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Aichi "Super Hotel Premier Nagoya Natural Hot Spring Sakuradoriguchi" opens!Natural hot spring "Melty skin hot spring" ...

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At the regional support breakfast (1,200 yen / person) that is particular about "Nagoya Meshi", the local menu "Hitsumabushi", "Chicken Wings", "Akadashi using Okazaki's Hatcho Miso", "Ankake Spaghetti", and "Ogura Butter" "Etc. will be provided.

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Hatcho Miso

Characters contained in this item"bass'It is,operating system,ブ ラ ウ ザThe display varies depending on the environment such as.

Hatcho MisoWhat is (Hatcho Miso)?Aichi岡 崎 市HatchochoLong-term aged bean miso produced in (former Hatchomura)[1].


Malted rice,Barley JiuquRaw material without usingsoyAll ofmaltMadeBean JiuquMade withBean misoOf which, the current Aichi prefecture岡 崎 市HatchochoRefers to what has been produced in[2][3][4][5].

AichiThen "Miso SoupGenerally speaking, red juice made from soybean miso is common, and Hatcho miso is characterized by having a deep reddish brown color like other soybean miso.

Soak the soybeans washed in water, drain the water, steam and cool it, roll it into miso balls, sprinkle it with seed koji, and spend 4 days in the room to make soybean koji. Add white salt and water to the miso koji and make it wooden (6). Spread the miso in the vat of the scale) while removing the air, and masonry it from above.[6]Naturally brewed for a long time (1 and a half to 2 years or more).It has a unique astringency and umami because it has a high salt concentration to prevent spoilage.[7].

The manufacturer is "" derived from the Ota Yajiemon family.Maruya Hatcho Miso", Which is derived from the Kyuemon Hayakawa family.Kakukyu2 companies[5]..In the case of Maruya Hatcho Miso直径・ Height is 2MetersDegree ofApproximately 200 for each of 5 (about 6 times the number of Kakukyu)TMiso is prepared,hempA total of about 3 tons of stones are piled up by hand from the top covered with the cloth (Kakukyu is a wooden lid).Stones of various sizes and shapes (about 60 kg outside, 11 kg inside, 9 kg apex) are combined so that the weight is even, and aged for "two summers and two winters".[8]..The top "manju stone" is said to be important.

December 1901, 12, Hatchō Miso of Kakukyu was released by the Imperial Household Ministry.PurveyorWas appointed[9].

Before the war, Hatchō Miso was considered to be one of the most luxurious soybean miso.Therefore, it was promulgated in October 1939.Price control regulationsIt was decided to be driven as a luxury item. The official price of Hatcho Miso, which costs 10 yen per 37.5 pieces (6 kg), is said to be 60 yen, and in August 6, Kakukyu and Maruya Hatcho Miso finally issued a "declaration of closure". Reached[10].

When an American consumer movement group visited Kakukyu in Okazaki in 1968 and brought back a sample for analysis, it received high praise. In January 1971, "Wall Street Journal』Introduces Hatchō Miso.In February of the same year, a field survey by Professor Donald Sutton of the Department of Microbiology, University of California, confirmed its rationality as a food product.As a result, export volume increased, and in November 2,SeattleAmount of praise was given to Kakukyu by Janus, a natural food sales company in Japan.[11].


Current Okazaki CityHatchochoWas once called "Hacchomura".this isOkazaki CastleEight to the westtownIt comes from being separated (about 800m).This Hatcho village has abundant spring water from the underground water of the Yahagi River, andTokaidoIt was a key point of land and water transportation.Right next to youYahagi BridgeWas erected, and boat transportation (called Haccho Lumberyard) was also blessed at the same time.Therefore, the Hayakawa Kyuemon family (currently Kakukyu) and the Ota Yajiemon family (currently) focused on manufacturing miso, which has been regarded as important as a hyoshoku, in Hatcho Village, which was formed as a logistics base for munitions.・ Maruya Haccho Miso) founded Miso Brewery here.That is, it is the beginning of "Hatcho Miso".[12][13].

A military commander from Okazaki,Tokugawa IeyasuWhat supported the health and longevity ofBarley riceIt was said that it was "bean miso"[14]It is probable that soybean miso was manufactured in Okazaki during the Warring States period.The Hayakawa family of Hatchō Miso in 1878Aichi Prefectural OfficeAccording to the written statement submitted to, the family was founded in "1645 (XNUMX).Masaho2 years) "[12], 1655 (TomorrowFirst year)Korean communication ambassadorThere is also a theory that the method of making miso, which was introduced when he stayed in Okazaki, was the origin of Hatchō Miso.[15].

