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🧳 | United Airlines, reservations after spring are strong 2021 full-year financial results announcement


United Airlines announces full-year 2021 financial results for spring and beyond

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In the current fiscal year, we will resume operations of the Boeing 777 equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines, and we would like to return the operating rate of the entire airline to the normal state in response to demand.

United Airlines Holdings has announced its financial results for the fiscal year ending December 2021. 12 2021 ... → Continue reading


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Boeing 777

Boeing 777
Boeing 777

United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

United airlinesBoeing 777-200ER

United States flag United airlines
Hong Kong flag Cathay Pasific Airlines
French flag Air France
United States flag American airlines
British flag British Airways
Singapore flag Singapore Airlines
Japanese flag All Nippon Airways
Qatar flag Qatar Airways
Saudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia Airlines
Republic of Korea flag Korean Air
Japanese flag Japan Airlines
な ど
  • First flight : 1994/May 6
  • Number of production: 1445 aircraft (as of September 2016)
  • Operation start : 1995/May 6(United airlines)
  • Operational status:In operation
  • Unit cost :
    777-200ER: US $ 2.62 million
    777-200LR: US $ 2.96 million
    777-300ER: US $ 3.20 million
    777F: US $ 3.01 million

Boeing 777 (Boeing 777) IsAmerica OfBoeingLarge size developed by the companyWide bodyTwin-engineJet..非公式にInformallyTriple Seven Sometimes called (Triple Seven)[1][2].

In this section, for passenger aircraft made by Boeing, the notation "Boeing" is omitted and only numbers are used.For example, "Boeing 767If, simply "767".


History of development

1980 era, Boeing has already reigned as the world's largest airliner maker, but on the other hand chasesAirbusWas also under threat.とりわけリタイヤが進んでいた3発ワイドボディ機In particular, a XNUMX-engine wide-body aircraft that has been retiredLockheed L-1011 Tristar,McDonnell Douglas OfDC-10In the battle for successor, McDonnell Douglas alsoMD-11, TA1982 (later) Airbus announced the concept in 9A330), TA11 (laterA340) Etc. did not have a counter model.

there1986/At the end of the day, Boeing767-300と747-400In order to develop an aircraft that bridges the difference in the number of seats between the two, we have started market research on aircraft demand.Many in the worldAirlinesIn particular, among themLaunch customer OfUnited airlines,All Nippon Airways,British Airways,Japan Airlines,Cathay Pasific Airlines,American airlines,Delta Airlines,QantasAlso asked for opinions on the design of the aircraft (Working Together).And1989/May 12After approval by the board of directors of Boeing, officially the new model "767-XIt was decided that it would be proposed to the airline.

As the plan name suggests, Boeing initially planned this airliner as a derivative of the 767.cockpitWas considered to be the same as the conventional 767.However, the 767-747 made after the 400 has a more advanced cockpit, and United Airlines and All Nippon Airways, which have used many Boeing aircraft, rejected the cockpit similar to this conventional 767, and the 747 In response to a request for a -400 style cockpit, Boeing planned a cockpit based on the 747-400's cockpit layout with the latest technology.

In addition, as a result of adjusting the aircraft scale in detail with airlines, etc., the fuselage of 767 was discarded, and a large fuselage with a thicker perfect circular cross section was adopted, which can arrange 2 aisles and 9 seats sideways as standard. I decided to do it.この767-Xに対して、アメリカのユナイテッド航空がUnited Airlines of the United States against this XNUMX-X1990/May 10Ordered 34 aircraft, and the aircraft name was "Boeing 777Was changed to.Subsequently, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, and Japan Airlines also placed orders.

The world's first Boeing 777 (registration code: B-HNL) will eventually be in Hong Kong.Cathay Pasific AirlinesIt was operated in 2018, but retired from active duty in XNUMX and was donated to the Aviation Museum[3].


The wingspan and fuselage length of the 777-300ER is larger than that of the 747-400, making it the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world.直径がThe diameter is737It is equipped with a jet engine that is as large and powerful as the fuselage of.Landing gearFor the first time in the Boeing airliner division, a bogie-type landing gear equipped with six tires on each of the two main landing gears has been adopted, but the front wheel steering gear takes a large steering angle during taxiing. As a result, a large lateral load and side slip of the tire occur on the main landing gear, so when the steering angle is 2 degrees or more, the axle at the end of the bogey is steered up to 6 degrees to the left and right by computer processing. Equipped with a landing gear.Since the central part of the thick fuselage was allocated to the cabin on the first floor, a large cargo compartment underneath was secured, and between the ceiling of the cabin and the upper side of the aircraftKamaboko (steamed fish cake)The mold space has front and rear, respectively.Break room for cockpit crew and cabin crewBecause it can be provided[4][5], Even on long-haul flights, there is no need to allocate seats in the cabin or cargo compartment for shift crew members.In this way, the airplane is considered to generate profits for both passengers and freight, and may be operated as a freight-only flight at night.

The 777 is the first Boeing airliner to be in flight controlFly by wireIt was adopted.しかし、同じフライ・バイ・ワイヤ方式でもサイドステックを用いたエアバス社製の機体と違い、従来型のHowever, even with the same fly-by-wire system, unlike the Airbus aircraft that used side sticks, it is a conventional type.Control stickIs left in the center of the front of the cockpit, and elements such as vibration and weight applied to the blade surface are fed back to the control stick to simulate it, and even the airlines that have operated the conventional Boeing aircraft are pilots. It is designed so that you can move to this machine with the minimum training without any discomfort.Also, the cockpit display device consists of six displays like the 747-400,Flight management equipment Traditional, including (FMC) and autopilot control display panelsCRTからliquid crystalHas been changed to[6]..のちにメーカーオプションでLater as a manufacturer optionHead up display(EFB = electro flight bag), the air route chart that was previously clipped to the control stick can be displayed on the side monitor, and the autopilot direction setting panel has been changed to landscape. Minor changes are also being made.

This aircraft is the world's first commercial aircraft, all of which are designed on a computer.機体設計にはFor airframe designCATIAWas carried out in parallel at development bases around the world, and various tests were conducted using a virtual aircraft that can be called a "virtual 777".The description language of the control software is "To giveIs adopted.

Japan isYXParticipating in the development as the second model of, accounting for 2% of the development share[7].. From the development to the first flight of large aircraft after the 1980s, the process may be delayed due to problems such as performance and equipment, but the 777 is an aircraft that was developed with the process proceeding as planned.

Seat arrangementについては、ファーストクラスはほとんどの航空会社が1-2-1の横4席配列を採用している。エコノミークラスは座席にゆとりを持たせるため、本来は3-3-3の横9席配列が主流であったが、2010年代中盤からは多くの航空会社が運賃をできるだけ抑えるため、3-4-3の横10席配列に変更する航空会社が多くなった。

By the way, the maximum cruising speed is Mach 0.86.

