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🛏 | Enjoy Hong Kong's home-cooked food to your heart's content! @Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

Photo Source: Living Chiba Web

Enjoy Hong Kong home-cooked food to your heart's content! @Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

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This is a part, but counterclockwise from the lower right, coconut pudding, brown sugar banana cake, egg tart, lychee mousse, marla kao.

Hello!I'm Y child from the editorial department.It's been two years since it's been difficult to travel abroad.At least gourmet and taste the feeling of traveling abroad ... → Continue reading

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Marla Khao

Marla Khao(Chinese: Cantonese Sponge, OrChinese: Cantonese Sponge) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaTraditional dim sum. "Chinese steamed castella"[1]Also called "Chinese-style steamed castella" or "Malaysian-style castella".


一般 的 なSteamed breadIn addition to the materials used forlardIs characteristically used[1][2].

Regarding the birthplace, there are the theory that the Cantonese region of the People's Republic of China and Malaysia, but the theory that Malaysia is predominant.[1].

In Chinese, Mahler means Malaysia and Khao means cake, which was introduced to Japan from China during the Edo period.[1].

It is also loved as dim sum in the People's Republic of China, and is also offered at food stalls in Taiwan and dim sum in Hong Kong.[2].

Origin of the name

There are various theories such as "because it is a confectionery that came from Malaysia" and "because it has a deep color and resembles a Malaysian".[2][1].


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