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🧳 | Karakami announces sale of 3 facilities in Hokkaido


Karakami announces sale of 3 facilities in Hokkaido

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Karakami HOTELS & RESORTS is the predecessor of the Karakami Kimono store, which opened in Toyako-cho, Hokkaido in 1953.

Karakami HOTELS & RESORTS responded to the Hokkaido Shimbun's report on the sale of three facilities in Hokkaido ... → Continue reading


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Karagami Kimono

Toyako Town

Toyako Town(Toyakocho) isHokkaidoIburi General Promotion BureauIt is intown.


Located in the southwestern part of central Hokkaido, the lake (Lake Toya) And mountains (Mt. Usu) And the sea (Uchiura Bay(Eruption Bay))[1]..Many such as Lake Toya and Mt. UsuTourism resourcesIs visited by more than 250 million tourists annually(I.e.It has become[1].. In 2008 (Heisei 20), "34th Summit of Major Countries(Hokkaido Toyako Summit) was held[2][3][4][5], 2009 (Heisei 21) will be the whole town areaLake Toya Usuzan GeoparkWas certified as the first "World Geopark" in Japan[6].


The terrain is from the foot of Mt. YoteiLake ToyaIs located between Uchiura Bay (Eruption Bay)[7], The area around Lake Toya is "Shikotsu-Toya National Park"It has become[8]..Geology is mainlyNeogeneLoam layer due to subsequent volcanic activityAndesiteSuch asVolcanic rock,Volcanic ashIs formed by[7].

  • Mountain:Mt. Usu(Kousu, Nishiyama, Kinbirayama, 733 m), Sankakuyama (310 m),Tonoshikenupuri(455 m)
  • River:Nukkibetsu River, Itaya River, Tokotan River, Aka River, Irie River, Horonai River, Obanai River
  • Lake:Lake Toya
  • Island: Oshima, Manju Island, Bentenjima, Kannonjima [generic name, Nakajima] (center of the lake)Rare island(Tied island)


It belongs to the western Pacific Ocean climate zone[7], It is the warmest area in Hokkaido, and the amount of precipitation in winter is small and the temperature is rarely below -10 ℃.[7].. From July to August, the climate is summer and the temperature rises, but the monsoon (monsoon), So it's cool even in summer[7].


Population distribution of Tōyako, Hokkaidō, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Toyako Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Toyako Town (2005)
Purple-Toyako Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Toyako Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


See "History of Toyako Town"[9]

Sister cities, friendship cities, friendship lakes

sister city

Friendship city

  • Japanese flag Mitoyo(Kagawa
    • 2007/(Heisei19 years)May 7Alliance (1975/(Showa 50) Former Toyako Village and the former in AprilZaita TownWas affiliated with a sister city)[1].. Concluded a mutual support agreement in the event of a disaster on April 2012, 24[1].

Friendship lake

  • Flag of the People's Republic of China Huangshan City(Anhui Province
    • 2009/(21) July tie-up[1]..Huangshan City has a world heritage site, Huangshan, and about 15 artificial lakes around it, which are similar to Lake Toya. Therefore, we signed a memorandum of understanding for "Friendship Lake" to deepen exchanges in tourism and culture.[1].


Government office

  • Toyako Town Hall
    • Toya General Branch / Toyako Onsen Branch

finance See "25 Financial Status Data Collection"[15]

  • Population: 9,783 (as of January 26, 1)
  • Standard financial scale: 48 yen
  • Financial capability index: 0.26 (Similar group average 0.49)
  • Current account ratio: 89.8% (similar group average 90.2%)
  • Real balance ratio: 3.8%
  • Real single year balance: 4,095 yen
  • Current amount of local bonds: 102 yen
  • Total ordinary revenue: 75 yen
    • Local tax: 11 yen (composition ratio 1,050%)
    • Local allocation tax: 41 yen (composition ratio 3,921%)
    • Local bonds: 5 yen (composition ratio 7,318%)
  • Total general expenditure: 73 yen
    • Personnel costs: 14 yen (composition ratio 2,924%)
      • Of which, staff salary: 8 yen (composition ratio 7,729%)
    • Relief costs: 6 yen (composition ratio 1,061%)
    • Public Debt Expenses: 12 yen (composition ratio 7,483%)
  • deposit
    • Financial adjustment fund: 11 million yen
    • Debt reduction fund: 1 million yen
    • Other special purpose fund: 17 yen
  • Adequacy of capacity management (22)
    • Number of staff: 143 (132 general staff, 11 educational civil servants)
    • Number of employees per 1,000 population: 14.62 (average 10.27 for similar groups)
    • Laspeyres index: 99.7 (Similar group average 95.1)
  • reference
    • General staff (143 people) Monthly salary: 1 yen (excluding staff allowance)

