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🧳 | A must-see for bread lovers!"ISEPAN! 43" where 2022 brands gather at once will be held at Isetan Shinjuku store


Must-see for bread lovers!"ISEPAN! 43" where 2022 brands gather at once will be held at Isetan Shinjuku store

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In the eat-in corner, a parfait that combines several types of strawberries, raspberries, and cheese mousse with rose, and a parfait that combines tropical fruits such as Miyazaki mango and passion fruit with citrus will appear on a daily basis.

"ISEPAN! 2022" at Isetan Shinjuku, a bread festival for bread lovers, will be held from Wednesday, May 2022, 5 ... → Continue reading


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passion fruit

passion fruit(Japanese name : Beetle, Fruit clock grass)AmericaOriginated in the subtropical regionPassionflower Ofplant.


Japanese name isclockWith a characteristic flower that looks likePassionflowerA fellow offruitTo bear種Derived from being.In English, passionflower is called passion flower. passion fruit There is a name of.This passion does not mean "passion", but "Passion of ChristMeans.For more informationPassionflower #namechecking ...

In home Brazil passion fruitIn addition to calling it (Maracuja), in Perumaracuya(Marakuya), all over Latin America granadilla(Granadilla) in Hawaii lilikoʻi(Lilikoi) Etc., cultivated varieties of each land are in circulation. The Chinese name is the English name “passion” in Japanese and “ka” Passion fruit(Bai Shan Guo,pinyin: bǎi xiāng guǒ), but it is often misunderstood as the meaning of "passion" and is often mistranslated as a passion fruit.

Botanical features and distribution

It is a member of the Passionflower family with more than 500 types.Tenderness OfEvergreenPerennial.. It is distributed mainly in South America. Ripe passion fruits are spherical or oval in shape, and the hard epidermis is smooth and contains many small, hard seeds such as yellow, dark purple and red, and has a yellow jelly-like pulp and juice. Many fruit juices and flesh have a strong aroma.


As of 2010, it has been selected from dozens of edible fruits.Breed improvementThe seeds of the world熱 帯からSubtropicalIt is cultivated in a wide area.Brazil is the largest producer, and cultivation in Latin America around it is the mainstream.recent years[When?],MyanmarIn the northern golden trianglePoppiesCultivation is increasing as an alternative crop of (opium), and it is entering the European market. Also, Taiwan,Indonesiaな どSoutheast AsiaIt is also cultivated in the area.

JapanWell, in the old daysAmami IslandsCentered onNansei Islands,TokyoIslands,Kagoshima,OkinawaIt is cultivated mainly in.Kagoshima Prefecture has the largest cultivation area and output in Japan,Kumamoto,Gifu,Tokyo,Nagano,Tochigi,FukushimaCultivation is flourishing in various places.Most of these cultivations are done in greenhouses, but they can also be cultivated in the open field and have been cultivated in various places for a long time.recent years[When?]It is,Chiba,GifuBut it is cultivated outdoors.

Cultivation in Japan is roughly divided into three types: jade, jade, and intermediate hybrids, and there is a great demand for jade, which has a strong sweetness, for raw consumption.Many of the topaz are strong in nature and have a lot of fruit juice, and are often cultivated as raw materials for processing worldwide.

A constant temperature is required for growth, at least 4 for overwintering ℃Above temperature is required.I hate high temperatures for subtropical plants, and above 30 ℃temperatureIf it continues for a long time, it may cause high temperature damage and drop flower buds and immature fruits.

FloweringPollinationIt finishes growing in 14 days, then ripens in 45 days and falls naturally.Harvest is to collect what has fallen naturally (or to the extent that it falls when touched lightly).The most flowers for each vineArtificial pollinationThe key to cultivation is to ensure pollination, and know-how has been formed on techniques for inducing flowering and how to make high-yielding original seedlings.In nature, the flowers of the Passionflower familyPollinatorWhoWaspIt is known that many species are influential, and they often visit passion fruit flowers and help with pollination.[1][Page number required].

Use of food

Colloidal flesh, slightly compactseedIt is included. The edible portion is not so large in terms of the size of the fruit, but it has a rich aroma and a vivid sourness. It is a sour fruit that has a sourness superior to that of sweetness, but when it is ripened (the surface of the skin becomes wrinkled), the sweetness increases.

About 9% of the world's production is used as processed products,Confectionery,juiceIt is distributed as a material for.cake,PastryIngredients,jelly,CocktailsForLiqueur,syrupAnd so on. The "diluted juice base" that has been boiled and sweetenedSoutheast AsiaIn addition, it is very popular in the Nansei Islands in Japan.In processing, there are problems such as excessive sugar sugar and intentional neglect of indication of origin from the Philippines.

In the case of raw food, you can drink the juice by dividing it with water and adding sugar.Yogurt,ice creamOr use it as a cocktail ingredient.In addition, cut the fruit and cut the flesh.spoonYou can scoop up and eat the whole seed, but in this case, it is difficult to separate the seeds, so you usually enjoy the throat without chewing the seeds.It has a strong acidity and lacks sweetness, so it may be sprinkled with sugar.



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