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🧳 | ANA and JAL cancel 28 US flights 5G problem


ANA and JAL cancel 28 US flights 5G problem

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All other flights will be changed to Boeing 787 aircraft.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) have received the start of 5G services in the United States on January 1th ... → Continue reading


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Boeing 787

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Boeing 787 Dreamliner logo.png

Japanese flag All Nippon Airways Received on September 2011, 9 (Launch customer
Japanese flag Japan Airlines
United States flag American airlines
United States flag United airlines
Canadian flag Air Canada
Republic of Korea flag Korean Air
Flag of the People's Republic of China Hainan Airlines な ど
  • First flight : 2009/May 12
  • Number of production: 975 aircraft (February 2020)
  • Start of production : 2006/
  • Operation start : 2011/May 10
  • Operational status: In flight
  • Unit cost :
    787-8: 1 billion & 8,520 millionUS dollar(2010)
    787-9: US $ 2 million (1,810)

Boeing 787 Dreamliner(British: Boeing 787 Dreamliner) IsThe United States of America OfBoeingDeveloped and manufactured by the company767-777Next-generation medium-sized long-distance, replacing part ofWide body machine.. Two on each wing, one on eachTurbo fan engineEquipTwin engineIs. Nickname is "Dream liner(Dreamliner) ”, But this name was given in June 2003 after the open call for participants.Paris Air ShowAnnounced during the period. At the research stageY2, In the development stage7E7Is called[1][2],2005/May 1(SeattleTime) followed the conventional naming system787Was changed to[3].. The name "777" was expected because it was developed after the 787.

Long for a medium-sized airlinerCruising distanceIt is characterized by the fact that it is possible to go straight with less fuel due to the launch of this derivative type, even for long flight distances with conventional large aircraft.[4]Boasted high-tech and convenience.Jet engineabout,Rolls-Royce Trent 1000OrGeneral Electric GEnxTo use.

2003/Towards developmentOrdersStarts.The first flight of the prototype No. 1 was on December 2, 4, which was two years and four months behind the original plan due to reasons such as technological advancement.[4]..The first 787 in the world to orderJapan OfAll Nippon AirwaysAnd the receipt of Unit 1 is2011/May 9It became.After introducing the 787, the companyNarita-Hong KongStarting with the line, it was put into service all over the world.[4].


In this section, for passenger aircraft made by Boeing, the notation of "Boeing" is omitted and only numbers are used, or Boeing is referred to as "B". As an example, "Boeing 777" is "777" or "B777".

Development history

1995/Boeing, which was considering the development of a model next to the 777, which started service in Japan, will need a passenger plane in the future.Speed ​​of soundClose toTransonic speedConsidering that it is a high-speed aircraft that can be cruised in2001/Initially around 250 seatsSonic cruiserProposed. But in September 2001American terrorist attacksLater, due to the impact of reduced aviation demand, etc.2002/At the end, I gave up the development of the Sonic Cruiser and started to develop the standard 7E7. The regular 7E7 is a 767-class twin-engined medium-sized airliner that emphasizes efficiency over speed.2003/At the end, sales to airlines were approved internally.

January 2004Launch customerAsAll Nippon AirwaysStarted ordering 50 aircraft and the name was changed to 787. afterwards,Japan Airlines,Northwest Airlines,Continental Airlines[5]Many major airlines have ordered. According to the original schedule2007/Completed in July, first flight from August to September, then test flight with 7 prototypes,2008/In 5 monthFederal Aviation Administration(FAA) was scheduled to acquire type certification, and as soon as it was acquired, it was scheduled to be handed over to All Nippon Airways. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. announced that it will launch domestic flights in June 2008Beijing OlympicsAt the time of the eventTokyo/Haneda - Beijing/CapitalIt will be used for charter flights between[6].

Initially, it was planned to fly first at the end of September 2007 and deliver it in May 9, but many new designs such as a fuselage using new materials and an engine adopting a new axis, and development are shared by each company around the world As a result, the development was difficult due to the lack of alignment. The first flight took place on December 2008, 5, more than two years later than originally planned.

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., which was scheduled to receive Unit 1, was unable to enter service at the time of the Beijing Olympics, and was forced to change its service plan. Regarding the No. 1 test machine that was scheduled to be received-the No. 3 test machine is rejected because the aircraft's weight increased compared to the mass production type and the original performance could not be obtained.[7].

