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🧳 | Skymark holds a tour of the special painting machine "Pikachu Jet BC2"


Skymark holds a tour of the special painting machine "Pikachu Jet BC2"

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As with Unit 1, we will offer original design KitKat and novelties for children, and will also carry out limited in-flight announcements.

Skymark will hold an aircraft tour on May 2 to commemorate the launch of the special coating machine "Pikachu Jet BC5" ... → Continue reading


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    Novelty for children


    KitKat (KitKat) IsNestle (Nestlé) Manufactured by chocolate confectionery.

    Elongated rectangularWafersOverlapチ ョ コ レ ー トIt is a confectionery that is coated with and made into a stick, and four or two of these are bundled and packaged.

    KitKat has the same package design but different flavors depending on the country or region, depending on the taste of the sales area.[1].. United StatesThe Hershey Company,Japan TheNestle JapanAre each manufactured.English: Have a break, Have a KitKat. Ofcatch copyIs famous.


    The food called "Kit Kat" first appeared in England in the 18th century, at that time.Meat PiePointed to. In London in the early 18th century, the Tavern, run by Christopher Catt, was called "KitKat" by the owner's name.Lamb OfpieWas out.Christopher's nickname at the time was Kit.Political and literary gathering "(English editionThe name "(Kit-Cat Club)" comes from the fact that the first meeting was held at this cafeteria and we talked about it while eating a Kit-Cat pie.

    KitKat for chocolate candiesyokeConfectionery companyRontry Developed by (Rowntree's).Rontry1911/Registered the "Kit Cat" and "Kit Kat" trademarks in, but did not immediately use this name in their products. In the 1920s, the name "Kit Cat" was used for boxed chocolates, but in the early 1930s, production was concentrated on products such as "Black Magic" and "Daily Box" (). Cuts are no longer produced[2].

    Same as the current KitKatFour finger bar(Chocolate wafers made by bundling four bars) was started by an employee who said to the factory's proposal box, "Develop a chocolate bar that men can put in packed lunches and take to work." The proposal that was made was the trigger[3][4].1935/On April 8stRontry's Chocolate CrispLaunched in London and southern England under the name (Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp)[5].

    "Chocolate Crisp" was a big hit,1937/To make it easier to rememberKitKat Chocolate Crisp(Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp) was renamed, and as a promotional strategy, it was widely publicized with the concept of "KitKat" and "Break", "Let's take a break", and "Let's break the bar and eat".However1942/,Second World WarDue to the intensification of food rations, Lontry was unable to obtain enough milk, changing the traditional red package and recipe to a "dark" taste in the blue package.KitKat(The chocolate crisp part disappeared from this point) and advertised that "conventional chocolate crisps cannot be made until the end of the war."[4].1949/As the milk supply recovered, the prewar "ミ ル クThe taste and red packaging have been revived, but with the start of the brand strategy around the same time, the name remains "KitKat", which is easy to remember.

    Following success in England in the 1940sCanada,South Africa,Ireland,Australia,New ZealandAnd expanded the export destination. Since 1958, Donald Gilles, a director of advertising agency JWT Orland, has made a catch phrase for "Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat" and has been used in TV commercials to this day.[4].1969/In addition, Rontry merged with the confectionery company John McIntosh in the same industry to become Rontry Macintosh. Rontry Macintosh in the 1970sWest GermanyEstablished a factory in Europe and started supplying to EuropeThe United States of America1970/ToHershey'sAnd in Japan1973/からFujiyaReleased after signing an agreement on brand use and production with[2].1988/In June, Rontry Macintosh was acquired by Nestlé, and Nestlé took over the international expansion of KitKat, except for the United States, and Nestlé moved to Japan, Malaysia, India and China in response to rising demand in Asia. Built a new factory[2]..In the United States, Hershey's continues to produce, making it one of the top five brands in the company's US sales.

    Japanese kitkat


    In Japan in 1973United KingdomPartnered with Rontry MackintoshFujiyaIt was released from the company and was called "Mackintosh KitKat" in commercials, but due to the fact that Rontry Macintosh was absorbed by Nestlé,1989/Established and transferred Nestlé Macintosh, a joint venture between Nestlé and Fujiya (at that time Fujiya Macintosh → Nestlé Macintosh).Nestle MacintoshNestle ConfectioneryAfter changing the company name to2010/Was absorbed by Nestlé Japan.