Working Together

777 formed a "Working Together" with Boeing, where the airlines ordered solve design problems and the airlines make individual requests (Working Together).Participatory designSee also).When trying to make the 777 with a simple expanded version of the 767, many airlines opposed it, so it was devised to incorporate the opinions of the airlines that are the users from the beginning of development.

The requests of major airlines are listed below.

United airlines
Launch customerUnited Airlines (first orderer) is basedChicagoAssuming the winter season, you can open and close the inspection access doors of each part while wearing gloves, and many of them should be at a height that you can reach without preparing a large stepladder, etc. The emergency exit was requested to be able to be opened and closed with one hand.
All Nippon Airways
The second order for All Nippon Airways isToilet bowlSince passengers often find it unpleasant to close the lid with a bang, we proposed a mechanism to close the lid slowly.
Also, due to the size of the 777 aircraft, Boeing has used the main wings to improve maneuverability at the airport.Folding functionI was thinking of making it standard equipment.しかし、全日本空輸は主翼をHowever, All Nippon Airways has the main wingsFolding functionBoeing accepted the request, as it would increase the weight of the aircraft, complicate the structure and make it difficult to maintain, and urged this feature to be an option rather than a standard.
Besides, attaching a maintenance hatch to the cabin floor,Landing gearThe tires used inBias tireSame as a passenger carRadial tire(ANAMichelinIt was also requested to change to (installed).
Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines, which placed the sixth order, requested that the 6-777ER aircraft have two air chambers in the nose gear shock absorber.At the same time, it was also requested to confirm that the expansion and contraction of the shock absorber with respect to the weight change at the time of loading and unloading the cargo is sufficiently small.
We also requested that the English used in the manuals be as plain as possible so that flight crew members and airlines outside the English-speaking world would not misread the manuals.これに際し、JALはIn this case, JAL1985/ OfFlight 123 crashSince then, we have provided a "reliability database" that stores defect information on parts.[8].
Besides, the parking brake indicator light of the nose gear,AltimeterQNH and QNE (Altimeter regulation value) Was requested and adopted.

Derived type

Boeing used the following two characteristics to clarify the variation of the 777.

  1. Aircraft size.. The 777-200 is the basic size, and the 777-300 is a derivative that has increased capacity by extending the fuselage.
  2. Cruising distance..Boeing has clarified three categories of route distances.
    • A demand --3,900nautical mileFrom 5,200 nautical miles (7,200 km to 9,200 km)
    • B demand ―― 5,800 nautical miles to 7,700 nautical miles (10,800 km to 14,250 km)
    • C demand --Over 8,000 nautical miles (14,800 km)

ボーイング社や777を運航する航空会社は777の派生型を区別するときに、モデル名である「777」と機体のサイズ(-200または-300)とを縮めてつなぎ合わせ、「772」や「773」といった表記をよく用いる。また、時には上記にあるような航続距離の3分類を表す識別子を付加する。たとえば777-200は「772」また「772A」と、航続性能を強化した777-300ERは「773ER」や「773B」「77W」(この中ではICAO model code77W registered in is the most common).These are airlinesTimetableIt is a notation that is often seen in manuals and manuals.また、A - Cの需要分類は、777の最大のライバルであるAlso, the A-C demand classification is XNUMX's biggest rival.Airbus A340It is also used when comparing and 777.

IATA or ICAO model codeでは、777-200および-200ERが"772"、777-300が"773"、777-200LRおよび777Fでは"77L"、777-300ERが"77W"となっている。

The 777 type long-distance type (-200LR, 300ER type) was developed with an engine to be equipped, unlike the previous derivative types.General ElectricOnly made of products.

777-100 (771B)

A short body model of 777-200 that was considered at the beginning of the plan.American airlinesIt was planned in response to the proposal, but the plan was canceled without the actual machine being produced.767-400ERIs said to be a model for the same market as this planning machine.

777-200 (772A)

The first model in the 777 series, with a maximum cruising range of 5,210 nautical miles (9,649 km).

August 1994, 6,Pratt & WhitneyBoeing's first test with the PW4077 engine[9]Has succeeded in the first flight.

The engine is Pratt & Whitney (PW)PW4000 series, General Electric (GE)GE90series,Rolls-Royce (RR)Trent 800 seriesUnited Airlines, the launch customer, has the PW4000, and British Airways has the GE90.[10],Cathay Pasific AirlinesBy choosing the Trent 800, the production of aircraft equipped with the engines of each manufacturer has started.The first flight, flight test, and type approval were obtained in the order of PW4000 → GE90 → Trent 800.

In Japan, All Nippon Airways in December 1995, Japan Airlines in April 12, former in April 1996Japan Air SystemIntroduced and put into service in the order of. As of 2015, both All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, which merged with Japan Air System, operate on domestic flights.全日本空輸の一部の機体ではOn some All Nippon Airways aircraftETOPSThere are also acquisition machines (120 minutes, 180 minutes), which used to beNarita International AirportIt was in service on short-distance international flights departing from and arriving, but later all aircraft were refurbished to domestic flight specifications.なお、日本のエアライン3社が揃って同一の機材を導入した例はIn addition, there is an example in which all three Japanese airlines have introduced the same equipment.727-100Since then.All three engines are Pratt & Whitney's PW3[11]Is selected.

All Nippon AirwaysL-1011 TristarAs a successor to Japan Airlines, McDonnell DouglasDC-10As a successor, Japan Air System was introduced earlier.Airbus A300-600RIntroduced as a new flagship aircraft for domestic flights with a capacity exceeding.

Japan Air System operated in three classes (super seats / rainbow seats / ordinary seats) for the first time on domestic flights at that time, and Japan Airlines has been operating since 3.first class/ Class J / Operated in 3 classes of ordinary seats.All Nippon Airways was the first domestic airliner other than the Boeing 747 to have a two-class (super seat * / ordinary seat) layout (* the name at the time of service).The number of seats for paid flights is the largest in the world with 2 seats, which was operated on domestic flights by All Nippon Airways with a close arrangement of 10 rows of seats, which was unprecedented in the world at that time (after that, other companies also used it for domestic flights. In addition to introducing 418 horizontal rowsEmirates AirlinesSome airlines have also adopted it on international flights).In addition, it is possible to arrange 440 seats in the mono class. As of 2015, All Nippon Airways has 405 seats and Japan Airlines has 375 seats.

In addition, due to the regulation of four-engine aircraft from April 2006ItamiArrival and departureMain lineIt has become the mainstay of.

In June 2014, one 6-1 (JA777) owned by Japan Airlines was retired.This is the first aircraft to be retired on Japanese airlines, and Japan Airlines has retired from the aircraft introduced earlier.These aircraft will not be resold to other companies due to the heavy fatigue of the aircraft due to the special circumstances of Japan domestic routes that repeat takeoff and landing in a short time.For supplying spare partsWas dismantled as.On the other hand, in 2015, All Nippon Airways extended the retirement of the old 1-8981, which was introduced before Japan Airlines' first aircraft (JA777), by several years, and for adjusting supply and demand on domestic trunk lines during the busy season. It was announced that it would be used as equipment.By effectively utilizing the aircraft owned by the company, which has already been depreciated, it is expected to improve the balance of payments by about 200 billion yen per year.However, from May 90, the retirement of 2016-5 was started by All Nippon Airways.