All Nippon Airways and Boeing Co., Ltd. (Service Ready Operational Validation: SROV) [8]In order to carry out the, the 2011-7 type machine with the registration code N3EX that was painted by All Nippon Airways on July 787, 787Haneda OfTokyo International AirportCame to Japan for the first time[9].. From 7th to 5th July with HanedaCentral part,Itami,Kansai,Okayama,HiroshimaTo and from each airport ofBoarding bridgeTested assuming actual service such as connection and refueling[10].

On September 2011, 9, All Nippon AirwaysBoeing Everett FactoryA handicapped ceremony was held on 26th[11].

On September 2011, 9, the first aircraft of this model with the registration code JA28A for All Nippon Airways arrived at Haneda Airport four years after the rollout and carried out crew habituation flight from October 801 to 1. Was[12].

Delivery and service

On October 2011, 10, All Nippon AirwaysNarita - Hong KongIn between, it carried out the world's first commercial operation as 787. November 11, Haneda-began regular domestic flights on Okayama and Hiroshima routes. At All Nippon Airways, special coating is applied to Units 1 and 1, and normal coating is applied for Units 2 and later, but in order to make it easier to understand that it is 3, it is huge in front of the aircraftlogoI decided to paint "787"[Note 1].

However, the aircraft that will be received after February 2014 has not been painted the "2" logo[Note 2].. In addition, the aircraft painted with the "787" logo has now been restored to normal ANA paint.[Note 3]

January 2012, 1, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. BeijingThe regular scheduled international flights have started. It was the aforementioned Unit 3 (JA805A; for long-distance international flights) that was used. The company has begun to introduce domestic plane dedicated aircraft from the summer of 2012. Haneda- Fukuoka-KagoshimaLine, Haneda- KumamotoLines will be put on line one after another, and Haneda from autumn 2012- SapporoAlso entered service on the line[13].

April 2012, 4, Japan Airlines will open a new Narita- Duffel BagIntroduced 787-8 (JA822J) to the line[14]..This was Japan Airlines' first 787 service route.The direct flight between Narita and Boston was the first in history.For the time being, Japan Airlines has announced that it plans to operate only on international flights, making the best use of the characteristics of the 787, but from October 787, 8, it will gradually introduce 2019-10 aircraft to domestic flights as well. Haneda-It is in service on the Itami Line.

May 2012, 5, Japan Airlines Narita- New DelhiStarted operation on the line and on the 7th of the same monthMoscowLine and Haneda-also started operations on the Beijing line.

On January 2013, 1, United AirlinesLos Angeles -The Narita Line is the first airline outside Japan to fly the 787 to Japan.[15].

August 2013, 1,LOT Polish Airlines TheWarsaw -The 787 began operating on the Chicago route, but due to the decision to suspend operation of the 787 worldwide on this day, the route was operated only on the outbound day, and the return flight was canceled.

Since May 2013, Boeing has the prospect of refurbishing the battery unit, and has delivered and handed over many aircraft that had been waiting for delivery, which had been manufactured and stagnated.

2013/March 5Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC) has allowed the 787, which had been put off for a long time, to operate in China, and it is expected that the delivery of a machine destined for China, which was already manufactured and was delayed. Regarding the authorization, CAAC has not announced the details, including the relation between the postponement of the operation authorization and the battery trouble described later.

August 2013, 5,Thomson AirlinesHas been delayed due to battery problemsUnited KingdomReceived the first aircraft to the airline, received the second aircraft on May 5, the following day, and is scheduled to enter service on July 31 of the same year.

August 2013, 5,China Southern AirlinesFollowing Thomson Airlines, the company andPeople's Republic of ChinaReceived the first machine against, on June 6ndGuangzhou --Launched on the Beijing line.

August 2013, 6,British AirwaysReceived the first machine equipped with the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000.

On April 2016, 4, the 27-400 with the machine number 9V-OFE, which is the 787th machine in total, was installed.ScootAnnounced that it was handed over to[16].

August 2017, 2,Korean Airが初号機である787-9の機体番号:HL8081を受領し、2月24日に韓国へ到着する。ファーストクラス6席、プレステージ(ビジネス)クラス18席、エコノミークラス245席の計269席で構成された機体で、3月7日から韓国国内で運航を開始し、6月ごろからトロント、マドリード、ロサンゼルスなどの長距離路線で運航する予定[17]It is said. We plan to introduce four more aircraft by the end of the year and five more by 4, for a total of 2019 aircraft.

