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🧳 | Rakuten launches "Rakuten Travel Camp", a service that allows you to search and reserve campsites


Rakuten starts "Rakuten Travel Camp", a service that allows you to search and reserve campsites

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In addition, the ratio of users such as "solo", "couple", "group", and "family" and the contents of the equipment are displayed with icons, so that you can see at a glance the features that will be helpful when choosing a campsite. There is.

On May 5, the Rakuten Group began offering "Rakuten Travel Camp," a service that allows you to search and reserve campsites ... → Continue reading

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    icon (English: icon) Is a symbolic representation of things with a simple pattern.AmericaPhilosopherPerthbysymbolOne of the three categories.ComputerOften refers to the above symbol notation.The icon is "εικών"MedievalModern greekReading in "Icon"[1]Toicon"WhenLatin lettersIt is an English reading of what was transcribed in.

    Computer icon

    ComputerThe icon inProgramThe contents of図,絵Most of them are 16x16.pixelIt is displayed as an image with a size of ~ 128 x 128 pixels.

    The icon is for beginnersComputer interfaceIn the 1970s to make it easier to operateXerox-Palo Alto Research CenterFirst developed in.The interface that is later operated by the icon isApple OfMacintoshGenerally brought by.Now the mainoperating systemAtuserIcon-based to display information toGraphical user interface You are using (GUI).

    Stop hand.svgA design reminiscent of a warning (an image of a "hand" that stops the opponent and a red "sign" that represents danger)
    Sound-icon.pngA design reminiscent of voice (the image of the "speaker" that is the sound source and the "sound wave" that spreads from it)

    Features and icons

    Character user interface On (CLI)ProgramSo, in order for the user to call the function, that function was assigned.function keyMost of the functions in the GUI are represented by icons, although it was done by pressing.On the iconcursorMove,mouse(OrTrackballSuch aspointing device)ofボ タ ンThe. By doing so, you can call a function or start a program.The icon should be small, easy to identify, and reminiscent of a function (UsabilityIn some cases, a large icon is used from the viewpoint of).For software intended for multilateral usecultureIt is necessary to consider the difference between.

    But the icon on the computerApplicationThere are many unique things that are registered by, and in reality, the meaning is not often understood only by the picture, so many of them have words for explanation in some way.

    Icon color properties

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    • three primary colors
      • Red: A color that is easily noticeable and has a strong impact.
      • Green: A color that is easy on the eyes.It does not belong to warm or cool colors and does not have a sense of temperature, so it can be used anywhere.
      • Blue: Representative of cool colors and has a cool impression.It is a color that is reminiscent of colors such as the sky and the sea and has a favorable impression.
    • Other distinctive icons
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      • : A color that looks like it is on the same plane but looks down behind.Most of them are cool colors with short wavelengths.
      • : A color that looks greatly expanded (bright color).
      • : A color that appears to shrink slightly (dark color).


    1. ^ Ancient greek"Acorn" in the reconstruction sound

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