    2005/As a related product, KitKat is not coated with chocolate.Crispy storyIs also on sale.

    On August 2010, 8, a major renewal was carried out since its launch. The texture of the wafer was improved for the first time in 30 years, and the crispy texture was improved.

    2011/In March, the contents of the pocket type were changed from 3 original sizes to 2 mini sizes.

    2014/In September,Pastry chef・ The first store of "KitKat Chocolatery", a luxury-oriented KitKat specialty store,IkebukuroOpen to.It became the world's first KitKat specialty store, and has continued to expand nationwide since then.

    2018/January, natural pink chocolate "Ruby chocolateThe world's first commercialized "Sublim Ruby" was released for a limited time.[6]

    TV broadcast


    In the mid-1970s, the pre-break Downtown Bugiugi band was appointed as a radio commercial, and the original CM song that repeatedly called the company name Macintosh, the product name KitKat, and Golden Toffee became a hot topic.

    Successive CM characters

    2009/The CM of "Kit Mail" isCannes Lions International Festival of AdvertisingWon the Grand Prix in the media category of. ※other than thisKatsuya KobayashiHas served as a radio commercial.


    In Japan, in addition to the basic chocolate, since the 2000s,White chocolate, UjiMatcha,Hojicha / Roasted green tea,wasabi,Zunda,Strawberry,Yogurt,Kyoho,Yubari Mellon,mango,passion fruit,bananaTo ShinshuAppleIt sells products that are limited to seasons and regions, and is attracting attention outside Japan.[7]..In addition to regular products, many family packs packed in bags are available at supermarkets and convenience stores.

    Nestle Japan,Dy DrincoBeveragesvending machineKitKat is also sold in some of the. In November 2010Tokai Kiosk"KitKat Shinkansen" released only at the station shops operatedNozomi"Is the packageN700 seriesImitates.

    Even in England, there is a mini size called "CHUNKY", white chocolate, peanut butter, etc. In 1996, the world's first KitKat "orange flavor" other than milk chocolate flavor was born, and it was the United Kingdom that diversified the taste and shape.[4].

    Current product

    As of 2012 year 11 month
    Regular product
    • KitKat (1 piece / 2 pieces)
    • KitKat Mini (1 piece / 12 pieces)
    • KitKat The sweetness of adults (1 piece / 2 pieces)
    • KitKat Mini Adult Sweetness (1 Sheet / 13 Sheets)
    • KitKat Petit (8 pieces)
    • KitKat Petit Bag
    • KitKat Big Little
    • KitKat bar
    • KitKat 2 fingers
    Limited time item
    • KitKat Kitmail
    Local souvenirs
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Yubari Melon (Hokkaido Souvenir)
    • KitKat Tabisaki Mail Roasted corn flavor (Hokkaido souvenir)
    • KitKat Yamagata cherries (Tohoku souvenirs)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Yamagata Cherry (Tohoku Souvenir)
    • KitKat Zunda flavor (Tohoku souvenir)
    • KitKat Tabisaki Mail Zunda Flavor (Tohoku Souvenir)
    • KitKat Tochiotome (Tochigi souvenir)
    • KitKat sweet potato flavor (Kawagoe souvenir)
    • KitKat soy sauce flavor (Tokyo souvenir)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Soy Sauce Flavor (Tokyo Souvenir)
    • KitKat Kinako (Tokyo souvenir)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Dark Kinako (Tokyo Souvenir)
    • KitKat Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor (Yokohama Souvenir)
    • KitKat Tabisaki Mail Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor (Yokohama Souvenir)
    • KitKat Tamaruya Main Store Wasabi (Shizuoka / Kanto Souvenir)
    • KitKat Blueberry Cheesecake Flavor (Koshin Souvenir)
    • KitKat Shinshu apples (Shinshu souvenirs)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Shinshu Apple (Shinshu Souvenir)
    • KitKat Yawataya IsogoroCrew (Shinshu souvenir)
    • KitKat Trip Saki Mail Yawataya Isogoro Ichizoku (Shinshu Souvenir)
    • KitKat miso flavor (Tokai / Hokuriku souvenir)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Miso Flavor (Tokai / Hokuriku Souvenir)
    • KitKat Kyuemon Ito Uji Matcha (Kyoto souvenir)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Ito Kyuemon Uji Matcha (Kyoto Souvenir)
    • KitKat Kobe pudding flavor (Kobe souvenir)
    • KitKat Citrus Golden Blend (Chugoku-Shikoku Souvenir)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Citrus Golden Blend (Chugoku-Shikoku Souvenir)
    • KitKat Yuzukosho (Kyushu souvenir)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Yuzukosho (Kyushu souvenir)
    • KitKat Beniimo (Kyushu / Okinawa souvenir)
    • KitKat Travel Saki Mail Beniimo (Kyushu / Okinawa souvenir)
    • KitKat Azuki Sandwich Flavor (Tokai / Hokuriku Souvenir)

