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🛏 | From sheep vandalism to historical incidents An insurance company founded 325 years ago introduces a strange claim case


From sheep vandalism to historical incidents An insurance company founded 325 years ago introduces a strange claim case

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The incident occurred on August 1963, 8, at the Brideco Bridge in Buckinghamshire, England.

[The case of a long-established insurance company that has supported companies and people suffering from various damages, large and small, published on their website is a hot topic ... → Continue reading


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Buckinghamshire(Buckinghamshire, abbreviationBucks (Bucks))EnglandSoutheast OfRitual countyIt is also known as the county of Buckinghamshire, Buckinghamshire county.The state capitalAylesbury.

Buckinghamshire, a county, has allUnitary AuthorityOf the district andMilton KeynesIs included.For more information on traditional state boundariesHistory of Buckinghamshirechecking ...

Oxfordshire,Northamptonshire,Bedfordshire,Hertfordshire,Berkshire,Greater LondonIs in contact with.1974/Buckinghamshire in the reform of the local systemSloughとEatonTo Berkshire,1998/Since then, the autonomy of Slough and Windsor and Maidenhead has increased.Milton Keynes1997/The autonomy was strengthened.

Buckinghamshire is an agricultural state to the southChiltern Hills, To the north is the Vale of Aylesbury (Aylesbury Valley).The highest point is Khunbi Hill, 876 feet (267 meters) above sea level near Wendover.There are fertile agricultural lands, many of which have owners, especially19st century TheRothschild familyOwned by (Rothschild Assets in Buckinghamshirechecking).The industry is mainly agriculture and furniture making (traditionally)High Wycombe), Pharmaceutical companies, service industry and sales industry.SouthUKIs a commuter train running.


BuckinghamshireAnglo-SaxonIn the word, it means "the district where Bukka's house is located". "House of Booka" is in the northern part of the stateBuckinghamIt is named after the Anglo-Saxon landowner.As the name of the county12st centuryAlthough it is used from, the county itself isKingdom of Mercia(585/ - 919/) Has existed since the division.

Some villages in Buckinghamshire date back to the Anglo-Saxon era.For example at least1500 BCIt is known to go back to.At the timeBritonThere are plenty of places throughout the state with the names of (Pen, Wendover) and the combination of Briton and Anglo-Saxon (Brill, Chetoward, Great Brickhill).Roman periodpreviousEarthworksThere is.BritonOne of the most famous kings inCunobelineHas a castle in the state (which still has earthworks) and has the villages known as Kimbles use their names.

Roman influence crosses the stateRoman roadCan be seen most extensively in.The Watling Highway and the Akeman Highway both cross from east to west and connect to Chill Turn Hills.The above two areUKIt is an important trade route connecting various parts of England during the Roman period, and the latter was used as a line of defense, but it may be an extension of the old road.

However, the Anglo-Saxons were the only ones in Buckinghamshire's history.Buckinghamshire and most of its place names were not named by the Anglo-Saxons, but the modern territory is similar to that of the Anglo-Saxon era.Anglo-Saxon ChronicleOne of the big battles that King Wessex tells usCerdicAnd the Britons of Chiazley, three saints were born during this period, and a royal palace was built in Brill in the late Anglo-Saxon period.The actual wealth of Buckinghamshire isDoomsday kenchi 1086/I am familiar with the record when it was done in.

Plantagenet houseContinued to harness the wealth of Buckinghamshire.William the ConquerorPrivateized most of the territory for himself and his family.His half-brother Odo became a landowner.England wildswanAs with all, ancient prey became the king's property (mainly Burnwood Forest, Howden Chase, and Prince Lisborough).From the ancient tradition of the king's hobby of keeping swans, it was later painted on the Buckinghamshire coat of arms (see below).

Another flow was donation to the royal family, which I decided on my own hobby.Dissolution of the monasteryBy, almost one-thirdHenry VBecame a private property of.Henry VIIIThomas BoleynDaughter ofAnnThere was also a situation where Aylesbury had to be a city above Buckingham so that he could marry him and be liked by Thomas.Another wifeCatherine ParrAlso had power in Buckinghamshire.