In May 2007, it was handed over as an aircraft for Japan Airlines (aircraft number: JA5J), and production was finally discontinued, and production has been shifted to the B773-777ER / -200LR, which will be described later.The total number of production machines is 200 of them were introduced to Japanese airlines (All Nippon Airways: 88 aircraft, Japan Airlines: 31 aircraft, Japan Air System: 16 aircraft).

Occurred on January 2021, 2United Airlines Flight 328 Engine AccidentReceiveMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOrdered to shut down the 4000 with the PW777 engine.As a result, Japan Airlines has retired all 21 777-200s ahead of schedule.

777-200ER (772)

Compared to the standard 777-200, the cruising range has been extended mainly by increasing the fuel tank capacity and correspondingly increasing the engine thrust (ER:). Eextended RIn ange), power performance and cruising performance are enhanced by diverting auxiliary equipment such as fuel tanks and oil pumps and power systems such as engines from -300.At the beginning of development, it was called -200IGW (IGW: Increased Gross Weight), but it was changed to "ER" which was already used in 767, and after that.737This will be used even in such cases.The maximum cruising range is 7,730 nautical miles (14,316 kilometers).ローンチカスタマーはLaunch customerBritish AirwaysSo, the first flight on October 1996, 10. First serviced by British Airways (GE engine-equipped aircraft) on February 7, 1997.

In Japan, All Nippon Airways began to be introduced in 1999, and Japan Airlines also introduced it in 2002.日本航空ではAt Japan AirlinesMcDonnell Douglas MD-11And the sameDC-10-40Introduced as a successor to South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Southeast Asia, etc., it has been launched on a wide range of routes from short-haul international flights to long-haul international flights such as North America and Europe, making it one of the main international flights.全日本空輸も当初は国際線で使用したが、2012年度から再度導入が開始された機体は全機が国内線専用機材として運航されておりAll Nippon Airways was initially used on international flights, but all of the aircraft that were reintroduced in XNUMX are operated exclusively for domestic flights.[12]Also, international flight specifications787With the introduction of, all aircraft were refurbished to domestic flight specifications by May 2017.

Airlines that are launching on long-haul routes instead of 3- or 4-engine aircraft (American airlines,Japan Airlines,Alitalia,TAAG Angola AirlinesAnd airlines that use 4 aircraft according to the number of passengers (etc.)British Airways,KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,Asiana Airlines,Korean AirEtc.)[13]

Unlike the 777-300ER and 777-200LR, it is the only model in the 2010 family in production in the 777s that allows the choice of engine manufacturer.In Japan, All Nippon Airways will introduce the PW engine, which is the same manufacturer as -200 and -300, and Japan Airlines will introduce it later. We are trying to differentiate our operations. The number of aircraft manufactured in the 300s is increasing with GE engines that produce the most powerful thrust of the three manufacturers. As of September 2010, the number of deliveries is 3.キャパシティが比較的近いB2015-9が就航を開始したこともあり、422年787月にIn July 9, the B2013-7, which has a relatively close capacity, went into service.Asiana AirlinesNo orders have been received since the delivery of the equipment (HL8284) for.

777-200LR (77L)

Based on the 777-200ER, the cruising range is further extended (LR: Long Range).

The GE777-300B engine installed in the 90-115ER, which will be described later, is equipped with the "GE200-90B" optimized for the -110LR.[14]..This engine is clearly larger than the engine used in the conventional 777 due to the extended cruising range.

Like the 777-300ER, the wing tip is equipped with a laked wing tip, and the wingspan is equal to that.The normal cruising range is about 15,000 km or more[15]There are even manufacturer options that can extend the maximum cruising range to 9,420 nautical miles (17,446 kilometers) if equipped with a drop tank.

Launch customerPakistan International AirlinesSo, the first flight was March 2005, 3[16]Met.On November 11, the same year, he flew 10 nautical miles (11,663 kilometers) between Hong Kong and London eastward in a continuous manner over 21,600 hours and 22 minutes, breaking the world record for the cruising range of civilian aircraft.

Boeing has called this derivative because it has the longest cruising range in the world of all airliners currently in service and allows non-stop connections to most airports around the world.World Liner (Worldliner) ".The main operational airlines areEmirates Airlines,Pakistan International Airlines,Air India,Air Canada,Qatar Airways,Delta AirlinesSuch.Currently Emirates by -200LRDubaiとパナマWe operate non-stop flights that last more than 17 hours.[15]..また、この路線は現在、世界最長の航空路線となっているIn addition, this route is currently the longest air route in the world.[15].

January 2014Turkmenistan AirlinesProduction had stopped since the delivery of the aircraft (aircraft number: EZ-A779) for the aircraft, but on November 2015, 11, Crystal Cruises announced that it would purchase two business jet specifications for this aircraft. Crystal Luxury Air will operate a round-the-world tour after 17[17].. 2019年6月開催のHeld in June XNUMXParis Air ShowTurkmenistan Airlines has indicated its intention to order one aircraft of the same type.[18].

As of September 2015, 9 aircraft were produced.

In October 2018, an order was placed for one aircraft, although it was not disclosed.

777-300 (773)

Equipment for A demand with an extended fuselage of the 777-200. Designed as an alternative to the 747-100 and -200 aircraft.It is the longest passenger plane in the world as a twin-engine aircraft (73.9m, by the way, if it is not a twin-engine aircraft, the longest in the world is747-8で76.3m[19]).

The second major difference from the 777-200 is the number of doors due to the extended fuselage. -2 has 200 doors on each side (4 in total), while -8 has 300 doors on each side (5 in total).In other words, if you count the number of doors, you can distinguish between -10 and -200.

Due to its long fuselage length, at the lower rear of the fuselageTail skidEquipped with a new function called GMCS (Grand Maneuver Camera System), the main landing gear can be monitored from the cockpit so that it does not protrude from the taxiway.The maximum cruising range is 5,955 nautical miles (11,029 km).The launch customer is Cathay Pacific and the first is Cathay Pacific.1998/May 5Was handed over to.


In Japan, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways placed an order immediately after the development decision, and introduced it in 1998, and all aircraft are operated on domestic flights.日本航空と全日本空輸ともBoth Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways747SR-100(Japan Airlines747-100SUD / -300Also introduced as a successor to).As will be described later, many airlines outside Japan operate Asian airlines, which are used for medium- and short-distance international flights.Haneda, Itami, Fukuoka, Naha and other airports, so it is a familiar aircraft in Japan.

