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🧳 | What are the thoughts put into Ghibli Park – Suzuki producer and director Miyazaki talk


What are the thoughts put into Ghibli Park – Suzuki producer, director Miyazaki talks

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In the second part, Ghibli Park director Goro Miyazaki and producer Tetsuya Okamura will be on stage.

Google_title = Aichi Expo Memorial in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, in November 2022, which was put into Ghibli Park ... → Continue reading

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Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park

Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park(Ai Chikyu Hakukinenkouen)AichiNagakuteAichi prefectural management inCity park(Wide area park)[7][2].. Nickname isMorikolo Park[8].

Aichi Youth ParkHeld on the site of (Aichisei Shoenkouen)2005 Japan International Exposition(Aichi Expo / Aichi Expo) Nagakute VenueIt is a park opened on the site of.


Aichi Earth Expo Memorial ParkIt is,AichiNagakuteA city park (wide area park) with a vast area of ​​about 190ha, located in the eastern part of[3].

This park is run by the general prefectural governmentpark-Child welfare facility OfAichi Youth Park(1970/Opening ・2002/Using the site (closed)2005/Held inAichi ExpoMaintained on the site of the Nagakute venue2006/May 7Opened in

Aichi Earth Expo Memorial ParkThe basic policy of is a city park that "inherits the philosophy and results of the exposition", "utilizes the history of youth parks", "meets new needs", and "cultivates a diverse natural environment".As a policy of maintenance and utilization, "The new park aims to be a 21st century type park-sustainable park-that is full of health, spiritual affluence and fun, and continues to grow and evolve with the citizens of the prefecture."AichiIt is positioned in the policy of.

The official name of this park is "Aichi Earth Expo Memorial ParkIs a nickname"Morikoro Park"It is,2006/1Was decided by open call for participants[8].

2017/On May 5, Aichi Prefecture announced that "Ghibli Park(Tentative name) ”Studio GhibliAgreed with[9][10].. "Ghibli Park" will open on November 2022, 11, and will be fully opened in the fall of 1.The prefecture estimates the spillover effect to be 2023 billion yen annually.[11].


Cultural facility

  • Ai Earth Expo Memorial Hall(Former: Guest House / Reception Hall)[12]
  • Satsuki and May's House(Closed for the time being from July 2020, 7)[13]
  • Experiential learning room / multipurpose room / multipurpose studio
  • Global Citizens Exchange Center
  • Aichi Children's Center(Old Wanpaku Treasure Island / Robot Station: Free for junior high school students and younger)
  • Aichi Art Square
  • Global loop

Natural facility

  • Field Center Mori no Gakusha (Mori no Manabiya) / Shinrin Paradise
  • Aichi Satrabo
  • Children's open space"Natural playset / walking forest" (same as during the session)
    • "Forest area (formerly Growing Village)" "Water area" "Wind area" etc.
  • Shinrin Paradise(Old: Forest Experience Zone South Forest)
    • Nature observation garden
    • Observation tower
    • Green recycling center
  • Forest floor flower garden
  • Japanese garden(Same as during the session. The tea room was reopened when the second term opened)
  • Tea room "Korutei"
  • Forest floor flower garden(Old: Forest Experience Zone North Forest)
  • Southern forest

Rest facility

  • Friendship Square
  • Large lawn square(Old: Love, Earth Square) ・ Flower field
  • Flower Square Rest Area
  • Covered rest area(Same old play and participation zone covered rest area as during the session)

Sports Facilities

  • Ice skating rink (The heated pool in the same building will close on September 2018, 9)
  • Baseball field
  • gymnasium
  • Tennis court / futsal ground (combined with tennis)
  • Multipurpose ball game field
  • Multipurpose open space

Leisure facilities

  • Vehicle experience open space
  • Children's Square(Former Moriso Kiccoro Messe Square)
  • Natural experience playset
  • Cycling course
  • Family love land(Former Moriso Kiccoro Messe Square: Paid)
    • LFerris wheel(Former Moriso Kiccoro Messe Square: Paid)
    • Little torrent dolphin paradise
    • Battery car
    • Play Square Fantasia
    • Kiddy Land
  • Ghibli Park ("Youth Hill", "Ghibli Large Warehouse" and "Dondokomori" are scheduled to open on November 2022, 11, and "Mononoke no Sato" and "Witch Valley" are scheduled to open in 1).