August 2018, 2,Singapore AirlinesAnnounced that it will launch the 787-10 on the Singapore-Perth route.[18], Singapore to celebrate the 2018th anniversary of the company's service to Japan in 50 Osaka (Kansai)Officially decided to introduce it to one round trip (SQ1 / SQ618) of the line[19].. The line will start operating from May 2018, 5, and after that, in addition to the Perth lineTokyo-Centrair-FukuokaIntroduced to part of the line within 2018.

In December 2018, the 12th 787-787 (aircraft number: B-9) was released.China Southern AirlinesAnnounced that it was handed over to[20][21].. Commemorative logos for the "787th BOEING 787" and "787th Kabane 787" were posted on the aircraft in Chinese and English.


Medium sizeWide body machineIt is positioned as a successor to some of the narrow-body 757, semi-wide-body 767, and 777. In particular, the cruising range and cruising speed are significantly higher than the target 767, and fuel efficiency is also improved.TorayMade ofCarbon fiber(Carbon fiber) was usedCarbon fiber reinforced plasticEtc.Composite materialUsage ratio is about 50%[Note 4][23]Since the other half is an engine or the like that is not suitable for composite materials, it can be said that the actual airframe has been completely made into composite materials.


The fuselage is 767, orAirbus A330Thicker than the class, the seating arrangement in the guest room isEconomy classIn 2-4-2 8AbreastIs the basic, but even with 3-3-3 9 Abrest, conventional passenger planes, 737 and 747Economy classYou can secure a seat width that is almost the same asJapan AirlinesAll airlines except the above order and operate with 9-abrest specifications. However, the company's 8 Abrest will be international flight equipment, and the domestic flight equipment introduced from October 2019 will be 10 Abrest. Due to this thick fuselage, in the underfloor cargo compartmentLD-3 containerCan be mounted in parallel (the inability to mount LD-2 under the floor in parallel was a serious drawback of the 3 when compared to the A300 and A330).

The ceiling of the guest room is 200 mm higher than before. The area ratio is about 767 times larger than the 1.2, about 777 times larger than the 1.3, and 350 times larger than the A1.65, so you can see the outside scenery even if you are not on the window side. The windows have no shade, insteadElectrochromismEach passenger will adjust the amount of transmitted light through the windows using an electronic curtain that uses the above (all windows can be adjusted and fixed all at once by the crew's operation).This electronic shade has 5% transparency even in the darkest, so you can enjoy the scenery a little outside, but it does not pass GPS signals, so it is impossible to receive GPS signals in the guest room.In the roomLEDVarious electric colors can be adjusted by light[24].. The toilet is led by Japan AirlinesTOTO-Jamco・ By joint development of BoeingWarm water washing toilet seatIs adopted as an option[25], All Nippon Airways has also adopted this for international flights.

WingInitially, we used composite materials for the airframe, but this solved problems such as corrosiveness, and in 777cockpitIt was an optional equipment only forhumidifierHowever, it will be installed as standard equipment in the cabin for the first time. By installing a new filter that uses a technology called "gas filter", it is conventionalHEPA filterIt has become possible to remove gas molecules that could not be removed by. This will at least halve the health symptoms caused by dryness.

The cockpit is like 777LCDWas heavily usedGlass cockpitThe FMS, which was mechanical in the conventional model, is also displayed on the LCD and can be operated via the CCD (Cursor Control Device) adopted from the 777. Not the main instrument,Head up display(HUD) is also equipped.Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)Is also standard equipment. At the beginning of development, the oxygen mask for pilots was designed for Westerners, but at the request of All Nippon Airways, masks that match the faces of Asians will also be made.[26].

Auxiliary power unit(APU) startup and emergencybackupFor useGS Yuasa CorporationMadeLithium ion batteryFirst adopted in commercial aircraft[27][Note 5][Note 6].


The cruising speed isMachIt becomes 0.85, Mach 0.80 767, Mach 0.83 A330,A340It is said that the time required for longer-haul routes will be shortened.

The cruising range is up to 787 with the basic 8-8,500.nautical mile(15,700km).Los AngelesからUKOrニ ュ ー ヨ ー クからTokyoEnough to cover the route, from TokyoJohannesburgIt is also possible to fly non-stop. As model performanceETOPS-330 can be obtained[29].