Hatchō Miso is "Mikawa"Miso" and "SanzhouAlso called "miso",Edo PeriodWas shipped to Edo by sea shipping.andCruise shipA large amount of cargo from the Kanto and Tohoku regionssoyWas bought[16]..The mausoleum of Ieyasu TokugawaNikko Toshogu ShrineIn the construction ofMiya carpenterIt is said that Hatcho Miso from Okazaki was used for our food.[17].

The suppliers of salt in the Edo period were as follows.The Hayakawa familyYahagi FurukawaProduced near the mouth of the riverAiba salt(Aibajio)[18]Tomiyoshi Soto Nitta (currently, most of them)NishioIt was purchased from the Ookaya Suzuki family who live in Kiracho Tomiyoshi Nitta).The Daejeon family also used Ryokan Otaya and mainly purchased it from Hirasaka's Kuchikuriya.From these facts, with Hatchō MisoMikawa BayIt is probable that the relationship with the coastal salt-making area was old and deep.[19].


Trademark application

In October 1981, the company name of "Hatcho Miso Kakukyu Joint Stock Company" was changed to "Hatcho Miso Joint Stock Company".[9]..Soon, the joint-stock company Hatcho Miso (Kakukyu) will start to register its company name as a trademark.On December 12, the same year, the joint-stock company Hatcho Miso filed a trademark application for the trademark "Joint-stock company Hatcho Miso" with the designated product as Class 23 "seasoning, spices, edible oils and fats dairy products" (application for trademark registration in XNUMX). No. XNUMX)[21].

August 1983, 3,Patent OfficeIn response to this, a decision of refusal is made (Judgment No. 6 case of 9).On June 1989, the same year, the joint-stock company Hatchō Miso requested a referee. On March 3, 23, a trial decision was issued[21].

Further fighting, April 1990, 4,Tokyo High CourtDismissed the claim[21]..At this time, the Tokyo High Court stated that "'Hatcho Miso' is a type of soybean miso whose main production area is Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, and the character'Hatcho Miso'is a common name that refers to the product. On the grounds that "it is recognized that it is", the trademark application by Kakukyu was rejected.However, this is only for the eight-letter word "Hatcho Miso, a joint-stock company," and does not mean a rejection of the word "Hatcho Miso."

In this way, the word "Hatcho Miso" has been recognized as a common name, but the decision was made in the Nagoya region at that time.NTTBy occupationPhone book(Town page), And the NTT50 phone book by sound in the Okazaki region (Hello page), The name of "Hatcho Miso" or the one bearing the name is listed only for these two companies, and Hatcho Miso has been made in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture since the Edo period with the Ota and Hayakawa families as manufacturers. It is a special product of the same region, and is still a joint-stock company, Hatchō Miso (Kakukyu) and Co., Ltd.Maruya Hatcho MisoIt was admitted that it was brewed only by two companies (at that time, a partnership company Ota Shoten).

In May 2005, Kakukyu in Okazaki City, Maruya Hatcho Miso, was "Hatcho Miso".CooperativeEstablished[22].

August 2006, 4,Regional collective trademarkWith the start of the system, the "Hatcho Miso Cooperative" filed a trademark application for "Hatcho Miso" in the same month.However, the whole of Aichi prefectureIndustry groupThe "Aichi Prefecture Miso Tame Soy Sauce Industry Cooperative" insisted that it would be strange for only two companies to use the name exclusively, and then discussions were held between the two companies, but the latter was because it ended in a farewell. It was decided to apply for the name of "Aichi Hatcho Miso"[23].

In 2009, the two companies in Okazaki withdrew from the "Aichi Prefecture Miso Soy Sauce Industry Cooperative".[24].

As of 2022, neither has been certified as a trademark.[25]However, "" is Kakukyu (Registration 3174815Etc.) and the same Japanese sweets company in Okazaki CityBizenya(Registration 0292762Etc.).

Issues surrounding the registration of geographical indication brands

Product name (Geographical indication, GI) is registered as intellectual property and the "Act on the Protection of Names of Specified Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Products" was enacted on June 2014, 6.[26][27].. this"Geographical indication protection systemThe removal of two long-established companies in Okazaki City over the registration of "" is currently causing a big ripple.[24][28].


The law will come into effect on June 2015, 6.[29].. same year,KakukyuMaruya Hatcho Miso"Hatcho Miso Cooperative" (hereinafter referred to as "Okazaki 2 companies"), which consists of 2 companiesNagoya cityNaka-kuProsperityTwo organizations, "Aichi Prefecture Miso Soy Sauce Industry Cooperative Association" (hereinafter referred to as "prefectural association"), which has an office in Japan, applied for geographical indication registration (GI registration).The application details are as follows[30][31].