The world's largest supply of seats for paid flights was 525 seats, which was operated by All Nippon Airways on domestic flights, which was also the world's largest twin-engine aircraft.In addition, it is possible to arrange 550 seats in the mono class. As of 2015, All Nippon Airways operates domestic flights with 514 seats, and Japan Airlines operates domestic flights with a high density specification of 500 seats, and only two Japanese companies in the world operate twin-engine aircraft with more than 500 seats. Is. 2年2014月3日をもって全日本空輸のAll Nippon Airways as of March 31, XNUMXB747-400DWith the retirement of all aircraft, the aircraft has become the largest passenger aircraft to fly on domestic flights in Japan from April 4st.[20]..なお、日本航空は2015年3月から初期に導入された機体の退役が始まっており、後継機はIn addition, Japan Airlines has begun to retire the aircraft that was introduced early in March XNUMX, and the successor aircraft isAirbus A350-900, And the successor to ANABoeing 787-10.All Nippon Airways aircraft are scheduled to be retired from 2019.

The last production of the Cathay Pacific aircraft (aircraft number: B-HNQ) delivered in July 2006 was discontinued, and production has been shifted to the B7-777ER, which will be described later.The total number of aircraft produced was 300, 60 of which were introduced to Japanese airlines (14 for both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways). Among the 7 series, it is the only model that has not been introduced by American and European airlines (excluding Russia), and it is a major sales feature that it was introduced mainly by Asian airlines including Japan. ..

777-300ER (77W)

It is an extended cruising range of the 777-300,747-400It was designed as a model for the successor demand of the model machine.Airbus A380-800It is the third largest commercial airliner after the type and 747.The maximum cruising range is 3 nautical miles (7,880 km).The first flight2003/It's February 2th. As of 24, it holds the highest number of orders in the 2014 family and is breaking the record.

This 777-300ER is 115,300 lbf (513 kN) Produces the most powerful in the worldTurbo fan engineIsGE90-115BEquipped with an engine[21]In addition, many improvements have been made.

The wing is longer than the 777-300 standard, and the wing tip is bent backwards at an angle.Laked wing tipIs equipped.This is 777-200LR, 767-400,747-8,787 seriesHas been adopted by.

The launch customer for the 777-300ER was Japan Airlines, which was the first to place an agreement, and the two aircraft used for the test flight were both Japan Airlines aircraft.[22]Is[23]..These two aircraft are also flying to Japan as part of the world tour.試験飛行時はワールドツアーも掛けてか「世界地図」の塗装が施され、試験機としては珍しい「特別塗装機」ともなったAt the time of the test flight, a world tour was also applied, and the "world map" was painted, and it became a "special painting machine", which is rare for a test machine.[24].

In addition, the first paid operation was startedAir FranceAir France is the launch customer on the official Boeing website.最大保有機数を誇るのはThe one that boasts the largest number of aircraftMiddle EastUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) ofEmirates AirlinesIs.The company owns a total of 128 aircraft, the largest number as a single airline.DubaiとWesternIt is active on medium- and long-haul international flights, mainly on routes connecting.

By September 2011, 9, we had received orders for 30 aircraft from 37 companies and 543 aircraft by the end of the same year.May 10As the 300th machine in the seriesBiman Bangladesh AirlinesWas delivered to. As of September 2015, 9 aircraft have been delivered.

In Japan, the launch customer Japan Airlines first introduced it, and then All Nippon Airways introduced it and is operating it.さらに全日空ではFurthermore, at ANA2010 eraWe have placed an additional order for 6 new machines, and for this additional order,2015/Start receiving from2016/By now, the company has more than 777 B300-20ERs in total.両社ともこの型をBoth companies use this type747-400As the main aircraft to replace the model aircraft, it is mainly introduced on long-haul routes such as Europe, the United States / North America, but Japan AirlinesTokyo (Haneda)Some domestic flights to / from Narita[25]But it operates as an international connecting flight[26][27][28].

Most airlines promoting this type have replaced the routes in service on the 747 series or Airbus A340 series with this type (eg Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, etc.)Air France,Air Canadaetc).Also,A380,B747-8Some airlines have introduced it as a flagship model in parallel with super-large aircraft or as the latest flagship (eg).China Airline,TAM Brazilian Airlines,Turkish Airlinesetc).

Although it is a twin-engine aircraft, it is believed that it is possible to operate direct flights to most major cities in the world, and that it has proved itself to be extremely safe with a long operating record, which has led to orders.さらにエンジンはGE社製のみとしていながら、ロールス・ロイス社製のエンジンをもっぱら選定するFurthermore, although the engine is only made by GE, the engine made by Rolls-Royce is exclusively selected.British AirwaysExceptionally, it has won orders from airlines around the world.

2012 year 3 month,Emirates AirlinesMass production No. 1000 was handed over by this model for[29]。これは民間ワイドボディ旅客機では747以来の快挙(1000機目の型式は、747-400)だが、初号機の引き渡しから1000機目の引き渡しに要した期間は、747-400のそれを塗り替え最短となった。なお、エミレーツ航空には100機目の777-300ER(機体番号:A6-ENV)も受領しており[30][31]Of the 596 aircraft, 4 aircraft, which is about a quarter, will be operated by the company.

In recent years, the initial introduction of the B777-300ER, which was operated by EVA Air, has been retired from several aircraft and leased back to GE Capital, etc., and also by other airlines.COVID-19Demand for aviation has fallen due to the epidemic, and the initial introduction is approaching, so full-scale retirement is beginning to stand out. From 2020, the refurbishment to the freighter, which will be described later, began in earnest.

777-200LRF (777 Freighter)

777 typeFreighter (777 Freighter) is a freighter version based on the 777-200LR.Basically, it is a combination of a -200LR engine and airframe (structure strengthened for cargo aircraft), a -300ER fuel tank and landing gear.2005/Was announced in.The launch customer is Air France.

Maximum of 777Fpayloadである103トンは現行の主力大型貨物機747-200F(最大ペイロード 110トン)や、747-400ERF(最大ペイロード 112トン)にわずかにとどかないが、747-400ERFの後継にあたる747-8Fはさらに大きなペイロード(140トン程度)となりひとクラス上に移行するので、747-200FおよびMcDonnell DouglasMD-11FIt is an alternative to 90-ton class aircraft with a maximum payload of 100 tons.The cruising range at the maximum payload is about 9,000 kilometers, but in cases such as parcels where the volume is large but the weight is less than the maximum payload in freight transportation, the cruising range increases significantly due to excellent fuel economy, and non- It will also be possible to cross the Pacific Ocean at a stop.

The first 777F was handed over to Air France on February 2009, 2.[32]After that, 10 aircraft from 5 companies were delivered by October of the same year.[33].