Compared to the 767, fuel efficiency is said to be improved by 20%. It is said that this is due to the synergistic effect of aerodynamic improvement by Cruise Flaps and Spoiler Droop, weight reduction by heavy use of composite material (carbon fiber material), improvement of engine fuel efficiency, and these. The maximum number of passengers has also increased slightly due to the weight reduction.

The 787-9 pursues further fuel efficiency through a hybrid laminar flow control mechanism for the vertical stabilizer.


The engine isRolls-Royce HoldingsMadeTrent 1000When,General Electric OfGenXIs prepared. These engines are also internationally jointly developed. By standardizing the electrical connection interface, it is possible to replace these two types of engines, and it has become possible to replace them with engines from different manufacturers when high-performance engines are developed due to future technological advances.

Adopting a starter generator that both starts the engine and generates electricity, electrification of engine start, which was conventionally done by bleed air and starter turbine, and electrification of air conditioners and wing edge deicing devices without using bleed air (engine nacelle) Regarding the anti-icing of the (engine pod), it is said that it was possible to improve fuel efficiency by almost eliminating the bleed air from the engine compressor by using bleed air like other models).[30].

The jagged chevron pattern at the rear end of the engine nacelle, which can be seen from the outside, is "Chevron nozzleThe aim is to reduce noise by mixing the fan flow and the combustion gas flow.

All Nippon Airways, the launch customer, chose the Rolls-Royce engine[31]However, there are only 757 cases in the past of Boeing's passenger planes launched with non-American engines.[32].

However, a defect was discovered in the blade of the Rolls-Royce engine of All Nippon Airways. It was decided to replace the blades of the engines of all the delivered models, which caused a great deal of confusion again.


Promotion of international joint venture

The 787 is an international joint venture that allows about 70% of the aircraft to be developed by about 70 companies, including overseas manufacturers. As a result, development costs can be distributed and borne, and the aircraft will be a combination of the best technologies in the world. There are 900 participating companies worldwide, including subcontractors.Italy,United Kingdom,France,Canada,Australia, South Korea,People's Republic of ChinaCountries such as are participating in shared production,JapanFromMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesDozens of companies are participating, including. To transport large airframe parts and engines manufactured outside Boeing to the final assembly plantDedicated transport aircraft modified from freight type 747Is used, and in Japan, the parts production plant is "Asia's No. 1 Aerospace Industry Cluster Formation Special Zone(National International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone)[33]Because it exists in the area centered on Aichi and Gifu prefecturesChubu International AirportIs flying regularly to[34][35].

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at the time of planning 747X2000/A comprehensive tie-up with Boeing was realized in May, and it has an advantage in aircraft manufacturing.1994/The important part of Japan has been decided, and Mitsubishi is the first overseas companyWingIn charge (developed by MitsubishiCarbon fiberComposite materialIt is,F-2 fighterIn joint development ofaircraftWas used for the first time in. At that time, the American side was also conducting research on carbon-based composite materials, but the composite material developed by Mitsubishi was evaluated as superior, so Mitsubishi has won the right to manufacture the main wings.)Kawasaki Heavy IndustriesIs the joint between the main wing and the middle fuselage and the central wing, Fuji Heavy Industries (currentlySUBARU) Was unofficially decided for the center box and the main wing fairing. The plan is from 747X to 787 via Sonic Cruiser, Mitsubishi is in charge of the main wing, Kawasaki is in charge of assembling the front fuselage / main landing gear fixed trailing edge / main landing gear hangar, and Fuji is in charge of assembling the central wing / main landing gear hangar and connecting it to the central wing. There is. As for the engine, Kawasaki for Trent 1000 and GEnxIHI, Mitsubishi for both enginesName invitation) Is participating. Japan's share is 35%[36].

Carbon fiber composite materials (1 tons or more for carbon fiber composite materials and 35 tons or more for carbon fibers per machine), which is Japan's specialty, are used for more than half of the weight ratio of the aircraft, making it the world's largest PAN-based carbon fiber manufacturer. is thereToraySince 2006 for Boeing and primary structural materials2021/Signed a long-term supply contract for up to 16 years to supply all of the carbon fiber materials used[37].

When airlifting large parts of the Boeing 787 to factories in the United States, etc.Boeing 747 DreamlifterIs used[Note 7].

