lantern (Omori area,May 7)[46]
  • Sending to Kashima (Omonogawa area / Taiyu area, mid-July)[47][48]
  • Hahaha Festival (Omonogawa area,May 8)[49]
  • Imaizumi Gion Hayashi (Jumonji area,May 8)[50]
  • Fukamauchi Kagura (Hiraka area,May 8)[51]
9 month to 12 month
  • Banraku (Jumonji area / Masuda area,May 9-May 9 - 9th)[52][53]
  • Numadate Hachimangu Festival (Omonogawa area, 9nd Saturday and Sunday of September)[54]
  • Imonoko Festival in Tsurugaike (Tsurugaike Park, 9rd Sunday in September)[55]
  • Masuda fireworks (Masuda area,May 9Night)
  • Mt. Gassan Shrine Festival (Masuda area, September 9-14)[56]
  • Asamai Hachiman Shrine Festival (Hiraka area,敬老の日Last Saturday / Sunday)[57]
  • Asamai Park Ayame Festival(Asamai Park, Late June-Early July)
  • Kakeuta (Kanazawa Hachimangu, September 9th night-September 14th morning)
  • Dedication Sumo (Kanazawa Hachimangu,May 9)
  • Mai Sasara (Kanazawa Hachimangu, September 9th)
  • Yokote Chrysanthemum Doll Festival (Akita Furusato Village, Late June-Early July)
  • Illumination event[58]
    • Horizontal EastIlluminations (mid-November-mid-February)
    • Taiyu Illuminations (Yutorion Taiyu, early December-late December)
    • Jumonji Illuminations (Cross Village, Early December-Early January)
    • Omori Zelkova Tree Illuminations (Omori Regional Bureau, Mid-December-Early January)
    • Tsurugaike Park View Forest Illuminations (Tsurugaike (Yamauchi area), mid-December-mid-January)
    • TsukinokiFantasy of Light (Biwanuma (Hiraka area), mid-December-mid-January)

Famous people

Aristocrat / samurai




Cultural person




Person with connection


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注 釈

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