Puritan Revolution(1642/ - 1649/) And most of BuckinghamshireParliamentary factionWas a force ofRoyal partyThere was also an isolated area.Parliamentary heroJohn HampdenOriginally from Buckinghamshire, he helped defend Aylesbury in the 1642 battle.In western villages (eg Brill and Boastall), some villages have never been settled due to the rivalry between the Aylesbury parliamentary factions and the Oxford royalists.Many of these villages disappeared in battle, but were later rebuilt.

1682/, Family live in penWilliam PennIs from BuckinghamshireQuakerImmigrants and AmericansPennsylvaniaToBucks CountyWas built.Bucks County, Pennsylvania has Buckingham, Chalfont, Wycombe, and Sohlberg, named after Buckinghamshire.

Industrial revolutionとTrainThere is a place where the landscape has completely changed due to the laying of.Wolverton in the north (now in Milton Keynes) has become the center of rail transport construction, furniture making and paper industry established in the south.The paper industry flourished in the heart of Buckinghamshire and grew rapidly with the hiring of poor women and children.Buckinghamshire is still in London,Birmingham,ManchesterWith the development of railroads, furniture building is still a major industry in South Bucks County.

VictorianIn the first half of the mid-termcholeraWith a pandemicfamineHas been a stable supporter of Buckinghamshire for many yearsAgriculture:Affected.Refugees from neighboring cities and abroad culminated during this period, and one landowner went for sale the land he had lived in in search of cheaper land.As a result, one of the most influential families (Rothschilds) appeared in Buckingham and had a huge impact on the Buckinghamshire landscape.

20st centuryMassive urbanization occurred in the north and south, and new towns were formed in Milton Keynes and Slow.This is a natural process of industrialization and has created the necessary jobs in each region.Both strengthened their autonomy and reduced the area of ​​Buckinghamshire by almost one-third.

Many people in Buckinghamshire todayThe Age of Edward VIII think it's the rural scenery of the story, and usuallyleafy BucksIt is known to be called (leafy bucks).This view has made commuter trains to London commonplace in many areas, leading to higher overall living costs.However, poor areas (especially the large towns of Aylesbury and High Wycombe) still remain.


The former Buckinghamshire County Council1889/Installed in Walton Street, Aylesbury,1960/Moved to a 15-story building in the center of Aylesbury, where architect Thomas Pulley was in charge of the design.It is said to be one of the most unpopular and hated buildings in Buckinghamshire, and is called the "City Planning Act".1947/) ”(Town and Country Planning Act 1947), which is a second-class building.

1997/, Milton Keynes in the north became a unitary authority.

2020/On April 4, the County Council was abolished as Buckinghamshire as a county, other than Milton Keynes, became Buckinghamshire as a unitary authority.[1].

Coat of arms

BuckinghamshireCoat of armsIs a swan in a chain.The origin dates back to the time of Anglo-Saxon, where the king had a hobby of keeping swans in Buckinghamshire.The swan is chained according to the ancient law that still applies in England today, that the swan belongs to the king.The first time it was usedDuke of BuckinghamHumphrey StaffordbyBattle of Agincourt(1415/May 10,northFrance)Met.

At the top of the swan is the cross in the village of Whiteleaf in the center, with a golden band representing those involved in ancient historic events.The shield rests on the Bunanoki, which represents the Chiltern Forest, which once covered nearly half of the state.There are stags and swans on both sides.

The slogan on the shield isVestigia Nulla RetrorsumSo, in Latin, it means "immortal".

Buckinghamshire place name

Here is a list of Buckinghamshire.For all Buckinghamshire towns and villages,List of place names in Buckinghamshire (English)checking ...

BuckinghamshireDomesday BookAt that time, it was subdivided into 18 villages.It was later grouped into eight groups: Aylesbury, Ashendon, Buckingham, Burnham, Cottesloe, Desborough, Newport and Stoke.Burnham, Desborough, and Stoke are collectively known as Chiltern Villages.House of RepresentativesIt is used by lawmakers as an excuse to resign.

The area that was once in Buckinghamshire

Here we show the towns that were included in Buckinghamshire until the final reorganization of the local government.A list of all Buckinghamshire towns and villages,List of places in Buckinghamshirechecking ...

Sightseeing spot

Buckinghamshire celebrity

The following people are from Buckinghamshire, former residents, and current residents.Only the people whose names are thought to be known in Japan are listed.


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