Quality control issues

2019 years,KLM Royal Dutch Airlines South carolinaNorth Charleston OfSouth Carolina factoryIt was reported that the quality of the 787-10 aircraft manufactured in Japan was complaining that it was "below the acceptance criteria". According to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, problems such as loose seat fixing, missing or improper fixing pins, incomplete nuts and bolts, and improper fuel piping clamps have been found. Tata[38]..Even before this, there were concerns about the safety of the aircraft due to lack of proficiency of workers.[39].

Inappropriate fuselage at South Carolina plant at the end of August 2020SimA total of eight 787s operated by United Airlines, Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air Europa, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Etihad Airways were put on the ground due to the discovery of upholstery work and inner skin finishing work.[40]..These defects can cause premature fatigue of the material and structural defects at critical loads.Boeing identified a defective sim in August 2019[41]However, it wasn't until a year after the New York Times reported on the 787's quality control issues at its South Carolina plant that the aircraft using it went into standby on the ground.[42].

On January 2020, 9,Wall Street JournalReported that the FAA is investigating Boeing's quality control deficiencies as far back as the 2011 launch of the 787.Boeing has reported to the FAA that the 787's rear fuselage has "non-conforming" parts that do not meet manufacturing standards, and the FAA has reported to about 2011 of the approximately 1,000 aircraft delivered since 900 in an advanced review. I was considering requesting an additional inspection[40]..Boeing once claimed that reducing 900 quality inspectors with a quality management system would not be a problem, but in reality the quality management system can detect defects in shims and skins. Because it was not, it was decided to be referred to the FAA hearing.[43].

On September 2020, 9, Boeing announced that the horizontal stabilizer also had quality control issues, affecting 8 aircraft.Boeing is expected to slow the pace of airframe delivery in the short term due to recent quality control issues, as material fatigue may be accelerated due to excessive tightening strength during tail assembly work in Salt Lake City. Announced that it is considering repairing the aircraft in operation.[44].

September 2020, 9ReutersCited a report from Seattle radio station KOMO, Boeing engineers reported that six months ago, a step on the vertical stabilizer of the 6 had claimed to affect hundreds of aircraft.South Carolina Factory andEverett FactoryIn, the shims were improperly removed before the final mounting process of the fasteners, which could lead to structural defects under critical load conditions. Talks with the FAA are pending, but Boeing expects to have an additional inspection to check for problems once during regular maintenance.[45][46].

As of January 2021, Boeing had suspended delivery of the aircraft to complete a series of inspections related to quality control issues.[47]..In March of the same year, FAA announced that Boeing would inspect and approve four new 3s.(English editionAnd announced that it would extend this measure to other models if necessary.[48]..In the end, Boeing resumed delivery from the United Airlines 3-26 on March 787 of the same year.[49].

On July 2021, 7, the production pace was slowed down due to the discovery of a step in the front pressure bulkhead.The company has announced that it will investigate whether this issue will affect the 13 in service.[50]However, the inspection process for confirmation was questioned. The FAA said the issue "does not immediately affect flight safety," and Boeing also said it was not necessary to work with the FAA to resolve the issue by putting the aircraft in service on the ground.[51].

On September 2021, 9, the FAA made Boeing's proposal to "accelerate the delivery of aircraft by narrowing down the scope and conducting quick inspections rather than checking the entire aircraft," at least until the end of October of the same year. Reported that it was rejected[52].

On October 2021, 10, Boeing announced that titanium floor beam fixing brackets and other items had been improperly manufactured over the past three years. It was purchased from MPS in Italy via Via, and the company reports to FAA and is investigating the aircraft that uses defective parts, not the one that immediately affects safety.[53].

Derived type

As of 2019, the 787 is touting three variants.