MajorFreight airline OfFedEx ExpressAs of August 2007, McDonnell Douglas' freighter is the main equipment.This was a big advantage because it was possible to introduce a wide-body aircraft with higher transportation capacity at a more reasonable price than a new aircraft by modifying a used aircraft released by a major passenger airline in good condition.However, it is certain that the demand for air freight transportation will continue to grow, and it was considered indispensable to introduce large and super-large aircraft on high-demand routes in the near future.また、クルー8名を必要とするIt also requires 3 crew membersDC-10FConsidering the aged retirement of the company and the need as a substitute for MD-11F,A380-800FI ordered 10 aircraft.

However, with the A380-800F, various problems were discovered in the passenger-type A380-800, which had been developed in advance, and the delay in the delivery schedule became chronic.As a result, the freight-type delivery schedule was virtually blank, and FedEx Express, which was forced to make a major change in its corporate strategy, canceled all orders from Airbus.As an alternative, we focused on the 777F, which became the second ordering company after the launch customer Air France by ordering 15 aircraft.In addition, FedEx Express will place an additional order for the 2F, making it the largest customer in the world beyond Air France.

2015年9月現在、777型フレイターは、世界の航空会社11社から2015年10月現在160機の受注を獲得し、このうち115機が受領済みで、日本では、全日本空輸が2014-16年度中期経営計画ローリングプランでこの機材導入を検討し[34], I was also considering the BCF type of 777-200ER, which is being considered in the "Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF)" program to upgrade from a passenger plane to a freighter, but about the possibility of launching the "777BCF" on the Boeing side. , Receiving the view that there are "technical issues"[35], Asia / China and North America, due to tight demand for transportation of dangerous goods and special goods such as aircraft engines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, lithium-ion batteries and pharmaceuticals, March 2018, 3 Introducing two new machines Announced[36]..ANA Cargo, a freight business company under its umbrellaANA Position) Will be received and operated in 2019[37]..初便就航は2019年7月2日、成田=上海(浦東)線、10月27日には成田=シカゴ線にも就航するThe first flight will be on the Narita-Shanghai (Pudong) route on July XNUMX, XNUMX, and on the Narita-Chicago route on October XNUMX.[38].

Rival is AirbusA330F.

777-300ERSF (repair machine)

General ElectricAffiliated aircraft leasing companyGE Capital Aviation Service (GECAS) and 737NG series and 747-400, 767 have a track record of refurbishment from passenger type to freight typeIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced on October 2019, 10 that it will bring the 16-777ER freighter (SF) to market and start a freighter refurbishment program.This program is a joint investment project of GECAS and IAI, and has been in operation since the start of the program.US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Israel Civil Aviation Administration (CAAI) additional type certificate (STC) 3 years, aircraft refurbishment is planned for about 4 to 5 months and is scheduled to enter service in 2022[39].

Until June 2020, 6, February of the same yearEmirates AirlinesThe 777-300ER serial number (msn) that was operated on passenger flights is "32789".Israel-Tel Aviv International AirportGECAS will be the launch customer of the 9-777ERS F, with major renovations planned at the IAI plant, including the addition of cargo doors to the main deck, the renovation of the crew room, and the strengthening of the aircraft with a 300G durable cargo barrier. It is said that the aircraft is confirmed and the option contract for 15 aircraft[40]..なお一連の777-300ERSF改修プログラムは「ビッグ・ツイン」と呼ばれているThe series of XNUMX-XNUMXERSF refurbishment programs is called "Big Twin".[41].

777-200LRMF, 777-300ERMF (both repair machines)

Established in December 2020SoftbankIn September 2021, Boeing 9-777LR and Boeing 200-777ER freighter refurbishment programs were announced by Mammoth Freighters, a grandson of the company, together with the same SoftBank group company Fortress Investment Group. bottom. As for the 300-777LR, 200 aircraft of the same type that were operated by former Delta Air Lines have been acquired, and the aircraft number: N10DN is expected to be the first refurbished aircraft.The MF attached to the model refers to "Mammoth Freighter". In the latter half of 705, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aims to obtain an additional type certificate (STC) to upgrade two passenger aircraft with GE engines, 2023-777LR and 200-777ER, to freighters and start operations.

777-8X (under development) / 777-9

Boeing is considering further improvements from the current 777.その改善として検討されている型式であり、概要は以下の通りIt is a model that is being considered as an improvement, and the outline is as follows[42].

The goal is to improve fuel efficiency by 9% per seat, including improving the lift-drag ratio by increasing the size of the wings, improving fuel efficiency by 10% with the new engine GE1X, and changing the material of the entire aircraft.As for the aircraft, we are planning to optimize the fuselage around the new large wing and to extend and shorten the fuselage compared to the 15-777ER type (300 class 3 seat specification). The 365-777 has a shorter fuselage than the 8-777ER, and the 300-777 has a longer fuselage than the 9-777ER.As a competing modelA350-1000XWB.. 2013年後半のLate XNUMX787-9It is scheduled to be in service as a wide-body aircraft following the service of.なお、標準座席仕様は777-8Xが353席、-9Xは407席を見込んでいるThe standard seat specifications are expected to be XNUMX seats for the XNUMX-XNUMXX and XNUMX seats for the -XNUMXX.[43].

777ファミリーとしては、777-200型から777-300型への増席以来、2回目の大幅の座席数変更となる。具体的な変更点として、主翼幅が777-300ER型が64.8mであるのに対し71.3mとなる(747-8より3m広がる)。しかし2014年現在の各主要空港施設設計では駐機スペースの間隔が狭く、隣在する施設の使用にも制限する必要があるので、主翼にFolding functionThe plan is to equip it with a total width of 64.8m on the ground to accommodate the size of conventional aircraft.この主翼折りたたみ方式は従来の777でもオプション装備できる計画があったが、折りたたみ機構装備による機体重量増やメンテナンス性の低下を恐れた航空会社側から導入を敬遠された経緯があったり、また、この主翼折りたたみ方式は離陸前に必ず展開する必要があるがどの時点で展開するか、展開忘れを防止する装置を追加したりThere was a plan that this main wing folding method could be equipped as an option even with the conventional XNUMX, but there was a history that the airline company was reluctant to introduce it because of fear of increasing the weight of the aircraft and reducing maintainability due to the folding mechanism equipment, and this The main wing folding method must be deployed before takeoff, but when to deploy it, add a device to prevent forgetting to deploy[44]There are many issues to be considered, and it is unclear whether this method will be standard equipment in the process of manufacturing the aircraft in the future.

The material of the main wing is carbon fiber while the 777-300ER type is made of metal.一方で、使用エンジンは777-300ER型と同様にOn the other hand, the engine used is the same as the XNUMX-XNUMXER type.GE90Is being considered, but it will be scaled down (plan name: GE9X).This engineGenXIntroducing technology based on the above, a composite material of ceramic base material is used for the turbine section.The engine specifications are 777m in diameter and 300 pounds of thrust GE3.43-115000B installed in the 90-115ER, while GE9X is 3.25m in diameter and 15500 pounds less thrust of 99500 pounds, which is the diameter of GE90-115B. Both thrusts will be downsized.If this plan is realized, it will be the first composite material to be used and manufactured in the 777 family, which will make a big difference in the history of 777.

