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🛏 | <Pyongyang's daily life> First experience doctor fish bath

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<Pyongyang's daily life> First experience doctor fish bath

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Users who experience the bathtub for the first time with a doctor fish that eats dead skin cells.

In addition to the open-air bath, there is a huge indoor hot spring resort in the Yotoku Onsen Cultural Recreation Area (South Pyongan Province) that opened on January 2020, 1. → Continue reading

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Doctor fish

Doctor fish(Doctor fish)Cyprininaeof fishGala Rufa(Scientific name Garra closed)ofPopular nameIs[1].

It is said that when humans put their limbs in the water, they gather to eat the old keratin on the surface.It is useful for cosmetology and treatment because it can safely remove old keratin, and it is said that the stimulus to eat keratin activates nerves.A large amount of skin diseaseHornyI especially like the places where (especially scales) are generated.Wounds should be avoided as there is a risk of scab peeling and infection.


Turkey,(I.e.,(I.e.,(I.e.,LebanonAroundWest AsiaregionalRiver.


The total length is about 10 cm.Inhabits river areas in West AsiaFreshwater fishAnd then 37℃Because it can live even at a high water temperature, such as TurkeySpaIt also inhabits rivers and ponds.It is a durable fish with a wide range of adaptations in terms of both water temperature and quality.They move around actively when they ask for food, but they usually stay still on stones or in the shade.The eating habit is omnivorous.The mouth is like a sucker and adheres to stones and rocksAlgaeYou can eat like licking, and you are at the bottommicroorganism,昆虫 OfLarvaAnd eat.

JuvenileIn a flock at that timeLifeHowever, as they grow up, males become territorial and change to a slightly aggressive personality.BreedingOviparityでAquatic plants,MossThe spawning bed is used to lay eggs with a diameter of 2-3 mm.incubationThe period until is different depending on the water temperature, but at a water temperature of around 25 ° C, it takes about 3-5 days to reach around 5 mm.fry incubationTo do.lifeAbout 7 yearsHornyIt is eaten from two months to two and a half years after birth.

Relationship with human

Common name and use of fish

Gala Rufa who lives in a hot springHuman capitalIt is thought that the habit of eating keratin is because other creatures do not live in hot springs and there is nothing else to eat.[2], Rivers with abundant food, etc.EnvironmentUnderneath, human keratin is rarely eaten, which is an example of a very rare ecological adaptation.[2]..Become foodplanktonGala rufa, which is physically trapped (isolated) in a hot spring where algae and algae do not grow well, grows worse than rivers due to lack of food, but in TurkeySummerToTourismIt's good because customers come and set foot in the hot springsNutritionBecome a source[2]..Turkey'sBiologyIs "human皮膚Is for doctor fishmeatIt ’s a feast like[2].

One of the three beauties of the worldク レ オ パ ト ラWas a favorite[3]Gala Rufa, who is said to betoothBecause there is no skin, it does not hurt the skinchemicalsI don't even use."Natural peeling effect" and "natural peeling effect" that the habit of pecking like sucking the skin and the small stimulation and vibration at the time of pecking promote the metabolism of the skinMassage"Effect" and "relaxation effect" are expected,Atopic dermatitis-Dry upな ど皮膚病To治療It is said to be effective, and of "Doctor Fish"Popular nameKnown for[4]..In addition, small fish that should be timid come to humans, so it is said to be effective for people with weak hearts.[3]..In the case of skin diseases, it cannot be cured simply by removing the dead skin cells, and it is necessary to continue the usual medical treatment that works on the mechanism of the disease itself.

GermanyAnd in Turkey, treatment with doctor fishinsuranceApplicableMedicalIt is recognized as an act.recent years[When?],JapanHowever, the therapeutic effect of skin diseases has attracted attention,Aquarium-Zoo[5][6][7]BesidesDay trip bath facility[4]As "fish therapy"ServicesIs provided.Doctor fishGoldfish scoopingIn the aquariumFoot bath,Therapy, Experience, and contact (HandIf only normalaquarium fishBecause it can be used as a water tank), it is handled in children's facilities in Japan.[8],Barber shop[9],Internet cafe[10]There are also examples of handling such as, and there is also a mobile aquarium.Aquariums have succeeded in breeding in Japan[7], Also of doctor fishrentalThere are also vendors.

In Turkey, Gala Rufa traveled between natural hot springs (water temperature 34 ° C) and rivers, but in the 1950s, development isolated the hot springs from the rivers along with the school of fish, a very rare ecology that feeds on human keratin. Adaptation has begun[2]..Turkish biologists point out that isolated schools of fish may evolve into different species in thousands of years.[2]..It is a doctor fish that has been held in Turkey for a long time,ChugokuThe idea is of Chinese origin[2].

Doctor fish is used in many countries and regions.However, some areas take different actions. AmericaSo in 14 statesEsthetic salonFish therapy byAestheticBanned by the union[11][12],Abu DhabiIs totally banned[12]. United KingdomThen, the unspecified numberAquariumBy the Health Protection Agency of the United Kingdom to useHIV,HCVSuch asInfectionThe infection rate is very low, but if it is not zero, each treatment centerWedSuch as replacinghealthFace guidance is given[13][12]..In addition, since Gala Rufa itself is a delicate fish that is vulnerable to water stains, it is recommended to replace the water in breeding.[10][7].

Other species of fish

Like eating old keratin like Gala Rufa, etc.CichlidaeThere is a trader who calls this fish "doctor fish" because of its low price and uses it for service.[11]..Unlike Gala Rufa, this fish has tiny teeth, which has been reported to hurt the skin.[11]..This fish has a different habit from Gala Rufa, and when it grows up, it fights with each other.[14].

Near Japan海Also inhabitsHonsome Wake Bella TheEnglishAnd "Doctor Fish" and "Cleaner fishAlso called.Attaches to the body of other large fishParasiteSome of the fishベ ラSome try to get the parasites removed[15]..Also, Japanese saltwater fishStriped eel catfishHas a habit of pecking human keratin, but is not suitable for therapy because it has poisonous stings.[16].



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