ICAO model codeThe 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10 are "B788", "B789", and "B78X", respectively.[54]

It was a short-distance model with a cruising range of 3,500 nautical miles (6,500km) and 296 seats (two-class system) aimed at routes with heavy traffic, and was planned as a successor to the 2.Targeting domestic flights in Japan, All Nippon Airways was the launch customer, but development was suspended due to deterioration of fuel efficiency due to the wingspan of 767.[55].
It is the basic model of the 223 with 3 seats (8,200 class system) and a cruising range of 15,200 nautical miles (787 km), and is also the first model to be developed. Rolled out on July 2007, 7[56]However, the first flight was scheduled for the end of September of the same year, but as mentioned above, the first flight was delayed by more than one year, and as a result, the first aircraft was delivered to All Nippon Airways in September 9, which was delayed by more than three years. ..
It is an extended fuselage type and has a maximum of 3 seats in 300 classes.AirbusA330-300,A330-900neo, BoeingB777-200ERFirst flight in September 2013 with the same aircraft as[57]did. Of the air resistance reduction systemHybrid Laminar-Flow Control (HLFC)[58]And automatically open the gear door after levitation to retract the gear early after takeoffEarly Doors Operation (EDO)[59]Etc. are installed. Launch customerAir New ZealandReceived the first ZK-NZE on July 2014, 7[60]However, All Nippon Airways received the first JA830A on July 7 of the same year.[61].. The world's first scheduled 787-9 flightAll Nippon AirwaysSo, the Tokyo-Fukuoka route started operation on August 2014, 8.[62][63].
It is a further extension type with a maximum seating capacity of 350. AirbusA350-900It is the same aircraft as. June 2013Paris Air ShowOfficial launch announced at[64].South carolinaNorth CharlestonSouth Carolina factoryManufacture only[65].. The first thing I receivedSingapore AirlinesSo, on March 2018, 3, we received the first machine (aircraft number: 25V-SCA). From May 9, the same year, the service began on the Singapore-Kansai Line. After that, the A5-3, which was introduced on the Singapore-Narita line from May 5, the Singapore-Chubu line from July 19, and the Singapore-Fukuoka line from December 7, and was launched on the Japan route, was 28-12. Updated to. In addition, we own the A19, and there is a policy to change the route where demand is expected in the cities where the A330 is in service in the Asian region to the 300-787, which has more seats than the A10-350.
In January 2015, All Nippon Airways ordered three aircraft of the same type.United airlinesFollowing that, all three types of -8, -9, and -10 will be introduced.[66].. In addition, All Nippon Airways received the first 2019-3 (aircraft number: JA31A) on March 787, 10.[67], Started operation on the Narita-Singapore route from April 4, the same year.[68][69].

The development plan for the 787 freighter has not been materialized, but the 787-8 passenger-type freighter is Haneda. 佐賀-NahaAll Nippon Airways operates between[70].


Source: Boeing website[71].

The specifications of the 787-10 include some estimates, and the development of the entire 787 has not been completed and the specifications may change.

Item \ Model787-3
(Development suspended)
Maximum fuselage width5.74m5.03m6.19m
Maximum room width5.49m4.70m5.86m
Maximum takeoff weight170,000kg219,540kg244,940kg252,651kg186,880kg204,120kg297,560kg
Number of seats290 - 330
(2 classes)
210 - 250
(3 classes)
250 - 290
(3 classes)
約 300
(3 classes)
(3 classes)
(3 classes)
(3 classes)
Number of seats
Introduction example
-ANA domestic flights
335 (12 + 323)
ANA international flights
169 (46 + 21 + 102)
184 (32 + 14 + 138)
240 (42 + 198)
JAL domestic flights
291 (6 + 58 + 227)
JAL international flights
186 (30 + 156)
206 (30 + 176)
ANA domestic flights
395 (18 + 377)

375 (28 + 347)
ANA international flights
215 (48 + 21 + 146)
246 (40 + 14 + 192)
JAL international flights
195 (44 + 35 + 116)
203 (52 + 35 + 116)
239 (28 + 21 + 190)

ANA international flights
294 (38 + 21 + 235)
Singapore Airlines
337 (36 + 301)
Cargo volume16tUnknown10t  
engineGE GenX
RR Trent 1000
GE CF6-80C2
P & W PW4062
RR RB211-524H
GE CF6-80C2
P & W PW4062
GE GE90-94B
P & W PW4090
RR Trent 895
Cruise Mach numberM0.85M0.80M0.84
Cruising distance*15,650km15,200km15,750km11,910km11,306km10,454km14,316km
Maximum cruise altitude13,000m 
Maximum fuel capacity48,600L127,000LUnknown90,770L171,160L
Takeoff runway3,100m2,900m2,530m3,109m3,380m
Landing run distance1,730m
First flightDevelopment discontinued2009/2013/2017/1986/2000/1997/
  • *1: Maximum load (passenger and freight)


