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🧳 | I have spent "villa time" at Hotel Indigo in Karuizawa


I've spent "villa time" at Hotel Indigo in Karuizawa

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The fitness center has unique machines such as self-powered running machines and wooden dumbbells.

Hotel Indigo (HO…), a hotel brand developed by IHG Hotels & Resorts that reflects the individuality of the land → Continue reading

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treadmill(English: Treadmill) is indoorsrunning,WalkingFor doingHealth appliances.Treadmill,Running machine,Jogging machineAlso called.Also, low-speed walking onesWalking machineAlso called.


Indoorsaerobic exerciseThe purpose is to do.belt conveyorThe speed can be adjusted by moving the shaped platform with the power of a motor.Although it depends on the model, it generally has the following functions.

  • Tilt adjustment-You can increase the load by going uphill.There are things that can be adjusted during exercise, things that are automatically adjusted according to the heart rate and simulated course, things that are adjusted while stopped, and things that select the angle when assembling.
  • Mileage display
  • Elapsed time display
  • Average speed display-After the end, the average speed is automatically calculated from the total mileage and total elapsed time.
  • Calories burned display-Displays calories burned estimated from weight and mileage.You need to set your weight correctly before you start.
  • Step count / stride / pitch display-Use information from the built-in landing sensor.
  • Measuring heart rate-There are two methods, one is to attach the sensor to the earlobe and the other is to hold the grip sensor on the front.The latter is difficult to measure accurately because the arm cannot be shaken.
  • Emergency stop device-The sensor constantly monitors and makes an emergency stop when it detects an abnormality such as falling behind or falling.Many have an emergency stop button in a prominent place.

Sports ClubIt is installed in.You can do aerobic exercise at your own pace,Slimming,EnduranceHelps improve.STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Since it does not take as much strength, the effect of muscle hypertrophy cannot be expected.Household use ranges from 2 to hundreds of thousands of yen, and commercial use ranges from 3 million to 100 million yen, with some in the middle price range.For home use, priority is given to reducing the size and weight, and the durability of the motor is often inferior or the continuous use time is limited.


1817/,(English edition)Introduced a treadmill to correct criminals in prison[1].1954/,University of WashingtonRobert Bruce and Wayne Quinton have developed a treadmill for diagnosing heart and lung disease.This treadmill is the first medical treadmill.1968/,Kenneth cooper TheaerobicsAnnounced the results of a survey on the utility value of treadmills in Japan.The study was controversial and helped develop commercial home treadmills.

Strong Points

Uniform environment

  • It does not depend on the weather.
  • It can be used in an air-conditioned environment.
  • It will be training to run at an even pace (same speed).It also helps prevent overpacing.
  • No worries about traffic accidents.You won't be disturbed by waiting for a traffic light.
  • You can replenish at any time by keeping the beverage at hand. (You must run outdoors with a drink.)

Accurate feedback

  • You can check your own form by running while looking in the mirror.
  • Instructors and scientists can analyze forms with little burden. (No need to run together or get in the car)
  • Various measuring instruments can be attached to the runner.

An environment where you can exercise at home or in your own room

  • Even if you have small children, you can exercise without leaving the house.
  • You can exercise while watching TV.
  • You can exercise while using a personal computer, tablet terminal, mobile phone, etc.


  • I don't have the ability to respond flexibly to uphill and downhill.
  • Since the shock at the time of landing is softer than the ground, it feels strange to run outdoors after getting used to it.
  • It is not suitable for interval training (repeated practice of rapid and slow running) because the speed increase and decrease is slow and button operation is required.
  • The upper limit is 16km / h for home use and 20km / h for business use, so-calledSprintI can't practice the system at all.In addition, there are some special ones that can reach up to 36km / h.
  • Since there is no wind and no air flow from the direction of travel, the body temperature tends to rise unless proper room temperature control is performed.
  • It is easy to get bored because there is no change in the scenery.
  • It is difficult to maintain motivation because there are no rivals around.
  • Noise and vibration cannot be ignored in ordinary households.In particularhousing complexThen it may cause trouble.
  • Not suitable for special exercises other than forward, such as sideways, backward walking, and running.Such driving is prohibited on treadmills because it is dangerous.

