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🧳 | "Umbrella method without tools" wind screen, which is also a measure against the cold, is on sale


"Umbrella method without tools" wind screen, which is also a measure against the cold, is on sale

If you write the contents roughly
This product is a four-sided windscreen that is foldable and can be easily and compactly stored.

Gloture will be available from May 5rd in the "Gamp Zone" (23 ... → Continue reading

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    Compact storage

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    Folding(Folding,British: Folding, Collapsible) Is the act of folding and folding.ToolsIn such cases, it may be called "foldable (foldable)".

    Folding refers to the act of dividing a continuous object into several parts and bending the connection part of each part while keeping it continuous to reduce the overall length.The part other than the folding position is deformed as a whole without changing its shape.You can restore it to its original shape by stretching the broken part.


    A typical use of folding is to attach a mechanism to fold things that are too large as they are to make them smaller.Putting it together in a small size has both convenience of transportation and carrying, and ease of storage.[1].

    folding umbrella,foldingCane,Travel guitarOne type of is an improved convenience when carrying it.VehicleBut many have been developed for the same purpose. The popular bicycle "Invented in 1979"Brompton"Kick scooter"Razor", small sizeairplaneof"ICON A5'[Note 1]な ど[2].Folding type kayakAlso, traditional JapaneseorigamiAn application of the method (which is said to have developed in the 17th century) has appeared.[3].Imperial Japanese ArmyThen.Ninety-five folding boatThere was also a two-piece assembly type boat.stroller,wheelchairEtc. on the seatClothSome of them are folded by using.

    On the other handア コ ー デ ィ オ ン カ ー テ ンSince transportation is not usually considered, it is thought that the purpose is to make the storage compact.

    bellows"Expandable tubular structure" using such as may be included as "folding design" in the industrial world.[4]..Even in kitchen utensilssiliconIn some cases, soft materials such as are used to facilitate folding.[4].. In recent yearsSpace developmentSuch asengineeringIt is said that folding has become an important position in[5]..In addition, research presentations as mathematical models have also appeared.[6].


    It has been pointed out that the Japanese folding culture is to "spread wide and fold small".[7]..every daybedding(futon) AndkimonoFrom the history of folding and storing (putting in and out), "Culture of folding (culture of wrapping, culture of folding)[8]) ”Is sometimes used[9][10]. other,Skirt,Furoshiki[Note 2],mosquito net,Three-sided mirror,Chabudai,Fan,folding screen[Note 3]Etc. may be given as an example[11][12].

    As one of the factors of development, the settlement was remarkable because it had no history of nomadic culture.[9]There is also a theory that the living environment was narrow.[12]..There is also a view that it is a Japanese behavior to "finish the act by folding" such as the kimono and laundry mentioned above.[13].origamiHowever, basically, the shape is made by deforming by folding.

    Edo PeriodIs made of woodpillow[14][15]AndHisashige TanakaIs said to have inventedTravel"Pocket" used for home visits by doctors and doctorsCandlestickSome of them become flat when folded.[16][17].


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