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🧳 | [Sapporo] 9 sightseeing spots for soot in winter!Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, Odori Park, Mt. Moiwa


[Sapporo] 9 sightseeing spots for soot in winter!Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, Odori Park, Mt. Moiwa

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There are also shops where you can enjoy Hokkaido's famous Genghis Khan, seafood, soup curry, and ramen.

What kind of image do you have of "Sapporo" in winter?Illuminations, snow scenes, hot springs, gastronomy, etc., the world of silver ... → Continue reading


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Soup Curry

Soup CurryIs JapanesecurryOne of the dishes.spicesScent, irritation, and spicinessSoupAnd, it is characterized by large-sized ingredients.2000 eraToSapporoIt became a boom, and then spread all over the country.


There are still more than 200 stores offering soup curry in Sapporo.Each store is competing for individuality, and there are various variations.Hokkaido OfHakodate,Asahikawa,Obihiro,FuranoOf course,Tokyo,Yokohama,Nagoya,Osaka,FukuokaThere are stores from Sapporo all over Japan, such asHong Kong,Singapore,BangkokWe are also expanding overseas.

Sapporo soup curry

1971/Opened in SapporoA coffee shop"Ajanta"1975/It is said that the "Yakuzen Karii" released around this time is the prototype.[1].

A smooth, non-sticky soup-like curry.I named my restaurant's food similar to this "soup curry" and it became popular.1993/"Magic Spice" opened in Shiroishi, Sapporo[2]..同店はThe store is2003/ToKanagawaof"Yokohama Curry MuseumThe store opened in Sapporo and became very popular, which made the soup curry from Sapporo known all over the country.[3]..After that, soup curry shops from Sapporo expanded into each city, and major beef bowl chains andfamily restaurant,convenience storeBut the soup curry was sold[4].

2017/of"Michelin guide"Curry Shokudo Shin" and 2017 other restaurants were featured in "Hokkaido XNUMX Special Edition"[5].


Headwaters store

The following stores are considered to be the source of soup curry.

Ajanta Yakuzen Karie[6]
Many soup curry shop owners have named it as a "greatly affected store."[7].. The owner, Muneo Tatsujiri (1934-2009)Drug salesKnown for peddlingToyamaBorn in Sapporo, he moved to Sapporo as a child.My parents ran a pharmacy.1971/Opened a coffee shop in.He devised "Yakuzen Karii", which is a fusion of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian food, and served only 20 meals a day, which was well received by word of mouth.At first it was soup and rice without ingredients,1975/Put chicken legs at the request of the customer, "Because it's a waste, take out the chicken used for the soup stock."[2]Then, I started to add big carrots and peppers.This became the prototype of the soup curry later.
Sri Lanka Madness Country[6]
1984/Opened in.IndiaIn an island country nearsoup stockCulture is common with JapanSri LankaThis is a very early example of introducing the curry to Japan.
1985/Opened in.Invented a style topping with fried vegetables. It is also the root of "tomato-based soup curry".
Magic spice[2][6]
1993/Opened in.For the first time, I used the product name "Soup Curry".Indonesiaof"SotoayamThe unique curry that incorporates the elements of "" became popular and played a leading role in the soup curry boom.

Subsequent store

Rakkyo[Source required]
1999/, Opened by Tsuya Ide, a hotel man, and Tsuya Kaiga, a cook.For the tomato-based soup curry that has existed for a long timeFrench cuisine OfVon de BeauIntroduced and further charredbasilSpread the style of floating.Tsuya Kaiga later became independent and opened "Curry Shokudo Shin".
Okushiba Shoten[8]
2006/Opened in. We have created a new standard as the roots of "shrimp soup curry".

how to eat

Beginners are confused about how to eat, but travel guides recommend the following ways of eating[9][10][11].

  • Take a bite of rice on a spoon and soak it in soup to eat.
  • Sprinkle the soup on rice and eat.
  • Put rice in the soup and eat it.

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  • Curry admiration -A guidebook for the Sapporo Soup Curry store, which was released every year from 2002 to 2011. The latest issue is 2015.


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