加えて検討の一部ではあるが、747-8や737ファミリーでも実施したように、新しい787スタイルのLED照明と大型手荷物入れなどの内装を取り入れることを予定している。コクピットではボーイングは将来型航空管制管理システムに合わせた電子機器を考えており、787のARINC 629基準を取り入れ、777にも電子化が進められる予定である。なおバッテリーは2013年1月以降に787のBattery troubleが多発したことを受け、従来のB777シリーズで販売されているタイプと同じくニッケルカドミウム電池が搭載される。777-8/-9が開発されることにより、ボーイングは、標準座席仕様・330席の787-10から同仕様・467席の747-8までの全ての座席仕様を網羅することが可能となる。

2013/May 9,LufthansaOrders 777 9-34s (7 options, up to 64)[45][46][47].

2013/May 11Owns all current 777 families at Dubai Air ShowEmirates AirlinesFrom 150 aircraft,Etihad AirwaysFrom 25 aircraft,Qatar AirwaysOfficially decided to launch the program after receiving an order for 50 aircraft from[48].

2014/May 3,All Nippon AirwaysDecided to introduce 777 300-20s as successors to the Boeing 777-9ER[49].2016/1Announced by All Nippon AirwaysA380as well as the B787Along with the series, 777-9 is the company's next-generation flagshipWide bodyIt becomes a passenger plane. 「B777-9」は"BXNUMX-XNUMX" is2017/Start of production,2020/Aim to deliver the first machine.

2020/May 1The B1-25 succeeded in its first flight (around 10:9 am on January 777, local time).

Military type

US Air Force OfKC-XInAerial refueling machineType ofKC 777Was proposed, but KC-767 (laterKC-46AAdopted as) has been defeated.

JapaneseJapan Air Self-Defense ForceOperatesJapanese Government MachineUsed as747-400Introduced 777-300ER as a successor[50],2019/Started operation in April[51]..This is the 777's first military aircraft.

In October 2015IndiaIt was reported that the Indian Republic government-only aircraft operated by the government and the Air Force was decided to be the same 777-300ER aircraft as Japan.[52].. IndiaAir IndiaWe have carried out VIP transportation using the classic 747 aircraft, but due to problems such as aging and lack of missile warning system, we introduced two new 777-300ER aircraft, dedicated to the president and the prime minister. AsIndian Air ForceWill operate[53].. In March 2018, NSSF funded the refurbishment of two aircraft. The 3-2ER will be supplied to Air India in February and then sent to the United States for modern communication and security systems. 777機は300年に準備が整う予定で、完了すれば現在VIP機として用いられている2-2型機は段階的に廃止されるThe two aircraft are scheduled to be ready in 2020, and when completed, the 747-400, which is currently used as a VIP aircraft, will be phased out.[54].


Item \ Model777-200777-200ER777-200LR777F777-300777-300ER777-8[55]777-9[55]
Length63.7 m
(209 ft 1 in)
73.9 m
(242 ft 4 in)
(228 ft 2 in)
(250 ft 11 in)
Width60.9 m
(199 ft 1 in)
64.8 m
(212 ft 7 in)
60.9 m
(199 ft 1 in)
64.8 m
(212 ft 7 in)
71.3 m
(233 ft 11 in)
Torso diameterOuter diameter 6.19m Inner diameter 5.86mOuter diameter 6.19m Inner diameter 5.97m
3 passengers class約 300-365-368353407
2 passengers class400-451350-375400-425
1 passengers class440-550unpublished
Example of introducing the number of seats
(F + C + PY + Y)
JAL domestic flights
375 (14 + 0 + 82 + 279)
ANA domestic flights
405 (21 + 0 + 0 + 384)
United airlines
344 (0 + 32 + 98 + 214)
JAL international flights
236 (0 + 42 + 40 + 154)
312 (0 + 26 + 0 + 286)
ANA domestic flights
392 (28 + 0 + 0 + 364)
405 (21 + 0 + 0 + 384)
ANA International Flight * Not existing
223 (0 + 70 + 36 + 117)
306 (0 + 35 + 0 + 271)
Delta Airlines
291 (0 + 37 + 36 + 218)
Air Canada
270 (0 + 42 + 0 + 228)
Emirates Airlines
266 (8 + 42 + 0 + 218)
Qatar Airways
259 (0 + 42 + 0 + 217)
-JAL domestic flights
500 (0 + 0 + 78 + 422)
ANA domestic flights
514 (21 + 0 + 0 + 493)
Cathay Pasific Airlines
398 (0 + 42 + 0 + 356)
Singapore Airlines
284 (8 + 50 + 0 + 226)
JAL international flights
244 (8 + 49 + 40 + 147)
ANA international flights
212 (8 + 64 + 24 + 116)
212 (8 + 68 + 24 + 112)
250 (8 + 52 + 24 + 166)
264 (8 + 52 + 24 + 180)
Cargo compartment volume150 m in total3
8 pallets
+ LD-7 8 units or 32 LD-3
+ Bulk 17 m3
653 m in total3
Upper deck
518 m3 27 palette
Lower deck
117.5m3 10 palette
+ Bulk 17m3
Maximum payload
103.9 t
265 m in total3
8 pallets
+ LD-7 8 units or 44 LD-3
+ Bulk 17 m3
265 m in total3
14 pallets
or 44 LD-3
+ Bulk 17 m3
Maximum takeoff weight247,210 kg297,824 kg347,452 kg347,450 kg297,560 kg351,534 kgunpublished342,000 kg
Maximum on-board fuel117,335 L171,160 L202,287 L181,280 L171,160 L181,280 Lunpublished
Cruising distance9,649 km14,316 km17,446 km9,195 km11,029 km14,594 km17,220 km15,185 km
Takeoff runway2,440 m3,380 m2,800 m2,830 m3,230 m3,050 m

PW 4074
PW 4077

Trent 875
Trent 877
Trent 884
Trent 892
PW 4084
PW 4090
Trent 892
Trent 895
PW 4090
Trent 892
Cruise speedMach number0.84unpublished

Sales record

2007, BrazilTAM AirlinesBy receiving orders for four 4-777ER aircraft from Boeing, the total number of orders for the 300 family has reached 777 since the first order in 1990, and Boeing's large private airliner division747Achieved 1000 aircraft next to the family.The 1000th aircraft in the series has been receivedEmirates AirlinesIt was a 777-300ER for.

Number of orders2100275310-35153235827712175194753039110761534213323011635685468101030302428
Number of deliveries16792242645487499989998837374886183654036394761558374593213----

Order status

Boeing 777
Number of ordered machines and delivered machines
(As of the end of December 2020)[56]

Competitor model

Operational status

Current operator (part)

As of 2020 year 11 month[57]

777-200 type

777-200LR type

777-200ER type

777-300 type

777-300ER type

777-8 type (planned)

777-9 type (planned)

777-8XF type (planned)

Retired (partial)

horizontal lineIs an airline that went bankrupt or disappeared.

