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🛏 | Investigated as a murder-robbery case in which a man died after being stabbed in the chest


Investigated as a murder-robbery case in which a man died after being stabbed in the chest

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Since there is no cash in the man's wallet, the Metropolitan Police Department has set up a special investigation headquarters as a murder-robbery case.

A man was found dead at a hotel in Toshima Ward, Tokyo on the night of the 21st, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating it as a murder-robbery case ... → Continue reading

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Investigation Headquarters

Investigation HeadquartersWhat is (Sosahonbu)?Japanese policeWhen a serious incident occurs ininvestigationforPolice headquartersOr have jurisdiction over the place of originPolice stationAn organization that is temporarily set up in[1].

The investigation headquarters depends on the scale of the case.殺人Of these, the "Special Investigation Headquarters" (abbreviated as "Special Investigation Headquarters"), which deals with important cases with a particularly large social response, is jointly established by the Police Headquarters and the police station in charge.ManagerCommanding Investigation Headquarters, organized only by the police station in chargeChiefIt can be divided into three types: the command investigation headquarters.In addition to this, when a case crosses multiple prefectures, there is a classification according to the scope of investigation, "joint investigation headquarters" that unifies command and "joint investigation headquarters" that does not unify command.[2].

Many from the police headquarters to the investigation headquartersDetectiveIs dispatched.Dozens of detectives, including the detectives of the police station in charge, and 100-200 investigators may be deployed in serious cases.Usually, it is the headquarters that takes commandDirector·Manager(Police command) And chief (InspectorHowever, depending on the seriousness of the incident, the general manager of the headquarters (Police commander) May take command[2]..Under the chief of the investigation headquarters, the deputy chief of the case, the chief of the case, the public relations officer, the chief of the investigation team, the chief of the investigation team, and the members of the investigation team are operated.At this time, if the forensic activity is important, as the deputy general managerForensics sectionIn some cases, a section chief is appointed, and a staff member of the forensics section is added as a member of the investigation headquarters as an analyst for forensics materials.[3].

The investigation headquarters was set up, and when the incident or accident was resolved, the investigation headquarters was swiftly dissolved, but some of themunsolvedThe investigation headquarters may be dissolved as it is.In that case, the jurisdictionChief of PoliceOr it will be taken over by the section chief in charge and the investigation will be continued[3].


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Robbery murder case


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