Boeing 787 Dreamliner Operator (as of January 2022)[72]
All Nippon Airways3639277
United airlines1225946
Japan Airlines292251
American airlines202242
Hainan Airlines102838
Air Canada82937
Norway Air Shuttle72835
Etihad Airways25631
Qatar Airways3030
British Airways111829
Air India2727
LATAM Chile101424
Ethiopian Airlines19423
China Southern Airlines101121
Virgin Atlantic1616
Air China1313
Saudi Arabia Airlines1313
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines13417
Avianca Airlines1313
Xiamen Airlines6612
LOT Polish Airlines8715
Air Europe8412
TUI Airways8412
Singapore Airlines1515
Vietnam Airlines1111
Air New Zealand1414
Jet Star Airlines1111
Korean Air1010
Oman Air3710
El Al Airlines99
Air France99
Royal Air Morocco549
Kenya Airways99
Thai Airways527
Royal Jordanian77
Gulf Air66
Royal Brunei Airlines55
EVA Air448
Juneyao Airlines44
Shanghai Airlines44
China Eastern Airlines33
Uzbekistan Airlines33
Egypt Air33
West Jet Airlines33
TUI Fly-Netherland33
Air Tahiti Nui22
Biman Bangladesh Airlines22
Azerbaijan Airlines22
TUI Fly Belgium22
Ale Austral22
Kinpeng Airlines11

Order status

Boeing 787
Number of ordered machines and delivered machines
(As of 2020 year 6 month)[76]


In addition to fires during test flights, delays and suspensions due to equipment problems were frequently seen from the day of service in November 2011.[77][78].. In 2013, brake failure[79]Fire from the battery[80], Fuel leak[81], Lubricating oil leak[82]Such troubles occurred one after another. In the event of a battery fire, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an airworthiness improvement order,1979/ OfMcDonnell Douglas DC-10Since[83], All of the same aircraft in service will be suspended around the world. The refurbished battery system was approved by the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) on April 2013, 4, and by the Civil Aviation Administration on April 25, 4. World's first commercial operation after Ethiopian Airlines stopped operations on April 26Addis AbabaDepartureNairobiI resumed on my way. After the operation resumed, white smoke was emitted from the aircraft of Japan Airlines on January 2014, 1, causing a problem of changing the aircraft.[84].. March 2014, 3 (UTC), the oil pressure of the right engine drops,Honolulu International AirportMade an emergency landing with only the left engine[85].

July 2013, 7, on an Ethiopian Airlines aircraftLondon Heathrow AirportA fire broke out a few hours after arriving at and turning off all power.British Aviation Accident Investigation Agency (AAIB) denies link to previous battery fire accident[86],HoneywellUntil the airworthiness was confirmed to FAA and other aviation authorities by issuing a report that the company's aircraft lifesaving radio (ELT) was likely to have caused a fire, the power supply of the ELT in question was confirmed. Advised to issue a notification[87].. In response, FAA, JCAB, and EASA authorities have issued a notice requesting that the ELT be inspected or withdrawn.

Regarding the GEnx-787B engine used by some 1 aircraft, on July 2013, 7RussiaCaused an ice accretion during operation, causing 2 out of 67 GEnx-4B2 engines in the same series to shut down, 3 of which were found to have damaged the high pressure compressor. In response to a safety advisory from the Russian Federation Aviation Administration (Rosaviatsia), Boeing revised the 787 for airlines using the GEnx-1B engine, saying, "When flying in clouds above 30,000 feet. On the flight pathCumulonimbusIf there is an active cloud area, flight within 90 km is prohibited.” Japan Airlines, which has selected the same engine, is changing the aircraft in each season from the flight departing on November 2013, 11, in consideration of the weather conditions, etc., to "provide stable operation".[88].

On April 2015, 4, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had a software issue with the power control system of the 30, which could cause a sudden loss of power and loss of aircraft control if the system was left running for 787 days. And issued a notification to each domestic airline to restart the system regularly.[89][Broken link].

After that, specific measures were announced to each company by the end of 2015, and Boeing says that all the aircraft that have been handed over have already secured the prescribed safety.[90].

