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🧳 | Snaffles and ISHIYA's second collaboration "Shiroi Koibito Milk Chocolate Omelette" will be released on January 2st.


The second collaboration between Snaffles and ISHIYA "Shiroi Koibito Milk Chocolate Omelette" will be released on January 2st.

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This is the second product after the first "Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate Omlet", and it is baked softly using the milk chocolate used for "Shiroi Koibito (Black)" and plenty of cream cheese.

Peche Mignon and Ishiya Co., Ltd. will collaborate on the second collaboration, "Shiroi Koibito Milk Chocolate Omelette ... → Continue reading


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Milk chocolate (milk chocolate) IsMilk powderIt was usedチ ョ コ レ ー ト.. Depending on the raw material manufacturerChocolate auSometimes called[1].


Milk chocolate is out of chocolateDairy productsSay mixed with. What is dairySkimmed milk powder,, etc., but if you are using cream milk powderCream chocolateSometimes called.bitter chocolateIt has a rich sweetness and creamy taste, and has a smooth texture.

In modern times, the definition of chocolate ingredients and formulations is often determined by international standards () or domestic standards, and in JapanJapan Chocolate and Cocoa AssociationBy1971/It is defined by the "fair competition agreement on the labeling of chocolates" set in (Showa 46).[2].. Milk chocolate is defined therein as "of which chocolate solids have a milk solid content of 14% or more."


The history of food now called milk chocolate is19st century OfSwitzerlandYou can go back to Before that there was something called milk chocolate,Chocolate drinkIt was common to refer to milk added to[3].

(English edition CacaosugarInvented a stirrer that mixes1847/,United KingdomThen there was a technological revolution that changed the chocolate that was a drink until then into food[3].

After that, I was a pharmacist at the timeHenri NestleAfter developing milk powder,1876/ToSwitzerland OfChocolatierIsDaniel PeterFirst sold as solid milk chocolate by[4][5].. The invention of milk chocolate by Peter was(English edition OfConching method,(English edition Ofcocoa powderInvention of(English editionWith the invention of chocolate to eat byThe four major technological revolutions of chocolateOften mentioned as one of[6][7].

JapanThen.1918/(Taisho7 years)Morinaga ConfectioneryIs the first one released by[8].


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