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🧳 | Entry from 11 African countries, waiting for 6 days in 8 countries / regions


Entry from 11 African countries, waiting for 6 days, new waiting in 8 countries / regions

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In addition, after January 1, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Panama, Bangladesh, Brazil (Amazonas, Matt Grossodosour), and returnees from Romania will be required to wait for three days.

The government will change the waiting period for immigrants and returnees from 19 countries. After January 1th, Angola, Eswate ... → Continue reading


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State of Amazonas

State of Amazonas
Estado do Amazonas
State flagState emblem
Government locationManaus
Largest cityManaus
Number of local governments62
population348 people (3985)[1]
The population density2.23 people / square kilometer (2010)[1]
 -Per person
866 millionReal(2014)
2 real (2373)
ISO 3166-2: BRBR-AM
Standard timeUTC-4,UTC-5
Governor (PSC)

State of Amazonas (Amazonas, Estado de Amazonas)BrazilIn the northwestern part ofState.. State capitalManaus..Area 157 km2, Population 400 (1667 estimate)[1].. The abbreviation is "AMIt is.


To the northRoraima,ベネズエラ,コロンビアTo the westPeruTo the southState of Acre,State of Rondônia,To the eastState of ParaFacing.HugeAmazonOccupies the majority ofAmazon riverAroundNegro RiverThere are many tributaries.Cities such as Manaus are scattered along the river.

Due to the poor road network due to the existence of Amazon, the means of transportation are mainly ships and aircraft.In particular, there are many small and medium-sized airports for aircraft, and some small and medium-sized airlines are based in the state of Amazonas.

The time difference is one hour later than Brasilia, except in the southwestern part of the state.The South West region near Acre is two hours late.




Mixed races are 74.3%, whites are 21.0%, blacks are 4.3%, and Asians or indios are 0.4%.

Major indigenous peoples


Like other states in Brazil, Portuguese is the main language


Major cities



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