Application example of treadmill

  • Exercise load test
    • Angina,Myocardial infarctionCause ofcoronary artery OfArteriosclerosisUsed for diagnosis of[2]..When you put a load on your heartelectro-cardiogramAbnormal (arrhythmia) Appears, so the diagnosis is made by increasing the speed and inclination of the treadmill while measuring the electrocardiogram and blood pressure.It is said that it can be diagnosed with high accuracy while being inexpensive.
    • Of each individualMaximum oxygen uptakeUsed for measuring (VO2max)[3]..While wearing a mask and collecting exhaled gas (oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide emissions)Heart rateAdjust the speed of the treadmill so that is maintained near the maximum heart rate.Maximum oxygen uptake can be obtained by analyzing the exhaled gas in that state.There is also a simple method for estimating maximal oxygen uptake from the correlation between heart rate, velocity, and age without performing breath gas analysis.VOXNUMX max is a simple expression of a person's endurance, so long-distance systemsathleteIs an important indicator for
  • リ ハ ビ リ テ ー シ ョ ン
  • Underwater treadmill
    • Usually, it is integrated with the aquarium and sold for medical use.buoyancyBecause of this, the burden on the knee is small, and it is used for rehabilitation of the elderly. From July 2007Emperor-QueenTo useImperial PalaceDelivered to[4][5].
  • For other competitions
    • There is a large treadmill that can be run on skis, skates, bicycles, etc.
  • For space
    • Since gravity is not applied during the stay in space, bone loss and muscle atrophy occur.[6]..To prevent this, it is said that exercise with a treadmill or exercise bike should be done for about 1 hours a day.[7][8]. CurrentInternational Space StationTwo treadmills are installed on the (ISS). One isZvezdaTVIS in[9]And the other oneTranquilityCOLBERT in[10]Is.All are devised so that vibration is not transmitted to the ISS.in the pastUSSR OfSalut[11][12]とmeal[13]AndAmerica OfSkylab[14]A treadmill was also installed in.
  • For animals
    • Treadmill for dogsanimal HospitalIt is sold for such purposes, and is used for rehabilitation after treatment and for relieving lack of exercise in obese dogs.Most of them, like an aquarium, store water to generate buoyancy and reduce the burden on the feet.
    • Treadmills for mice and rats are sold as laboratory equipment.It is used in a wide range of fields such as electrical stimulation, fatigue, immunity, and blood.
  • Treadmill with a view
    • A treadmill "Marathon Simulator" that shows the scenery of a typical marathon course on the front display and moves the scenery according to the distance traveled is on sale.[15],Ibikawa TownYou can experience it at Ibigawa-cho Kenko Hiroba[16].

Development stage treadmill

  • virtual reality
    • virtual realityAs part of my research, an infinite walking treadmill (ODT,) that allows you to walk freely in any direction, front, back, left, or right.en: Omnidirectional treadmill) Has been prototyped.HMDIn many cases, the belt automatically moves according to the movement of pedestrians, assuming that it will be used in combination with an all-around display.In Japan, the University of Tsukuba and others are making prototypes.[17]..The one for the mousePrinceton UniversityCreated in the Department of Molecular Biology and used to study the mechanism of memory[18][19].

Treadmill and record

  • Long-distance running on a treadmill
    • Guinness BookThere are three items for long-distance running on a treadmill.The records are men's 3-hour run = 24km, women's 257.88-hour run = 24km, and a team of 247.2 people running 12 hours = 48km.[20].
  • Complete the full marathon in space
    • April 2007, 4, American female astronautSunita WilliamsOn the ISSBoston MarathonParticipated in and completed the race in 4 hours and 24 minutes[21].
    • British male astronaut also on the ISS on April 2016, 4London marathonParticipated in and completed the race in about 3 hours and 35 minutes[22]..Tim Peake completed the 1999 London Marathon on the ground in 3 hours 18 minutes 50 seconds.

Works used on treadmills

  • Doraemon OfSecret tool
    • "Athletic House" (1978) --General housingAthleticTo remodel.The corridor becomes a treadmill and you can't move forward unless you run.
    • "Ozashiki Slope" (1972) --Treadmill for skiing.The differences from those that have been put into practical use are the automatic adjustment of speed, the function of projecting a stereoscopic image around, and the temperature adjustment of the surroundings.
    • "Future Room Marathon" (1978)- Weight scaleIt is shaped like this.When you step on it, you can see the scenery going forward.There is no screen, and only the person who is stepping on can see the scenery.In 1976, a weight scale type indoor running device "Room Runner" was introduced by Japan Health Maker (currentlyCatalog house) Was released and became a big hit all over Japan[23]..In this storyNobita's fatherHowever, he buys a product that seems to be it, but it is depicted that he soon gets bored and no one uses it.
  • Limited and minute breadIn (1998), a prototype of a VR room that uses a treadmill and a head-mounted display similar to the ODT mentioned above will appear.
  • Okay go"Here It Goes Again" (2006)PVWas a big hit with the comical content of four members dancing on eight treadmills lined up. 8Grammy AwardWinner of the Best Short Music Video Award, "Most Influential PV" in the 2010 surveyThrillerHas won the second place after[24].Youtube --Here It Goes Again


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