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🧳 | Okura expands to Jakarta in 2025 Hotels, residences and public baths


2025 expansion into Okura and Jakarta Hotels and residences, large communal baths

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The condominium serviced apartment has up to 4 bedrooms and also has a penthouse, infinity pool, public bath and ballroom.

Mitsubishi Estate and others are condominium-type serviced apartments being developed by local developers in central Jakarta, Indonesia. → Continue reading


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Infinity pool

Infinity pool(English: Infinity pool, Infinity edge pool, Negative edge, Zero edge, Disappearing edge, Vanishing edge poolEtc.)BasinThe outer edge was covered with water to make it appear as if the outer edge did not exist.PoolIs. "Infinity" is "Unlimited”, which means that the outer edge is infinite海Larger water such asOur SkyIt is designed to blend with and look like the boundary. Often exoticResort, It is often created for the purpose of attracting customers in luxury facilities such as luxury hotels.

In recent years, it is gradually being adopted in Japan. Besides the pool,Outdoor bathIn some cases, it is called "Infinity bath".[2][3][4]


Infinity pools are very expensive and require large scale construction. Therefore, it is often installed in a dangerous place,Structural engineeringIs praised as the pinnacle of.

The outer edge isWeirIt has a structure of, and is about 1.6 to 6.4 mm lower than the water surface. A drainage groove is provided on the outside to collect the overflowed water.



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