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🧳 | A hideaway limited to 1 rooms a day! The plan to support solo and female trips at "Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa" was the best.


A hideaway limited to 1 rooms a day! The solo / female travel support plan for "Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa" was the best.

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This is mineral water used by the major sake brewer "Kizakura", which has been loved in Kyoto since 14, as the water for preparing sake.

● Relax in your room while looking out at the Kamo River.Enjoy Kyoto's signature sweets without going outside. … → Continue reading

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Mineral water

Mineral water(British: mineral water) OrMineral spring waterWhat is (Kousen Sui)?containerenterDrinking waterOut ofgroundwaterIs the raw water.


Soft water and hard water

Index of the amount of calcium and magnesium salts contained in water (硬度) Is less than a certain levelSoft water, Many caseshard waterThat is.Hardness is normalCalcium carbonate(CaCO3) Shown close to the content,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareThen, water with an amount of 60 mg / L or less is defined as soft water, 60 to 120 mg / L is defined as medium hard water, 120 to 180 mg / L is defined as hard water, and 180 mg / L or more is defined as super hard water.[1]..Generally, mineral water produced in JapanSoft waterMany of them are produced in Europehard waterThere are many[2].

Generally, soft water is easier to drink than hard water, but hard water may be selected for beauty purposes.[3]..However, the higher the magnesium content, the stronger the bitterness and the harder it is to drink.[3].

From the name of mineral water,mineral(Inorganic) Was includedDrinking waterHowever, minerals contained in mineral water are far from nutritional supplementation.[4]..Compared to soybeans and fish, mineral water contains almost no minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and it is necessary to drink tens to hundreds of liters to meet the standard daily intake.Since it is basically water, the more you ingest it, the morePeeThe amount of minerals increases, and along with that, minerals are also absorbed and discharged from the side.Also,Water poisoningNot recommended due to the risk of.Mineral contentMealNeed to be taken from.

Presence or absence of carbonic acid

In Europe and the United States, some mineral water, which is the raw material of mineral water, originally contains carbonic acid.Carbonated waterOften points to[5].. (Typical example:San Pellegrino,Gerol Steiner).If you drink carbonated water at room temperature without cooling it, it will have a unique taste, so it may not be familiar to Japanese people who do not have a habit of drinking carbonated water on a daily basis.In particular, be careful as carbonated water may come out unless you say "no gas".

"Gas-free" mineral water with a carbonation process (eg)San PellegrinoNon-carbonated) or water that originally does not contain carbonic acid (example:Evian)and so on.

Mineral water is called still water (English: still water), and sparkling mineral water is called sparkling water (English: sparkling water).

European mineral water


Drinking spring water as "miracle water" in Europe for more than 2000 yearsDrinking fountainHad a habit of[6]..In addition, there are many limestone areas in Europe, and the water supply was not very delicious due to its high hardness even when using river or groundwater.[4]..Therefore, water collected in areas where groundwater is delicious is now sold in bottles.[4].

In the 17th centuryUnited Kingdom Of(English edition)It was the beginning of mineral water that was sold in bottles. In the 19th century, the cost of bottling was reduced, making water safer than tap water (water supply before the 20th century).Chlorine sterilizationWas not popular).


European UnionAccording to the criteria, it is classified into natural mineral water, spring water, and processed water.

  • Natural mineral water
    • Being reviewed and approved by a public organization[2].
    • No artificial processing such as sterilization or adjustment of mineral content[2].
    • It holds a certain amount of minerals that are beneficial to human health, and has been scientifically, medically, or clinically proven to be suitable for health.[2].
    • Good balance of minerals and stable ingredients and water temperature[2]..Such
  • Spring water
    • Water sampled directly from one water source and bottling without additives[2].
  • Processed water
    • Processed water with heat treatment, filtration, addition of minerals, etc.[2].

Natural mineral water in Europe is manufactured without sterilization and sterilization by controlling the environment of the water source and controlling the number of viable bacteria in the ingredients according to strict standards.[5](For imported products, "No sterilization" is displayed in the sterilization method).

Typical products

Japanese mineral water


In Japan, in the Meiji eraMiyauchi HyogoTadamura Plain (currentKawanishi CityIt started with the construction of a carbonated water royalties factory using the plain mineral springs in the plain).After that, the factoryMitsubishi ZaibatsuSold toCarbonated springIn a bottle,1884/Released as "Mineral Spring Plain Water"1885/ToMeijiyaObtained the right to "Mitsuya Hiranomizu" (laterMitsuya CiderIt started to be released in other areas as well.Also, those that do not contain carbonic acid1929/Horiuchi General Partnership Company (currently Fuji mineral waterCo., Ltd. is in the lower part of Yamanashi prefecture (currently YamanashiMinamikoma DistrictMinobu Townbeneath) Fuji Minobu Railway (currently) JR Tokai Minobu LineThe water that gushed out from the land of) was released as "NIPPON EVIAN".

1960 eraA major liquor maker started selling mineral water for commercial use.For ordinary households1983/ToHouse food"Rokko's delicious water"[9]-Suntory"(I.e.The release of "No Meisui" was the trigger.In 1986, the Cabinet Order "Standards for Foods, Additives, etc." (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 34, 370) was revised, and the standards for raw water for soft drinks.[10]It was also a tailwind that the newly established "Mineral Water Manufacturing Standards" came to be applied from the ones that applied mutatis mutandis.Imports of mineral water outside Japan surged from the late 1980s to 1995, which made it popular.[11].

