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🛏 | JR West / JR Onomichi Station commercial facility opens hotel and citrus product specialty store


Hotel and citrus product specialty store opened in commercial facilities of JR West / JR Onomichi Station

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On the other hand, on weekend nights, the name will be changed to "Capricious Stand DAIDAI" and it will be open as a standing bar where you can enjoy citrus alcohol and simple snacks.

JR West Group's JR Service Net Okayama will be on July 7th at JR Onomichi Station's commercial facility 13 in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Standing drink

Standing drink(Tachi only) refers to the act of drinking alcohol while standing, or a store in that form, and generally,liqueurRefers to all aspects of standing up and drinking.

Here, I will describe the restaurant "Tachimokuya" where customers eat and drink while standing.


Of a liquor storeover the counterでcoinIn Japan, the act of paying and drinking alcohol while standing on the spot isEdo PeriodIt was generally done from.

Pacific Warof time1943/Alcoholic beverages in (Showa 18)Distribution systemWhen it comes to the national barCitizen's barA new form has appeared.At the stores that were allowed to do business, lines began to be seen 2-3 hours before the store opened, so in Tokyo, the stores that were allowed to do business from October of the same year voted in order (Numbered ticket) Introduced a delivery system and instructed not to use chairs to shorten the residence time.[1]..As a result, the large taverns that receive distribution became standing drinks, and the existing small and medium-sized standing drinks lost momentum.But after the warBlack marketSome of them are illegally revived.1949/With the liberalization of liquor sales in (Showa 24), tachinomi bars have legally reopened.[2]..After that, standing drinking peaked in the 1960s,High growthIt became obsolete in the period.

recent years[When?], Does not cost opening fundsBeverage store OfOpening, To ShowaRetrohobby,Antenna ShopI couldn'tcapitalThe number of users and the number of stores are increasing as a restaurant that can be used inexpensively even in the case of a new business opening that is strategically carried out by even a certain company and a prolonged recession.

Liquor store annex type

A typical tachinomi store is a liquor retail store.Liquor storeIt may also refer to the standing drinking space and kakuuchi that are attached to the building.With sakeAppetizers(Dry foodcanning, Fry), etc., and eat and drink the sake and snacks bought at the store as they are at the corner of the store or at the corner of the cashier counter. restaurantSince it is not, the store basically has only the minimum service, and there is no space to put out a chair, so it is a standing drink.In some stores, customers are allowed to bring beer cases and barrels inside the store and sit on old magazines instead of cushions.

The old standing bar with a liquor store was set up separately from the entrance of the liquor store.This is a device to avoid taking the form of a restaurant that requires a permit by not serving food and sake in the same store.Mainly in big citiesドヤTownDowntown,Public stadiumSeen in the surrounding area, customersDay labor OfManual laborThere were many people.Such a standing barthe 1960sIt peaked at the peak, and continued to decline due to the sharp decrease in simple manual workers and changes in taste.

Standing and drinking at a liquor store is "drinking with your mouth on the corner of a square box"[3] From "Smashing(Kakuuchi) ".From the above background,SmashingIs often found in the Kitakyushu region, where there were many factories, coal mines, and ports, and there is a theory that it is the birthplace of the word kakuuchi.In the Tohoku region, "Clearly'[4]From Tottori prefecture to the eastern part of Shimane prefecture,Tachikyu"It is called. It is said that the etymology is "do it while standing".[5]

The number is "decreased recently"[6]It is said that it is the birthplaceKitakyushuThen, that culture is still going on,SmashingThere are nearly 30 liquor stores that can be used. (As of XNUMX)[7][8]

On the other hand,EbisuIn the neighborhood, there are traditional stores such as a fashionable store where women can enter alone, and a space crowded with multinational customers.SmashingA new type of tachinomi restaurant with a different image is popular.

Small restaurant

It is a so-called "stand tachinomi bar" or "standing bar".Most of them are distributed under the guards of big cities, and depending on the location, they are also built inside stations.

The structure of the store is premised on how to use it efficiently, and it is basically a store with only a counter and a kitchen.Some stores have counters on the walls, or simple tables and chairs.Customers take orders at the counter and eat and drink on the spot.In many cases, the price is paid on the spot in exchange for the product, but there are various stores such as a store where you buy a meal ticket in advance and exchange it for it, and a store where you make a note on a slip and pay at the end like a normal izakaya. Is.

DrinksbeerAnd oldSecond-class sake,whisky,Distilled spiritsand so on.Recently, some companies are focusing on the assortment of sake.The knob isOdenPottery, potteryDry food,Cold slaveThere are many simple things such as, but recently there are also places that have taken a lot of time and effort.The customer is on the way home from workOffice workerMost of the users are "stuck a little", and the turnover of customers is fast.There are many shops with low profits and high sales, and the prices are low.

As of 2013, some stores have been devised so that women can easily enter, and various types of sake and snacks are available.In addition, the number of standing drinks of Western liquor has increased.

Dark dachs

In Osaka, in order to improve the efficiency of the space inside the store, customers are requested by the store to take a half-body posture and pack as much as possible to eat and drink.A style in which all the customers lined up are half-bodyDark dachsCalled (dark), lovers ridicule each other.

Stall type

A standing-drinking style in which a small stall is placed in a specific place without having a substantial store, and hormones are baked on an iron plate.Some tachinomi stands in Nishinari-ku, Osaka[9][10]Then, there are so many popular shops that you can line up.

Standing day

Since the number 11 resembles a person who drinks standing, November 11 is designated as "Standing Day".Japan Anniversary AssociationRegistered in[11].


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