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🛏 | Aomori "Winter Oirase Nature Guided Tour" is too beautiful!Busts over the icicles of the frozen Oirase Gorge in winter ...

Photo Photo: Icefall of Kumoi no Taki

Aomori "Winter Oirase Nature Guided Tour" is too beautiful!Busts over the icicles of the frozen Oirase Gorge in winter ...

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The tour requires advance reservations, and you can participate from the center of Towada City.

The Oirase Gorge in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, is holding a "Winter Oirase Nature Guided Tour" this winter as well. 202 ... → Continue reading

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Towada(Towadashi) isAomori OfSouthern regionLocated inlandCityIs.Former Kamikita-gun.Towada Hachimantai National ParkThere,Lake Towada,Oirase StreamIt is known for its scenic spots.It has the fourth largest population in the prefecture.[1], Also the central city of the Kamikita area[2].


The current city of Towada is2005/May 1The (former) Towada City and Lake Towada Town, which were adjacent to each other, were newly established and merged.

Of the 40 municipalities in Aomori PrefectureAomori,Hachinohe City,HirosakiIt has the fourth largest population after, and its area isMutsu City, The third largest area after Aomori City[2][3].

In the western part of the cityMt. Hakkoda,Towada Hachimantai National ParkEspecially famous for Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge.Agriculture is flourishing on the industrial side,garlicBoasts the highest production volume by municipality in Japan[4].

Kamikita areaIt has developed as a central city of the region, with national and prefectural institutions that mainly have jurisdiction over the area.2012/From October, the surrounding 10 municipalities and "Kamijusan / Lake Towada wide area"Sedentary areaConclude a "formation agreement"Misawa Airport,SDFHave a base etc.MisawaIt is also a joint center city.

In recent years, he has set up an "art city"Towada Art CenterPromote integrated town development centered on[2]..The central city area is characterized by a cityscape that is neatly divided in a grid pattern.In particular, the "Government Street" that was constructed after the war is along the road.Somei YoshinoTrees have been planted, making it a place for citizens to relax.[5].



More than half of the population of about 6 lives in the eastern part of the city (Sanbongi district).The city area is located in the Sanbongi area with a size of about 4km east-west and about 4km north-south.National Route 102Is penetrating.Other populations live along the Oirase River and in scattered villages.


The northwestern part of the cityMt. HakkodaIt is at the foot of the mountain.AomoriThe southern Hakkoda mountain range such as Mt. Norikura rises on the border with, and continues from Tashirodaira on the Aomori city side.pastureIs spreading.Valley・ There are hot springs such as Sarukura, Ivy, and Yakiyama.The southwestern part of the city is also mountainous, and the main ones areCaldera lakeLake Towada, its outer ring mountainOhanabeyama,Towadayama.

The prefectural border on the surface of Lake Towada has been undecided for a long time since the abolition of the feudal clan in 1871. At the Hokkaido-Tohoku North Governor's Summit held in Aomori City on August 2008, 8, it was decided to define the lake surface at a ratio of Aomori Prefecture 29: Akita Prefecture 6, and according to the official notification on December 4, 12. The prefectural border was decided by seeing[6][7].. (Detail is"Lake Towada(See)

The only water from Lake Towada flows outOirase RiverFlows northeast from Nenokuchi on the eastern shore of Lake Towada.Water from the foot of Mt. Hakkoda, which is located about 20km north, also flows into the Oirase River.

In the Oirase River, about 14km from Konoguchi to Yakeyama (Towada City Horyo (large character) Yakeyama (character))Oirase StreamCall.

From the central to the eastern part of the city, and next doorRokunoheFlat toSanbon KiharaSpreads.Sanbongihara is from the earth and sand shed by the Oirase River and from Mt. Hakkoda.Volcanic ashIt is a diluvial plain made by stacking.The Oirase River further cuts the southern edge of Sanbongihara and flows eastward, in order to water the Sanbongihara.Nitobe TsutouOpened the Inoo River, which is an artificial river.In the northeastern part of the city, the Sadoro River runs northeast.The southeastern part of the city extends from east to westHilly areaThe Goto River flows through the valley between the hills.


In the former Towada city, the average temperature in August, which is the hottest, is slightly above 8 ° C.Köppen climate classificationThen.Warm and humid climate(Cfa) andWest coast marine climateIt corresponds to the boundary of (Cfb).HokkaidoIt's not as cold as it is, but it's also not easy to grow rice.Rainfall is high in summer and low in winter.