Management facility

  • General information center
  • Parking lot (north / west / south)

Main remaining facilities

Specifically, among the facilities used at the Expo, the following facilities are being used continuously. (The name in parentheses at the end is the current facility name).

  • "Global House(温水 プ ー ル-ice skatePlace = Not available during the Expo.After reopening, the heated pool will be closed on September 2018, 9) "
  • "Global Citizen's VillageCenter house(Aichi International Year of the Child Memorial Hall, Closed on March 2011, 3) "
  • "Wanpaku Treasure Island Robot Station(Aichi Children's Center) "
  • "Global loop(Save only between global commons 3 and 4) (same name) "
  • "LFerris wheel(same name)"
  • "Satsuki and May's House(My Neighbor Totoro)(Same name) (Closed for the time being from July 2020, 7) "
  • "Growing Village(Forest Square) "
  • "Natural experience playset(same name)"
  • "Forest experience zone(same name)"
  • "Forest visitor center(Field Center) "
  • "Japanese garden / tea room(same name)"
  • "Guest House / Reception Hall(Ai Earth Expo Memorial Hall) "
  • "Restaurant Building (Global Common 6)(Flower Square Rest Area) "
  • "Nagakute Aichi Prefectural Building / Nagakute Venue Aichi Prefectural Administration Building(West exit rest area) "

In addition, the equipment that was in the Aichi Youth Park era will be leveled during the session and will be different.PavilionThe "campground" and "ball game field (baseball field, soccer field, etc.)" where the building was built have also been renovated.

Park ownership, maintenance and management will continueAichiHowever, the type of park is general prefectural managementparkからCity planning park (wide area park)The Aichi Prefectural Urban Development Association undertook the comprehensive maintenance and management of the park, and the former park maintenance and management contractor, Aichi Park, managed some of the facilities in the park. It is conducted by the association (former Aichi Youth Park Association).

Parks and facilities that once existed

Aichi Expo Nagakute Venue

Facilities at Aichi Expo #Nagakute Venuechecking ...

Aichi Youth Park

1970/In November (Showa 45), in commemoration of the 11th year of the Meiji era, as a comprehensive facility, park, and children's welfare facility (children's amusement park, large children's center) for the healthy development of young people and the comprehensive recreation of working young people.Aichi Youth Park(Prefectural Park) was opened.The total area is about 200 million square meters.

温水 プ ー ル-ice skatePlaceCampPlaceCyclingPlace / Aichi Children's Center / Aichi International Year of the Child Memorial / Babyゴ ル フ 場・ Cultural facilities, accommodation training facilities, baseball stadiums, etc. were set up on the premises.

1979/In August, the International Year of the Child Intensive Event "World and Japanese Children's Exhibition" was held at that time.Crown princeMr. and Mrs. (currentlyAkihitoas well as the Empress Michiko) AndMasayoshi OhiraPrime ministerAlso visited as a guest[14].

In addition, 1993/UntilJapan World ExpositionExhibited at (Osaka Expo)Osamu TezukaProduced pavilion "Fuji Bread"Robot Hall" was relocated and installed.The robot was relocated and exhibited at the Aichi Children's Center in the same park when the Robot Hall was dismantled due to aging, and at the time of the Aichi Expo, the pavilion "Wanpaku Treasure Island Robot Station" was deployed at the same facility. Was exhibited at the same time.The exhibition continues at the facility, which was reopened after the Expo closed.

As transportation to the parkMeitetsu busBus terminal is set up,Nagoya Municipal SubwayHigashiyama Line OfFujigaoka StationBeforeMeitetsuSeto Line OfOwari Seto StationBuses connecting the front and the Hishinodan area were in operation.The bus stop that drops passengers from Owari Seto Station and the Hishinodanchi area is currently closed.Aichi Prefectural UniversityIt was installed in front of the entrance of the underpass in front of the south gate of Nagakute Campus (the underpass itself was originally provided to guide visitors using the bus to the park, but part of it was reclaimed after the bus terminal was abolished). ..The bus terminal moved to the front gate of the university when Aichi Prefectural University moved to its current location in April 1998.After that, until the park closed, there was a bus stop on the sidewalk in front of the former bus terminal. March 4Aichi ExpresswayEastern hilly lineWith the opening of (Linimo), the bus route to Fujigaoka Station will be abolished, and only a few buses connecting Owari Seto Station and the Hishinodan area will be operated on Saturdays and holidays.The site of the bus terminal is now part of the Linimo user park and ride parking lot.Also, from the south gate of Aichi Prefectural UniversityAichi Prefectural Road 209 Aichi Expo Memorial Park Seto LineThe underpass that stretches across the bus from this bus terminal to Fujigaoka StationMeitetsu Bus Nagoya Sales OfficeIt is a remnant of what was provided as a taxiway for vehicles to be forwarded to.