Current operational status

  • It is highly almighty and can cover from 300 to 500 seats, and because it is a twin-engine engine, it is not restricted by the runway length (3-4m) of about 2500 or 3000 engines.ETOPSAccreditation improves engine reliability, resulting in 747 Classic, 747-400, DC-10, MD-11, and even Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines, etc. from airlines around the world.A340With the support that is considered to be a substitute for, it has surpassed some four-engine aircraft.And, it has become more useful than the situation where the number of airlines that avoid four aircraft is increasing due to the soaring crude oil price from around 4, and Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines, which once operated many 2004-4s, While using the 747 as its main aircraft, it retired the aging 400-777. As of 747, more than 400 aircraft have been produced and delivered, making it a best-selling aircraft.しかし就航開始から2017年が経過することもあり、1400年から20年にかけて日本航空やシンガポール航空、エミレーツ航空などは後継機としてHowever, 2013 years have passed since the start of service, and from 2014 to XNUMX, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, etc. will be the successors.A350And decided to introduce the 777-9X.Retirement began with Singapore Airlines, and Japan Airlines has retired 2014-6 from June 777 and 200-2015 from March 3.All Nippon Airways also started retiring 777-300 from May 2016.またエミレーツ航空は、5-777の全機退役を200年夏のうちに完了させ、後述の777件の事故があったIn addition, Emirates completed the retirement of all 200-2015 aircraft within the summer of 2, and there were two accidents described below.Malaysia AirlinesWas retired by the end of January 2016[108]..This was the first retirement of all 777 series aircraft.
  • Osaka International Airport(伊丹空港)では、市街地における航空機の騒音対策として2005å¹´4月から747-400/400D以外のジェットエンジンが3基以上の旅客機(747クラシックやDC-10、MD-11など)について同空港への営業運航が禁止され、さらに2006å¹´4月1日からは全てのジェットエンジンが3基以上の旅客機の営業運航が禁止された。このため、日本航空や全日本空輸は同空港とTokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport)New Chitose Airport747 is in service as a successor to 777 on the line connecting such as.
  • Japan Airlines has been in service with 747-400 so farUK,Paris,Frankfurt,MoscowEuropean routes such asBangkok,Singapore,New Delhi,SydneySoutheast Asian routes, West Asian routes, Australian routes, andChicago,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,Los AngelesThe 777-200ER and 777-300ER, which are not only more economical but also equipped with various in-flight facilities, are in service on Pacific routes such as North America.All Nippon Airways also replaced the 747-400 in service with the 777-300ER.Both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have received ETOPS certification for flying over the ocean.All Nippon Airways was operating on the 747-400, which has many economy classes, until the end only in Paris because business class demand did not grow as expected.However, with the termination of commercial operations of the 2011-747 in 400, all European routes were replaced with the 777-300ER.
  • Japan Airlines has 10 domestic flights (777-200 777-300)starNamedStar jetIt was operated with a paint called (it became the 4th generation paint and disappeared).
  • Initially, the 777 was said to be "indistinguishable from the 767," and All Nippon Airways received three early 777-200 aircraft (JA3, 8197, 8198) at the beginning of service.Vertical tailInstead of the "ANA" logo, "777" was written. The two aircraft (JA777A and 300A) received in the early days of the 2-751 were in service with an illustration of "wind" drawn on the fuselage.This was used to appeal to the 752-777,EVA AirThe 777-300ER aircraft and the new Japanese Air Force One 2019-777ER aircraft, which will start operation in 300, are also painted in a similar manner.
  • Japanese Government Machine747-4002018/The Cabinet Secretariat, the Ministry of Defense, and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force have selected the 2019 as a successor to the aircraft, which will start operation in 777.[109]In April 2014, in addition to flight performance, we emphasized the attitude toward strengthening the relationship between the Japan-US alliance, and since it is easy to secure maintenance contractors after introduction, we made final adjustments in the direction of introducing the same type of aircraft. It was reported that it was.The 4, which was a candidate for selection, was excluded from the selection due to the narrow cabin space, and the A787 XWB was excluded from the selection due to the continuity of the current aircraft being made by Boeing and the diplomatic political judgment of the Japan-US alliance.なお、350-747およびA8は当初から選定外であるThe 380-XNUMX and AXNUMX have not been selected from the beginning.[110].. 2019å¹´3月24日、航空自衛隊千歳基地にて新旧(B747-400からB777-300ERへ)の交代式典が行われたOn March XNUMX, XNUMX, an old and new (from BXNUMX-XNUMX to BXNUMX-XNUMXER) replacement ceremony was held at the Air Self-Defense Force Chitose Air Base.[111]..From April 4st of the same year, it started operation as a dedicated aircraft for the Japanese government in place of the B1-747.
  • The aforementioned passenger planes have not been diverted to freighters (BCF) so far, but in 2020New CoronavirusDue to the decline in passenger demand due to the spread of infectionAir CanadaThere is a plan to remove the seat of the B777-300ER currently owned by Transport Canada and temporarily divert it to a freighter for medical transportation etc., and permission has already been obtained from Transport Canada.[112]..As a similar initiative,Austrian AirlinesAlso carries out freight transportation using the B777-200ER aircraft, but this is operating as it is without removing the seat[113].
  • Delta Air Lines is accelerating its retirement along with the Boeing 747-400, Airbus A340, and A380 as passenger demand is declining due to the prolonged global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection. All aircraft retired with[114]In Japan, Japan Airlines will retire all 2022 flights from domestic flights by the end of 777.[115], All Nippon Airways reduced about half of its aircraft[116]The policy was set out.However, it occurred in February 2021 owned by United Airlines.Pratt & Whitney Due to a trouble with a (P & W) engine-equipped aircraft, the same type of aircraft will be suspended in Japan.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIs instructed.Japan Airlines announced that it has retired all domestic 1s one year ahead of the original plan because there is no prospect of early resumption of operations due to the corona wreck.[117].

Accident / Incident

More than 777 aircraft of the 1995 family have been manufactured and operated since 1,000.運航開始当初から長らく全損事故・死亡事故は発生していなかったが、2008年にThere have been no total loss or fatal accidents for a long time since the start of operation, but in XNUMXBritish AirwaysCaused the first total loss accident, and in July 2013Asiana AirlinesIs a total loss and the first fatal accident[118]を起こした。ただし、777の全損事故は2017年8月時点で6件であり(エンジン構造起因1件、火災3件、ヒューマンエラー1件、テロによる撃墜1件、不明1件、その他インシデントで1件)、乗客と乗員が死亡した事故は前述のAsiana AirlinesAccident and2014/ OfMalaysia Airlines2 people in 540 cases[119]Is dead.Other than these three cases, no passengers or passengers have died, the number of accidents is small compared to other models that are widely used all over the world, and the survival rate of passengers after encountering an accident is high.