    Past products

    Regular taste
    • KitKat Stick (1998-2000, 2003)
    • KitKat Petit (1998-2000, 2003)
    • KitKat Big Cut (2001, 2003)
    • KitKat Big Cut Increase (2002)
    • KitKat Gold Pack (2008)
    • KitKat Cookie Plus (2008, 2009)
    • KitKat Cookie Plus Whole Wheat Flour (2009)
    • KitKat Bar Marukajiri (2009)
    • KitKat Little
    • KitKat White
    • KitKat Mini White
    Regular taste Limited time package
    • KitKat mini can (2004)
    • KitKat Super Cup (2004)
    • KitKat Coolable pack (2004, 10 minis, milk carton package)
    • KitKat2 Red and white pack (2004, original and white set. With mobile mirror sticker)
    • KitKat Tumbler Pack (2005)
    • KitKat jar (2007, glass bottle)
    • KitKat Mini Red and White Pack (2008, original and white set)
    • KitKat pentagonal mug
    • KitKat KitKat (2009-2011, post office limited release)
    • KitKat Otoshidama (2010-2011)
    • KitKat Ticket Cut (2014, PackageSanriku RailwayCan be used as a ticket for 190 yen)[8].
    Pocket size
    • KitKat Strawberry (1998-2000)
    • KitKat Orange (2001)
    • KitKat Banana (2002)
    • KitKat Ichigo Milk (2003)
    • KitKat Double Berry (2003)
    • KitKat Uji Matcha (2004, 2009)
    • KitKat Lemon Cheesecake Tailoring (2004)
    • KitKat Cafe Latte Tailoring (2005)
    • KitKat Strawberry (2005)
    • KitKat White Maple Syrup (2005)
    • KitKat Takagi Original Passion Fruit (2005, collaboration with Rupatissier Takagi)
    • KitKat Yubari Melon (2005)
    • KitKat White (Snow Package) (2005)
    • KitKat Ujikintoki Milk Tailoring (2005)
    • KitKat White Hokkaido milk used (2005)
    • KitKat Fruit Parfait Tailoring (2006)
    • KitKat Winter Ajiwai Strawberry (2006)
    • KitKat Sakura Flavor (2006)
    • KitKat White Nasu Kogen Milk (2006)
    • KitKat red beans (2006)
    • KitKat Annin dessert flavor (2006)
    • KitKat Surely make a wish come true, make a wish to the stars (chocolate and white mixed like a zebra) (2006,Universal Studios Japan5th Anniversary Limited Edition)
    • KitKat Takagi White France Brittany Milk (2006, collaboration with Le Patissier Takagi)
    • KitKat Kiwi (2007)
    • KitKat Hokkaido Azuki (2007)
    • KitKat I'm sure it's Sakura Saku. (Sakura and cherries) (2007)
    • KitKat White Hokkaido Milk (2007)
    • KitKat Matcha Milk (2007)
    • KitKat caramel flavor (2007)
    • KitKat Cookies & Milk (2007)
    • KitKat Tochiotome (2007)
    • KitKat Waguri (2007)
    • KitKat Bitter (2007)
    • KitKat Yubari Melon (2007)- YubariProducts with donations for support. Under the message of "I'm sure it will come true," 1 yen will be donated to the Yubari City fund from the sales proceeds.
    • KitKat Caramel Macchiato Flavor (2008, collaboration with McDonald's)
    • KitKat Vanilla Beans (2008)
    • KitKat White (2008)
    • KitKat soy sauce flavor (2008, limited to Tokyo)
    • KitKat Shiruko flavor (2008)
    • KitKat Dainagon Azuki (2008)
    • KitKat Ajiwai Strawberry (2008)
    • KitKat Muscat of Alexandria (2008)
    • KitKat Kyuemon Ito Uji Matcha (2008, collaboration with Kyuemon Ito)
    • KitKat salt white chocolate (2008)
    • KitKat Daigakuimo Taste (2008)
    • KitKat Wishes for the Stars Triple Berry (2008)
    • KitKat apple (2008)
    • KitKat KitKat, feelings. (A faint scent of lemon and sweet and sour love taste) (2009)
    • KitKat sports drink flavor (2009, collaboration with JFA DREAM ASIA PROJECT)
    • KitKat Marika Tea (Jasmine Tea) (2009)
    • KitKat Semi Suite (2009)
    • KitKat Sparkling Strawberry (2009)
    • KitKat Milk Coffee Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Full Vegetables (2009)
    • KitKat Royal Milk Tea Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Ginger Ale Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Kinako Ohagi Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Salt & Caramel Flavor (2009)- Yokohama port(Kanagawa横 浜 市) 150th Anniversary Event "Yokohama Opening Expo Y + 150The package is a collaboration product commemorating the holding of "Minato Mirai district ("Yokohama Landmark Tower, Queen's Square, etc.) are drawn.In Kanagawa prefectureSeven-ElevenSo, it will be sold for a limited time.