2000/In 9 month2005 Japan International ExpositionThe main venue of (Aichi Expo, Aichi Expo) is the Seto venue (Sea forest) To the main park (Nagakute venue) to start the construction2002/May 3With, the park will be closed2002/May 4Than2005 Japan Exposition AssociationTransferred park management to.Some of the facilities were renovated or renovated to be used as a pavilion for the Expo, or they were demolished and the site was diverted to the construction site of the Expo facility.

The administration building and training accommodation building were demolished and used as sites for entrance gates and pavilions.

During the Expo, "温水 プ ー ル-ice skate"Place" is "Global House", "Aichi International Children's Year Memorial Hall" is "Global Citizen's Village Center House", "Aichi Children's Center" is "Wanpaku Treasure Island Robot Station", and "Ball Game Field" "Lighting" was used as the lighting for "Global Common 3".In addition, the "Koi no Ike" in the park was used as a venue for "night events (evening of Koi no Ike)", and the "water tower" was repainted with a cloud pattern and used as a water supply facility for the Expo.

History / chronology

Aichi Youth Park

Aichi Expo Nagakute Venue

Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park

  • 2006/May 7 --Phase 1 opening "Aichi Earth Expo Memorial ParkAs, the old play and the part of the participation zone are reopened[15].
  • 2007/May 3 --Phase 2 opening
  • 2009/
    • 4 --South parking lot installation
    • 9 --Baseball field set up
  • 2010/May 10 --Opening of the 3rd term, establishment of Global Citizens Exchange Center
  • 2012/
    • 4 --Tennis court, futsal ground, cycling course set up
    • 10 --Multipurpose ball game field set up (whole natural turf)
  • 2013/6 --Satoyama Experiment Field Aichi Satrabo Installation
  • 2015/May 9 --The 10nd to commemorate the 32th anniversary of EXPO XNUMX Aichi, JapanNational urban greening fairUsed as the main venue for (nickname: Flower and Green Dream Aichi 2015).
  • 2018/May 9 --The heated pool is closed.

Ghibli Park

  • 2017/
    • May 5-Governor of Aichi PrefectureHideaki Omura TheStudio Ghibli OfToshio SuzukiMeet with the producer.Agreed on the concept of building "Ghibli Park (tentative name)" on the premises[9]
    • November 11-The prefecture establishes the Ghibli Park Concept Promotion Office in the Park and Green Space Division of the Construction Department.[9].
  • November 2019, 11-Studio Ghibli and Chunichi Shimbun jointly established a new company "Ghibli Park Co., Ltd."[16].
  • November 2022, 11 --Three areas, "Youth Hill," "Ghibli Warehouse," and "Dondokomori," are scheduled to open.[17][18].
  • 2023 --Two areas of "Mononoke no Sato" and "Witch Valley" are scheduled to open.

Aichi Expo Memorial Event

Every year, as a project to celebrate the opening and closing of the festival, events and the illumination of the Ferris wheel will be held.

Every December, the "Aichi Expo Memorial" is held in this park as a course.Aichi Prefecture Municipal Ekiden Race Tournament(Abbreviation: "Aichi Ekiden") will be implemented.

  • Sponsored by the Aichi Ekiden Executive Committee.
  • At the same time as passing on the Aichi Expo to the next generation through a memorial event, it will be held with the main objectives of exchanging cities, towns and villages in Aichi Prefecture, promoting integration after the merger of cities, towns and villages, raising awareness of citizens of the prefecture, and promoting sports of citizens of the prefecture.
  • The first meeting was held on Saturday, December 1, 2006.On the daySatsuki and May's HouseThe viewing of was canceled.





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