On the other hand, on the shore of Lake TowadaClosedIn the Köppen climate classification, the average temperature in January, which is the coldest, is below -1 ° C.Subarctic humid climateIt is divided into (Dfb).

oldLake TowadaOther than that, it is located in the east of Mt. Hakkoda, soPacific climateAnd there is little snow.Even so, in February, there was about 2 cm of snow, andHeavy snowfallIs.On the other hand, in the former Towadako Town, there is a lot of snow, and in a special heavy snowfall area.Sea of ​​Japan side climateIs.The cold northwesterly wind that blows from Mt. Hakkoda is called Hakkoda Grated. Sunny weather continues in May and June, but strong winds mixed with dust may blow from the west.Nitobe Tsutou pioneeredWindbreakIt is said that the reason for setting up is to prevent strong winds from the west.In addition, once every few to ten and several years, there is a year in which the easterly wind (Yamase) flows slowly in July and August.In such a year, the days when it feels hot and humid and the days when it is clear and sunny are rare, the days of dim cloudy skies continue, and there are occasional rainy days, and the yield of rice is reduced. In NovemberFrostWill fall, and it will snow in December.

Climate of Towada Observatory (Higashi1991bancho, Towada City) (2020-XNUMX)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F1.9
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−1.7
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−6.2
Precipitation amount mm (inch)37.8
Snowfall cm (inch)125
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency
Climate of Kyoya Observatory (Okuse, Towada City) (1991-2020)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F−1.2
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−3.7
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−6.7
Precipitation amount mm (inch)66.1
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency

Adjacent municipalities


Originally, the area around Towada City was a plateau of rough bush called Sanbongihara, and cold villages were scattered around the plateau.The state of the desert wilderness is 1785 (TenmeiI visited this place in 5 years)Nankei Tachibanaof"Toyuki』It is written inYoshida ShoinDescribes in "" as a wilderness[8].

The development was started1855/(Ansei2 years)Nanbu DomainBill of accountsResigned from his job and continued to pursue the pioneering concept and romance in the "useless wilderness"Nitobe InazoGrandfather'sNitobe TsutouIt was started around (Nitobetsuto)[8].Oirase RiverStarted a plan to draw water from, extended 1 mThrough the tunnel and land weir, Ansei 6 years (1859/) Artificial river on May 5thInoo RiverCompleted (Inaoigawa) and succeeded in drawing water, laying the foundation for pioneering[8]..In addition, he is the eldest son ofNitobe JujiroThe development of the urban area was promoted.The grid-shaped city planning京都By designing and making efforts based on the above, the shape of the city as it is today was created.[8].

In the Inayoshi district in the Meiji era,Eiichi ShibusawaThe Sanbongi Shibusawa Farm was cultivated, and the current settlers from Date City, Fukushima Prefecture, etc. formed autonomy and promoted agriculture, forestry and livestock farming.

1885/(Meiji18 years)armyEstablished a war horse bureau branch office (1896/(Meiji 29)War horse replenishment department(Renamed to Sanbongi Branch), horse production prospered.Of the cityAgricultural Experiment Station(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kuroishi Agricultural Improvement Laboratory Fujisaka Test Site. Later.Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology CenterAgricultural and Forestry Research Institute Fujisaka Rice Cultivation Department. Developed in April 2019)1949/(ShowaRice varieties that have been moved to the popularization stage since 24)[9]Is extremely cold-damaged and has spread rapidly in this region, where the summers are cool due to the breeze, and it has become the breadbasket as it is today.Currently, "Fujisaka No. 5" itself is rarely cultivated, but its gene is incorporated into many rice varieties. Among the varieties cultivated as of 2021, "Hitomebore[10]Is "Fujisaka No. 5"Genson(Father's "first star"[11]Is the great-grandson of "Fujisaka No. 5"), "Akitakomachi[12]IsGrandchildren(Father's "Okuha 292"[13]Is the grandson of "Fujisaka No. 5").


Japan's three major settlements

The development of the Sanbongi district, where the central city area is located, is oldMinistry of AgricultureByFukushimaNishishirakawa-gunYabuki Town,MiyazakiKoyu-gunKawanami TownAt the same time, it was called "" as a successful example of the state-owned development project. An exchange project started between the three municipalities in 2002, and mutual dispatch of elementary school students has been carried out until now.[20].

