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🧳 | New Caledonian government relaxes border measures


New Caledonian government relaxes border measures

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Entry requirements from mainland France and overseas prefectures are different.

The New Caledonian government will ease border measures.Immigration requirements differ depending on the zone set for each country.Guri ... → Continue reading


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Metropolitan France

Metropolitan France(French: France métropolitaine or la Métropole) IsEuropeIt is inFrance OfterritoryIt is a general term for.This name is commonly used in France, but has no administrative significance.In fact, overseas territories are given exactly the same administrative status as the European region.Metropolitan FranceContinental europeBesides the French territory in大西洋,English Channel,地中海Islands inCorsicaIs also included in this.

France Metropolitan is France de Tor-Mer, which means the territory of the Republic of France, which is not in Europe.Buddha: France d'outre-mer,French overseas prefectures/territories) Is different[1]..In overseas territories, the people of Metropolitan France are sometimes called metro (métro), which is an abbreviation for metropolitan (métropolitain).


This name isFrench empire OfMetropoleColonyIt is a colonial relic that is divided into two parts.Today, the name is just a general term, but it means that the system of differentiating between the different regions of the French state has continued for many years.Some politiciansImperialismRefusing to follow the authority that justifies the historical distinction between the metropolis and the colonies of the era, continental France (France continentale) or exagonal (hexagonale,)Hexagon..Be careful not to use it as an alternative to (from the shape of French territory on the European continent).

The area of ​​the Metropolitan France is 547,030 km², accounting for 80% of the total republic.[2].. The population at the beginning of 2011 was 63,136,180[3]..This is 95.9% of the total republic. As of March 2008, 3, in FrancecommuneOf the total 36,783 locations, 36,571 belonged to the Metropolitan France.

The term French Continental is rarely used for the territory of the Metropolitan France, excluding Corsica.This is an incorrect name.Guiana Francaise TheSouth America,Adélie Land TheAntarcticaBecause it belongs to.

The Metropolitan de Passage (Les métropolitains de passage, from the Metropolitan France across the sea) or the expatriés outre-mer (literally, expatriates) are colloquially used. Metro (métros) or Zoreilles.レ ユ ニ オ ンIn Japan, it refers to a person from the Metropolitan France.)But by qualifying themselves as metro, many of them have erased the previously perceived negative implications.

Due to the shape of the Metropolitan, it is nicknamed the hexagone in France.This name was published in 1988 1FrancCoins (commonly known as Franc de Gaulle) and issued in FranceEuroYou can find coins for 1 euro and 2 euros.

In European and international lawSchengen AgreementThe term "European region within France" (Territoire européen de la France) is used because it is necessary to specifically state that it is a French territory included in the region.In Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses the notation "European prefecture of the Republic of France" (eg, between the Japanese and French governments signed in 2000).working holidayVisa agreement).


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