  • 2008/May 1,Beijing Capital International AirportDepartureLondon Heathrow AirportTo British Airways flight 38 (777-200ER,Aircraft symbol: G-YMMM) lost the output of the two engines just before landing and landed on rough terrain in front of the runway while gliding.He then dragged the fuselage for hundreds of meters and stopped just before the runway.Fortunately, no fire broke out, although the bottom of the fuselage, both engines, and part of the main wings were severely damaged and a large amount of fuel leaked.Eighteen people were injured due to the impact of landing.
  • 2011/May 7,Cairo International AirportDepartureKing Abdulaziz International AirportGoingEgypt AirFlight 667 (777-200ER, aircraft code: SU-GBP)cockpitA fire broke out and it was totally lost.The cause of the fire is unknown.
  • 2013/May 7,Incheon International AirportDepartureSan Francisco International AirportGoingAsiana AirlinesFlight 214 (777-200ER, aircraft code: HL7742) failed to land at San Francisco International Airport and burned to total loss.Three of the 307 crew and passengers on board died[120], 1 people, including one Japanese, were taken to the hospital[121].
  • 2014/May 3,Kuala Lumpur International AirportDepartureBeijing Capital International AirportGoingMalaysia AirlinesFlight 370 (777-200ER, aircraft code: 9M-MRO) lost contact with the Tower after takeoff.The aircraft was on its way to Beijing Capital International Airport.There were 12 crew members and 2 passengers, including two infants, on board the plane.[122].
  • 2014/May 7,Amsterdam-Amsterdam Schiphol AirportMalaysia Airlines Flight 17 (777-200ER, aircraft code: 9M-MRD) departing from Kuala Lumpur International AirportRussiaClose to the borderウクライナEasternDonetsk OblastDonetskCrashed near the city.ロシアのRussianInterfax communicationAs information from a senior official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine,Surface-to-air missileShoot down with an attack.乗員と乗客、合わせて298人全員が死亡したと発表したAnnounced that a total of XNUMX people, including crew and passengers, have died[123].
  • 2015/May 9,Las Vegas McCarran International AirportDepartureLondon Gatwick International AirportBritish Airways flight 2276 (777-200ER, aircraft number: G-VIIO) was canceled because the left engine ignited during the takeoff run.Thirteen crew members and 13 passengers on this flight evacuated to the outside of the aircraft using the emergency evacuation slide used in an emergency, but seven people were slightly injured during the escape.[124][125].
  • 2016/May 5,Tokyo International AirportDepartureGimpo International AirportGoingKorean AirFlight 2708 (777-300, aircraft number: HL7534) had an engine fire accident during the takeoff run.As a result, Tokyo International Airport was completely closed for about 2 hours, and Runway C, which the aircraft was using for takeoff, was closed for about 6 hours.Shizuoka Airport,Narita AirportDue to a series of changes to the destination and return to the departure point, about 400 flights were canceled, affecting more than 7 people.
  • 2016/May 6,SingaporeDepartureMilanGoingSingapore AirlinesFlight 368 (777-300ER, aircraft number: 9V-SWB) returned to Changi International Airport about two hours after takeoff because a warning lamp indicating engine trouble turned on in the cockpit.Immediately after the emergency landing on Runway 2 of the airport, a fire broke out from the right engine.当該便は乗員2人・乗客19人の計222人が乗っていたものの、全員脱出して無事The flight had a total of 241 passengers, XNUMX crew members and XNUMX passengers, but all escaped and were safe.[126]..Due to this effect, Runway 2 was closed for about 2 hours. This is the first accident of the 777-300ER.The aircraft has since been repaired and has returned to normal operation.
  • 2016/May 8,Trivandrum International AirportDepartureDubaiGoingEmirates AirlinesFlight 521 (777-300, aircraft number: A6-EMW) slowed down due to overconfidence in the autopilot during the go-around and did not operate the throttle, and the aircraft was on the runway with the landing gear retracted. Contact.The aircraft burned and was totally damaged.A total of 18 people, including 282 crew members and 300 passengers, were on board this flight, but all of them escaped and were safe.しかし、消火活動の際に消防士1名が死亡したHowever, one firefighter died during the fire fighting.[127][128][129].. It was the first total loss accident on the 777-300, and the first accident for the company, which has been proud of no accidents since its launch.As a result, Dubai International Airport was completely closed for about five and a half hours, and destinations were changed to other airports.
  • Departure from Tokyo International Airport around 2017:9 on September 5, 11ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クGoingJapan AirlinesFlight 6 (777-300ER, aircraft number: JA743J) broke out from the 34st (left) engine while taking off from Haneda Airport 1R runway.After takeoffFuel dumpingDiverted to Haneda Airport at 12:09.Fifteen crew members and 15 passengers were not injured, after which the passengers switched to the same type of aircraft and departed again at 233:17.As a result of investigating as a serious incident by the Japan Transport Safety Board, a rupture was found in one of the 15th stage stationary blades of the low pressure turbine of the engine, and the cause of the accident was a crack caused by stress concentration due to arch binding, which accompanies the operation of the engine. It was estimated that the fracture occurred due to repeated stress.[130][131][132].
  • From Incheon International Airport to Narita International Airport at around 2018:6 on June 29, 12Korean AirFlight 703 (777-300, aircraft number: HL7573) broke one of the axles of its right main landing gear when landing at Narita Airport, and then got stuck on the taxiway.The 335 passengers and crew were not injured, and the passengers moved to the terminal building by bus about two and a half hours later, but the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism identified it as a serious incident that could lead to an accident.[133][134].
  • At around 2020:7 on July 22, 15,Pudong International AirportDepartureAddis AbabaVia to South AmericaEthiopian AirlinesFlight 3739 (777-200LRF (freighter), aircraft number: ET-ARH) broke out at the rear of the aircraft while loading luggage at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.No one was injured and the cause of the fire is unknown.Due to the fire, other flights taking off and landing at the airport were delayed.
  • August 2020, 12,NahaJapan Airlines flight 904 (777-200, aircraft number: JA8978) departing from Tokyo International Airport had a problem with the left engine immediately after takeoff and made an emergency landing at Naha Airport.Inspection after landing confirmed that two fan blades of the left engine had fallen off and the engine cowl was damaged, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certified it as a serious incident.Instructed Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways to urgently inspect all fan blades of the Aircraft, and confirmed that there were no problems on the 2th of the same month.[135].
  • August 2021, 2,DenverDepartureHonoluluThe right engine nacelle of United Airlines flight 328 (777-200, aircraft number: N772UA), including the cowling, fell off, scattered parts on the ground, and returned to Denver Airport while revealing the combustion status of the engine. Happened[136][137]..Like the Japanese aircraft above, the engine of the aircraftPratt & Whitney PW4000Therefore, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism instructed Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways to suspend the operation of all 777s with the same specifications.[138][139][140]..United also suspended all 4000s equipped with PW777 (United is the only company in the United States that has the same aircraft).


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