In recent years, even in Japan, where water conditions were thought to be relatively good, in metropolitan areas, etc.WaterWater has an organic odor from the water source, rust on water pipes, and chlorine odor for disinfection.TrihalomethaneAn increasing number of consumers are feeling that there is a problem with water quality, such as the danger of water quality.What are the standards for residual chlorine and total trihalomethanes in tap water in Japan?WHOMineral water is much lower than the standardconvenience storeIt has become a standard product that can be seen universally.Also manufactured from theseæ°·Can also be seen.

Yamanashi Prefecture is the number one (1%) in modern Japanese domestic production, followed by Shizuoka Prefecture (34nd place: 2%) and Tottori Prefecture (14rd place: 3%) (14).[12].

Nowadays, the distribution volume in OEM and PB is also increasing.This is probably because the number of bottling contractors due to small lots and low prices has increased.

Some product introduction sites have more than 2800 types.


Especially in Japan, those that have not been adjusted such as adding inorganic salts to the components of raw waterNatural water-Natural mineral waterCalled.On the other hand, if the raw water is not groundwater,Bottled waterCalled.For these categories,Ministry of Agricultureの通達で定められている(平成2年3月30日食品流通局長通達「2食流第1071号」、平成7年2月17日「7食流第398号」改正)。市販品では、各地のName waterMany of them have the image of nature in the foreground.

groundwaterDrinking water (of whichcalcium,magnesiumSuch(硬度)as well aspHExcept for the valueWater supply lawA container filled with water that conforms to Article 4 (meaning water)soda drink OfJapanese Agricultural Standard(Excluding carbonated beverages specified in Notification No. 49 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on June 6, 27).This is called "mineral water".

  • Natural water
    • Groundwater collected from a specific water source is used as raw water.Precipitation,filtration,heatingSterilizationThose that do not undergo physical or chemical treatment other than
  • Natural mineral water
    • Mined groundwater of natural water (penetrating from the surface of the earth and moving underground or staying undergroundStrataInInorganic salts DissolutionGroundwater (naturalcarbon dioxide(Including groundwater that dissolves and has effervescence)) is used as raw water.
  • Mineral water
    • Natural mineral water is used as raw water for the purpose of stabilizing quality, etc.mineralAdjustment,Baki, Natural mineral water collected from multiple water sources is mixed.
  • Bottled water
    • Natural water, natural mineral water, and non-mineral water filled with drinking water such as distilled water and tap water.Bottled water includes deep sea water[4].

Typical products

In Japan, the share of mineral water sold in 2019 is as follows.

Share of natural water by brand (2019)[13]
Product Nameshare者 売 者
Suntory natural water
(Natural water of the Southern Alps, natural water of Aso, natural water of Oku Mt. Ooyama)
43.8%Suntory Foods
I, Ro, Ha
Forest water news
18.7%Japan Coca-Cola
Kirin Alkaline ion water10.3%Kirin Beverage
Evian1.9%ITO EN / ITOCHU Mineral Waters
Volvic1.7%Kirin Beverage

The top 2008 brands of mineral water sold in 10 are as follows.

Concentration of sales of mineral water by brand (2008)[14]
Product Nameshare者 売 者
Japanese natural water20.7%Suntory
Forest water news14.8%Japan Coca-Cola
Kirin Alkaline ion water11.3%Kirin MC Danone Waters
Volvic7.6%Kirin MC Danone Waters
Rokko's delicious water6.1% House food
Mt. Fuji vanadium mineral water3.2%Asahi Beverage
Evian2.6%ITO EN
Contrex1.4%Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage
Treasure hot springWed1.4%treasure

Problems / Notes

Problems related to water sampling

While the demand for mineral water is increasing, there is also a movement to consider excessive groundwater sampling as a problem in water sampling areas.

In recent years, foreign companies have been economically exhausted due to the export of high-quality groundwater in Japan (which is said to include some surface water).forestryFrom business to large scale森林(Water source forestIt became clear that they were purchasing (including).Since the laws and regulations that regulate Japan are not yet in place, there is concern that a large amount of water will be sampled, leading to the devastation of the country.[15].

Precautions for milk preparation

2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku EarthquakeDue toTEPCOFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAnd a lot of outsideradioactivity(Radioactive material) Was leaked, so Tokyo etc.Kanto regionSome ofWaterHigh concentration of radioactivity from water (radioactivityIodine) Was detected and a request was made to stop the intake of mineral water, and immediately after that, the mineral water became very scarce.At some stores, if it can be proved that the household has infants, it is provided separately from the display.As of June 2011, the inventory was sufficiently secured and the shortage was improved.

JapanesePowdered milkSince the ingredients are designed on the assumption that it will be dissolved in tap water of Japan, which has low hardness, for products with high hardness, mainly made in foreign countries,mineralIt has been pointed out that overdose of the amount will put a burden on the baby's body.According to midwives, it is necessary to use products with the lowest hardness possible for milk.[16]..If suitable water (Soft water) Is not available, the opinion of using tap water as usual has been announced by the Japanese Society of Pediatrics and others.[17]..This is because the dehydration caused by not feeding milk is more dangerous than ingesting water containing radioactive substances.

In addition, the National Institute of Health and Nutrition announced as dangerous information that "children, pregnant and lactating women cannot set an upper limit, so do not take vanadium other than food-derived".[18]However, some milk makers do not recommend mineral water containing vanadium.


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