  • Sanbongihara settlement in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture
  • Kawaminami settlement centered on Kawaminami Town, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Yabukigahara settlement in Yabuki Town, Fukushima Prefecture


Government building

  • Towada City Hall Government Building


  • Hisashi Oyamada(Inaugurated on January 2009, 1, 30th term)
    • Biography: Born October 1946, 21 (Showa 10), Former Managing Director of Aomori Prefectural Livestock Association

Former Towada City

  1. (1955/3 month - 1956/October, (Mayor of Mihongi))
  2. Nanajiro Oyamada(June 1956- 1968/October, 10rd term (hereinafter, Mayor of Towada))
  3. Tozo Nakamura(June 1968- 1976/October, 10rd term)
  4. (June 1976- 1980/October, 10rd term)
  5. Tozo Nakamura (October 1980- 1992/October, 10rd term)
  6. Mizuno Yoshiji(June 1992- 1998/Died in the middle of the second term in June)
  7. Haruo Nakano(June 1998- 2004/December, merged in the middle of the second term)

Current Towada City

  1. Haruo Nakano (2005/1 - 2009/October 1)


City council

  • Number of people: 22 people
  • Term: March 2018, 12-March 31, 2022
  • Chair: Chikahiro Hatayama

Prefectural assembly

  • Number of people: 2 people
  • Constituency: Towada City constituency
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Junzo TanakaLDP
Yutaka MaruiLDP

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisJunichi Kanda51LDP126,137 vote
Noriko Takahata58Constitutional Democratic Party65,909 vote
Miyuki Tabata64Japan Communist Party12,966 vote

National/prefecture institutions

Prefecture agency

  • Kamikita Regional Prefectural Bureau
    • Regional Cooperation Department
    • Prefectural tax department
    • Community Health and Welfare Department
      • General Health Office (Kamijusan Health Center)
    • Regional Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
      • Towada Livestock Hygiene Service Center
    • Regional Development Department
  • Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology CenterInland Water Research Institute

National agency


Sister cities/partner cities





high school


Junior high school


primary school


Facilities other than school education

Vocational training facility
  • Towada Vocational Ability Development School (Certified vocational trainingFacility)
  • Hair Make Artist School (Certified Vocational Training Facility)

Economic and industrial

31 Towada City Data Book によると、15歳以上の就業者数は31,098人で第1次産業12.2%、第2次産業21.9%、第3次産業61.9%(2015年10月1日時点)。

Major companies / business establishments


Towada City is a fierce battleground for supermarkets in Aomori Prefecture, with a population of about 6.[23], A major distributorionOver a dozen stores, including affiliated and locally-owned stores, compete.

While the shopping district in the city center is markedly hollowed out like many local cities, there are many large stores such as drug stores, consumer electronics mass retailers, and clothing stores along the main road.

Towadaminami Shopping Center in Aisaka district in July 2002, September 7Towada BypassAlongAeon Towada Shopping Center, In January 2006Towada Kanko Electric RailwayTowada Motomachi Shopping Center opened on the site of the head office.

Across Plaza Towada Minami is located in Higashi2016bancho. In November 11, the Universe Towada East Shopping Center was newly established on the site of the former Towada City Station (Totetsu Station Building Store) near the aforementioned Towada Motomachi SC, and seven stores are concentrated (7 stores).Towada Kanko Electric Railway #Supermarket BusinessSee also).

There used to be two department stores in the shopping district (Towada)Matsukiya, Joyful City Towada Kameya) was lined up, but the number of customers gradually decreased due to the opening of large stores in the suburbs and the recession. Matsukiya closed in August 1999 and Kameya closed in March 8.The first floor of the Matsukiya site isCeriaIt became a "town station" where people like to move in, but it was closed in 2010 due to redevelopment, and the building was demolished.Regarding the Kameya site, at the request of the Chamber of Commerce, a 2000-yen uniform supermarket "Turtle's Plaza Towada Kameya" opened on the first floor in May 5, but it was in operation.Kameya Minami ChainBankrupted in 2001 and closed in November of the same year.After that, the store remained vacant and was dismantled in August 11.


According to the statistical data of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries by municipality in 2015, rice, vegetables and livestock products are produced in a well-balanced manner in Towada City, and many of the crops boast one of the highest production volumes in the prefecture.especiallygarlicThe production volume by municipality is the highest in Japan.