However, on January 2017, 1, All Nippon Airways, which introduced the engine with Rolls-Royce, the manufacturer of the Trent 27 engine, will replace all models because all 1000 turbine blades equipped with the engine are defective. Announced to suspend operation and replace blades[91].. As a result, All Nippon Airways suspended all 787s, which not only disrupted the flight schedule but also forced a major suspension. All improved blades will be replaced with improved ones by the end of 3, three years later. Furthermore, in 2019, it is possible to fly at sea for a certain period of time even if one engine is stopped, as the engine may deteriorate when the Trent 2018 engine is operated for a long time.ETOPSAnnounced that it will limit the flight time allowed in.However, not all 1000s equipped with the Trent 787 engine are targeted, but it seems that engines that have adopted the so-called "Package C" specifications are targeted, and engines of the same type were not adopted. Japan Airlines and others continued to operate.In addition, it is posted on the Rolls-Royce official website that ETOPS will be completely restored for the aircraft replaced with the improved blade.[92][93].

787 outlook and testing machine

Following the start of development of the 787, a rival in 2005AirbusAs equipment to counter the 787A330Has been significantly modifiedA350announced. According to the initial target performance of the announcement, "A350 has increased cruising range and number of passengers", but Boeing said, "Because the 787 is a completely new passenger aircraft, even if the A330 is refined, it will exceed this aircraft. I can't do that. "

In fact, after that, the number of orders for the A350 was sluggish, so as a result of hearing with each airline, in 2006Farnborough AirshowAirbus is a new model that has undergone a major redesign from the A330.A350XWB Launched (eXtra Wide Body) and won orders approaching 787.

Both companies have in common that they anticipate an increase in air passengers in the future, but there is a difference in the way they deal with it, which is affecting the development concept of new aircraft. Airbus says "Hub airportNew large machine to operate betweenA380), And distribution of passengers to the local area with our own single-aisle aircraft with abundant pieces. ”(Hub and spoke), But Boeing says, "Passengers do not like troublesome transfers and will want medium-sized aircraft to enter the nearest airport."Point to point). 787 first entered service in 2011ETOPS-180Was obtained from FAA on May 2014, 5ETOPS-330Got

Both companies have a lineup of the latest equipment (large machines (777A350XWB) Medium-sized aircraft (787 andA330neo) Small machine (737MAXA320neoEtc.) are prepared respectively.

787 exhibition

Of the 787s, the test airplanes "Unit 1" (ZA001) to Unit 3 (ZA003) were scheduled to be received by All Nippon Airways, but the weight of the aircraft increased compared to the mass-produced type and the original performance could not be obtained. Therefore, the receipt was refused, and the mass-produced model was delivered to All Nippon Airways. Therefore, the testing machine was retired by 2015 and donated to each facility.2015/6ToJapan OfAichiTokonameChubu International AirportThe first production machine (ZA001 machine) was donated by Boeing. [94].

  • Unit 1 (aircraft number: ZA001, registration code: N787BA):Chubu International Airport FLIGHT OF DREAMS(AichiTokoname
    The aircraft that first flew on December 2009, 12,BoeingWearing special paint for the company.
    2015/From Boeing on June 6thWingIt produces major parts such as, and has a deep connection with the 787 series.AichiAnd announced that it will be donated to Chubu Centrair International Airport[95][96], Flyed to the airport on the 22nd of the same month[97][98].
    For a while after that, it was left open-air at the side of the runway in the airport,2016/It was named "FLIGHT OF DREAMS", which will be newly constructed on the airport island.Complex commercial facilityIt has been decided that the ZA787, the world's first production machine in the memorable 001 series, will be exhibited indoors as a highlight of the exhibition.
    The first floor of "FLIGHT OF DREAMS" opened on October 2018, 10Team labFocusing on the exhibition of ZA001, which is supervised byExperience-based content"FLIGHT PARK" (flight park. There is a charge except for the Boeing store), and "SEATTLE TERRACE" on the 2nd and 3rd floors are the founding places of Boeing.SeattleIt is a shop and restaurant district with the image of the streets of Aichi, and there are also restaurants that originated here or are popular in Aichi prefecture.Aviation fanIt is something that you can enjoy other than[99][100].
  • Unit 2 (aircraft number: ZA002, registration code: N787EX):Pima Aerospace Museum(ArizonaTucson
    The first aircraft to fly to Japan for conformity verification. All Nippon Airways painting.

Competitor model


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  2. ^ Aircraft number: JA825A is normally painted and the logo is "ANA (Hinomaru) Inspiration of JAPAN" with the tag line established in 2013 added.
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