ApplicantApplication dateRange of production areaName
Hatchō Miso Cooperative2015/6/1岡 崎 市HatchochoHatchō Miso, HATCHO MISO
Aichi Prefecture Miso Tame Soy Sauce Industry Cooperative2015/6/24AichiHatcho Miso

Has jurisdiction over GIMinistry of AgricultureAccording to the document, of the 43 companies that make up the prefectural union, Hatchō Miso is manufactured by "Morita"(Naka-ku, Nagoya),"Ichibiki(The cityAtsuta), "Middle interest" (Handa City), "Sato Brewery" (Ama City), "Nakamo"(Kiyosu City), "Noda Miso Shoten"(Toyota City), A total of 6 companies[30].


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said, "'Hatcho Miso' is manufactured outside of Hatcho-cho, Okazaki City." For this reason, we asked the two Okazaki companies if they could change the production area limited to "Hatcho Miso, Okazaki City" to "Aichi Prefecture".[31][32].


The two Okazaki companies, who expressed dissatisfaction, decided that they could not agree with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, saying, "The registered manufacturing method is that if you make soybean miso in the prefecture, you can call yourself Hatcho Miso, and you cannot participate in the current framework."The ministry requested the two Okazaki companies to withdraw on June 2, 2. On June 2017, the two Okazaki companies withdrew their application.[32][33].. Since the GI guidelines state that "consensus building among stakeholders related to the production area is necessary," the two Okazaki companies also submitted a written opinion that the ministry should reject the application for the prefectural partnership.[34]..Kakukyu President Kyuemon Hayakawa said, "If I withdraw my application, I thought that the application for the Aichi Miso Soy Sauce Industry Cooperative would not be accepted."[24].. June 6th, GI application for prefectural union will be announced[32].

On December 12, the same year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries registered "Aichi Prefecture Miso Soy Sauce Industry Cooperative" with GI as a producer group of Hatcho Miso.[35][36]..At this point, the ministry said, "Hatcho Miso is a so-called"Nagoya rice』It has become established as a representative seasoning and is widely recognized as a special product of Aichi Prefecture."[35][37][31].

Concluded in December of the same yearEuropean UnionWith (EU)Economic partnership agreementUnder the (EPA), 48 items nationwide, including Hatchō Miso, that are aimed at exports will be protected.However, the two Okazaki companies that were not registered will not be able to call themselves Hatchō Miso in EU member states after the EPA came into effect.[38]..In addition, the result was that the mark could not be used even in Japan.The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced to the EU that "Hatcho Miso is also artificially heated with a stainless steel skein and aged instantly in 3 months."[32].


On January 2018, 1, reports from NHK and others revealed that the two Okazaki companies were no longer registered as GIs.[39]..The two Okazaki companies, which are said to account for more than half of the production volume, insist that "if the production area is expanded in the prefecture and the standards of the manufacturing method are loosened, the quality will not be maintained and customers will be deceived."Showed a readiness to appeal to the country[40][41]..The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries explained in an interview that "the result was unfortunate, but we prioritized registration to protect it from overseas counterfeits."[42].

July 1st of the same year,Ken SaitoMinister of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesHeld a press conference and expressed the recognition that if they apply for additional to the certified framework, the two companies will also be subject to the geographical indication protection system.[43].

On March 3, the same year, the two Okazaki companies filed a complaint examination request with the ministry.[44].. Same day,Aichi 12 WardsElectedKazuhiko ShigetokuA member of the House of Representatives responded to the interview, saying, "The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries says that if two companies join the prefectural union, they can call themselves Hatcho Miso, but it is a fall. It goes against the purpose of the system to protect local specialties. "[28].

On March 3, the same year, the governmentCabinetSo, we decided to answer that if the two Okazaki companies join the prefectural union or if they apply additionally as a producer group and are approved, they can display GI.[45].

July 3st of the same year,Okazaki City CouncilUnanimously passed a draft opinion requesting the state to guide and coordinate the consensus building of stakeholders at the plenary session.[46][47]..Then on March 3,Yasuhiro UchidaThe mayor and Chairman Yoshiyuki Kato visited the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.Yosuke IsozakiDeputy MinisterSubmitted a written opinion passed by Congress[48]..Uchida told reporters that "there is only two additional registrations".[49].

In France, which has a long history of GI in Europe, scientific research is conducted on the target product, and a specialized agency examines whether it has uniqueness such as a manufacturing method that cannot be easily imitated in other regions.However, since there is no specialized research organization in Japan, if there is any disagreement about the manufacturing method among multiple producers, there is no choice but to coordinate between the parties.Experts point out that this is a deficiency in the current system.Aichi Gakuin UniversityRegarding the Hatchō Miso registration problem, Associate Professor Yoshie Sekine said, "I was surprised to admit that I was certified as a GI product that can be produced virtually anywhere in the world. It is the basis of GI.TerroirIgnore (Terroir) "[50], "If the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries intends to seriously promote domestic agriculture, it should establish additional provisions for raw materials."[51].