The area of ​​cultivated land managed by Towada City is 10,000ha (2005 Agriculture and Forestry Census), which occupies 14.5% of the total area.The management area per household is 3.3ha (2005 Agriculture and Forestry Census), which is a relatively large scale, and there are many complex management that combines paddy rice, vegetables, livestock, etc.

As for paddy rice, rice is cultivated mainly in "Mashigura" in the former Towada city area and "Tsugaru romance" in the former Towada lake area.On the other hand, due to production adjustment (reduction of production) after 1970 (Showa 45), about half of the paddy fields in the city are now converted, and forage crops such as grass, wheat, soybeans, buckwheat, vegetables, etc. are cultivated. There is.Also, in the southern region of Aomori Prefecture, including Towada City, the cool easterly wind that blows from the Pacific Ocean side during the rainy season often adversely affects crops, and in particular, it is said that there is no crop in 1993 (Heisei 5). It was a great cold damage.

Vegetables are the most produced in Japangarlic(2009, Tohoku Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau[24]), Long onion, Japanese yam, burdock, etc. are the leading production areas in the prefecture.In addition, we are working on the production of safe "mineral vegetables" that meet the strict standards of sugar content and nitric acid level at the time of shipment by conducting soil diagnosis and sticking to soil preparation.In fruit trees, the cultivation of blueberries has been increasing as a new special product in recent years, and a tourist picking garden has also been opened.

In Towada City, farmers are cultivating various crops by taking advantage of their respective management conditions, and in the future, they are aiming to strengthen their production area by promoting agricultural products, expanding sales channels, and developing new processed agricultural products.[25].



It has the fourth largest population among the 40 municipalities in Aomori Prefecture.Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 4 census, it decreased by 27% to 4.06 people, and the rate of increase / decrease was 63,429th among 40 municipalities in the prefecture.

Population distribution of Towada, Aomori.svg
Population distribution by age in Towada City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Towada City (2005)
Purple-Towada City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Towada City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



public facility

Sports Facilities

Equestrian, sumo, and soccer are popular in the city.1977/(Showa 52)Asunaro National Athletic MeetSo, I was chosen as one of these competition venues[14]..FrequentlyNational High School Sumo ChampionshipBesides being the venue for[28],Soccer J3"Van Rale HachinoheBut in 2013Tohoku Soccer LeagueRegistered as one of the home towns from the times[29].

Mass media

Financial institution with stores in the city


Directly operated post office

  • Yakiyama Post Office (84194)
  • Rikuoku Sawada Post Office (84206)
  • Kirida Post Office (84230)
  • Towada Honamicho Post Office (84239)
  • Towada Nishi 84264nd Post Office (XNUMX)
  • Towada University Post Office (84273)
  • Towada Motomachi Post Office (84280)

Simple post office

  • Takizawa Post Office (84731)
  • Hachigo Simple Post Office (84761)


Towada City has a population of about 6, which is not small.Tokyo Ward(627.57 km2) It has a larger area, but it is the only one in 10 cities in the prefecture.TrainThere is no station.again,highwayAlsoKamikita ExpresswayHowever, there is no interchange in the city, only a short distance through the city area.Since the abolition of Towada Kanko Electric Railway, the central station of the city in the JTB timetable has been Towada City Central (bus stop).

The city centerShimoda Hyakuseki IC(Hyakuseki Road-Second Michinoku Toll Road) About 30 minutes by car,Tohoku Shinkansen(JR East)ofShichinohe-Towada StationandHachinohe StationAbout 20-40 minutes by car or bus fromMisawa AirportIt is about 40 minutes by taxi from.Some tourist hotels and inns in the city offer a pick-up service from nearby stations.

Public transportation in the city is centered on fixed-route buses, but the main roads (general national highways and prefectural roads) to surrounding municipalities and urban roads are relatively densely maintained, so if you have a private car, there is no particular inconvenience in your life.[31].

Tohoku ExpresswayTowada ICAnd JRWreath line OfTowadaminami StationIs the opposite of Akita prefecture across Lake TowadaKazunoBe careful when visiting from outside Aomori prefecture.

Railway line

  • There is no railway station in the city, and the nearest station is Shichinohe-Towada Station or Hachinohe Station on the Tohoku-Hokkaido Line.However, the Shinkansen runs through the city area for less than 4km between the two stations.

Railway lines and stations that once existed

Bus route


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Native celebrity




Person with connection



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