Soundness judgment ratio / fund shortage ratio

Government office

National agency

Road agency

public facility

  • Toyako Town Regional Exchange Center
  • Toyako Town Cultural Exchange Center
  • Toyako Town Health and Welfare Center
  • Abuta Gymnasium
  • Toyakocho Pool
  • Toyako Cultural Center
  • Agrikan was taken (Toyako Town Agricultural Training Center)
  • Toyako Town Recycling Center Hanamikan
  • Naruka Ranch
  • Toyasogosenta Center
  • Toyamachi Exchange Center
  • Abuta Crematorium
  • Toya Crematorium

public agency





  • Hokuden Eco Energy Toya Management Office
    • Abuta Power Station

Community broadcasting

Educational institution

high school
Junior high school
  • Toyako Municipal Abuta Junior High School
  • Toyako Municipal Toya Junior High School
primary school
  • Abuta Elementary School, Toyako Town
  • Toyako Municipal Toyako Onsen Elementary School
  • Toyako Municipal Toya Elementary School
Licensed Nursery School
  • Sakuragaoka nursery school
  • Irie nursery school
  • Honmachi nursery school
  • Toyamachi nursery school
  • Sakura nursery school
  • Toyako Kindergarten
University (research facility)

Economic and industrial

The main industrial composition isAgriculture:,Fishery:,Commerce and industry,Service industryHas become[1],(I.e.BecauseTertiary industryMakes up 70% of the total[1]..Also, compared to the country and HokkaidoPrimary industryIn the Toya areaVegetablesBeginning withPotatoes,Beans,Paddy riceProduction andLivestockIs done[1], In the fishing industryUchiura Bay(Eruption Bay)ScallopAquaculture and scallops,Uni,FlounderFisheries processing is also carried out[1].

Location company



  • JA Toya Lake
    • A-COOP Toya Lake Main Store
  • Scales
    • Abuta store

Financial institution

post office

  • Abuta Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Toya Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Toyako Onsen Post Office

home delivery



Abandoned railway



  • Sapporo Transportation Toya Sales Office (Hokkaido Transport Group
  • Toyoura Higher
  • Date Higher
  • Kosei Taxi
  • Donan Higher
  • Mouri Hire


The main road that runs through the town isScenic BywayHas become the "Shikotsu Toya Niseko Route"[21].

Ships / cableways

Cultural property

Country designation

Road designation

Town designation

  • Cultural property
    • Tsukiura Lion Dance-Tsukiura Lion Dance Preservation Society[25]
    • Lion Dance-Lion Dance Preservation Society[25]
    • Kagawa Lion Dance-Kagawa Lion Dance Preservation Society[25]
    • Irie Hayagriva Kanzeon Monument-Abuta Hayagriva Kanzeon Monument Preservation Sponsorship[25]
    • Oiso Hayagriva Kanzeon Monument Group --Abuta Hayagriva Kanzeon Monument Preservation Sponsorship[25]
    • Chokibune jewelry-Toyako Town[25]




  • Toyako Visitor Center / Volcano Science Museum
  • Hokkaido Toyako Summit Memorial Hall (Toyako Tourist Information Center)
  • Lake Toya Forest Museum (Location is Sobetsu Town)
  • Toya Takarada Nature Experience House
  • Toyamizu Station
  • Silo Observatory[26]
  • Lake Hill Farm[27]
  • Irie / Takasago Shell Mound Museum[28]
    • Toyako Town Folk Museum

Parks and walking paths

camp site

  • Green Stay Lake Toya[31]
  • Toyamizubenosato Campsite

Festivals and events

  • Toyako Onsen Winter Festival (February)
  • Finally Winter Festival (February)
  • Lake Toya Long Run Fireworks Festival (late April to late October)
  • Lake Toya Marathon (May)[32]
  • TOYAKO Manga / Anime Festa(May)
  • Toya Industry Festival (June)
  • Toyako Onsen Summer Festival (late July to mid-August)
  • Toya Summer Festival (July)
  • Hokkaido Two Day March (September)
  • Tsukiura Wine Festival (October)
  • Toyako Onsen Illumination Street (early November to late March)


Order of the Japanese syllabary Person from

Person with connection

Townsman Charter/Declaration

Lake Toya Townspeople Charter

We are the townspeople of Toyako Town, which is located in the beautiful Lake Toya, the land with abundant water, and the rich Uchiura Bay.Following the blessed environment and the great achievements of our predecessors, we take pride as a townsman of Lake Toya and build a rich, beautiful and happy future.

  • We love the rich nature and hometown and create a beautiful city
  • Create and nurture a community-based industry to create a vibrant city
  • Create a lifelong learning town where people shine and exchange and culture are fragrant
  • We will nurture a healthy mind and body and create a city that is worth living.
  • We value human rights and create a safe and peaceful city
— Established on September 19, 7[1]


  • Environmental Declaration (established on January 20, 1)[33]
  • Toyako Town Declaration of Nuclear Peace Town (established on March 20, 3)[34]


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