According to the statistics of the National Miso Industry Cooperative Association, the shipment volume of miso in 2017 was about 41 tons.Regarding Hatcho Miso, which uses only soybeans, salt, and water, the two Okazaki companies have a production record of 2 tons, and the prefectural association has a production record of 1,000 to 600 tons.[52].


In February 2019, the GI Law was revised. The "prior use right" is restricted, and unless it is a GI-targeted union product, the products of the two Okazaki companies will not be able to call themselves Hatcho Miso in 2.[32]..In other words, after 2026, if you want to use the name Hatcho Miso in your products, you can sell it by marking it as "not GI certified".[53].

In August of the same year, the two Okazaki companiesAdministrative Appeal LawBased onMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThird-party organization set up inAdministrative dissatisfaction examination committeeSubmit a claim document[32].

On September 9, the same year, the Administrative Dissatisfaction Review Board issued a report stating that it was "not valid at this time" in response to the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.[54].."Hatcho Miso is"Nagoya rice"It has been established in Aichi Prefecture as a representative seasoning," he said. "I can't find any specific material to support this."[31].


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has set up a "third-party committee on the registration of geographical indications for" Hatchō Miso "" in order to conduct investigations from a professional standpoint.The members of the committee areIbaraki UniversityProfessor Masaya Araki, lawyerSeiji Ikemoto,Osaka City UniversityProfessor Satoshi Kobayashi,Keio UniversityFull-time lecturer Desan Maurice Greg,Tokyo University of AgricultureFive professors, Kenji Maehashi.The deliberations of the third-party committee were held four times from March 5, 2020 to December 3, 25.[31].


On March 2021, 3, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' third-party committee compiled a report rejecting the requests of the two Okazaki companies regarding the administrative appeal examination request for cancellation of registration.[31][55]..The committee acknowledged the legality of registration because of the sales performance of the prefectural union and the fact that it has been established as a special product of the prefecture. He also said that the view that "Hatcho Miso is a typical seasoning for" Nagoya Meshi "" is valid.At the same time, "The manufacturing method of the long-established stores (2 companies) should be handed down to future generations as a traditional culture including the landscape, and the long-established store also participates in the GI registration and calls itself" Ganso Hatchō Miso ". Isn't there? "[31][56].

On March 3, the same year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries issued a ruling to dismiss the claim.[57][30]..The two Okazaki companies have indicated their intention to file a lawsuit because the name of Hatchō Miso cannot be legally used after 2.[56]..On the same day, Kazuhiko Shigetoku, a member of the House of Representatives,Kotaro NogamiMeet with the Minister of Agriculture and protest that "it is strange that only the ancestor has been out of GI for more than 3 years"[58]..Further on July 3thOkazaki City HallVisitYasuhiro NakaneWe communicated the progress to the mayor about the dismissal of the claim and exchanged opinions.[59][60].

On September 9, the same year, "Maruya Hatcho Miso" filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court over the "Hatcho Miso" registered with GI, asking the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to cancel the registration. "Kakukyu" has not filed a lawsuit[61][62]..In response to this situation, the person in charge of the prefectural union said, "It is strange that the two companies monopolize Hatchō Miso. , The results of taste and ingredient analysis are different between the two companies in Okazaki. It is automatic to make Jiuqu. (The difference from us) is that it is a traditional manufacturing method to put stones in a wooden tub. " ing[53].


  • Yoshida ShoinWrote to the song, "The journey to inform the hometown of beans is the load sent by Okazaki Miso."[63].
  • Broadcast from April 2006 to September of the same yearNHK OfContinuous tv novel"Pure heartWas set in the brewery of Hatchō Miso, so in recent years its name has become more nationally known.In conjunction with thisNagoya riceDue to the boom, the number of tourists visiting Nagoya in search of red miso dishes, which have tended to be shunned outside the Nagoya area, is increasing.
  • On March 2021, 3, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries finally rejected the administrative appeal examination request from Kakukyu and Maruya Hatcho Miso over the registration of geographical indication brands.[57], November 12,Nobu SatakaIsDaily Gendai』Contributed a commentary entitled" Abnormality of the GI registration problem of Hatchō Miso "A leading politician of the Liberal Democratic Party whose name is known locally"[65].Morita Co., Ltd.6 companies including[31]However, he said that he "used GI to make the plot successful" in order to eliminate Hatchō Miso and Hatchō Miso.Sataka is from the Morita clanHideo MoritaBut,SonyFormer employee of the House of RepresentativesAmari AkiraHe said it was the result of relying on, and concluded that "the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries GI was abused by politicians."[65].


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