    • KitKat Sakura Matcha (2010)
    • KitKat Franboise (2010)
    • KitKat Raspberry & Passion Fruit (2010)
    • KitKat cola and lemon squash flavors (2010)
    • KitKat Bitter Almond (2010, collaboration with Esthetic TBC)
    • KitKat Zunda Flavor (2011)
    • KitKat Rich White (2012,Mos BurgerLimited release)
    • KitKat plum soda tailoring
    • KitKat Through the Break
    • KitKat salt vanilla flavor
    • KitKat brown sugar kinako
    • KitKat cocoa flavor (not yet released)
    • KitKat (Little) Soy milk chocolate tailoring (2008)
    • KitKat Little Chili (2009)
    • KitKat Little Salt & Caramel Flavor
    • KitKat Little Kinako (2009)
    • KitKat Bar Kinako (2009)
    • KitKat Stick Tiramisu Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Stick Matcha Tiramisu Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Bar Banana (2010)
    • KitKat Bar Azuki (2010)
    • KitKat Big Little Custard Pudding Flavor (2011)
    Middle size
    • KitKat Stick Almonds (1998-2000)
    • KitKat Stick Half Bitter (1998-2000)
    • KitKat Gold (2003)
    • KitKat Petit Strawberry (2003)
    • KitKat Chocolatier Noir (2005)
    • KitKat Chocolatier Wine (2005)
    • KitKat Melting Luxury (2007)
    • KitKat Melting Luxury Uji Matcha Candy (2007)
    • KitKat Melting Luxury Seasonal Taste Apple (2007)
    • KitKat Chocolatier Matcha & Kinako (2007, 16 pieces)
    • KitKat Strawberry Cheesecake (2008)
    • KitKat Blueberry Cheesecake (2008)
    • KitKat Melting Luxury Gianduja (2008)
    • KitKat Melting luxury fragrant black tea (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Kuchidoke Cacao (2009)
    • KitKat Petit Strawberry Hazelnut (2011)
    • KitKat Cookies & Cream (2011, 6 minis)
    Family pack
    • KitKat Mini Banana (2002)
    • KitKat Mini White (2003)
    • KitKat Mini Grape (2005)
    • KitKat Mini Yogurt Tailoring (2005)
    • KitKat Mini Caramel Pudding Flavor (2005)
    • KitKat mini mango pudding flavor
    • KitKat mini chocolate & mango pudding flavor
    • KitKat Mini Hokkaido Milk Flavor
    • KitKat mini strawberry cake flavor
    • KitKat Mini Waguri Flavor (2007)
    • KitKat mini pudding tailoring (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Kinako Flavor (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Salt Watermelon (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Hojicha (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Yuzu (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Brown Sugar (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Salt White Chocolate (2008)
    • KitKat Mini White Peach & Yellow Peach (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Strawberry Flavor (2008)
    • KitKat Mini Custard Pudding Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Strawberry Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Lemon Vinegar (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Chocolate & Grilled Potato Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Ramune Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Sour Orange Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Chocolate & Rose Flavor (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Chocolate and Uji Matcha (2009)
    • KitKat Mini Royal Milk Tea Flavor (2010)
    • KitKat Mini Maple Flavor (2010)
    • KitKat Mini Adult Sweetness (2010)
    • KitKat Mini Mixed Juice Flavor (2010)
    • KitKat Mini Hokkaido Ranch Cafe au lait (2010)
    • KitKat Mini Aloe Yogurt Flavor (2010)
    • KitKat Mini Dessert Assortment [Tiramisu Flavor & Custard Pudding Flavor] (2011)
    • KitKat Mini Adult Sweetness White (2012)
    • KitKat Mini Adult Sweetness Matcha ~ Special Uji Matcha ~ (2012)
    • KitKat Mini Vanilla Ice Cream (2012)

    Brand value

    KitKat as a passing goods

    The name of KitKat is"I'm sure I will win"Because it is similar toExaminee OmenThere is a phenomenon of eating on the bear, and it is famous as the originator of the test-carrying items in the examination season.In the Kyushu dialect, "kit" is not the modern word "probably" but has a strong element of "definitely", and "cut" means "willingness to win" such as "kado" and "katto". By showing it, it gained popularity among students in Kyushu.With this as a starting point, it is now overwhelmingly popular with examinees nationwide.This phenomenon occurs in England, the birthplace of KitKat.with the BBCBut it was reported worldwide[9], That was the triggerAsahi Shimbun OfTensei Human LanguageWas taken up to.A global marketing authorityPhilip KotlerIs also featured in the 13th edition of his book "Marketing Principles".Some products have a space on the wrapping paper where you can write a message.

    • 2008/From after degree"Kit, Sakurasaku."Only during the exam season as part of the campaignKDDIandOkinawa Cellular PhoneEach ofMobile phoneIs a brandauWithcollaborationIs being deployed.Also in the Chukyo areaNagoya RailwayHowever, I sometimes run a wrapping train for a limited time.
    • 2009/In addition to collaborating with au from the beginning, going on to Mynavi and nationwidepost officeWe are developing a collaboration with.Also,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIt was decided to carry out various support projects in collaboration with.
    • 2010/degree,Tokyo University OfMay Festival Standing CommitteeThe "Sakurasaku Student Support Cafe" produced by the University of Tokyo circle, including the University of Tokyo, will be open for a limited time at "Cafe Nescafe Harajuku", and KitKat with photos of Tokyo University students and support messages will be distributed. There is.

    KitKat for disaster relief

    The above concept of "supporting students" is"Supporting those who do their best"It has evolved into an aspect of supporting reconstruction in disaster-stricken areas.As part of this, a limited-edition "planning series with donations" has been launched and is being released as appropriate.

    2011/,Great East Japan EarthquakeA few days after the earthquake"Kit will be restored."With the message, KitKat packed in cardboardSanriku RailwayNestlé Japan learned that it had arrived at, and in collaboration with the local community as part of its continued support"Kit, all the time project"Was launched.In addition to the sale of planned series products with donations, wrapping of trains and station buildings,Grass baseballteam"Sanriku Railway Kit DreamsWe developed activities such as the formation of.

    "Kit, Zutto Project" isCorporate social responsibilityNot (CSR)Creating Shared ValueBased on the idea of ​​(CSV), it was decided to carry out as a marketing strategy of "improving the brand value of KitKat".Therefore, the donations obtained from the sale of KitKat with donations are not used for building restoration or maintenance, but for wrapping cherry blossom patterns.Taro baseball fieldIt is used for planting cherry trees.By focusing on "improving the brand value of KitKat" rather than simply supporting it, long-term activities are possible.[10].

    Related item

    • Android - Android 4.4Codename is KitKat[11].GoogleHas obtained permission from Nestlé to use the brand name, and officially collaborated to sell KitKat for Android brand packages in 19 countries including Japan.[12]..Besides this, in JapanGoogle Nexus 7There was also a gift campaign where you could win.
    • Sanriku Railway,Sanriku Railway Kit Dreams - Great East Japan EarthquakeCollaborated on the "Kit, Zutto Project" campaign to support reconstruction from Japan.The latter is a baseball team formed as part of that.
    • JRYoshito Line --Since 2018, the "kit, wish come true" wrapping train has been in operation.
    • Fujiya Kayo Best Ten - Look chocolateAt the same time, I wrote the requested song on the back of the empty box and mailed it to the program, and I got a prize such as colored paper with the singer's autograph by lottery.


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